Second Life Ranker

9. Witch Hunt (9)

The Sugaeng River is about to be hit by the arena! Suddenly, the machete slams into an invisible shield and bounces upward.

And all of a sudden, life descends from the sky.

For a very short moment, she had to decide whether to kill even Viera toons and back off or just back off.

Eventually, he quickly turned around, leaving Viera Dunne behind. At the same time, I put the mask back on my face.

Then the shameless landed hard in the place where Yeon-woo was. As the floor collapses, the space rises and rises.

“Wow. You're pretty good. You read it? Your senses are stronger than when you climbed Mt. Hey, kid.

Normally, rankers would be strangled. The man who carried out the raid jumped up and down with a smile.

Due to its small size, the overhanging robe is being dragged to the ground.

The face revealed between the "logs" was smiling nervously like a villain.

However, Yeongwoo could see the ferocity of her backbone getting cooler. A horse beast who tears apart everything in the world except his own monarch. The reverse is in front of us.

“Kindred.” “Yes. It's been a long time. You knew who I was, didn't you?” Kindred laughs softly as he leans his robes back. This was the first time we came across each other in person in the palace of King Mihu.

It's just that there's been so much going on. It didn't seem like it had been a long time.

“I don't know. Is it weird that you don't know? So many layers of sympathy. The fate of the world is new.

In the Palace of the Minhu, in the Forest of the Devil. Even on Valpurgis' night.

Wherever Kindred goes in the last few months, there are always traces of lily. Is there a coincidence in the world? I thought there was no Kindred.

Everything in the world is directly controlled by the Emperor himself. So it was Heavenly Mother's work to find us like this. Kindred gladly welcomed Yeon-ju. His smile is sincere, not fake.

“Leave. How is Abraham?" ”“ Abraham is dead. Queek! No matter how close we are to each other, we can't lie. Did I ever ask you to do that? You'd be dead.

But don't you know I'm walking around on my own feet right now? ”Underneath the mask, Yeongwoo's eyes harden. How the hell do you know that? Obviously, what was related to King Black's despair was highly classified.

Few of the group know the real secret to King Chilhog's despair.

But how did Kindred, by the way, know? But Kindred curls his mouth in a fun-filled fashion.

“Everywhere Heavenly Mother comes, there is nothing we do not know. We don't really know what your secret is. But Heaven knows, and so do we. This is also not the gracious grace given to us by Heavenly Mother, Q," There was no saying that the Cultists could understand half the words and the other half could not understand.

But Yeon-woo came to realize one thing.

Just as he watched the horsemen in the dark. The horse army was also watching itself in the dark.

I wanted to know why he didn't follow me from the palace of King Mihu. It wasn't that he didn't follow me, it was that I kept my eyes closed.

'I'll be careful moving forward.

Yeon-woo kicked her tongue. His actions must continue to remain completely confidential.

There was no way the horsemen could have found out.

'Luckily, you don't seem to know much.' If they find out who they are. They're gonna try and kill him right now. The horse army was at the forefront of dismantling Artyria. My brother and the Archbishop of the Horse Army didn't get along that well.

But now Kindred is doing himself a favor. That meant there was another purpose.

It's different.

“So kid. As you see fit, now you must join us. All this time, I've been waiting for you to show up.” Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes and asked.

“Is it because of Cesar?” “Conclusive. If you keep him tied up, he'll follow you. If you do, he'll come with you. But that's not all. Aren't you the progeny of the late king? If we can say that we are brothers, we will not disappoint them.” We don't know what the relationship is between the future king and the horseman. Yeon-woo - The poisonous sage was troubled.

Even so, Elohim had no idea why the horsemen were targeting Caesar.

“What are you going to do with Cesar?” “I don't know.” I narrowed it down a bit.

“Haha. Didn't I tell you? It all comes down to a thousand words. It was revealed by Heavenly Mother, and I, His servant, simply followed the silent word. Why else would I need a clearer reason?” As expected, they were madmen who shouldn't have been harmed by normal people's accidents.

Thousands need a tax collector? But I assure you, it is probably not the will of the Catholic Church.

'It's been a long time since the Emperor personally revealed it.

In the end, it meant we had no choice but to fight the Horsemen to protect them. Like Elohim or the blood country.Nothing changes.

Thump! At that moment, I felt a vibration throughout the keep. It meant that those who passed through the gates had infiltrated Bee Seed Resistance.

Kindred now reaches out to Yeong-woo, grabbing Viera Dun's barely breathing back.

“That's it for the magazine.

Soon, the filthy heathens will be upon us. Come with me. "“ Or what? ”At that moment, the tail of Kindred's eyes went up while drawing the arc. The gentle atmosphere reverses and the horrendous life erupts. The fangs were clearly visible from between the lips.

“How dare you refuse to follow the Celestial Horse. He's a blasphemer.

Do you really think you have a choice? ”“ An option is an option. ”What to say • • • • • Kwon” Kindred grunts and takes a small step forward! Suddenly, the keep rocks up and down. A devastating wave unlike the one at Kindred. With the earthquake, the keep begins to tilt to one side.

“ S2” Everything in the castle was swept down in a tilted direction.

A crack occurred along the ceiling and wall, and a great spill of dust erupted.

The keep is about to collapse.

A fortress that has made Valpurgis night for hundreds of thousands of years! Brogen Castle! “What have you done, you!” Kindred screams in an urgent voice. He was fearful for the first time since becoming the second bishop.


The eyes of Yeon Woo, who was busy in the mask, were only laughing. He said to his family with a link.

'Go ahead.

“Abraham listened to Yeon-woo's voice and rolled up his mouth coldly.

That said, Galilee next to him nods and points the bow at the blue giant crystal, floating high above.

“That's it? The axis that made those strange boundaries ( ill?” Five-and-a-half circles along Brogen Castle.

The outcomes leading up to the reversal of the auricular were allowed to intruder, but they were still functioning properly.

To protect Brogen Fortress.

In fact, the joints were the strongest parts of the perforations that were stacked together. Players were trying to siege, but the air battles were still under control.

Abraham and Galilee sought to completely break these boundaries.

Obviously, there had to be an axis to build the seal, and Valpurgis' night tried to conceal it somehow.


There was something they didn't have in mind.

'When it comes to death, none of the players have followed Yeon-woo.

[Spirit of Thirty Thousand] [Martial Arts] Using two powers, I was able to find out the position of the Axis by squeezing the souls of the witches with the help of the wealthy.

They were hidden in several canyons surrounding Brogen Fortress.

Immediately, Yeongwoo instructs the clans who were scattered in the Autumn War to wait at the position of the axes instead of gathering in the stronghold.

When you give the order, you can break the axis right away.

Currently, the position of the axis is five bells from northeast to southwest to center.

In the east were Abraham and Galilee. Sanon and Pants to the west, Han and Edoraga to the south, and Rebecca to the north.

The axis in the middle told me that wealth can be destroyed at any time.

Of course, eliminating the barrier did not have any immediate effect.

But then we can try a new attack. BuwaAbraham was already fully prepared.

'A lot of them.' Before destroying the axis, Abraham looked down at his feet for just a moment.

You see a crowd advancing towards the fortress.

To the east is the sea of poetry, and to the west are mercenaries from the Infrared Wind Guild.

To the south were a swarm of horses and ramkers. To the north, Elohim was devastated by the bombing, but he was rearranging his lines again.

Other mercenaries, assassination groups, etc. There were so many people mixed up that it seemed as if the Anglers were starving.

Even though it's the stage they built.

It was a pity to see them jump like fireflies without even knowing it was a firepit.

They'd be smart enough to climb to that level. What blindfolded them?

Greed? Ambition? Whatever it was, as a result of that foolishness, there didn't seem to be many people who would survive there.

“Kindred, his work is going to be pretty bad. It's too bad I can't see it with my own eyes.

Abraham thought of Kindred, who would be facing his master by now, and kicked his tongue. Do you think he knows? In fact, I was waiting for Kindred to contact me, and he said, "I'm the only one smart enough to fall in the ditch."

Abraham thought he should ask Yeon-woo more closely about what she was doing.

Then I suddenly have an idea.

No matter how much I gripped the souls of the witches. Wealth made it too easy to spot the weaknesses of the barriers. Was it that easy? But the witches made it with great care. I heard the old station has returned quite a bit. Does that have something to do with it? 'But the question is, There was something else I had to do right away. Abraham turned to his friend.

“Galeed." ”Galilee nods and takes his hand off the protest. In case of explosion A skill that can only be acquired by those who are named" Hunters "within the Dag Elves.

Over-expanded! A deep iron arrow in the blue crystal. With the arrow exploding, the crystal explodes into a chain of explosions again, and eventually the crystal splits open and spills right into the ground.

The second axis was smashed.

The earring at the very outskirts became blurry and disappeared! Abraham took out a book and began to chant magic. Mars Book. It was a book born with the knowledge of alchemy, even though it was not as famous as the original aqueous book.

“Come out.” Abraham conjures up summoning magic. Magic that compels extraterrestrial goods for a tremendous price.

Large magical factions form along the air.

The price could have been set very easily.

Witches planted the Wise Man's fields on the axis to strengthen the settlement.

Although the quality was poor compared to what Yeongwoo had, it was still important to call things that wandered about in space-time.

Maybe the witches didn't even know it was a dream. I didn't think that what they built to protect themselves would actually be a knife to themselves.

The old sphere-the sky vibrates. A feverish meteorite outside the enchanted camp begins to reveal itself.

Abraham smiles coldly at it.

Meteor Strike. "Gua 'ang! Right then.

The remaining axes were severed in sequence as if they were ting, ting, titting-waiting.

As the rising tides, volcanic eruptions, and prestigious resins dissipate, even the last remaining cascades disperse. There was nothing left to protect the fortress.

The Great Meteorite is just around the corner, Broken! I fell asleep in the middle of the fort.

It's been a huge disaster.