Second Life Ranker

8. Witch Hunt (8)

I don't know yet.

L//7//"31932;/was it? Viera Dun was the enemy who poisoned her brother and stabbed him in the heart. Before he left, he only used his feelings of love thoroughly.

Because, after Viera Dun left, she had to wander for a long time.

Lient and Bajal have something on their backs. Sitting high on Purification and the Red Dragon respectively, he lost more fame and power than he did when he was in Artiya.

But there was no such thing as Viera Dun.

Though he certainly was the head of Valpurgis' night. Even if she left Artiya or became part of the double, her brother would nod his head.

She believed in her lover that much, and she knew that better than anyone.

There was no reason to betray him.

They never misunderstood each other or fought.

Obviously not until we poison it. Not until I stab him.

They were smiling at each other. I whispered to him that I loved him, and I swore to him that I would be with him forever until the end of the world. And his brother with the dragon eyes accepted it as the truth.

But Viera ended up in Dong 1- 1-.

I turned my back on life.

For reasons we still don't know.

And I did terrible things to use my brother and his children as subjects.

What the hell made her so pigeon?

Or was she just fooling around with her native actress? Then, were all the sweet whispers I had told my brother lies? Eventually, no one knew the truth. On the outskirts of Viera Dun and Yeon, too.

'It's none of your business.

Whatever the reason. He was the one who turned his back on his brother.

There was no reason to care about the circumstances of the man who caused him to struggle until he closed his eyes.


Even after cutting the head of such an enemy, there was still no emotion in Yeongwoo's eyes.

7.7. The head and back of a formerly separated Biera toon suddenly scattered like smoke.

'As expected.

Bierra Dunne's Signature Skill, 'Body Transfer'.

To be precise, it was the power inherited from the Great Mother, as the Witches say.

Viera toons had excellent qualities in hypnotism and mind-control magic.

With this in mind, the power of the Great Mother, the reinstatement of the body, allowed us to move Ego Data (Ego Data) to another body in harmony.

Simply put, it's a flesh-shifting thing.

Of course, there's a limit to how many times we can do this.

There's nothing like getting out of a crisis right now.

It was also a skill that Yeon-woo was particularly after.

We must rob the enemy. It means you have a lot to live for. 'Yeon-woo will sound as she looks at the shadow.

"Wiji. Capture: Done. The coordinates were extracted with an additional linking loop.

Huaa! Yeon spreads the wings of fire wide. Whether it is due to skill limitations, the coordinates are not far behind. I threw myself into it and developed a link.

Immediately, the collapsed ceiling debris spills to the spot where the kite and Biera toons were.

Consequently, Viera toons heavily breathed as soon as they opened their eyes and sat at sea. The cold sweat on my forehead was falling on the floor.

I just lost one of the many bodies that were stationed all over the city.

Wearing a new body did not remove the pain or sensation that was cut off before. There was still clarity in the blade's touch.

However, there was something else that made Bierra Dune go unnoticed.

It was clearly an eye that should no longer be in this world. But why was he there? What the hell is going on? “What's the matter, Dun? Are you all right?” Viera - the witches who don't know what's in their eyes suddenly rush into a chain transfer.

This was the Gimera Warehouse on the other side of the keep.

We were supposed to deploy the Kimera in addition to the continued destruction of our gates and the invasion of our enemies. Suddenly, the transfer was made, so the witches had no choice but to play.

It meant that the main field had already been torn apart by the enemy.

Then the witches realized that Viera toons' eyes were shaking.

I've always been a calm worker who didn't show any disturbance.

Bierra Dunne's eyes were confused for the first time. And she kept muttering things she couldn't understand at all.

“That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous.

He's dead. He's dead! At that time, I was sure that the invitation witch caved carefully into the shoulders of Viera toons.

At that moment, Viera Dun's head turns to you.

The tumble flinches without even knowing it.

The moment I saw Viera Dundee, who was only white. I felt goosebumps along my spine. Soon, I felt like Viera Dune was going to eat me.

However, Viera Dun grabs the collar and pulls it towards her, preventing the fall from escaping. My eyes twitch with blood stains on the white.

“He's dead, isn't he? I must have killed him myself! Right?” “What do you mean? •“ Speaking of which, "“ Yes! No, that's right! ”I wonder if that's what happened.

Viera Dun was able to calm down after staring down for a long time.

• • • Sorry. I was so excited. ”I loosened the collarbone of the rolls and lifted the curly hairs with cool sweat.

In my head, I was returning to my usual coolness.

'Whoever he is doesn't matter. You'll find out if you catch him and take his mask off. But the Wise Man's Stone didn't work. Obviously,' no matter how much the raid happened, he could not be so relieved.

The Wise Man's Stone she always had in her arms was the most remarkable of all that Valpurgis' night had produced. If you're in danger because you're connected to your soul, you're allowed to work on your own.

Because of this, Viera Chen boasted that she would never break the Wise Man's stone, even if Olfowon or the Queen of Summer were to come.

However, when the throat was cut, the Wise Man's stone clearly did not work at all. Like a broken clock.

Then there was only one conclusion that could be reached.

'Masked man. He's the one with the veil.

Suddenly, he sprinkled a strange tablecloth to create such confusion. • • And the study of the Wise Man's Stone must be far ahead of them.

So we can stop the stone from working.

'No doubt other witches, because of this, Viera Dun gripped her teeth. I think I know why the defense line collapsed so hollow. Only when the Wise Man's Stone has become useless can they stand against the giant clans.

'We have to catch him first.

Viera Dun was complicated in her head.

I didn't know who he was. I didn't even know why they were targeting me.

But it was clear that the first thing we had to do was figure out a way to deal with masks.

We need Ananda to wake the Great Mother. It was obvious that there was a masked figure.

That's why we have to subdue him.

'It could have been like dragging a tiger into the courtyard to drive out a wolf in other giant cleans. Now was not the time to obscure such means.

Viera Dun tried to tell the witches in the Chimera Warehouse to be defensive.


Stone! Watch out! ”Surprised glances and witches scream.

I'm trying to tell you what Viera Dunne is talking about.

Blood! Suddenly, you feel a burning sensation from your back, and a cold blade protrudes through your left chest.

Viera Dun vomited blood splatter instead of screaming. The lungs are severed. I can't breathe.

I felt frustrated.

“Where are you running away to?” And Eviera toon, the voice in her ear, unwittingly shrugs her spine.

Sounds like you know where you're going. You know about the transfer? Few people knew this even within the night of Valpurgis. But you do know that. Bang! But Viera Dun's thoughts don't last long. Because a new blade blew her head off again.

Just before the blackout. The Banglingdo was caught in sight of witches and chimeras who were swept away by the black flame and the explosive error.

“Curry” Viera Dun opens her eyes again and spits out a scream she couldn't quite express before. The pain of cutting his throat twice in a row was terrible.

The Ego data has not settled properly, and the field of view is swirling. Where she was, there was nothing in the dark.

But I had to catch my neck again before I could reclaim Bierra's sanity 1_1-.

This time, the blade pierced my throat.

Phew! Gurlock says, "I saw just before I lost my sight this time. A pair of torches burning through the darkness.

Viera Dun's moaning continues to fade.

How many times since then.

Even in an underground shelter.

Phew! Even when I open my eyes to borrow the body of a young witch from the battlefield.

“I can't!” Oversized! Even in the most rugged forest in the endless night world.

Brilliant! "Even if you wake up near the gate leading to the outside,

“Please stop it!” Whenever Viera Dun attempted a transfer, Yeon chased after her like a ghost, cutting her throat, stabbing her heart, and breaking her head.

Then, almost collapsed by an enemy attack, you stumble into the beagrid like a fish lodged in a Biera harpoon, at the tip of a brogen fortress.

Vierra Dunne panted. Her spirit, which was firm, was a crushed opponent of Imiban.

No matter how much he could come back to life, he could not escape the shock of death completely.

And fear had to be maximized because he knew that there were people chasing him to kill him, like evil.

Moreover, Viera Dun had to fail her organ, Mind Control, time and time again.

The psychic magic she boasted was enormous succession and completeness that brought all the rivals she fought to their deaths.

[Curse: Hypnotism has been disabled for unknown reason.] [Curse for unknown reason: Cannot be counted.] [Counter triggered by continued skill failure.] Mind control was not traditional to Yeon Woo.

When it comes to mental system magic, its natural trait is to make all skills incapacitated.

Because of this, Viera Dun had to cope with the reflexes and penalties due to skill failures.

Losses have been made to Ego data, and a disturbance has occurred between the mind and body. The soul began to crumble.

The heads of the witches are tightly rooted in fear that no matter what happens, they won't budge.

• Aah! "But the harder it gets.

Yeon-woo became even more unpleasant.

The two eyes of Biji between the masks distorted sharply.

The beagrid, who was stabbing him, was plunged deeper into the ground. Viera Dun is no longer as ferocious as a butterfly on a silk pin.

“Don't get cocky.” Yeon-woo growled, looking at him.

“Ananda's been through a lot worse than you.

Cersei, him. We can't just collapse like this to handle all the pain they've been through, can we? Don't you? "Viera Dun turns her head back.

If you look too extreme into fear, you will choose one of two things: Write evil, give up everything.

She was an electron.

“Bitch! Who the hell are you?” We already know there's no way to come back from this. I know that I cannot escape Yeon-woo's grasp. Viera shouts out in the voice of evil.

Yeon-woo did not understand what she was saying for a moment. Soon after, he looks at his work with his hands and smiles in relief.

“Ah. You didn't take this off. That's why it wasn't fun.” I took off my mask slowly.

Cross-eyed face: the moment I saw it.

Bierra Dunne's complexion pales. My eyes widened.

She stiffens and says nothing. It was another horror.

Fear of the resurrection of the dead.

The eye that he had seen through his mask was not a mistake.

The honeycomb faces the same oyster on the clear white of Viera Dun.

“Bunny, wake up a few times.” I said coldly.

“I'll kill you a few times every time. Viera." With that.

Yeongwoo took out the arena pole on her waist and swung it at Viera Dun.