Second Life Ranker

Coin 2. Witch Hunt (2)

Clan House.

Often clans require a certain site for the maintenance and completion of the organizational system, at a certain scale.

However, there were not many sites where war could be safeguarded from the outside in the world of day-to-day answers.

Moreover, clans centered on tall staircases were not easy to replenish.

Scouting potential players with frequent access to the lower floors was limited, and even scouting was not an easy thing to do on every floor for night maintenance and garrisons, other than a large clan.

On the contrary, clans that are grounded in the lower floors have found it difficult to keep up with the pain.

Like this, it was not that easy to build the Eclan House because of the unique global topography of the tower and its inhabitants' tendencies.

It was a special occasion with Olfowon occupying the 77th floor and the red dragon occupying the 76th floor as an area.


Mystery merchants have found a solution here that makes it impossible and possible.

Along the periphery of the world that makes up the tower, we began to sell outer space that was made out of subspace.

Outer space was the only place to ensure the safety of many clans.

It was a unique area that allowed me to control my access, and even if I received intrusions, it was easy to defend from the outside.

Thanks to this, outer space is starting to sell, even though it's very expensive.

The Clanhouse of Artiya, which would be on the 50th floor, could not have been found.


The never-ending world of the night, known as Broken Castle, was one of those universes.

Outer space cannot give its thumbs up if it can't get the coordinates right. It was because if the point got any deviation, it could fall into Mia in the space.

So Boo was able to confirm that the coordinates he observed were correct after several re-reviews.

"I will open the portal." The teleport portal has been opened wide.

You see a faint space beyond the red portal.

“Before you go. We have no idea what tricks or traps are out there. So be prepared.” Abraham and Galilee, Pant and Edora nod heavily. Even if you step on the back of a red dragon, the endless world of the night is a witch's domain.

Ass dogs eat half their territory. No one knew what device they had set up in their world.

Viera Dunne didn't even have a relationship with her lover.

I had to be prepared as much as I could without any information.

“And our top priority is information about Anatta.

Avoid overly visible behavior. ”Fant, who had already heard the story of Cesha and Abraham, knocked his chest with a fist as he vomited his nose.

“I may be a troublemaker, but I know enough." Yeon nods. Then, he pulls out his sword and grabs it tightly in one hand, lifting his foot inside the portal.

Right now.

It felt like he was back in Africa. Leading several of his men, the scene of him being put on the battlefield overlapped in front of his eyes.

I suppressed the boiling blood and said.

“Then, let's go in.” Beyond the portal, you're not directly connected to Brogen Castle.

Like he did, he thought someone was at risk of chasing after him, or he had only turned the corner so that he could get to Broken Castle after he had relocated various locations and routes.

And every time she jumped over different places along the twisted path, she could see all kinds of sights.

- You guys are Valpurgis Night, right? - That's right. Sons of bitches. The stench is trembling here. Wipe it all out! It was a common expression used to denounce witches who surrender themselves to demons.

Yeongwoo etc. had already been swept by the visitors for a long time.

The Red Dragon attacked the labs in secret chapters of Valpurgis Night, which had already been captured a long time ago, and was able to find numerous pieces of information while torturing the captured witches.

- You filthy things! Why are you always persecuting us for nothing? We're not involved! - Then why did you show up there? - Ooh, we were just checking it out! It's true! It's true! From accusing Valpurgis of the night.

- Woo, Woo Kh, Clan • • What they uncovered also included the exact location of the night hidden in Valpurgis, other hidden locations, leadership organizations, coalition organizations and affiliations.

- Uh, Emerald Tablet? -Pa, I found it in the Faust Dungeon, but it was a tart, nothing, object made of knowledge that Faust received from Mephistopelles. -Me, I'll tell you more. Please. It was also related to the Emerald Tablet.

- Ooh, we don't know exactly where that came from! All I know is, the mystery of the unknown gods.

The Unknown Gods? 'The content of the emerald tablet,' that is, 'meant the knowledge of transcendent beings operating in a completely different world, unrelated to the many gods and demons residing in' 98.

Yeon-woo had to feel a fight at this point.

The tower is a place where many dimensions and worlds intersect. This is why various civilizations and knowledge meet and continue to improve based on them. Nevertheless, the stone was the sage's stone.

However, Faustra used Mephistopelles as a medium to gain some knowledge from the gods of the other world, and based on that, he built an Emerald Tablet.

It was not 'all'. "If it was a part of it, then how much do you know about the gods of other worlds? The problem was that there was no message from God and demons.

Those guys were too busy talking to impress themselves when they got bored. Why is it so quiet on this stick? Yeon-woo wanted to hear more details, but the witches didn't know much. After all, it was Vierán who managed the Emerald Tablet, so only a riddle could be solved by catching her.

Moreover, those who seek Valpurgis' night are not the only red dragons.

- I didn't expect to see you here.

- How dare you! At the Kerat Auction House, the other giant clans who were humiliated by the Gogh appeared and hampered.

Several rankers and clans who have heard rumors that Emerald Tablet originated in Valpurgis' Night joined the chase as part of an alliance.

As it turns out, the place where the mob passes is all ruined together.

The corpses are down and all they can tell you is how violent the battle was.

And there, souls who could not go to the afterlife would wander around.

Hey! That's why I feel like a dog, right? Well, I'm sure it'll be delicious. Uh-huh-huh-huh! "Sanon and Ghost were able to indulge the dead souls for a while.

Red dragon raid. Chasing witches and broken branches. And the rest of the forces that follow the trail.

The rolling snowballs of the mildew were being inadequately sized.


The group reaches their destination one day.

[You have entered the 'World of Endless Nights'] [Warning! This is private property. Get permission from the owner of the world. You may face a listed penalty for unauthorized entry.] [The events here are not recorded in the tower's achievements.] The world appeared with a message full of warnings, a place full of ashes.

The rocky cliffs, which seem to be much more than a hundred meters, rise like a hurricane, so that the sky is not well visible.

The narrow canyons that run through the cliffs look like mazes, and even the cloudy fog obscures them, making it hard to discern.

I wonder who is a witch, how is it that the people who are doing it are so gruesome? Humans aren't creative. They're creative. "Yeon-woo agreed with Sa 'yong's words, and opened her eyes wide to examine the canyon covered in fog.

The grains are falling apart.

How stuffed they are. I couldn't figure out the structure of Dragonando Canyon, which was easy to detect.

“Ugh. Why is this place so gruesome? After living like this, you'll hear that witches are moody on a far-fetched day.” “Earrings." ”What Abraham said made the group gaze toward you.

Abraham said.

“We spray artificially ear-filled fog to create hallucinations and horrors for intruders, and to take lives. It's not that difficult to deal with." 'Blood mist?' As soon as I started dating, I unknowingly remembered a skill that wealth possesses.

The fog consumes the life of the enemy and, conversely, replenishes the health of the ally with a skill that resembles a lot.

The fact that he may have been a brilliant wizard in his life has crossed my mind again.

“Can't you turn it off?” Abraham shakes his head with a bitter smile.

“Maybe if there was an aquatic book. Disarm is difficult. But I think we can reduce the impact on our allies.” Galilee adds.

“Then I'll find a way.” The Elven skill and the Elf's Elven fortress were also useful as a guide because they pursued the truth. Moreover, it is best seen by the group, so you don't have to worry about getting caught up in the outcome if you two work together.

The blue effect surrounds the group as Abraham chants a few spells.

[Abraham] "Blessing: Cursed Brawl on Friends."] ['Abraham' gave a 'Blessing: anti-horsepower increase' to an ally.] [Party has been organized.] [Current head count (4/4)] Galilee Pin Blake Elbonphant Cheongdam-dora Choongryong felt strange in the party system for the first time. They're made to ensure a smooth staircase attack in the regular team or clan.

It was because I never thought I would do it.

The characteristic was that the name of the lotus was blinded because it still kept the name private, and Boram was no longer a player when he became a member of the party.

Plus, the party's location has been compromised.

I thought it would be easy to find even if we were far apart from each other.


[2 Sudden Quests have been created.] [Sudden Quest/Bounty (1)] Description: A short time ago, the Bureau decided to sanction the Red Dragon for attacking the Kerat Auction House in private interest. However, there are limitations to what the Bureau can impose that require a lot of help.

From now on, find the player of the Red Dragon and capture or kill him for a set period of time.

If the kill succeeds, a chance to hijack the dead opponent's skill or artifact.

Time limit: 3 day achievement requirement: 1. Kill a member of the Red Dragon 2. Destroy Red Dragon Improvement Reward: Skill and artifact of the deceased. Stock price compensation based on public values.

[Sudden Quest/Wanted for Phenomenon (2)] Description: The Red Dragon is asking for an explanation for Valpurgis' night because of the disaster.

But furious at Valpurgis' behavior at night, denying the connection, Summer Queen Ismereos decided to punish them.

From now on, destroy and pillage everything related to Valpurgis' night.

You and your clan will be rewarded accordingly. And the three players who achieve the highest results will be given "Dragon Blood."

Time Limit: None Achieved Conditions: Valpurgis' Night Destruction Reward: 1. Intronian open2. When conditions are met, Dragon Blood “Brother!” Fant trembles. Yeon shakes her head while looking at the quest window.

'Finally, the Bureau of Investigation. This is where the Red Dragon set the fire.

As the Quest Window explains, even if the Bureau is involved in sanctions, it is difficult to inflict this kind of damage on the Red Dragon. It was because of the size of the Red Dragon.

That's why the Bureau has allowed all of the teachers of the tower to attack the Red Dragon. We've limited it to three days, but the Red Dragon should be aware of significant bleeding.

But the Summer Queen cleverly sideswiped some of the attacks that were about to rain down on them.

He wants to spread his gaze while sacrificing Balfurgis' night and build a new wire while offering a reward for a new quest.

'Of course, most players will try both quests.' In the end, the whole tower fell into a ditch as Yeonwoo intended.

Multiple variables may occur.

One thing was clear.

'Valpurgis' night was right. It's like a Red Dragon grabbing an ankle and jumping into a furnace with a lot of people interested in them.

Whether Abraham was the same idea as Yeon-woo, the smile on his mouth did not stop. Then Yeon-woo's eyes met, and she lightly clears her throat and looked forward.

“Let's hurry, then. We don't have much time." Galilee leads the way, and Braham the Wizard takes the lead, and Pant and Edorah take the rear in preparation for an ambush, respectively.

The canyon was so sparse.

Abraham and Galilee cast all kinds of magic and spirits, but the fog did not lift and the vision did not clear.

Yeonwoo tried projecting the veil beyond the fog, just in case, but I felt nothing as if it were an empty void.

Kii-Kakaca! Especially when the wind hits the cliffs, the sound feels like an earring.

Then you see the group from time to time.

“This“ sucks.

There were traces and corpses all over the place of the sword.

What happened in the chapters of Valpurgisbam where the group passed by seemed to be a bit of a shameful encounter, as if they were living mortals together.

The problem seemed to be that the team members and allies were fighting each other.

No, I felt like I was fighting fewer and fewer. It was a mess.

Braham says that the ear canal creates self-induced panic with hallucinations, forcibly destroying life force.

Then I guess they were all victims of the same fate.

Yeon-woo tries to tell the group to be careful.

But then I looked around.

No one. Only cloudy fog.

What is it? 'Yeon Woo's eyes became stiff. I was caught up in a trap without even realizing it. But I can't believe how easily Abraham's beef broke. I couldn't believe it. I checked my body. But Buff was still there.

So he's faking Beef, too? This mist? Yeon tries to dull the dragon's eyes and supersenses, thinking we need to find the group before it becomes dangerous.

At that moment.

“Brother? Brother!” Suddenly, Edora's voice echoes through the mist, and a dark shadow appears this way.

Edora hovers through the fog. The moment when the eyes filled with rage found Yeongwoo and was filled with joy.

Sledgehammer! Yeon wields the smithy's sword without a hitch. The Black Age that was launched blew Edora's head off.