Second Life Ranker

25. Kelat Auction House (8)

“My queen!" The screams of the summer queen spread throughout the Red Dragon camp.

So the people who were waiting outside rushed in to open her visit. It was a place I could never enter without permission, but now I don't have to follow such a rule.


They were able to see terrible sights.

The Summer Queen's body is bursting with cracks in her stomach. It's like a pottery that's about to be destroyed by its full durability. Like a drought-dry snooze.

The cracks spread like silk from your toes to your face, spewing out a red fever.

Until just now, the hair that glowed with bright silver hair was dying of black crabs.

Seems like they're about to explode, they make a sudden move.

The swift response of Su Doe prevented the rumors of the Summer Queen from leaking out.

However, all of the 81 remaining eyes within the Red Dragon had to be nervous.

The Summer Queen was not just the head of the clan.

She was the foundation of the Red Dragon, the Red Dragon herself.

The reason the tower fears the Red Dragon is because the Summer Queen reigns, and the reason why the Red Dragon's players are strong is because they share their power with the Summer Queen.

Eighty-one eyes all came from her, and all kinds of knowledge came from her, which could be the queen's apostle.

If she does, the clan itself could collapse, as well as 81 eyes. And it was as if their lives were going straight to hell.

I had to stop it.

In particular, Tom and Troy, who brought a tablecloth, were more urgent.

“It's madness." “Ridiculous!” Tom squeezes his fist tightly, looking at Troy's calm expression.

A deep fury flowed from between my lips.


If there's only one thing that can harm the Great Bell. The only poison the demons secrete.

“The high priests who invited me first put out the urgent fire by hand.

This was merely a temporary solution, and the antidote swallowed the hind horse. I did not dig into the details of the probe. I thought I knew what I was talking about.

The poison won't be so easy to get rid of. Moreover, the current Summer Queen is unable to hibernate due to persistent nightmares. It was incurable.

It was only gonna get worse.

Tom felt like his head was going to explode from bees. But I still had to do something. I was furious enough to be bitten by other rivals, but at this rate, the clan itself was doomed to destruction.

“What about the original owner of the table? Did you find the seller?” Troy shakes his head. I confronted the registrar on the verge of causing trouble with the Bureau, but there was no sign of it. I searched for witnesses based on their impressions, but the answer that came back together was' I don't remember. '

“You've come to your senses.” “That's right.” Tom changed his teeth.

But it was ridiculous.

How dare you do this to a Red Dragon? Moreover, the famine was clear that the Summer Queen needed the ears of the sage. It was never just terrorism. Terrorism aimed at the Summer Queen. It meant it was done in a big place.

Which one is it, Elohim? The sea of poetry? The Remnants of Purity or the Runaway Swordsman? One thing was clear, no matter who it was.

He could never escape their sight. I will chase them to the end, and I will bite them, and I will destroy everything in them.

It was the same as returning all the bloodlines who had already defended the Bureau of Administration, Madap and the Golden Ladle to get all the tablets.

Tom was not concerned about such things. In his head was the Summer Queen's survival and the enemy Pommel.

“If so. What is the route where the tablecloth was found? If someone was after us, where would we be?” Troy nods and hands over a document.

“Do you remember the Faust ruins from six years ago?” Faust? Isn't that where it turns out to be a fake? ”Faust, who has been gone so long that no one can remember now, but who once stood up to the Summer Queen under the peculiar nickname 'The Defiler of Light'. A player who could claim to be invincible if struck today.

In particular, he was famous for being the only contractor of the Devil, Mephistopelles, who was classified as the strongest without any affiliation whatsoever.

Mephistopelles was a report with a lot of knowledge, and Faust was influenced by him to record countless accomplishments.

However, if there was a problem, it was that he did not announce this achievement much to the public. There was always no friend, no companion.

That's when the old lab that Faust was supposed to have stayed was discovered. The answer was pretty wild.

Soon, however, my interest subsided.

Unlike the great rumors, there were only strange things in the lab. It was like a wizard's dungeon.

“I thought so, too. But that's not what it looked like." “What if?” There was a commotion, and a year later, Purification and Valpurgis Night held hands and retraced the ruins.

And then the head of cleanliness was the client. ”Tom's eyes gleam. Client.

The one who made the Wise Man's Stone.

“Does that mean?” Troy nods with a crooked face.

“We don't know exactly what was found there.

There's a rumor that Lient and Valpurgis' night was on a ruins expedition, and three months later, they came out with some kind of stone stone. Maybe it has something to do with this? ”Tom clenches his fist tightly. A lot of bloody blood rises from your fist.

The client is no longer dead. Then there's only one suspect left. Only at night in Valpurgis.

I don't know why all these witches are after the Summer Queen. Maybe the witches had nothing to do with this. Maybe what we found at the Ruins has nothing to do with the table.

But it was clear that they were acting suspiciously with the Lient and it was caught in the Red Dragon's eyes.

If only there was a little consultation. If you have any doubts. It was a good thing to clean it all up.

Then we'll soon find the real culprit, even if Valpurgis' night isn't a disaster. The most important thing was that I caught the tail.

“How dare they do something so unattractive?" Tom saw the scrotum with crumbling teeth. Troy nods.

If we're going to fight Valpurgis' night, we're going to have to take a lot of blood from the Red Dragon, too.

It was not time to cover the Red Dragon's fire. Even if there was a war between the answers and the front, I had to find a solution.

Yeon saw the Caliban Marquis. He was a middle-aged person with a strong sharp impression as shown in the diary.

An infantile sword with 7227 two that supposedly favors the emperor most. The 4th stage/was 4/ducks, and the 8th floor/was the closest one to the poo/Ö/word applicator.

The Caliban prince was as good as there/Ö/just as good/High Ramger.

Yeonwoo wondered if she could win if she fought him for just a short while.

I didn't handle the Wise Man's Stone completely yet, so I thought it might be difficult one-on-one. But what if it's hard to live? 'I can catch it. Enough.' Now we have enough power to target high rankers.

Yeon sees the Caliban Marquis as she feels her own strength growing stronger.

“But?" Stubborn short phrase.

At that moment, one of the Caliban's eyebrows twitches, but nods without any color.

“Sounds about right. Obviously. An exile snake hunter, and his brother and sister.” The Caliban prince narrows his eyes and asks.

“I've been waiting for you to come out. It looks like you visited a brothel outside the tower a few months ago. I went to look for him and he was already gone.” “Was it because of Baron Lao?” “I knew it! Does this have something to do with you?” The eyes of the Marquis of Caliban flicker with a mesh.

“Rao was my favorite henchman. At His Majesty's command, I went to the Apostle to invite you and the exile, and I haven't been able to return.

I wanted to know what was going on at the time. "The blood county had no idea that Elohim was chasing Abraham.

Moreover, the restored data on the 23rd floor was just before Agares' arrival.

If so, he would have also known about the conflict with Elohim that remained throughout Lake De Roi. There were many things that Yeon-woo planned using synchronization.

As you said, Rao has stated that he would like to invite Nawabraham into the bloodline. Afterwards, Yeon-woo told a lie that she had thought was bold without any wavering tone.

Rao's Visit. green consent. After that, I went out to help catch the dragons in Lao's favor. However, Elohim suddenly appeared and interrupted, and only they were able to escape with the help of Zaerao, who had too much power.

“Believe it or not, Rao said he couldn't put the Emperor's guests at risk, so he told him to run while he could. Thanks to this, we lived, but even though Yeon-woo was blurry, that was enough.

The Caliban prince clenches his fist. A sharp, knife-like look was shaking.


There was nothing more convenient to deal with players in the bloodline than this.

“What was the last one like • • • -?” “The Knight, as it were.” “Is that so? That's it." The Caliban prince closes his eyes tightly, swallowing his brow. Rao, I have put the name of my allegiance in my mouth several times, for the sake of my country and the Emperor.

The crowd that followed furiously vomited Elohim's cowardice. Rage rages.

None of them noticed anything strange. Even the mysterious merchant with the best aesthetic and sleight of eye was deceived by Yeon-woo's performance. It was unlikely that the bloodlines would notice that only the stones were full in their heads.

Yeon-woo could barely hide the scorn with her mask. Maybe he found a talent he didn't even know existed.

The blood borders were definitely drawn in by the stakes. 'The stone is over.

The Red Dragon will pursue the night of Valpurgis. Yeonwoo intended to intervene as a cause for Abraham and Ananta. Then Elohim will appear immediately, and the bloodline will try to overtake him.

All of a sudden, three of the great clans are in chaos.

This is a horse tower that's already been dragged here.Many will jump in to the Golden Insect Guild and the Administration to find the original copy.

Perhaps in the history and precedent of the tower, there has never been a helmet as good as this one.

Yeongwoo was going to come out of such chaos and get Anantara and only what she needed.

'Either Aether or Bierra-Dun's head, if possible.' Fant was amazed at how he could just sneeze on his lips and lie like that. You still haven't shown your face to the late Caliban.

Then the Caliban prince picks up his emotions a little bit. I asked Yeon-woo again.

“Then your answer at the time was, 'I will go.'“ ”“ Is the answer the same now? "Of course. It's where our comrades, the comrades, rescued us.

“Comrade, comrade. You're right. If you're Rao's companion, he's my companion. He's also a blood relative.” The Lord Caliban's eyes gleam brightly.

“I swear it here. As Lao wishes. Unless you betray our blood, we will swear to you forever, and we will protect you from whatever danger may come. Your will will be united by the blood kingdom and the king's will.” Your voice is full of magic.

“And Elohim will have to pay for this.” Chieing- [Marquis of Caliban] has been declared.] An invisible thread is connected along the trail of the Caliban Marquis and the kite. Everything he just said has been applied to the system in accordance with Mana's oath. It was okay to declare war on Elohim.

It was a treaty between close associates and military relationships that was never easy.

It meant the grief of the late Caliban was overwhelming.

The Caliban prince confirms the treaty is in good standing and nods. Then, looking back at Yeongwoo, he wanted to invite again to the bloodline.


“The erl." At that moment, his henchman hurries to borrow the erl Caliban's ear.

Soon, the appearance of the Duke of Caliban was hard.

Yeon-woo could read his expression and see what had happened.

'Here we go.

Marquis Caliban looks back at Yeongwoo with a slightly dull face.

“Looks like we'll have to postpone the invitations again. Do you think the Summer Queen had an accident?" The Red Dragon must have felt as bad as it moved.

Yeon-woo nodded as if she understood.

“There's no rush. Next time." “Thank you for understanding.” The Caliban prince turns around and quickly leaves the stage with his men.

Seeing him, Abraham approached Yeon-woo.

“Cain.” Yeon nods.

“Yes, we'll go, too.” Yeongwoo and her group slam themselves onto an open portal.