Second Life Ranker

11. Summer Queen (1)

She looks at the Kindred lying on the ground as a lump of charcoal and kicks her tongue gently.

Even though he can't move anymore. He was still breathing heavily.

It was tenacious life.I wonder if it was a cockroach.

Is this another 72-second procedure? 'Maybe if we leave it like this, we can even resurrect. It was a ridiculous level of regenerative ability. But on the other hand, I was also glad that the depth of the 72 lines was greater than I had ever imagined.

Yeon-woo shoves beagrids into Kindred's skull as she brags.

Puck. His head was smashed pretty bad. Black powder splashes into the air.

“So it was a fake.” Yeon-woo kicked his tongue. Just in case you were wondering, I stabbed him with a muscle grid without the Vampire Sword. It must have been a self-immolation.

The body that was found in King Xu's palace must have been like this.

Maybe the body or some other identity came looking for revenge.

I thought it would be hard for Yeon-woo for a while.

'No matter how self-immolating you are, you won't be able to make up for the mental damage.

The loss of self-immolation did not mean that Reflect disappeared. Rather, the mental reflexes will be greater.

Even in Kindred, it took some time to regain consciousness.

And that was enough for Yeon-woo.

It was a huge accomplishment just to cut off the involvement of an unknown horseman. Besides, all the other bishops from Kindred must be dead.

Yeon-woo will pass where Kindred used to be. You can find Viera Dune, half buried in the debris from the explosion, shortly after.

Viera Dun is dead from Kindred and Daría. There was no sign of a transport. I saw his soul tied to the dragon horse.

Gaaaa! I've got a lot of daylight for the Upper Viera - 1.-young. However, there was no way a ghost could harm Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo kicked her tongue as she looked at her.

If I had known I was going to die in vain, I would have bothered even more - 01 74 Melee • But I still thought it would be a difficult fight if I ambushed because I was a high ranker and the leader of a group.

Even though he stopped the function of the Wise Man's Stone, he was an apostle under the gun of the Great Mother.

But Viera Dun died without changing her resistance.

Was he too caught up in the ambush to use magic, or did he trust the Wise Man's Stone too much?

For whatever reason. It even felt a bit pointless as a lotus.

This woman doesn't deserve to die like this.

The eyes of Yeon Woo glow brightly. Viera Dun should have died worse than any of the other traitors.

The others were coworkers and turned their backs, but Viera -dun even played with her brother's heart.

And to the work of Cesar, he was unforgivable.

You can be tied to a collection and inflict terrible pain. But the difference between being a cub and being a lion was great.

But I can't help it if it's like this.

Thinking that Yeon-woo should squeeze her soul to the end.

“Swallow.” You reach out your left hand and absorb Viera toon's corpse with the Vampire Vapor of the Battery.

Maybe it was because he was an apostle's body. An enormous amount of magical power and vitality flowed into the body.

[Relieves vitality and routine.] [You have increased power by 1.] [Agility has increased by 2.] [Increased skill level of 'Vampire Vacuum'. 49.8%] No significant change in stats since the body is almost complete.

But there are also unintended harvests.

[Soul Collection Successful. All magical weapons associated with the soul are disarmed and the artifact is returned to the hijacker.] [You obtained the 'Ominous Wise Man's Stone'.] A purple glow hovered over Yeongwoo's left hand. A stone with only half a palm of the hand. Though not more than Yeonwoo had, Valpurgis' night has been the biggest of all.

It was originally owned by Viera Dun. Definitely belonged to the chief and was not rated like others.

Yeon-woo thought for a moment that she would have it, and immediately handed it over to the original owner.

"Thank You. Hahnny. C." It was hard to be 41 with the Wise Man's Stone. Besides, the first major contribution in this raid was wealth. I wanted to give him the right gift.

Wealth received the stone with a trembling hand. The Inferno site was active. I had all sorts of feelings in my eyes. Hanhee, ecstatic, impressed.

He had now placed the final point for desiccation before his eyes. Idol would be a big help.

I was thankful and thankful to the owner for handing these things over. The greatest fortune I had in my new life was that I was also able to serve Yeongwoo.

Yeon-woo looks at the wealth and smiles, turning her head again with her left hand. The raid was coming to an end.

And fortunately, I remembered the message I wanted.

[The Vampire Sword of Battery has succeeded in plundering some of the enemy's origins and skills.] [Skill 'Body Transfer is created.]' Done.

Viera - a successful seizure of the Eye's signature skill. Transferring. Skill that allows you to transfer Ego data multiple times if there is another body.

It may not be much use for Yeon-woo to be unable to save the new flesh of the dragon.

Skills may vary slightly depending on the character of the player.

[Skill 'Weight Limit Rating is Power.] [The original owner of the power reveals strong resentment for killing the apostle of the asset and robbing him of the power. Name An unknown person recovered power [Search for a new skill on behalf of a missing skill.] [The trait' Mage 'is strongly affected.] [Title' Influenced by ashes leading to death.] [Subject to the title 'Leader of Magic'.] [New Skill Generated.] "Yeon clenched her fist tightly, and I didn't think I could have it in the first place because of the power given by the Great Mother of Witches."

However, due to the thorough nature of the plowing system, it was clear that you would try to find something similar.

I was satisfied with the skills obtained by doing so.

[Regeneration] Numbering 91Skill: 0.0% savings: notation? The skill obtained on behalf of the Governor of Might.

Speed up self-healing when injured. The higher the skill level, the more reversible the severed limb becomes. Sometimes it is possible to repair a broken heart.

However, there is an absolute condition that it must be alive.

Randomly energizes when HP and magical strength have decreased below a certain limit, allowing rapid repair.

If HP falls below 10%, restore up to 50% health through mental sensitivity only once a day.

When the body is severely damaged, it automatically tries to revert to its original form, which is stored in cells and factors. Healing speed or range of limits is proportional to skill and horsepower.

Numbering skills were never bad. In fact, what was gained on behalf of power was lower grade.

But Yeon-woo was satisfied with this, too, because he had many lives in various injuries.

In addition, there was another reason why Yeon-woo wanted to regenerate.

'Is this the second cell you can use to go to Allfowon after a cruise?' Festivals and loot. Two/year/two/45739; period //Ö/Ö/day! There was a bird/hunt in Allfowan 7 Zcal Ö/.

Horn-four (JOYE),.

Of course, it wasn't that he didn't really die like his name. Such existence was reported/other than the same household//L/77A but they also eventually gave the death of the first article 'Ögi': However, OlfowonÖ,/with immortality writing is about 7 people Ö,/nether/immortal living/so much as/woo/.

Mira and Zen can be crushed/reborn on the wick day.

Because of the main reason that will come back to life. The Coden Flyers could not finish off the star Allfowon Ö/.

I didn't know if Allfowon's 'Immortal Skill' was real. Maybe it's a skill with a different value.

However, after a long chase, he realized that there was a secret to eternity, and that the materials needed here were regeneration and transfer of parts.

However, regeneration itself is a numbering skill, so it was not easy to upgrade to Masterlina.

But if we can get the mastery, if we can get additional conditions,

I might be able to access the secrets of Olfowon, which neither the Summer Queen nor the King have ever crossed.

'With this, I got everything I needed. Yeon-woo made sure that the spirit of Viera was properly affiliated with the collection, and slowly got up.

In fact, I felt like interrogating Viera toons here.

Not all fights are over yet.

Between the areas of the senses that were sprayed by the supersenses, I felt people still alive. Even in such chaos, he lost his life. As expected, the Ramker was a Hanker. I could never ignore him.

But luckily, this was the biggest goal we had.

I felt like I could move around a little more relaxed.


Talking, tying - [Sudden Quest (BOLO is over.] [Final] 1st Place. # # # (18th Term 333Point) 2nd Place. Rank 3rd in Edora (812Point). 4th place in Pant (695POIN11T). I achieved the Ion (30P () INT) [Quest with Overwhelming Achievement] [I obtained the 'Entrainment Open' as a reward.] [You are qualified to travel to INTRENIAN 11 owned by the Red Dragon. In the next 12 hours, you will be able to obtain and bring out the five species of object of your choice "[The Hidden Condition, 'Viera Chon's kill was achieved.] [You obtained Dragon Blood (Red Dragon Serum) as a reward.] Two wanted quests that I received as I entered the world of endless nights, but forgot to track down Viera.

I received a message that I had achieved one of them.

Yeongwoo's eyes grew on their own.

• • • What's happening? ”The Aether looks back with shaking eyes. The sudden explosion in the keep and the dusty clouds that were injured forced to stop the battle with the raging red dragon.

A massive landslide follows the ridge as the Guar-Canyon collapses. Aion and Elohim must be there. What will happen to them? As Aether had already left Elohim's mind, they did not worry or do anything. I had more feelings than that.

For Aether, the members of the Senate, including Ion, were absolutes that could never die, nor disappear.

An absolute ability to bring down his family and restore his identity in just a few words. They were the ones who had the power to change all the worlds around him.

I never imagined that they would die in Aether's world view.

But a bomb like that, an explosion that size. Even Ion and Elohim would be dangerous. Aether had to be shocked by the collapse of something surrounding her.

Meteor? ”And the same was true of Tom and the Red Dragon.

It didn't matter if it was Elohim, the Horsemen, or the Unidentified... But they were on their way to the Keep.

If only Meteor had fallen a little later. I don't think he got in the way of the others. And could he have survived that? I couldn't confirm.

And on the other hand, I wondered, who could do something so ignorant to outer space?

Unless the witches summoned meteorites in the front yard of the house with feelings about blowing themselves up. I had no idea how the meteorite was able to break through the outer space barrier.

Even a summer queen wouldn't be so easy to miss when a Dragon Heart is healthy.

So Tom was unable to move quickly. I didn't know when the meteorite would fall by two or three characters again. I was done trying to get Wise Man's Stone and risked my life for nothing.

In the end, both the Aether and the Wall only notice. No one tries to make a quick move. It was an implicit but long run.

Suddenly, a new portal opened over Tom's head. Familiar businesses appear.

A woman with long gray hair and eight mercenaries who escort her. Tom's brothers appeared with their mother and the King.

The summer queen's coming.

It was a moment when war came to a new phase.