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7. Witch Hunt (7)

“Do you need stitches? It looks like the Ultimate Tree of Corn 35203; sold like open corn." • • • Adanda gave a strong seal to Mabutana/7//who met the hit. Nurum7//Open Augjura L/. E;/52396; and Biarrahn turned his head.

At that time/for the first time, I twisted my wool and planted the impulse/lock.

But you still thought it wasn't an opening/grain & Ö/sleepyhead '/liver face/. Is that really so/Birth L, %? Roasted monologue room was full of poison.

She has a sharp atmosphere that honors others' approach. That's why the team asked '7 Ll/7/hunÖ/in BH' to be close to her, even though the roots/g//were full of laughs.


It was only 20,000 pieces in the eye, but 7704 pieces//7 twists on the tail.

I thought I was going to plant it inside her. Since he's the same tolerant, he's gone. Or I did it for another reason.

I was wearing close * 7.

Simple scratchÖ/L//Z/ZodiaL./d/rao.

When my sister first met Anantara, I felt 'uneasy'.


'There seemed to be loneliness.

Perhaps it was cold, but the loneliness in it seemed to have caught his mind.

'It was originally a big one.' I always liked being stuck in a corner, but I knew he was fast, so there was no place to stay. Even when I came to the tower, my personality did not change.

Ananda was initially too annoyed to follow behind.

That's why I roared and roared, and later held up my sword and attacked.

Nevertheless, I asked the persistent grill of my brother who said, "Let's be friends," and stuck like a leech.

- Do you like me?_No, I have a boyfriend.

- What, then? Why do you keep bothering me? Just tell him to meet the old man. I'm gonna cut your tongue out first:_You're not gonna swing your knife unless you say you're going to see Abraham, right? - Report.

- Mm-hmm, to play with you, actually. - Walking with your clothes on, your eyes glaring like a puppy with eyes.

So I'm gonna play for you. What the hell kind of friend would I be? You said you didn't swing! In those childish conversations. I don't know how you felt.

But it was clear that after hearing the conversation, he began to open up to his brother.

Of course, the one who opens his mind is only limited to his brother. I didn't open my heart to Artyria. Arthya is also tired of Ananta, who keeps swearing. She doesn't appear around her from time to time.

The relationship that began was led to the reconciliation of Anantara Abraham, to the separation of her brother, and to the rescue of Cesar.


There was such an ananda right in front of my eyes.

'Why are you here? Anatta.

In the diary, there was a glimpse of what I had seen in Brahab's memory.

I loved him so much, but I didn't get any reward for it.

The unlucky woman who instead raised Cesa like a daughter, but could not finally touch her daughter properly.

So I pushed myself out into the corner of the world and eventually I was caught by witches.

Wealth interrogated the souls of several witches, and handed over to Yeon-woo the spiritual information related to Ananda obtained in the process.

Thanks to this, I was able to understand roughly what happened to Yeon-woo's Ananda.

Where's BX_71? Why are you looking at me like that? - You think pretending not to know is gonna change? The dragon you took! A vessel to honor our mother! - Haha! Hahaha! - Why are you smiling? - Nihees, you must be pushing me.

_tell that to Bitch Viera.

He's talking to his daughter like she's some kind of test subject. I'm gonna rip it apart someday.

Test Subject BX-71.

The title of Valpurgis' Night Calls for Sesa.

They've been doing a lot of research for a very long time to bring the Great Mother who conceived them to this land, and in the process they gained Faust's knowledge.

And after conducting all sorts of human experiments, I ended up using acceptable taxa.

Not only Anatta, but all the people trapped in the millions of glass tubes in this room were such subjects.

It was a different kind of shave.

From normal adult men to young Goblins, Spirits, Elders, etc. If there was anything in common, it was that he was lying motionless, submerged in purple ooze. Like Margie's doll.

They didn't have names. It's just an experiment number. If the experiment went wrong and died, it was only disposable goods.

Same goes for Cesar. It was only after the priest met Ananta that he was named Cesar. '

- You can count on it, 'cause I'm not actually this good-natured. I'm gonna rip your limbs off and kill you all.

Ananda resisted the ruined opponent to the end, just as she had been subjected to constant torture.

No, I even stared at the witches with sharp eyes with bloodshed.

Because of this, quite a lot of witches had to feel the eerie feeling of Anatta. Even though he was confined so tightly that he could not move, he decided that he would not be able to divulge any information from Ananta. At night, Valpurgis sent Ananda to the lab with an unknown subject number PA-12.

Ananda is tolerant. Although it was hard to use it as a vessel because it was completely self-contained unlike Cesar, it was good for all kinds of experiments.

'And I actually tried to trade Elohim for a lot of money.

This was also what I learned by squeezing the souls of the witches. The night of Valpurgis was in contact with Elohim recently after hearing that he had embarked on his master's business.

"Restore the Ancient Type"? You're good at useless things. 'The obsession with the descendants of the Elohim was so overwhelming. It wasn't that I didn't understand.

The more I look at my offspring, the lighter they become, the less powerful they become.

That's why some of the militants were so close to each other.

But since there are limits to that, we need Ananda. We'll use it as a seed pedestal until we run out of use, and then we'll dispose of it for all kinds of experiments.

No matter how hard I pretended, Elohim was the same night as Valpurgis. Someday it was rubbish that had to be erased.

'Let's save it for now.

Through a connection to the wealth, Yeongwoo identified the source code of the sorcerer who was in control of the lab, and reached out his hand to contact the sorcerer.

Considering one of the advantages of the Wise Man's Stone, it was that any kind of magical power could be used to challenge the ring. Added the effect of the title 'Blessed by Magical Power', quickly hacked.

All the pumps and pipes headed to the glass tubes of Jiyoung, Kogyong-ananda fell down as the functions were cut together. The glass tube's door slowly opens as a thick, sticky purple liquid spills out on the floor.

Yeon-woo quickly examined the look on her face. Despite all the magic and experiments being stopped, she had no vision of what would happen. I was pale.

'I'm exhausted. I was completely overwhelmed. Either he was trying to turn it into a doll or he was nearly paralyzed.

Yeongwoo placed a bunch of healing magic on the temporary side to stop her exhaustion, and carefully placed Ananda there by opening the Intranian and encapsulating a preexisting capsule.

It was a healing capsule that was taken separately in case of an injury. There was a significant therapeutic effect just by getting into the stream.

“The next time you open your eyes, you'll have a family you've always wanted to see.

Wait a little longer. ”Yeon-woo strokes Ananda's sleepy forehead quietly. Then her eyes, which had been slightly distorted, loosened gently.

Did he even listen to himself? Or is it just a coincidence? I don't know why. A healing capsule was put back in the Trenny and woke up in place, thinking that Yeongwoo was lucky.

There were still many subjects in the lab, other than knowing. But they didn't feel anything. He breathes, but his soul is already dead to him.

Then you'd be right to make it painless and relaxing.

Yeon-woo is full of errors at her fingertips. And the moment I tried to blow it up.

“What is this? What the hell is going on?” “Why is the warehouse empty?” “All the treasures are gone! I can't see the Ghost Fleet's gem chest!” “Armored Storage is empty!” “The same goes for Standing! The magical books and Emerald Tablets are gone!” “When did the rat • • • • • • •!” “Lab! Run to the lab now! The lab is dangerous!" Spread it all over the subway beyond the Bronze Dungeon supersenses. Suddenly, I feel the witches rushing around busy.

When I saw the empty treasure vaults and the storerooms, I panicked.

'I thought time would be a bit rushed. Wealth seems to be doing better than I thought.' How ridiculous they must be. When Viera Dun's face appeared distorted, Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously.

Owner. Then, the message was conveyed, lifting only the skull's head abruptly over the shadow.

Enemies. "Yes. Good job +” Owner. 's joy to me. It's a great honor. Wear your teeth. "As if I didn't know how to apply the two bodies to the compliment of Yeongwoo, I lowered my head and trembled. The Infini1Renault site spread between the two pupils was joyful.

Yeongwoo flicked the five fingers strongly and sent out the error of condensation. Carbon (24339; i). It was a skill I learned in studying errors recently.

Phipping! Dozens of complexes pierced through the glass door, precisely lodged in the glances of the subjects. The subjects' heads wiggle backwards, and they fall powerlessly. Blood splashes into the purple ooze and splinters of broken glass and the first floor of the ship.

The swelling absorbed the purple liquid that was dampened the floor vigorously.

It's all materials that make Wise Man's Stone. It was necessary to strengthen. All the other Wise Man's fields that were already in the underground storehouses were also collected.

When Viera Dun and the witches arrived in the underground laboratory, they hid the pits and auxiliaries completely.

“Oh, oh, how did this happen?" ”“ What is PA_12? Find the PA_12 first! ”“ I can't see only PA-12! ”Damn it, Aal!” “It's been a while since I've had a scar! The rats couldn't have gotten far. Find them! Hurry!" The witches find out first in the mess lab. But when I realized that Ananda wasn't there, I started searching around busy.


The other witches had to calm Viera Dun, who was shaking her fingertips less.

“The revelation that the material to make the bowl was received from the Great Mother."

It meant that even if he did not have enough body soak, he had to prepare a temporary bench.

Then he even said that he would come down and punish him for waking up his sleep.

It was more like a trust than a revelation, so Viera Dunne thought of Anatta first.

Although I was going to hand Ananda over to Elohim at a high price and make an alliance.

Right now, the situation in Wina is impenetrable, and there was no way to stay in a situation where Aion was trying to get behind her back.


Once Anantara is gone, the whole plan is screwed.

I looked around to see if there were anything else that could be an urgent vessel, but I couldn't use it because all the subjects had a fist hole in their head.

At this rate, Valpurgis' night was over.

“Just calm down. Do I look calm to you? What's everybody doing? Has everyone been pushing ahead until this happened to her?” Viera toons slam the witch's hands to their shoulders and slam it. There were only white pebble eyes left.

The witches are stunned, and the blemishes retreat. In the meantime, no matter what happened, the leader was making a deafening voice for the first time.

And at that moment, they could imagine what Viera Dun was like for them.

Viera Dun was a real witch's manor.

She is the man who entered the clan with no background and defeated all the rivals and became the leader.

In the meantime, the competitors died for no reason at all. While there was no evidence of addiction, assassination, counting, disappearance, everyone could see that Viera Von had done it under thorough planning.

That's why all the witches, including the invited witches, were afraid of her. The one who put a knife in the doubtful lover's heart who shared his sweet affection. They were the kind of people who could stand down without blinking an eye.

Moreover, he was so talented that he received the Great Mother's -Nun 11 letter 0. No one can touch her.

It's been quiet for a while. Viera Dun's personality did not completely change.

No, the poison was even worse because it's been depressed.

Hair falling from the bottom of the hat hangs in a blueprint. Signature Skill, Medusa. After devouring my parents, the snakes reach out and turn their necks against each other.

The witches' faces turn pale and their bodies stiffen. Dozens of Medusa snakes and Viera - Dun's white whites were choking her breath.

“Everyone, listen up. Do whatever you can to find PA-12, no, Ananda, before the uninvited get here. Even if you all die here.” “Do you understand?” Ah, got it! ”“ Run. Yes. ”Viera Dunne's voice calms down again, but the cold atmosphere still tightens the witches' throats.

They had to run urgently. If we really had stayed like this, we could have been eaten by Medusa.

Viera Dundo unleashed a number of spells in pursuit of her enemies. There are signs of a security breach.

I was going to find out how I stole the big source code, the cause and the Bing + method, and track it backwards.

Then she realized something unexpected. It was a pattern of magical use, or it was ripe during the day. It was similar to the system of polyps. No, it was exactly like an old lover.

He must have been a celebrated old lover.

At that moment, I felt the horror of Biera's hair standing still.

So I turn my head to the other witches.

An explosion has erupted from the ceiling. The black flame, which contained an enormous fever, spread out along the ceiling and wall and swallowed everything.

You melt the witches around you without a trace and tear them apart in pursuit of the witches on the quest.

Labs, storage, warehouses. Regardless of any compartment, the black flame that started on the sixth floor of the basement quickly went up to the first floor and it stirred the whole basement up and down.

Then the basement collapsed as it could not withstand the overload. A great many fallen rocks poured down and destroyed all the fruits that had accumulated during Valpurgis' evenings.


As the kite roars through the black flames, it relentlessly breaks through the barrier that protected Viera Dun and approaches her right before her eyes.

The moment Kim met the two eyes that were shining between the masks, Viera's blunt eyes widened.

Even though I wear a mask, I've been holding hands, kissing my mouth, mixing my flesh for over five years. 1-Rise with the morning sunlight and smile brightly at yourself. I couldn't help but recognize those eyes.

An old lover who died. It was right in front of me.

Phew! But Yeon-woo wields the beagrid without going, as if she didn't have anything to talk about.

Bierra Dun's severed head pops into the air. Until the black flame. His eyes were filled with shock, fear, and awe.