Second Life Ranker

12. Summer Queen (2)

Rawr! The Summer Queen waves her hands into the air as if the Aether and others were bothering her.

Then the magical gust swirled like a whirlwind, turning all the players in the front into blood.

There are some people who are skilled enough to receive elite education from the famous Elohim family and even the Mayans of the Horsemen.

For Aether, they were precious beggars who helped me dream of revenge against the House Rehabilitation Senate.

In front of the Summer Queen, it was just a single blow. All it takes is one second to make them disappear. More than just sugar bills.

And so was the Aether.

'Must flee,' the Summer Queen dared to dream of one eyebrow as she saw the Aether dodging her own 'physiology'.

She straightforward turns the blade the other way.

A wedge! I slapped Aether's head with an extended whip of wind around my fingertips.

“You fled like a rat.” There were no rocks or trees left where the wind swept over. The Aether was already hidden after being swept away and left flat. We split into particles of light and managed to escape close to them.

But the Summer Queen did not go after Ider.

I'll do whatever it takes to catch it.

Chasing him now is nothing but a hassle.

So she forgot about the Aether, nuked Tom and turned around.

Tom quickly knelt down and hit his head hard on the ground. Blood splattered as his forehead was torn.

“Apologies!” The Summer Queen growls clear of her fangs.

“Am I supposed to show my face in such a humble place? I had no idea this was so hard!” “Please forgive me!” “Seconds. I'll ask you about this responsibility later. But you will have to run with your blood until this is over.” Thank you for the opportunity, ma'am! ”The wall shattered. Several more times, I put my forehead on the ground.

I heard cracking skulls. He couldn't bear the pain.

The Summer Queen revealed herself here. It meant he was that angry.

The throne of the plague was usually established as the amount of blood of a transfused dragon, and the Summer Queen had the power to control that amount at all times. It was also possible to collect all the blood that had already been put in.

If you do that, you'll no longer be a mercenary or a dragonhead. Since all power has been deprived, not even 81 eyes will be able to see it. From Prince to civilian. It falls to hell in an instant.

I felt like my back water was hot.

I can feel the scorn and ridicule of the other brothers.

He must have already thought he was eliminated from the competition.

As a Tom, I could not even imagine such a situation. One way or another, the Summer Queen's anger had to be appeased.

The Summer Queen didn't even look at Tom. Her eyes are already firmly fixed in the valley of vomiting, relentless clouds of dust.

There. The stone of the sage you've been looking for.

Somehow. Somehow • • • • • •! 'The Summer Queen gripped it and triggered the magic she had suppressed. A swarm of Saehaan lights surrounds her. A polymorph. A huge dragon appeared in its place of light.

Unlike in the past, dragons have been destroyed by cleanliness and war.

The scale that sparkled like a ruby died desperately, and the flaming eyes filled with tabletops. Even the huge backside or wings pierced the life force and made it look like a rag.

The ruined Dragon Heart and the Madonna Summer Queen used up all the magical power they had left behind.

It was actually the last transformation into the body and a life-threatening attempt. Failure here will leave only death.

That's why the Summer Queen was more impatient.

Once the addiction reached the bone marrow, she had nowhere else to turn.

As the last dragon, as the last surviving descendant of the dragon, you cannot be killed in a place like this. Never! The Summer Queen looked up at the sky and cried for a long time. And as she flaps her wings and attempts to scream, she triggers all sorts of magic simultaneously, making her huge body tremble.

I hit the air hard with my Guaian-Tail, and I suddenly made my way up to the canyon where Brogen Fortress is. The last remaining magic is depleted.

She was now gripping her soul and forcefully sending her spiritual power to her mind.

The use of spiritual power is also a great risk of disagreement and loss of anger. She couldn't care less about that.

The powers that were oppressed by the poison woke up one by one. The powers that could allow dragons to exist appeared purely, and as the dragon peers spread through the air, they took control of the lost master of outer space.

Right now.

The world of endless nights was no longer the land of witches, but the domain of the summer queen.

"The blood of the dragon and the opening of the thracian?" 'Yeon-woo had a strange look when she saw what was given as a reward.

I didn't mean to overstep my bounds. In fact, I was not particularly interested in the various artifacts that the Red Dragon would have as a group of five masters.

I don't know if it was God or a hero. However, it was better not to expect it because it could not have been put there. They must have some Grade A weapons or some jewels in them.

But the other rewards were different.

Dragon blood.

This was never going to be possible again.

[Serum of Red Dragon] Classification • Elixir Grade: Savings. A serum made by purifying the blood of Ismereos, the last queen of summer. Drinking alone can achieve great stat improvements, and sometimes it is possible to awaken to the disease.

In fact, it was something that had more than just an S + grade branch.

When all the polyps were extinct, we couldn't save dragon blood anymore.

Moreover, no one knows how powerful a mercenary is in the world of towers.

Given that they're short-circuited through regular transfusions. This was a prize for any player who had to turn on the lights and run.

I was thinking of making a new mercenary, Q 'Maybe.

We had to get rid of Valpurgis' night in the summer queen's eyes anyway. If you were to get rid of them and bring back the secrets of the Wise Man's Stone, you could have simply not stopped at the mercenary.

'The problem is that the serum is in my hands.' Yeon thought for a moment about what to do with this serum. Drinking right here wasn't bad either.

However, the dragon's blood is flowing well in Yeongwoo's body, but as long as it is added to this, it doesn't change anything. Besides, Calatus was not a red dragon, unlike the Summer Queen. The rate of absorption had to drop.

If you think about it, you might have a better idea. Suddenly, nothing came to mind because of the main reward.

'Otherwise, Yeon-woo glanced down at Vigrid, who was holding a small hand. Woof, Woong - Vigrid trembles with the view of Yeon Woo. As if asking for recognition, Beagrid has washed almost all curses with divine power, but he is still unable to break the final seal. Nothing stops at 90% and goes on.

The Divine Power doesn't seem to be helping much anymore. Then what about the power of the polyp who once stood shoulder to shoulder with God? 'I have to study it.

Yeongwoo opened the Intranian and put the serum away, thinking that she should discuss it separately with Abraham later.

And I was about to turn around.

Hrrrgh! Yeon-woo suddenly gives a chilly feeling of riding on her back.

And the moment I turned my head to the side where I felt the energy.

You can see a huge shadow flying along the air at a procession speed.

And much faster than that, an enormous surge of energy flowed in like clouds.

Intimidation that will never be reversed compared to when Meteor falls.

The flesh was tingling. My back was cold. The dragon factors that were in the cells flourished. Subordination to the weak was a rampage to bring down the Dragon Pier at any cost.

On the other hand, there had to be a tremendous amount of Jai between a mere tolerant and a complete constellation.

In the realm of the dragon, hierarchy is clear, and the dragon must be interposed with the dragon.

That's why he tried to acquire the witch's factor somehow.

Yeonwoo tried to get away from the Summer Queen who was falling here, calming her mind as much as she could.

[A dreadful opponent of the Dragon Peer dominates the flesh. in the state of Sweden.] ['Remain rational due to cold-blooded nature.] [The master's argument is active.] [The master's argument is active.] [Stun status has been canceled.

Dragon Pier Resistance "& I wish there was more Mi1Theo. I never thought I'd see you like this. Why now? 'Yeon-woo tried to get out of the Summer Queen's sight as she deployed Blingh. Despite being addicted to addiction, the Summer Queen was still a herd, but I remembered why a Summer Queen who had never been seen before appeared.

Then I came up with an idea.

Because you caught Viera Dunne? 'Maybe he came to see that the Sudden Quest was over? Yeon-woo bites her teeth, if that's the case.

This was a clear mistake in Yeouido.


No, in a way, it could be an opportunity.

Yeon-woo decided to accept this as an opportunity.

The Summer Queen was destined to die anyway. How much more per month could you do if you were addicted to broken dragon hearts and death?

Whereas Yeon-woo was still in good condition.

Solvent Awakening, of course, has yet to awaken to other powers. He was being perverted again, devouring the stones of the poor, and Sanon, Ghost, Rebecca, and Abraham were able to swiftly bring them here, scattered all over the place.

Above all.

Since the stone of the sage has been completed, Yeon has not yet clearly understood her limitations.

So I didn't know if I could do everything I could.

Of course, these assumptions may be too hopeful an observation, because nothing is more dangerous than a vicious predator. Moreover, the strength of the Summer Queen was never weaker than usual. Purification is what it looks like.

'Still that much.

Even if you defeated the Dragon Pier, the threat remains. Cold blood still made my hands and feet numb. I was exhausted just by the encounter in front of me.

However, Yeon-woo did not give up hope.

I believed in myself, and I believed in the situation around me.

Survivors captured by the supersenses. They're coming this way, one by one.


Their adversaries were all headed for the Summer Queen.

'Summer Queen, you made a mistake and you did it too.

[Sudden Quest/Bounty (1)] Description: A short time ago, the Bureau decided to sanction the Red Dragon for attacking the Kellat Auction House in private interest. However, there are limitations to what the Bureau can impose that require a lot of help.

From now on, find the player of the Red Dragon and capture or kill him for a set period of time.

If the kill succeeds, a chance to hijack the dead opponent's skill or Anifact.

The Sudden Quest that the Administration used to put on me.

Of course, the player of the red dragon I spoke of here also included the summer queen.

If only we could catch the Summer Queen. How much reward can I get? Moreover, the Summer Queen now appears to be in grave danger to her enemies.

3A). The thought doesn't spread in the heads of the survivors.

However, no one has rushed yet. I want to check her power first.

Nose! Then, the Summer Queen landed and wandered around. A work full of protrusions moves relentlessly.

Two eyes, torn by longitudinal pupils, tried to find something.

Who completed the quest. To find the man who killed Viera Dunne.

Wise Man's Stone! Where is my Wise Man's Stone? "Summer Queen exclaimed in a furious voice. The roar echoes through the canyon, shaking the endless world of night.

But that made it unlikely that the lotus had already collected or used all the Wise Man's Stone.

"Give it up!" The dull eyes suddenly move in frenzy, looking for someone to release their anger.

Then, the image of Yeon-woo was carved firmly into the eyes of the Summer Queen. She was the one who gave me the quest, so I could find out who was number one at a time.

The Summer Queen lowered her posture as if she were about to stomp on Yeongwoo right now.

Yeongwoo considers when to fall back and how to attract the herders around her.

There can't be any mistakes here.

He'll be eaten or trampled to death in no time.

But if we can succeed. I was able to break the enemy's leash, which appeared to be far away from the edge.

It was a gamble. Can you take everything or not? A gamble that costs lives.

The odds were half off. The truth is, it's just a suggestion to yourself. To put it calmly, it was difficult to reach 10 percent.

However, Yeon-woo wanted to throw all the stakes at less than 10 percent chance. At that rate. I went very far to Yeon-woo.

The tension and pressure seemed to take my breath away. However, Yeon-woo was happy at this moment. The adrenaline rushes out, and the grip of Beagrid grips tightly.

Suddenly, I felt a hand grabbing his shoulder behind me as I was about to fall back to the Summer Queen who was about to bounce this way.

Looking back, Yeon-woo feels as relaxed as a lie.

The King is smiling at him. Other tribesmen stood behind him. Unexpected encounter.

Why did the one-horned tribe come here?

But just by having them here, I was confident that Yeon would get the Queen of Summer. The 10 percent chance is now 90 percent.

The king patted the moss of Yun Woo a couple of times as if it were no longer to be disgruntled. He stepped forward in a nudge while sticking his hand in one pocket.

"Give it up!" "Give it up!" “So, ma'am, what?” Give it to me! "Now, the madly possessed Summer Queen continued to say just one thing.

That's how the King sees it. I took my hand out of my pocket and reached out to the Queen of Summer.

“Is this what you're looking for?” The King gently unfolded his stop and shook it.