Second Life Ranker

5. Witch Hunt (5)

The time when the Red Dragon and many other giant clans sped up their movements along the path of the moat.

Elohim, who was infiltrating at the forefront, is now approaching the edge of the canyon where the fort is visible.

Suddenly, he stepped forward and stopped walking.

“Hmm? Is it breached? Witches. They don't know how to do anything right.” Aion glances back, frowning at the aura behind her.

Both eyes were glowing golden.

It was not that many people knew him, but he was originally blind. No, to be precise, his family was born with a malformed gene that was blind for generations.

But nevertheless, their family, the family of life, could become a prominent member of the Protogenous family.

An all-conducive point. It was thanks to the ability of the bloodline to descend through the generations.

An all-consuming point of view was in many ways similar to that of Allfowon.

However, unlike the natural way to see all the places you want, the sensible point of view was different from the point of view of the object you planted with Ward.

Aion planted Wards with his henchmen all over Broken Castle, allowing him to quickly bypass the five barriers and keep track of the movements of the followers.

It appears that the Red Dragon, who had been pushed by the witches all along, is rapidly reversing to the ward of Aion.

They're pretty wide open, but we don't know when they'll catch up.

Aion is very unpleasant for someone to step behind them. Born of God's bloodline, they always had to be the first to lead their friends, never to be caught by anyone.

How much more advanced textiles, such as the Wise Man's Stone, were supposed to be the ones they should have “Aether.” So Aion picked up one of the warm waters following her.

Aether flinched for a moment. I realized what Aion was going to say. That made me look urgent.

“Aion, I..." You stay here and stop them at all costs. I don't know why. Needless to say, Aion stared at the Aether with a fiery gaze.

The Aether bites her lower lip. The reason he was like this was simple.

It meant to make amends here for the failure to steal the baby from Abraham. In the process, Hemera, who was so desperate in the clan that he received a white light, died. Now, Aion's attitude was natural.

Yes, I understand. "In the end, Aether had to take a step back on her orders.

Aion wasn't the only one staring at herself.

The senator who came with him, the other families. There were all kinds of emotions in their eyes.

Disgusting. Disgusting. Discrimination. contempt. I could not find a positive gaze on either of them.

'Damn it.' It was always that arrogant look in their eyes.

The sin that came from the time of the Father was still bound up only because he was a bastard.

I was trying to be that assimilated.

He did some beheading of Artija, who believed in him, and did all sorts of bad things. I worked like a dog. Like a dog wagging its tail when you feed it.

'And yet you are • • silver! It's still day!' You guys, but he was always alone.

I only threw in a good seat as senator. There was nothing else.

So the Aether reached out to the Horsemen. What he needed was a seal, and he felt that this place was worthy of his ability.

'As long as his world comes.

That's when you're gonna have to crawl on all fours and lick my feet! Stupid things.

Aether had to stay with about 70 people and watch the Iron Lamp ascend. My fist trembles.

At that time, Aether turned to the other side, swallowing her tears. Suddenly, his two = were frozen cold.

“What about Ion's Ward? It's not here, is it?" “Yes. I see it." “Assholes. Of course they think we're going to die here.” Haven't even installed the watchful guard, which means we're using them as a discarding hand. You think tying the Red Dragon's ankle will do the trick.

However, Aether had no intention of being favored by Eion at all.

“Open the power source, Mayan.” As soon as the order came, Maguire's vigorous pursuit of the Aeterweil began to surge.

And each one of them had a bloodline around the glabellar glabella, and a sentence appeared as it split to the left and to the right.

A crest with three circles in a triangle shape. It was a stigma only allowed to the servants of Heavenly Horse.

Huaaaa! Especially the end of Aether, which is being discussed as a successor to Jevich, the ninth recently deceased bishop.

The black fog behind your back was shining like a white light. A witch. It appears when using the power of a thousand horses.

What is it, Aether? At that time, I read Aether's changes and telepathy arrived from Kindred. Kindred has joined the other horsemen and is following Elohim on the path Aether has taught him.

“It explained the situation. On the mission of stopping the Iron Resistance, the Red Dragon, etc. And at the end, he added his own agenda.

He can help you, you idiot. A cool voice. Aether had to keep her mouth shut. My fist trembled.

This tone. Emotion. Jozo. They were all too familiar to him.

I just couldn't do my job properly. Tsk! "Kindred kicked his tongue.

No. I don't know if it's better. You said you wanted a ninth place. Yes, I dare. ”Then I will take the test right here. Aether's eyes filled with power.

The point where you are now is where you must go to live to reach the fortress. Unlike what Ion said, I was qualified to defend it at all costs. Kindred's voice was full of cynics.

The Aether clenched her fist as if it were fine. This was his last chance.

Then, on the other hand, he seduced himself.

Artiya, Elohim, and the horsemen. He spread the word about where he would be, but in the end he was nowhere to be found. Same old, same old, same old struggle.

"Is this a curse, too? Jungwoo, your ghost still binds me.

Aether felt the wheat of Kindred and other bishops, plunging the ground with her henchmen.

Trying to seduce Margie, she reminds me of a pack of hungry wolves.

A familiar group appeared from across the street.

Re - Re = = High “Elohim? Horsemen? What are they?” Tom distorted his impression when a strange disturber appeared in the judges rather than Get-deux or Elohim.

But do it or don't.

The Aether rises high above the ground, drawing a parabola, and striking the cove. By borrowing the power of the 1,000 Horses from the Horsemen in his right hand and the power of the White Light stolen from his brother Hamera in his left hand! Flash! A white light - a thousand lights came upon the red dragon.

“Out of my way, hybrid!" Tom aims to push the Aether away, emptying the space around the Aether with the power of the dragon, using elemental contact.


Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Dozens of lightning poured down from the sky in unison.

'You just missed him.' Jang Wei the paladin forcefully stopped the blood flowing on his left forearm, and after a simple disinfection, he tied it tightly with his bandage.

However, his whole body was already covered in bruises and was covered in bandages, so it was nothing special.

The pursuit of the lonely tribe over the past few months has corrupted Zhang Wei's spirit.

They continued to find the hideout as if they were keeping an eye on themselves, and even pushed them to their grave times.

At that time, Zhang Wei took the initiative to get out of the crisis. But I couldn't stop all the wounds that were growing every day.

Zhang Wei was confident in his own strength, especially when he revealed himself. I was chosen as an apostle of the godless, and I never hesitated to train.

But even that kind of self makes the light faint. It felt like I had met a truly massive wall.

No matter how much you pound, the wall won't break.

'Among the nine kings, he said.' Even that arrogant summer queen avoided confronting the king in person. I thought I knew why.

And without getting a good rest, the basic =.


I had so much fun.

When did it feel weird to die, to be back on Earth? He preached a dangerous life at the time, and continued to do so in the early days after entering the tower.

Then, as I became a high ranker, I felt like my forgotten senses were returning after rolling for months. My fingertips are prickly, and my heart is pounding.

'Sis, I think it's a long way to go to see you. Isn't that right?' Zhang Wei was busy making fun of what was so funny.

But that doesn't mean we can't continue this dangerous life. I needed a place to breathe for just a little while. That way, I could fight the war against the one-horned tribe.

Zhang Wei wanted to put an arrow in the King's head, just once.

'Where to breathe. A place to breathe.

Where would that be? 'Wherever I go, I want you to hide the trail as long as their eyes follow me. Then it might be better to hide among the many.

While thinking about it for a moment, a shredded piece of paper suddenly flew in. Zhang Wei fished it and read its contents in a deep grass.

"Recruit mercenaries"? '[Soldier Recruitment Notice] We bring in several mercenaries from the Striped Wind combination. Subdue Valpurgis' Night for the quest.

You can coordinate with the Wanted for Bounty Quest.

Quest fees are negotiated separately.

Then I heard of him when I was running away. The dragon crashed into the Kerat Auction House and the Bureau was furious, I guess? At the time, I was so busy fighting the King that I was drawn to my ears.

'Valpurgis night.' Zhang Wei was interested. If it's a combination of wind, it's the biggest combination of mystery merchants. It was also perfect for hiding my body. I was running out of money on my hands.

'I heard there were other giant clans involved. If necessary, it was best to lure them into a dizzy environment when they were looking for a hunting game that would make it hard to hunt a Tesseract that could immerse the lonely tribe into the mud.

Zhang Wei wept his tongue. Hunting. I really liked that word. I have an urge to catch the King.

I wish he was here. '“Here is the list of mercenaries who participated in the recruitment announcement.” Atran glances at the list of names his subordinates brought.

“Since the auction was won by a fucking red dragon. Artran's reputation has fallen like a broken auction house.

The union has turned away from him, and the VVIPs have turned away. There was nothing wrong with it, but for whatever reason, the mystery merchant who ruined the auction was no longer able to survive this bargain.

He had lost everything.

But there was only one thing left for Atran.

there was a treasure that was collected by the issuance of the V ⁄ P invitation. Atran plundered all his fortune with one will to avenge himself and gathered as many mercenaries as he could.

In addition to the S rank mercenaries, including Black Skull and Twice, players and the large mercenaries with ties to the Iron King paid a huge amount of money to attract them.

That's roughly 500 mercenaries. They were the ones who were putting their name on the rankers together.

It wasn't just that.

I reached out to the Dark Side and made a deal with three assassin groups. Bulleid Assassin, Moon Shadow, Black Hand. They were all famous places on the floor.

But when he recruited, he didn't say he was going after the Red Dragon.

It wasn't because I was afraid of the Red Dragon. Vengeance was so blatant because it did not suit Artran's taste.

'Interfering with what they are trying to do. That's the only answer.

Rather, making it red is the most exciting revenge to intercept a target in front of your eyes.

And this was a new opportunity for Atran.

If we can get the original copy of the tablecloth, we can leave a huge trail behind. Of course, it was more of a gamble.

This reckless all-in had always happened to him in his youth.

“The Red Dragon. I'll tear you to shreds.” Artran's paper was crumpled.

And that night.

Another giant portal opens to Broken Castle at night in Valpurgis.