Second Life Ranker

Coin. Witch Hunt (1)

Huaaaa! The Caliban horde rides through the portal into the other side of the room. Outside the tower. Unlike the 23rd floor stage, it's filled with hot air and smells of nasty blood.

And what you see. His work hardens at once.

The place where he stepped was a ruin. All sorts of ruined buildings and signs of a struggle left behind.

For a moment, the Caliban prince thought he'd opened the portal wrong.

He would, too, but the place he took the coordinates to was definitely the Kellat Auction House.

The whole world of the tower is ruined. I had no choice but to wonder if I came to the wrong place.

But when I saw the blood countrymen sitting on their asses on the rubble of a collapsed building,

The Caliban prince can see that he did not come to the wrong place.

“Hello?” Earl Caliban tries to shout at his men, but he hears a familiar voice behind him. The Duke of Ardbad's voice turns to you, and takes another breath of air.

Don't make a big fuss. Wouldn't the other officials be shocked? ”Duke Ardvard waddles his hands together like it's no big deal, stumbling and squatting beside his servants, his right sleeve emptying. My forearm, which was always boasting of big muscles, disappeared.

“What happened to uh • • • • • •?” The Caliban prince suppresses his tears.

Since the bloodline began to erupt. Marquis Caliban has been on many battlefields since he wielded his sword. I've never seen such a colourful dark battlefield.

I've been staying on the 23rd floor ever since the Devil's Forest was destroyed.

He was still very slow on news around him.

Duke Ardbad replied boldly, biting a loaf of bread in his hand.

“The Red Dragon has gone mad and has begun to return. You've heard of Trumegitos' Table, right?” “at the auction house that put it up. Red = The dragons are all dead. We don't have enough to turn everyone against us, even the Golden Insects and the Bureau of Administration. Hmm!” The Caliban Mage seems to know the rest. You mean the other clans that just participated in the auction.

It was also roughly a picture of what happened.

A collision between the Le - Rae = = and various forces trying to stop this. This is where the Red Dragon wins.

Actually, nothing surprising. Humiliating, but even a bloodline is nothing compared to the Red Dragon. They were really strong enough to fight the whole tower without blinking an eye.

It's just not easy to believe. There was someone who took the arm of Duke Ardbad.

Duke Ardbad, as he knows him, is never going to lose to anyone like this. The Food and Drugs Emperor himself. No, even the Food and Drugs Emperor could not push the duc so unilaterally. It was not the study of "aggravated aggravation."

But Duke Ardbad, who knew the look of the Caliban and didn't want to talk anymore, lightly stroked his hand and asked, “What about the monopoly?” “I received a treaty to visit the capital once. Also related to Baron Rao, • • The Caliban spoke of his knowledge. Duke Ardbad nods. It was all a metaphor. I found Yeongwoo to invite him to the capital, under the pretext of understanding the situation a little more.

“I see. This is what worries the king. Elohim, by the way. They've lost their minds, too.” Duke Ardbad's eyes are burning brightly.

Red dragons and Elohim.

Why are so many people touching themselves?

“As expected, everything in this world is a pest that needs to be burned to the ground. Why is it so hard to take back the promised land?” Duke Ardbad muttered in an annoying voice.


“Yes, Duke." The Caliban prince quickly bows down on one knee. Commander General's orders on the battlefield are like the will of the Emperor. The Marquis's eyes flash brightly.

“We will raise an army. Prepare yourself." It meant to wipe out the pests that dare to obstruct themselves = 0 to fulfill the Emperor's will. Declared war.

The Caliban prince trembles.

After all this time, the peacemaker whose common enemy, Artiya, left behind as a legacy, was about to be broken.

“Get the order!” Duke Ardbad and the Caliban have vanished with his henchmen, and a new red portal has opened and a group of kith and kith have emerged.

“What a mess.” Abraham shakes his head, shaking his head, looking around the Kellat Auction House, or, rather, the Auction House.

Until we turn the other clans against us. But what do you mean, "The Bureau"? Plus, "The Auction House" meant that several Mystery Merchants' Guild were turned against each other.

The power and power of administrators using the system is hard to measure with players. Especially the twelve supreme managers were known to not let gods and demons get to them.

Once they stepped forward and imposed sanctions, the Red Dragon couldn't help but take heavy hits.

And what about the Mystery Merchants Guild? They won't be as helpless as the rest of the clan or the administration.

But a Red Dragon needs as much supplies as a giant. Therefore, it will be difficult to fight if various combinations and supplies are cut off.

Is there a corner that even a child can know, that no Red Dragon would ever know? But it was more than arrogance, so I thought we could just all go down together.

“They're that desperate." ”." If their king dies, it's all over. ”In Yeongwoo's words, Abraham nodded.

The Summer Queen's death or loss of power was a sand castle collapse. Thinking about it, it meant that they were at the edge of a cliff.

“Kick it a couple of times, and it'll crash right into the ground.” “A man that big would look pretty good in a crash.” Yeon-woo turns her gaze toward the shadow with a bloodshot smile.

As the shadow rises high, Rich looks over the robe.

Hashim. hazib. Theo. "Find out where the Red Dragon has gone.” Swelling nods and rises high above, raising a black crystal sphere.

Huaa! I started to pour out all sorts of magic as the crystal ball was throwing up a damp light.

The Rune Magic I gave him, Victoria's thesis, various knowledge added while researching the Wise Man's Stone, the Mighty Faceless Scroll, and this added magic.

It has grown at an accelerated rate, embracing all sorts of magic, and has now surpassed the level of Rich.

Abraham looked at such wealth with a strange look in his eyes.

“Clearly, he's amazing every time I see him. Where the hell did you find him?” What do you mean? ”Yeon-woo found wealth from the earrings she received as a reward. All Yeonwoo knew was that wealth was a player a long time ago.

“Hmm? You didn't know? I don't think I'm aware of it yet. That guy probably blew his name off in a lifetime. This kind of growth doesn't make sense, no matter how rich you are. Exactly, it's not growth, it's coming back to its rightful place." Abraham strokes his chin with his hands.

“Maybe I don't know. That's a lot higher than the other three friends you're carrying. I think it would be about nine kings.

Following the spirit. It must have been a shock for those who had lived in awe of Rebecca, who still valued her incompetent wealth so highly that they had to look down on her.

Yeon-woo had a strange look in her eyes.

'Boon, originally a class of nine kings.Nine kings whom Yeon-woo had met until now were alone. It was the King and Queen of Summer, but the others could see what they were like in the Shadow Stamp above.

But wealth will be compared to that. I had no idea.

Moreover, how could such a creature have fallen into a ghost, bound to a strange artifact and appeared as a reward for a tutorial? Moreover, the grade of the artifact that was possessed at the time was D. It was never something that he would use.

Even 'the charge was given only by the information that the name was also from voodoo artists.

Then, was there a reason why the uprising fell like that? A man of the highest rank would fall for a ghost. But maybe Boon knows that.

You heard Yeon-woo's conversation with Abraham, but didn't react much.

I've been thinking about it.

The voice of wealth came.

"Let me show you." The black crystal sphere vomited a shimmering light.

At the same time, several scenes passed over the retina of Yeongwoo.

What happened here.

Whoa! Crazy at last, Le Dragons! - Treasure always finds its rightful owner. Isn't that right? You rob people with your power. Isn't that what you guys do best? Starting with the clash between the Red Dragon and the various forces that started with Tom's ridicule.

The Kerat Auction House has begun to collapse in no time.

Like a ghost, Yeongwoo was able to watch everything that had happened in the auction hall while floating in the high air.

Confused eyes. It was a magic created by the wealth based on the magical knowledge described in the Declaration of No Face. It had a characteristic of reconstructing an old event based on its strong remaining attitude to things.

The Red Dragon was truly overwhelming.

I'm surprised Tom showed up as the youngest of the mercenaries. They even pushed the clans overwhelmingly.

Duke Ardbad's right arm sliced open into the air with a cane of Sword Hanan, and the two bishops of the horseman clashed against the twin killer book, Reaper, and they were unable to win.

Hawk Eye Troy was a series of shocking sights, including the slaughtering of repulsive rhinologists with long fingernails pulled out.

'Fuck you.' Yeon-woo laughed nonsense.

I was looking for this at first, but I think the game will be bigger than I thought.

'The more I do, the better I'll be.' The blur the water, the blur. The bigger the bun, the bigger the bun. It was myself who took advantage.

Meanwhile, Tom plows a table, opens a portal and moves to the 76th floor.

The commotion at the Cellars Auction House ended there, but the chaos that followed lasted for a long time.

Between various dominant clans and players.

Yeonwoo was able to find the witches she was looking for. He turned his gaze down and went all 7PA on them.

They were also familiar to Yeon-woo.

'Darhk and Margaret.

Viera Dun9//Crab began to have a Jonjoe/Dell Ö/that couldn't protect him from the turn.

I didn't know why. The mother of the daughters, 'Lam'/Gi-Jeong/ÖJ-tae, was always a teacher, a stock price, and an aquarium.

Viera Dunne is the head of Valpurgis' night, but she cannot lead the group on her own. So there were those who became godmothers and took care of her.

Inviting witches.

We still don't know the origin of them. However, it was widely known that it was an old monster who had lived since the beginning of the tower.

Darhk and Margaret were such invited witches who taught Viera Dun 'Enchantment' and 'Sinmyung' respectively.

- What the hell is going on? Why was Emerald Tablet there? Although there are several traces of counting, the content of the • • • • • • is really an Emerald Tablet - from whom? I think it's the clients. The reason why two witches participated in the auction was so simple.

It was to check the authenticity of the table.

And I realized that it was real, and I realized that someone had deliberately seduced the table.

Perhaps if they were not foolish, they would have sensed that the aftermath of this incident might have fallen upon them.

But you can't see it coming.

- 01: 00.

• • Avoid seats first.

First of all, I checked on Emerald Tablet as I wanted, and was going to return to their stronghold, Castle Brogen, to discuss what would happen next.

Darhk and Margaret take the young witches under their command and return to their strongholds by casting their magic in a remote location.

Yeon-woo does not miss that gap.

Brogen Castle was not in a specified physical location.

It is located in a sub-space called the Endless Nightshade, where the passageways and coordinates to which the witches speak are unknown.

So we followed the trail they left behind to find the coordinates.


"I know, I know." Bingo. "