Second Life Ranker

3. Witch Hunt (3)

Edora's severed head splits into the air and rolls to the ground.

It was a horrifying thing to be seen by Deguru-people, but the look in the eyes of Yeon-woo who did this was very bold. Her gaze is fixed on Dora's head, where a small pebble has stopped nearby.

Edora's body remains standing still without falling down.

I didn't bleed from the decapitation of my head. At that moment, Izzie sits in her cloudy eyes, and Edora rolls her mouth up and smiles.

“Brother, you're too much for this. Knife for a frail girl like me. I never thought he'd look like this. I'm disappointed." With that, my head and body were scattered into smoke, and I had a new shape as I put them together.

Black masks and black clothes. You hold the beagrid in one hand. It was the same as Yeon-woo, like a reflection on a gurney, but the smiling face made a different impression in many ways than Yeon-woo. It felt more ferocious than pleasant.

“Doppelgänger?” “You know me, too? You don't usually know.” The Doppelgänger was busy giggling about what was funny.

The more I did, the deeper her eyes sank.

The Doppelgänger was a monster who imitated others. Ejao/Jeongmyeonggi Octopus/Forestry Ö./The instinct to preach to others, congratulate him and establish chapter 7 /7 was strong.

However, there was also a desire to be strong, so it was a privilege/not being able to be tied to an oral 7 text//.

So Vieira is the head of this/Doppelgänger/Mai Okja. As long as it's well handled, I'll be experimenting with Doppelgänger.

Viera Dunne collected doppelgangers and ran various experiments. The main thing I wanted to experiment with was learning. Doppelgängers usually turn into other bodies and wipe out all previous data. To prevent confusion of identity.

But Viera Dunne kept this data.

The Doppelgänger was always trying to change because he had a self. It gives an artificially generated personality to have a purpose and accumulates written data to be used in various directions.

If so, the Doppelgänger will be able to continue its growth by absorbing the advantages of others endlessly.

That's exactly how he felt.

'Test subjects.' His temperament remained unchanged even after Edora's appearance as a kitten. Rather, it was full of diverse energies, as if it had many souls.

Yeon-woo glances over the corpses.

Workers full of shocks and confusion. It was difficult because of the sudden gains and the fog of the annihilation, but the Doppelgänger was deeply confused when I met him.

How many more of these things are there? 'It seemed that the area around Brogen Castle was filled with all sorts of subjects from Viera Shun.

If these guys show up already.

It was also difficult to get to the central fortress. The damage of the clans will be just as great.

Funny. I expected Viera Dunne to be fully prepared to defend the territory, but this is it. Again, it was an excellent choice to mobilize several clans.

“What are you thinking! You're not thinking straight about me, are you?” The Doppelgänger's pride is broken or frowns heavily. And as I spread the wings of the fire, I began to vomit out a great gust of heat. The same behavior as Yeon-woo.

It was imitated just like that.

The Doppelgänger crushes the ground and throws himself to Yeongwoo in one swoop.

However, seeing Yeon-woo like that, he only smiled lightly.


Suddenly, the shadow of Yeongwoo seems to stretch, and Sanon pops up on top of it and pushes the sword breaker forward.

Chae Ain! The Doppelgänger's sword is too easily snagged from Sanon. The dark roped sword breaker doesn't budge like a wall.

The moment the Doppelgänger's eyes widened like he couldn't believe it.

What should I do? "Overpower. There's a lot to figure out." Sure. Huhu! "Sanon smiles lightly and swings the sod breaker to the side. Chaen, the blade of the Doppelgänger bends to the side with a cheerful hiss of iron. Living on short notice, I reached out my left hand, grabbed the doppelgänger's collar, and shoved it to the ground.

The ground settles.

The Doppelgänger struggled to avoid Sanon's attack in any way, but was forced to stick to the ground as if it were a hook because of the sword breaker that was then inserted into his chest.

“Oh, how!” How could someone like you run off like that? Right? "Even if the Doppelgänger is capable of copy, there is no limit. The Doppelgängers have been rampaging all this time because of their dearth.

However, since she entered the canyon of the beginning, the Doppelgänger has not been affected by the sorcery, and her powers have not been copied, so she has to fall behind.

Moreover, Sanon is looking down at Death Row with all these monsters.

It was different from the Doppelgänger.

I hope you hold on a little longer.

"Friend?" Zanon grins and pulls the sod breaker straight down, splitting the Doppelgänger in half.

“Kuaak!” The Doppelgänger screams in agony. However, I slaughtered him completely, throwing up a smile full of silver in my life.

The Doppelgänger's body continues to recover, but Sanon repeats whether he does or does not.

Meanwhile, Yeon instructed the wealthy separately to seal the doors so that they could not be observed from the outside. To avoid the witches' surveillance.

Shah's photon area grew larger. Margie's pain was maximized by infiltrating the body of the Doppelgänger.

Regenerative abilities would have been a blessing to monsters, but now it's just a terrible curse.

"Haha!" seems to have changed a bit. 'Yeon-woo looked at Shannon like that and thought for a moment. Life was a serious character, even if it seemed like a light-hearted corner.

I've never seen anything like it.

Was there a change in his personality when he became Death No-Fire? If it was a bad change, I had to do something about it. But I'm not sure yet, so I thought I'd watch a little more.

After all, the Doppelgänger has surrendered.

Chet. What? I was just about to have some fun. Can't you hold on a little longer? At this moment, the Doppelgänger feels more vicious than its master. I looked at Yeon-woo with a face full of horror and slowly approached her as she opened her arms.

Yeon got a lot of information from the Doppelgänger. It was engraved with a chain that prevented betrayal, but wealth appeared and disappeared quickly, except for the state =.

As the Doppelgänger disappeared to his final restraint, the Doppelgänger discussed everything to ease his death a little sooner.

From the structure of the canyon to the weaknesses of ear annihilation, to how to break through the fog, to how to find your way, to information related to Valpurgis' night. He was merely an experiment subject who knew quite a lot, but it was thanks to the many things he saw while living in Castle Broken.

But that's all he knows. I didn't know the details.

“So you don't know how to break the Ear Extermination?” “Dear, the territory management was so damaged that I, I don't know, could no longer be called a doppelganger. Like a broken doll, left all over. It was only possible to open my mouth. Now that I've really told you all the information, I've asked you to kill me.

“Wait.” Yeon-woo hangs up.

“You said Padaya, right? Is he around?” “Yes, there is!” The Doppelgänger intuitively thinks it's a convenient way to die, and shouts quickly before the thought of Yeon-woo changes.

“Tsi, there are too many intruders! He said it was an emergency! Pattaya is the goal of eliminating as many intruders as possible from the Ear Extermination!” “So they're watching us?” W-we 'll be busy focusing on Elohim now! ”“ You mean that? ”Yeon strokes her chin with her hands.

Pattaya was one of the early witches who made Valpurgis' night like Darhk and Margaret.

Ability is fluoroscopic. He used to observe the situation through the crystal ball and then play a role to support those on the front lines.

It was similar again.

It was also true that Yeon and Elohim entered the world of endless nights. I'm sure it'll be crazy for Pattaya just to deal with them. It was meant to be perfect for hitting back.

“What's his location?” Fortunately, the Doppelgänger was linked to the Pattaya and knew its approximate location.

When Yeon-woo had nothing to dig up, she turned around and told the living person who was waiting.

“It's for Cesar's experiments later, so I tied it well and put it in the Treenian.” Recently, Cesar has been immersed in alchemy research. I thought I would like it if I brought it as a gift.

"Uh-huh.I 'll tie the wrapping with a ribbon and make it very pretty." Now, wait a minute! Told you it would kill me. ”The Doppelgänger screams with a seemingly dull complexion. But when I saw Yeon, I laughed at her.

“When did I do that?” Damn it, Aal! Bitch! • • • • • • that will not be comfortable even after years die! ”“ I know you're already dead and can't go to heaven, so you don't have to worry. ”Ahhhh! Oh, don't come!” The Doppelgänger struggled with the touch of life covering his face, but there was nothing he could do. Ultimately, the scream sounded desperate, and Yeon-woo summoned Ghost and Rebecca.

“You heard that, too, right? Save the other party according to the way he said" Yes. Understood. Going alone? Rebecca asked with a worried face. The invited witch was strong enough not to easily touch any hardened characters.

However, Yeon-woo shook her head with a grin.

“He's only good at magic, but he's bad at fighting. And,” My eyes are cold and shiny.

“I'm not weak anymore," Pattaya looks at the crystal ball and squeezes her head off. Every time the other sisters saw it, they said they were as luscious as silk, but they also made me proud of my hair being jealous. Now it's all ruined.

It was because of the images compared to the crystal ball. The crystal ball is relentlessly shining across the canyon. And of course, the canyon was a mess.

The fishermen were able to deal with most of them with the deaf and the doppelgangers, but the problem was those who did not.

Red Dragon Elohim, horse army, sea of poetry • • • • • • • giant clans, as well as many high rankers.

They were after the Red Dragon, and there were many who were after the Emerald Tablet as fishermen. Moreover, as the quest rose, the players were on their way. The Red Dragon deliberately misled the coordinates.

Because of that, she was crazy and insanely responsible for the defence of the castle.

The atomic nuclei continued to be destroyed, and all kinds of subjects and cameras had been brutally massacred while protecting the castle.

Even the witches who went out to stop them died in a line of young witches and invited witches.

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before we made it to the fortress.

But luckily, she was standing in the way. I couldn't handle everything ten hands did, so I had to try something else.

Margaret in the Red Dragon and Darhk in the sea of poetry.

'The problem is Elohim.' Elohim was somehow attacking himself harder than the Red = Dragon. I felt strongly that I should pay more attention to preparing for them.

When you grip your teeth like that.

Pattaya turns her head back, stunned by instinctive anxiety.

At that moment, she encountered two dragonflies. It gives me the creepy feeling of a backbone just by facing it. Her complexion is pale.

And then the Dagger flew in.

Phew! Pattaya had to pour her spells out of the agony of breaking her heart for months. The table collapses and breaks as the crystal ball falls to the floor.

On top of her, Yeon-woo climbs up and smiles coldly. Lively burning the two torches that gave her the creeps.

Clearly, this area was magically occupied. Pattaya couldn't believe how her fortress was breached.

Moreover, it was because he couldn't know the intruder even if he could locate it.

[Hypersensitivity - Synchronization] [Using two skills, the Cruiser was able to reach the location indicated by the Doppelgänger, killing as many as possible.

With the addition of wealth's hump magic, we can't figure it out until we figure it out.

It was never more sensational than a high tanker.

“I have so many questions. You wouldn't even answer if I asked you anyway, would you?” Don't talk nonsense and die. “” “He cut Pattaya's head with a carpenter's sword without a hitch. Pattaya's eyes are startled, but her broken life never returns.

Instead, the Vampire Sword of Softening was deployed, sucking the corpse and soul simultaneously.

Then came the general idea of being tied down by him.

The approximate situation at Valpurgis Night.

Among them, there was information about Anantha, the structure of Brogen Castle.

However, Yeon-woo soon had to frown.

Four Ananta are tied up in a dungeon in a fortress? 'I haven't been able to get in touch with Abraham lately. I think I was just caught by Viera Dun.

Fortunately, he was still alive. However, the condition was too severe. I had to get it back quickly.

"Boo. If you find out anything else, let me know right away.

"Yes. I will." The Voodoo Man's ability as a voodoo artist is almost restored. That's why I was so good at spirits. If I just leave it to him, he'll pick up and deliver information for me.

Now we don't have to torture each other like we used to.


Yeongwoo moves to the next hunting ground.

Hunting is quiet, discreet.

I had to be as invisible as possible.

If you keep going back and forth like that, Soon I reached the place where Bierra Dunguananta is.