Second Life Ranker

13. Summer Queen (3)

On the wall, this person, • • • Yeon-woo, was deceived by the laughter without even knowing it. Even in front of a giant dragon who smokes his life like that, he can't stop shaking like that.

If he was a monarch, he would be a monarch. He was a man who could hardly see sense. Strength and relaxation. It was so natural for him to have the arrogance of an absolute man that no one else could.

And yet.

On the other hand, I thought about it.

It's untouchable on the outside.

Your back looks so wide.

Even though "Nawi" has lost half his mind, the proud Summer Queen has not become foolish enough to even notice that she is despising the other gods.

No, his brazenly expressions made me angrier.

All these years. The Summer Queen's biggest barrier is Olfowon. She is eager to see the end of the tower, but can't get up to more than 76 floors as he stands in his way.

So after establishing the Red Dragon, she spent most of her life fighting Olfowon.

And that struggle always had to be broken. No. 2 in 10,000.

The Summer Queen never crossed that line. The inferiority towards Allfowon is a curse that condemns her soul.

Then a man appeared from the one-horned tribe.

Nayu. When I first heard the name, all I knew was that it was a new lugi. Even though she was not particularly interested in the stairs below, she became the root of the because of the report that the one-horned tribe came out as expected.

A one-horned shortage. It was once as transcendent as a polyp or a giant. As descendants of Trinity Wonder, even the most prominent members of the Elohim clan, the Protogenous or Vanir clan, had an outstanding lineage under their feet.

The tribe of loneliness had abandoned their power and sinews (jli ). I even moved the base outside the tower myself.

You said your ancestors didn't give a shit. It was their will not to rely on blood or ancestors, but to shape their destiny.

And in fact, the tribe of loneliness quickly succeeded in building its own realm, despite fulfilling all its obligations.

That's why the Summer Queen respected the one-horned tribe.

And I always advised my servants not to conflict with them, not to bow down or avoid a fight. If there is a conflict, the war will be safe. But it didn't have to be a bump.

That was the sign of the Summer Queen. And the one-horned tribe knew it.

Then the summer queen heard the name Nayu again in the news that she was her shadow in the shadow stamp.

Until then, I thought, "Fair enough," but I was not wary. He left his shadow a year before the lunar eclipse, because he thought that no matter how long the buttermilk flew, he would not be able to keep up with the long years.

But the next report was that he beat the ranker King 1st, and the next report was that he broke through the 30th floor, the entrance to the middle floor, in a short period of time.

The news in the Summer Queen's ears gradually narrowed the gap.

At first it was annual, then monthly, and when I woke up, I could hear about it every day.

And the more I draw.

The Summer Queen began to feel an unknown sense of anxiety.

For thousands of years, she ruled as absolute. Has anyone shown the same growth rate as Nayu? There was.

Vampire monarch Batori or Demon King Hanabi, Demon Hunter De Roy, Black Wise Faust, etc.

There were those who were rich together and ruled as the absolute answer.

But they never made it past the Summer Queen's castle. They challenged the 76th floor and eventually got down on their knees.

There were many different ways they could do it.

Battery is an energy drain, Hanabi is a chimera, and De Roy and Faust reach out to the Devil and fight against the Summer Queen. But it failed.

People used to pounce on each other, saying they might be able to cross the Summer Queen and Olfowon, but she never felt threatened by them.

She was that strong. He was an absolute nobody could touch. If only it wasn't for Allfowon.

She was, for the first time, instinctively dangerous.

I've only heard the news at the time, and I've never seen a kid do anything like that.

Then Nayuk became the youngest king of the one-horned tribe and accidentally met the summer queen on the battlefield.

- You're the dragonfly? I just called her "ma'am." What's the matter? It's annoying enough with the words "dragonfish." Lady.

Nevertheless, Nayu did not know if he was wrong to carry on with himself until the end. I heard you have a peculiar personality. It was as I had heard.

From then on, Nayu became king and queen of summer began to collide.

The clash is tight. The clash is rough enough to turn a few stages upside down.

Summer approaches for the King of ManÖ = he was the new strongman who could stand against Allfowon with the King of the Near East.

But the Summer Queen was too ashamed of it.

You little punk. You haven't lived a hundred years. A mortal. You speak of a line equal to the Darwinian? It was nonsense.

However, the Summer Queen's attempt to defeat the King has repeatedly failed.

And then one day I woke up. She realizes that her nerves are no longer focused on the one up there, but the one down there.

The force that has kept her moving for thousands of years has shifted.

So I stopped caring about the competition with the king, and I turned my gaze back to the top.

At that time, the loss left in her heart was tormenting her.

But as a mercenary with a lot of pride, I will repay this humiliation someday.

He vowed to crush his pride with his own teeth.


I wondered if this was the right time for the Summer Queen.

At the same time, the masked man standing tall behind Milly, the King, stepped on his eyes.

The man who killed Viera Dunne. This guy performed his quest with overwhelming performance. It also meant that he was the closest person to the Wise Man's Stone.

Masquerades also smelled similar to themselves. The Dragon Eye also clearly tells you that the target is hiding the cost price.

At that moment, Summer Empress instinctively realized. The Masked Pervert is the veil of all this. It's what made you this way.

The King protects him? That meant we would eventually have to trample the King. With him! Give it to me! The Summer Queen pushed the ground hard.

Along with the dragon peer, the world echoed and a massive hunk of tens of meters swiftly swarmed to the godless.

It was such a horrible sight to see the giant mountain moving from a distance.

“Apprentice, take a good look at that.

How wonderful this teacher is! ”“ Don't just cry and get hit. ”“ By the way, that ride is real! ”In front of the enormous tidal wave, the King came forward, making jokes with Yeongwoo. I stretched my arms out in front of me, smiling with my fangs between my lips.

Bang! Power and vigor collide. The world is big and upside down. There was an enormous sound that seemed to have fallen from the new meteorite, and the shock wave spread across the canyon into outer space as it concentrically painted a circle.

Yeongwoo spread her wings of fire, hanging a bling behind her, hoping to be swept away by a magical storm.

'Win, you must.

While the kite looks upon the back of the vast godless and prays for his victory.


There was tension between the King and the Queen of Summer.

The King pushed both of his tusks with his tiny arms compared to the Summer Queen's tent.

The Summer Queen cried for a long time. He roared to live by chewing on a king smaller than his own mouth, but his arms were trembling only at the barbarians.

A power struggle to push and stamp opponents. A land of strength and tension.

Overexercise-The prevalence of spreading along both persons has not already allowed others access.

“Oh, that's real. This lady doesn't even diet. It's so damn heavy!” The King frowns as he looks at the stubborn Summer Queen.

He said he would save his disciple, and then he went out and did nothing.

I don't know if this is a substitute for winning. I was embarrassed.

It was originally the way I came to avenge my men. The palace goddess, who had been messing with her family for almost half a year, followed her here, found her disciple and decided to do this.

If it hadn't been for that guy staring at himself in that suspicious mask from afar.

In the beginning, the King would never have entered such a noisy life.

Disciple. Disciple. For the King, the word "disciple" was always a strange word. Never get used to it. Such a word.

There were two guys who could say they were disciples before. They only let him down.

One says he wants to do something, and the other says it's a different path. Some of them actually failed.

So when I accepted the third disciple, The King didn't want to give him any more heart. He was even more unpretentious than the other two. I felt like I was leaving soon.

But he was the one who relied on him the most.

Sometimes I look at it with respect.

Like right now.


The word opened the mind of the King.

'If you stare at me with those eyes.

So no king can regain his majesty as a teacher. I gripped it to reveal the path of the unknown disciple.

“Shit, I can't do nothing! Isn't that right?” The king yells with his fangs wide open. I felt a little bit of strength in my forearms.

“Let's go!” In a struggle between strength and strength, the king began to rise to dominate. One step at a time, one step at a time, with blood on his feet.

I started pushing the Summer Queen backwards.

It was as if a huge mountain was floating.

Late in the summer, the lifesaver and the red dragon were all stunned.

“Mother!" “Queen!” They knew he was strong. Nevertheless, I never thought that they were strong enough to push their owners away from the struggle.

No, I couldn't do it.

It was never going to happen on their common sense ship. For a dragon, a summer queen was a god and a monarch.

Then the first thing that woke me up was Tom.

"Now is the time! 'Tom was the youngest, greedy boy, constantly pursuing the times. I thought this might be my last chance. No, this was not just an opportunity, but a lucky moment to be first.

We had to give up the position of a mercenary anyway, so we decided to save the Summer Queen and change the rules.

Tom thrashed the ground and jumped into the battle between the Summer Queen and the King.

It was such a dangerous place that even the atmosphere was torn apart by the fierce rush of energy. Tom didn't care about that at all.

And the other mercenaries realized what Tom was thinking and threw themselves behind him.

“Him!” Waltz, the eldest and head of the mercenary, strongly changed it.

In her view, the Summer Queen was the first apostle and a child. Tom's aim to covet his position is cunning.

From Tom's start. The mouthwaterers triggered each of their own signature snails.

The spectacular effects are embroidered along the sky. Even in the fierce climate of the King and Queen of Summer, we can balance the dragons and attempt an attack. It was proof that they were that good.

And then 81 other eyes intervened. Trojans, Garavitos, and other high rankers have attempted to attack.

The goal was to help the Summer Queen, although I didn't like the idea of joining forces.


“Who would dare interrupt the work of our king?” Suddenly a fierce voice came from the sky. A dark crimson lightning bolt fell hard over the head of the dragonfly and 81 eyes.

Grrrrrrrrrrr - The dragon mouth and one eye stopped activating their daily skills, each of them heavily twisted out of the air, trying to get as far away from their position as possible.

I felt strongly that I would never be safe if I collided with a pair of bloodstained birds.

It's different.

The massive grater dug deep into the place where the lightning struck. It was as if Meteor Strike had resurfaced.

But the lightning did not end there.

Aethelwulf strikes the ground and hundreds of thousands of sparks are connected like webs to each other, illuminating the world around him in blood.

Papajig! I wonder if you're still blinded by this bright glow.

The surrounding players, as well as even the Aether running to the outer space, were screamed out loud.

And when I finally got my sight back,

The dragon mouth and 81 eyes who dared to disturb the King had to harden their expressions.

Tak! A bloody lightning bolt has fallen, and the old man in glasses lands slowly.

He appeared to be a sophisticated academic. Following him, seeing the scarlet color cooled the liver.

Paziek, Paziek_who once culminated in the world of the tower, forming the twin walls with the Black Dawn of the Horsemen.

And now, the appearance of King Xu/Crab resigned from his duties, and the appearance of Wise Man had to be vigilant to the appearance of the commander in the one-horned tribe.

“I can't believe someone still recognizes this old man. That's what they say about feeling bad. He was even a high-powered vigilante and no longer knew him.

Even after he retired. He was rated worthy of a duel with the King. There's one more monster. As a Red Dragon, you must be nervous.

“Well, that would be a lot easier to tell, wouldn't it? He may act like a back-alley man, but he's our only king. If you interfere more than this.” Pazier_. The power that symbolizes the power of the Pants. However, after a long study, the elders revised the regime and cut back on the fact that the destructive power was comparable to the Arctic powers of the Emperor.

That's Blood. Bloody lightning sounded like it was going to eat them right away.

“Die." Overglaring! It once again spread to the four corners of the colonnade. Everything around me was swept away + Gurr_The helmet and 81 eyes had to run away from the place again, without being able to touch the lightning bolt.

Even the Red Dragon executives who ruled the answer were no different from the other players in the face of overwhelming power.

But there was only one person who didn't leave.

A woman with long, black feet to her toes. Whirlwind waltz twists loudly and reaches for the lightning bolt falling from the sky.

Then the fierce horsepower storms along the waltz rushed into the morning.

Leftovers! As the skin turns upside down, the dragon scales rise and cover the snow. Flapping wings and tails behind my back told me the birth of a new dragon who disappeared after midnight snow.

Fruit_waltz splits his arms open as he drops his hand on the floor.

The ruins are scattered backwards, turning the ground upside down several times. A cloud of dust rises, and the danna vibrates all around.

The strength to tear the smith to pieces, even though he hasn't done everything he can.

It's just not well known.

Waltz, the oldest of the mercenaries, raised his power for imaging by five steps to the limit given to the mercenaries.

Except for the Summer Queen, there was no one who could withstand her from the Red Dragon.

Through the mist that spreads like that.

“Did you just say you're going to die?” Waltz is a deadly famine 1-1 + + + + 2012; running. The Summer Queen growls with a bunch of dragon blooms that won't be ruined.

“I'll take that back.

I'll teach you exactly what it means to stand up to a Red Dragon. ”At the end of the sentence, Waltz quickly swarmed the elder, spreading the wings of the dragon that were covered with shells.

The smith blows a lot of blood mines in both hands. The Blood Mine River. Bloody thunderbolts of strength poured down on him like a hailstorm.

Gurrum, Gurroom! And to the point of origin.

Over-excited in the wedge! We must save the queen! ”81 eyes that had been scattered all over began to rush forward as they drew their tracks together.

And the elders and warriors of the Lonely Tribe who followed the King in front of them clashed violently.

“Here. Let's have some fun. Huh?” That didn't happen in cleanliness either.

It was a war between the Red Dragon and the one-horned tribe.