Second Life Ranker

4. Witch Hunt (4)

Boom, boom! Kwa-ang_“Damn it,” Tom spews a scorn at the meteorite that falls to the ground without rest. Every time I shouted, the scales of the dragon covering my skin were greatly stirred. The scales were already red with fury.

“You rat bitch! Dare!" Through various hallucinations, I feared them, and barely passed through the ears of the cameras. Now, all of a sudden, witches appear in the sky scratching at his wick.

In spite of all the garbage that wouldn't take a punch.

Witches were wandering around the high, Chad on broomsticks, making their hands and feet dizzy, keeping the Red Dragon's feet tightly tied with continuous magic.

The problem was we couldn't get to them easily.

This was all because of the damn invitation witch Margaret, who never moved above the highest ground.

It was engulfed in a purple glow, and was pouring out a myriad of miraculous magic.

A gravitational stash blocks the Red Dragon's movements and lays a barrier around the witches to defend against snipers. Moreover, he was doing crazy things like pouring meteorites out of the sky like rain, raising the ground high and making it go away.

Does that witch have infinite magical powers? No matter how much magic you have, if you keep pouring out this much wide-area magic, you'll dry up quickly.

Margaret doesn't even look tired.

Rather, over time, there was a flush on his face, and the power of magic was growing.

Huaa! The purple glow flashes brightly along Margaret once more. A gloomy yet ominous light.

At first, the tranquil brightness of the stars was shining like the full moon.

Witches can't keep calling these miracles. Then there's only one possibility left.

'Wise Man's Stone. What she was using was obviously the Wise Man's Stone, which had already made so much progress that it could be commercialized. The temperament was similar to that of the Summer Queen. It was crucial evidence that the incident was related to Valpurgis' night.

There's a cure for the Queen right in front of you! The inaccessibility made a person's outfit flip over.

“Chordo. Dang-hee's dead. I can't see the road like this." Troy then approaches the creaky claw.

It was 81 eyes that moved with Tom and Troy. He was the leading man among them, but a high ranker is a high muscle walker. The current situation was severe enough for her to die.

Tom changed his teeth. That bitch. If we catch her, she'll be easy to get through! However, even if the signature skill was activated several times, the effect did not reach Margaret.

Instead, Margaret turns her palms upside down and raises a huge chunk of dirt.

Thanks to this, the Red Dragon had to suffer the embarrassment of losing one-third of the power he brought.

However, it was impossible to come here and temporarily retreat.

The Summer Queen was dying at this rate as well.

We should have found the Wise Man's Stone by now. Retreat from such an urgent situation? It was crazy. They didn't get a second chance.

I also felt troubled that Elohim moved ahead of them. If the original tablecloth was in their hands, it was a horror trap.

We're running out of time.

A sense of urgency and restlessness with time constraints that gradually tighten your breath. Several pressures made him uneasy.

Not like this.

Eventually, Tom decided to ask for more cheerleaders. Not all power has been supplied to the world of endless nights. It was because we had to stop other forces from deterring it. It was also to deal quickly when other information was given.

But as long as the Wise Man's Stone is here, I didn't have to keep that in mind.

I need to see the look on those four faces. 'I didn't want to see the faces of brothers who would laugh at me. I have nowhere else to turn.

That's why I'm putting in a call.

Suddenly, you hear a huge explosion in the cost price from above. The earth, of course, was trembling with power.

Tom and Troy's gaze was directed at the autologous log. The players of the Red Dragon who were struggling with the Chimera and the meteorites looked at you.

The flames spread along the overhead where the witches were.

Only Zachariah.

I can assure you, it was the first color I had ever seen because I had seen so many fires handled by Mother Summer Queen.

A deep, sticky feeling like dawn. You feel a terrible fever that surpasses even the slightest flame.

It was like a sulfur fire boiling in hell.

The explosion seems to have started from the spot where Margaret was, swept the witches away in an instant, spewing a relentless gust of wind and reaching the ground. The atmosphere boils in an instant, and a afterstorm strikes.

And among the fragments that pour down like hail. There was also Margaret's head. However, even before it fell to the ground, it was scorched by fire.

I never thought about it. Tom was shivering, not even frowning.

Why the sudden explosion, why Margaret died? Did the Wise Man's Stone explode because of his magical mishandling? But no matter what the reason was, one thing was clear.

This is our chance.

“Now! Run! We must get there before Elohim does!" Hundreds of red dragons jumped together, starting with Tom and Troy.

Beyond the labyrinthine canyon.

I could see the steep, pointy mountain that was plunging into the sky.

The anomaly did not only spread to the Red Dragon.

“Suddenly what?” An unidentified explosion occurred everywhere.

The witches who cast the intruders into an ambush, causing all sorts of mysteries and miracles, were suddenly engulfed in a sudden black flame and died screaming.

Thanks to this, players who were tightly tied to their deafness gained freedom.

“Witches, I'm sure you have something. Let's take it." He's the owner! ”They regroup, chasing after the Red Dragon.

The attack begins to accelerate.

“All the hostiles are nearby! We have to stop them!” Everyone, prepare to die! ”“ The Great Mother is with us. Even if you die here, you will still have eternal life in your mother's arms. "Brogen Castle was located at the tip of a pointed Mediterranean mountain that passed through countless labyrinthine canyons like a labyrinth and touched the sky.

Surrounded by fortified walls and the closest to the moon in the endless night world, it was also the place where the power of the witches was most amplified.

And now.

Since Broken Castle was built, the largest number of witches have been pouring in.

The witches on the broomstick following the pointed ridge gave off a sinister and grim energy.

The early witches who were born to the Great Mother who had conceived the witches, the young witches who had just begun to learn the law of witches, and the witches who had never been out of the world.

All the witches in the castle were busy moving.

A few years ago, Haebon Wing Chongwoo raided their territory with a single blow, but it was not this confused.

Now the danger was different from then.

It may be determined whether or not a subsidiary clan is abandoned. The attacks by high rankers drove the blood of witches to a massive clan among the towers.

I'm putting all my efforts into the power of the Great Mother. At this rate, it was a real collapse of the canyon.

“A moment ago, I was punched in the sternum.” “The eruptions of the volcanoes are all active!” Five defensive boundaries consisting of an auricular deficit-relief factory-factory-factorial evolutionary-numeric resin-binometric retrospective (27523; kevlar 38499;).

It wasn't just Emerald Tablets that were excavated in the Faust Dungeon.

Witches had all sorts of magical knowledge that had never been seen before, and Valpurgis' Night was able to pick out what was needed and arm Castle Broken tightly.

It was all thanks to the recent rise of the Witches' accomplishments.

But no matter how brilliant the consequences. The answers are like sand castles.

'No, but these five barriers, will they last this long?' Witch Darhk gripped her teeth.

As an early witch conceived from the Great Mother, the present crisis came as if it were a very clean wall.

'Just a little more • • • • • • • I just need a little more. • • • Where did the work start? Since Anantara stole Test Subject BX-71? When the fake Emerald tablet that you handed over to the client was hijacked by someone else for quick results? Or when the Great Mother didn't answer? No, it's not.

No matter how many variables occurred, they have been doing well. And I was finally on the verge of bringing the Great Mother down on this earth.

When the table came up at the Kerat Auction House. Probably since then. Valpurgis' night felt something was wrong, and it wasn't until I realized that the blade was pointing towards them.

The problem was I didn't even have a clue who it was.

A dark veil that moves the Red Dragon and vibrates the tower. If anyone can arrange something like this, they must be well known for their time.

We can't identify any suspects at all.

"Abraham? I might have done it to save the detained Anantha. He is. The exile is smart, but he needs a lot of hands to do something this big. That's also very covert. But he doesn't have any of these.

Who is it? 'Darhk was too dizzy in his head. But no answer came out.

'Let's just stop them for now. Even if we find it later and it's not too late, we won't be able to defeat all the intruders with the power of Valpurgis' Night.

Darhk was still somewhat confident.

Faust's legacy was armed with boundaries and magic, but it was because he believed in the versatile treasures in his hands.

'Wise Man's Stone.' Actually, it was still incomplete, so it was kind of embarrassing to call it the Wise Man's Stone.

But it worked pretty well on this one.

I can't even compare it to the table at the Cellars Auction House. It was the stone of the 'pure' sage made from the original of the Emerald Tablet.

In the hands of the early witches on the battlefield, there was a handful of these wise men's stones.

Proper use of this and protective restraints. And if we put the young witches on the front line and opened the guerrilla battlefield, we could somehow stop the intruders.

And in fact, it was thanks to this stone that many intruders, including the Red Dragon, had yet to complete their deafness.

The clan Darhk seeks to stop now is the sea of poetry. It was worth a shot at the Red Dragon Duo, but the intruders were less vulnerable.

You feel the alarm spell of the zig-enemy approaching. Darhk put the Wise Man's Stone in his mouth.

“Every one of you is a fighter! 'Fivirina?' Darhk opened his eyes wide in the Fivirin after he came all the way down the canyon instead of talking.

Suddenly, a dark shadow falls over her head.

Darhk's eyes dart towards you on their own. Two razorblades are right in front of you.

Darhk quickly turns away from the broom he was riding. However, the blade wind is already cutting through the left shoulder. As the blood splashes, the left arm separates and rises into the air.

He's the one with the veil. 'Darhk can instinctively tell who his opponent is by looking at the masked man with the flames flapping like wings.

I didn't know if he was the head of the bluff or the head of the bluff. It was definitely not a dry sea.

Inform Viera that Darhk thought all the young witches who were moving with him would be dead. If I could just move as discreetly and quickly as I could, I wouldn't have been able to avoid them. It was me who was distracted until this moment.

So now I had to make up for my mistake. I had to tell Viera Dunne that there was such a dangerous creature. And I had to keep him tied up until I heard the answer.

Darhk runs his magic towards the stone of the sage, which was tightly in his mouth.

If the magical force were to enter the stone like this, it would be multiplied by tens of hundreds of times, enabling many mysteries that would not normally have been thumbs up.

A stone that summons a miracle. For the witches, the Wise Man's Stone was like that.

Whether he's brave, arrogant, or unknown, the veil will soon be overpowered.

By the way.

Darhk's eyes widen. The prudent stone doesn't budge. The stone is solid. It looks like it's broken. But until we left the fortress, we were able to confirm that it was working. Why is it broken all of a sudden? Then.

A masked man turns from the air and rushes to Darhk. I'm looking at the fiery glowing torch that shines through my back as soon as I go to Sacha.

But soon after he said it, Darhk turned pale in his head.

“It's not going to work. Maybe.” “The others did, too." It's like I made it up.

As Darhk's eyes widen, the Masked Blacksmith runs like a gunshot through his left chest, plunging it deep into his chest.

Teating! Magical organs have been cut off all together. Darhk's eyes brighten. The masked man reaches out and grabs Darhk's head. I saw the eyes of the man bleeding from between his fingers. I was bored with horror.

A black flame rises from the edge of the pits and sweeps over Darhk's head.

Town! Town! Darhk cries out in agony, but that is also a moment. As soon as it was cooked, it started to sag.

“Forty-two.” Yeon counts the number of witches she's killed and hurls Darhk's corpse all over the floor. Along with the sound of a purple stone, my head breaks completely, leaving me with a purple stone.

Then, wealth appeared as the shadow of Yeongwoo lengthened and absorbed the Wise Man's Stone. The flame that burns into the skull's eyeball rises violet.

“Well done.” Dear Owner. Neutral. To me. Joy.

"The voice bows." It was all thanks to him that stopped the wise men of the early witches from running the stone.

Based on the knowledge I gained from studying the Wise Man's Stone, I was able to identify the only weaknesses of the pouring stone.

Exactly, there was no such weakness in Yeongwoo that was successful in the upgrade, but only in the failed night of Valpurgis.

Since the Wise Man's Stone is complete, no intervention of other magical forces is needed once it is completed.

Wealth uses this to put a subtle hindrance on the Magic Oil. Thanks to you, the stones in the Witches' hands are becoming ordinary.

This adds to the subtle movements of Yeongwoo. Witches will fall like wind leaves.

Even if it's important to get Anantara right away. The night of Valpurgis was not so good at defending itself.

I can't believe the waves are coming like this. The waves and waves should be able to keep bullying each other.

Done. "Yeon-woo smiled coldly, seeing the wealth that had absorbed all of the Wise Man's Stone.

Perhaps it was your wife who came here to get the most out of it.