Second Life Ranker

10. Witch Hunt (10)

The ground quickly became chaotic.

“Hey, what's that?” Mee, Meteor Strike? Mijin! Why is that coming out of there? ”With a single strike, it boasts the greatest destructive power of any magic in the tower.

The moment came when even a polyp had to use more than half the magical power of the Dragon Heart to evolve once.

The players who had just marched into the fortress had to stand together and open their eyes. Now, neither the witches, nor Gimerado, nor the Guardians. There was nothing to hide from the Red Dragon, the Sea of Nash, any affiliation of Elohim.

“Run!” “Run! All of them!" “You stupid bitches! Let's all die together!” Some thought it was the work of witches.

But they turned and fled without a chance to retaliate.

To get away from the shocks a little bit.

But the speed at which the shadow that was covering their heads grew larger.

Besides, there's no catch. The meteorite could easily enter the center of the fortress.

Guayao! The fruit fruit and rolling fortresses have disappeared completely beyond recognition.

The ground was dug so deep that it could not even guess the depth, that the aftermath of the ground rose so high as to reach the sand climate.

The hot atmosphere of meteorites spread in all directions with seven storms after blowing from the center.

Everything is gone.

The entire back of the canyon is cut off, and everything above is swept away.

The first sea of poetry in the east was washed away by a sandstorm without a trace. Margie never seemed to be there. It was the first thing that made me feel like a group that was piled up in the veil.

The aftermath was westward.

The mercenaries and assassins of the Strikewind Guild were shocked, but one man had to somehow survive the hot mixed winds that seemed to melt to the bone. "Ice Wall!” Ice Fort Ricochet 49856; "Bull Lizard!” As hard as the Ice King can, he pulls the cold air over his hands and slams it to the ground.

The ground froze in an instant, and the thorns sprang up like hedgehogs, cluttering together like vines, creating a huge barrier.

Once considered the strongest of the mercenaries with wire, his reputation has plummeted to the ground since he was beaten by the young king, but he is still pouring his magic into the wall with all his might to show that his old reputation is still alive.

The other mercenaries moved around him: the enchanted wizards assisted the Ice King to hang the beaf, or to make the cold thread even stronger.

Overshining! The windy rocks are pounding on the walls for countless times. Each time I drew, the cracks spread along the wall and repeated freezing.

No Cold Skills or Magic - Players jump on those rocks and attack them all in unison + Twice throws his throwing weapon to change the direction of the winds, and the Blackgirl wipes out the heat while smashing the odd bugs.

Especially the 'Jean' and 'Dan' that Artran had looked at helped to clear up dangerous debris by shooting arrows or firing orders.

But sometimes blind debris appeared out of nowhere.

“Huh, huh?” Crazy bastards! Stop him! "“ Blood, move! ”Ahhhh!” I didn't notice the debris coming out of the blind.

When I found it late and tried to stop it, it was already too hard to dispose of it.

Was it originally the roof at the tip of the fortress?

Gretchen's razor-sharp cross bounces off her body first, and a flying rock strikes the members of the other moonlight. They are scattered in blood, leaving no bodies behind.

Pounding! The problem was right after. As one side crumbles, there is a shortage of hands to stop the debris from flying towards it.

The pieces fly in succession before filling the void. And then there's the blizzard.

Three-arms of steel bars that Artran cornered paid a high price. After that, the other mercenaries fell down screaming in a high fever.

Class S mercenary? It was useless in front of a great disaster. Each one of them dreamed of risking his life.


If there's a hell I've heard so much about, it's here.

“Geiraal!” Artran screams, his eyes fluttering.

However, even that sound was masked by the debris that had flown away.

Similar sights were being done elsewhere.

“Aaaah! Red Dragooon!” Aion screams bloody. even though it didn't sound right.

Suddenly, a black flame falls on the heads of the group. The child had to vomit tears at too great a cost.

And cursed the Red Dragon and the Summer Queen for bringing this calamity.

In his common sense, they were the only ones who could do this kind of damage to Elohim.

If Yeon-woo had known, she would have laughed as an unintended conflict.

The child who did not know that at all had no way of relieving himself of this boiling.

But the bigger problem was that as soon as we straightened out the winter warfare, we were facing a new catastrophe.

The wounded go free. The pretenders who follow Aion, the loyalists, and even some of Elohim's congressmen.

Ion wanted to catch them somehow, but there was nothing he could do about it, as the Ward had set up all over the place.

“Ahhhh!” The South Gate is in even more desperate need of screaming.

The towers and several Ramkers who were attempting to attack moved not only to find their own way of life, but soon disappeared into a blazing storm.

The catastrophe that has plunged the players from all over the fortress into chaos did not stop once.

The air that was blown away is flooded back in by the barometric gyre.

The storm was restless and continued to change what was left.

The endless world of night became a wilderness full of explosions, fever, and dust clouds.


Yeongwoo spreads the wings of fire and looks down at this hut from above.

When Meteor Strike caught up with him, he fled much farther from the regime.

'It worked much better than I thought.

The plan is to rally the giant clans to Brogen Fortress and strike down Meteor Strike when it reaches Kindred.

When we first discussed this plan, the group said they were 'crazy'.

Normally, outer space is protected by multiple boundaries and protective magic. The idea of disarming it all and hitting meteorites was absurd.

If that's even possible. In all that time, the aliens sold to the clans have fallen into the same debt.

However, Yeon decided that it was possible after discussions with Abraham, wealth and many others.

Valpurgis' Night must have tried to weaponize the Wise Man's Stone, so he tried to use it as a countermeasure.

Of course, the prerequisite for that was to attract the giant clans and bring the situation to the wedding.

That way we can sneak in and find out where Anantara is, hack into the safe house, and retrieve the shipment.

It was already possible because the Wise Man's Stone had such deep knowledge that the witches couldn't keep up with it.


The results are very successful.

I looked around everywhere in the northeast, southwest, and there were no healthy places. Some barely survived the shock wave, but that doesn't mean they're in good shape.

I didn't even have to look at the center where the meteorite was buried.

'The ghosts collected are also pretty good qualities.' As I looked at the ghosts in Yeongwoo's collection, I thought that Goose and the living back would really like it.

Everything was so satisfying.

It was not that I had no regrets.

Is the Summer Queen not here? 'I thought she was addicted to addiction, so I had to hang on to it. The opposing Pokémon looks worse than expected.

It's the same as dying from a meteorite hit or paralyzing. 'Yeon-woo folded the wings of fire and slowly fell back to where she was.

At that moment, the chaos had subsided somewhat on the ground.

The fortress had already gone without a trace, and instead it was a ruin filled with deep pits and broken rocks.

Tak! Yeon opened her eyes wide to find the bodies of Kindred and Viera Dunn. Viera toons have yet to unveil their bodies. Since the fort has flown to the nearest zero, all the remaining bodies must have flown away.

Right then.

“Kaiin!” in the ruins. Kindred jumps up and screams as he pushes the rocks away.

He was the second bishop of the horsemen.

The life of a man who barely survived the development of witchcraft and 72 spells. However, it was not strange to see him vomiting ash blood covered in dust with broken arms and legs.

Nevertheless, his eyes that were staring at Yeongwoo did not weaken.

Though Meteor Strike is the most powerful magic by a single strike. There was no limit to non-in-person magic.

And Kindred was good enough to pull myself out of one of those places.

However, because of the unexpected appearance of meteorites, whether or not the Horsemen of the United States were properly performed, the damaged body was recovering at a rapid rate that was clearly visible at first glance.

He beautifully burns his eyes, as if he were about to tear apart the lotus immediately.

As the fog around him spread, so did the jokes around him. Margaery reads about the shape of the devil.

Huaiak-Kindred rushed towards Yeongwoo as he vomited his anger.

Margie hurls like a hurricane. As the dust clouds sweep away, they attack like the tide.


“That's good, too.” Yeon-woo smiled as she looked at him. A clear laughter. Without Awakening or exercising power, you can even relax with your arms crossed.

Kindred felt an unknown amount of anxiety in his appearance. The same crisis as when you first got hit by Medeo Strike.

“Meteor Strike. You don't think you've only got one shot at this, do you?” “Try to block it.}” Kindred quickly looks back. We thought we could avoid it as much as we could from above as we did for the first time. The Summoning Wizard is open before your very eyes.

“Kaiin!” Kindred's expression distorts with a sudden glance over his head.

It was small compared to the meteorites that destroyed Fort Broken 1, but still, about a dozen strong men could easily cover it.

Guang! Kindred smashes the meteorite with a rough fist. 'Bing' and 'poetry' combined together. However, my body is still not fully healed, so my power is significantly lower than my original one.

Kindred bounces back at once, like a string of broken kites, because the shockwaves are not all offset.

“You're blocking it well. Then let's keep it that way}.” Yeon-woo flicked her finger as she looked at him. Dozens of magical factions were held all around Kindred, and they vomited relentlessly through the small meteorite.

Boom, boom! Over-expensive! The price was four blue crystals that made up the final axis. Although the three were thrown away to summon the early meteorites with the Wise Man's Stones, one was enough to summon only a small meteorite.

Here, we opened the Po 0 with the Book of Unattended Wood, and put the magic of Yeouido Rune with a Bach-Carrot.

There was nothing to fear about firepower.

Plus intense saturation for one person. Even Kindred's wounded body couldn't take it all.

Krrrrrrr! The fruit fruit fruit_roll-it was all over when the endless magical shells seemed to continue.

At the top of a charred pit, Kindred remains a hollow.

With one knee on the ground, the body is full of burns and life. I looked up at Yeon-woo with only one eye, because my face was all broken.

His ruined appearance no longer fits the reputation of inversion.

“Car, phosphorus •“ Yolke is holding. ”“ Cain! ”“ Sorry. ”Perception-“ I still have one shot left. ”The final sentence opens in advance of Yeongwoo.

“Kaiyin!" Guan!