Second Life Ranker

14. Summer Queen (4)

The canyon where there was clearly a megacity fortress repeats its shearing several times due to meteorite collisions and continuous explosions, eventually becoming a vast plain.

But the floor was still going down.

It was because the one-horned tribe and 81 eyes were colliding again and again.

There was already no awareness of who was dealing with whom.

I had to kill the one caught in, and had to be careful not to be caught in a blinding horsepower storm.

A turbulent battle. The user focuses solely on cutting the target's power.

There were two large groups at war, the one-horned tribe that dominated the tower, with the strongest power in the Red Dragon Tower. There was no glamour or glamour on the surface.

Rather, the user flies around, devastated and terrified, wanting to tear the target to pieces.

In the meantime, the red portal opens restlessly along the vast overhead.

The troops who came to hear the news. Eighty-one other eyes that had not yet joined the battle, and the forces that designated Re- - - Rae approximated 0 ⁄ 20129; appeared on the open portal in the sky, each with their own colorful skills exploding.

When I heard that there was a fun game going on, the warriors of the one-horned tribe forfeited all their training and released the shameless warriors without mercy.

Over-exploited! The battle that has spread so far has spread over endless outer space, spreading into an endless range of battles.

There are 9 of the most prominent.

A lifesaver.

An army of mercenaries who inherited the Summer Queen's blood, centered on waltz and wall.

The vision, the Waltz Gate, Jimmy.

Forest, Wales.

Your Grace, Trigger.

Ahoy, Hall.

Empty stomach, complete.

Ae-Ja, Baha 'dan.

Gold, mountain.

The candles, the walls.

They were merely known to be mercenaries or guardians of the Summer Queen.

It was thanks to my youngest son, Tom or Bahadan, who had very little foreign activity. Waltz, the oldest, showed his face on official terms.

But now, they have uncovered the identity they have been hiding all along.

The second jimmy and the herd suddenly swelled up a dozen times and became a giant dragon.

The length would be 30 meters long and as tall as a snake. The scales around your body glow black, and the poison spreads through your mouth.

One of the most commonly referred to sub-polyps looked like a nugget. He looked much bigger and fiercer than he did. The atmosphere around him was boiling, especially as intimidating as the summer queen's dragon blooms.

You pests who want to harm your mother. Kill! Chimi opened her mouth and sprayed her breath everywhere. Wherever I could breathe, the land melted into a fierce acidity, and the black fog spread out and ate everything I could.

As the warriors of the one-horned tribe try to flee to the side of this, a fourth avoidance comes this time.

He turned out to be a Drake-like figure with a name for more than five metres on foot, breaking things into pieces every time he charged in.

Excruciating! In addition, the third Wales, which resembles the Seed-West, slid over the ground, and the fifth Hall, which turned into the Frost Worm, dug underground and chased through the ground with obstinacy.

Reminds me of Leesoo, Empyr's Bahartan, and the call to land 1_1- 0 • He turned into a monstrously looking monster everywhere, trampling and crushing everything around him.

The identity of the Summer Queen who harbored her genes with all sorts of magic and alchemy knowledge. He was a meta-human, to be precise.

However, it was no exaggeration to say that they had already been cut beyond the limits of a dragon into a new polyp because it was said to have an outstanding Summer Queen trait.

In fact, they were exercising their power in a way that had never been granted to the original sub-species.

The dragon peers boil over, sweeping across the braces. Within the realm they declare, they are kings.

The most prominent among them was Waltz, the eldest.

With dragon wings, tail, and scales all in sight. Waltz narrows his distance with the powers he wields to the Battalion by pushing the elders aside.

And a powerful regime.

The blacksmith smiled lightly.

In the midst of an unprotected battle, does the King occasionally wage a direct battle against himself? Waltz's actions were beyond bloodshed.

I could see all sorts of magical factions rotating along his wiggly forearms, but there was still a limit.

By the way.

Paang! The blacksmith suddenly turns his head to the side, feeling eerie.

Then the wave from the regime swooped by the side and struck the sky.

And the sound of explosions spreading.

Far away, as the atmosphere shifted, the clouds seemed to scatter, as if a hole had been drilled into the middle of the sky.

However, it was not his power that surprised the Elder. The pose Waltz just saw. The beats of the fist were motion. clear transcription. that only masters of authority can do.

Moreover, the power emanating from the regime is overwhelming; “Vaccination?” It was unprofessional. Even in my clan's fears, it was on the salary of neogenetics. It was never given to anyone.

But the dragon that is in front of me now writes it. There were traces of remodeling. It wasn't enough that the plateau disappeared.

The impression of the elder was hard.

“How does the player of the Red Dragon know the harshness of our clan?” But Waltz, as if he didn't care about his inferior palanquin, emptied his body while emptying his left elbow to mark the name of the smith. Heavy corridors. As expected, they were unprotected against vaccinia and mates.

The smith gathers the blood mines that used to flow in front of her. Grrr! The shocking waves spread the distance between the two of you as the blood mines and the turbulent collapse hit.

Waltz clenches his fist as he treads on it once more. Then he climbed up to his forearm and tightly clumped it like a bead.

Dozens of petals made that way. The petals of the twister and the strong force (32609; Qi) were thrown to the elders.

Phasezig! The blood rushes from behind the elders and plunges it to the ground.

One petal at a time.

The blood mines were strong enough to intercept the petals. The explosion that occurred after the strength was broken, shaking the area a few times.

If there was a difference, the smith used to tightly concentrate the strength with high realization to increase its destructive power, and Waltz was able to cover the shortage behind him with enormous amounts of magical power.

This much magical power.

The smith moans. He's never been too lazy to collect his own internal aircraft in his life.

How can a wife like that be so obsolete? I didn't steal it from Dragon Heart anywhere.

Moreover, the masons that Waltz sprinkled were never fully cooked by licking the surface of the watermelon. Stuff that's been studied for a long time, trained over and over again and carved into the flesh.

“I've heard that Ismereos stands against our king, but are you the result?” But even so, not all the questions disappeared.

No matter how the Summer Queen Dragon Eye ran, she couldn't have been so perfectly groomed. The form was impossible, however it could be, to even the phrase within it.

Unless you saw it for yourself.

However, Waltz tried to approach again by scattering the petals, as if there was no reason to answer.

Strikes leading to Adversity, Zen Jong, Vaccine. It was so natural, as if it was flowing, even though each other's empire had crushed the other artisans.

There's a lot more magic going on here along the waltz.

From the legs, from the head, from the forearms, from the elbows, from the fists. As the spectacular effects and Ship7G1 magic group rose, all kinds of beefs were loaded and the power of dragons was added to them.

A combination of magic and masculinity. This is how the Summer Queen wanted to overcome the crisis she had felt with the King.

With the magic of dragons added to the shamanism that made him king. We'll be able to aim for higher heights, where we can spot loopholes.

So the research that was done was Waltz. In fact, Waltz met the Summer Queen's expectations with his extraordinary talents.

Knuckle! That was proof that you could have a battle with the Elder to some degree.

“But.” The commander stitched up the idea of a summer queen. I was tempted by his ridicule, because he remembered what a friend of mine looked like in Waltz's disappearance. He also wanted to do various things, such as pioneer with the power of the dragon and master magic. His enthusiasm was so great that he could occasionally sneak a peek at him as a young medicine king.

Perhaps even Waltz now could say that the pattern is similar to the lotus. No balls, no magic, no fluids. It was too similar.

But, let's face it, Yeon-woo and Waltz are similar, and if anyone asks, The smith will say: Absolutely not.

Also, if you ask why. You will answer:

“Too shoddy. Too shoddy.” The combination of King and Queen of Summer. Such a ridiculous attempt was right before my eyes.

The King pioneered the realm of nothingness, and the Summer Queen was the pinnacle of a great magical system.

Different paths in the beginning, different areas that I built. But you let me meet two people a long time ago? It was absurd.

But Waltz did.

The shaman imitates the king, and the magic follows the queen of summer: all I could think about was how well I wanted to do this absurd nonsense.

If I try to hold on to things from distant distances, why don't I know that at some point, it's just a shallow bridge that collapses.

Whereas Yeon-woo was different.

Obviously, Yeon-woo had a lot of things piled up in the beginning. But he tried to build his own realm, and based on that, he organized everything he had gained. And now, 'I was looking for a way to move.

Even the elders sometimes admire me when I'm watching. It was an invincible and solid march.

Of course, waltz may be ahead of the pond right now. What will happen when the will is equally placed? There's something obvious going on.


Compared to Yeon Woo. The smith was able to easily answer any questions he had about Waltz.

The commander blocked Waltz with his right hand. Dozens of ripples are scattered around you with the sound of Maji Panjong pounding: his silent gaze. I stared at Waltz trying to attack again and asked.

“You. You're from the one-horned tribe. Right?" “Whose child?” A wedge! But Waltz has no answer. Magic resulted in a series of overlaps.

The ground cracks and the atmosphere bursts.

“If you don't answer.” The smith held, pushed, and dodged Waltz's fist, and immediately grabbed his back.

“I have to tap my cheek until I get it right.” Pazzigeezy! The highest output of blood mines condenses and falls from the sky.

Blood Mine Wagon. The moment Waltz opened his eyes and tried to stack the shield in a fistfight so strong that even the sky was named haughtily.

“Rawr!” Suddenly, a roar echoes through the sky, and a great shadow flies this way at a rapid pace.

The elders and waltz gaze back at you, then rush away from your position.

Flying here was a dragon.

The Summer Queen, who had been struggling so hard, finally picked up the Summer Queen and beat her up. As foolish as that mountain! “That maniac, again!” In particular, the blacksmith, who had been in the fight so far, made a disdainful remark.

Guayao! But his swearing voice soon disappeared from the sound he heard. Like the catapult used by Margie Siege, the Summer Queen raised herself high into the sky and screamed horribly as she landed on the ground.


The Summer Queen stood in the canyon for a long time before she could stop the dog.

0 While watching the scene, King Zero stole the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand. It looked like a farmer harvesting crops.

Blacksmith, waltz, dragonball and 81 eyes. Everyone who was in battle had to stop moving like a lie, open their mouths and look at the troublesome Summer Queen.

Thud! The rest of the valleys, which were at risk, poured out over the Summer King.

A huge dragon body is buried in a pile of rocks.

“Puhaha!" “As expected, my king! You have great power! What do you think?" “Look, I'm not dead yet, am I? You want me to make a 74th brother for our Panda and Edora?” “Hahaha! That's a great idea!” “Yes! That's why he's a man!” Only warriors of similar nature and temper burst into laughter with their knees as if they were about to die for fun.

The king looked at Millish and saw his children shaking their heads, but he didn't mind making jokes at all.

Then a pile of rocks appeared.

A fierce dragon peer blooms through the rocks with a consistent atmosphere.

An angry voice echoes through the air. The Summer Queen reappears with the sound of frenzy.

I stared at the king with my furrowed eyes, flapping my wings. She squeezes her soul and starts pulling it out at random. You will lose at a rapid pace, but that doesn't matter now.

I'll kill you, Nayu! All I could think about was chewing up the King.

And according to her intense convictions, The endless night world that had already been built into the realm began to bend around. As the space became dizzy, players had to feel vomiting.


Nevertheless, the King is still smirking.

“Yes. So, Ismereos? I told you before.

I clenched my fist. A lot of blood rope rises from the back of my hand. And on top of that, eight different colors of energy rose like a mullet.

< Palmer (❯ 21350;) >. The phenomenon that occurs when the eight poles are polarized.

If the end of nothing the elders had pioneered was bloodshed, the King was left with nothing.

If each and every one of them stretched their weights according to the amount of force he had compressed to the extreme, the strength would change its properties and slash everything around it.

“Who's going to punch Olfowan in the middle of a shitty day? Let's fight here." Gosh! In the air, King Xerxes strikes as he flies forward as a cannonball. The tide. Yeon-woo was one of the eight figures already known, but power was never known to him.

The Summer Queen flew into the air as she flapped her wings. With the sound of Guar 0, a huge hole was drilled into the center of the mountain.

Eventually, the mountain collapsed along with the enormous landslide, and the Summer Queen breathed her mouth on top of it.

Gorgeous! A fiery flame, as if lifting the sulphur of hell, quickly warms the atmosphere of outer space.

The King did not avoid this.

Rather, it is heavily raining to the side, keeping the blade straight. Short. An elongated monolayer is engraved along the space.

The top and bottom of the room flutter together, and Bress disappears equally hollow. No, that's not good enough, 'cause you twisted everything back there.

The clouds split, and the sky opened. And the sun broke. An enormous amount of sparks poured down excellently and suddenly darkness sank.

And then the sun came back to its rightful place, and the world was lit up like a lie. At high altitude, the Summer King and Queen were engaged in a battle.

The dog's magic was powered by the Summer King for twelve months. Magic groups have bloomed everywhere. There were only eight or more magical circles in each of them.

Blizzard, Inferno Hell, Meteorstrick, Power Ward of Gill.

Every single one of them would be a catastrophe, and the King showed the way to break it out of the front with just two fists.

But the progress hasn't stopped.

The armbands circling along the King unraveled all sorts of miraculous signs. Heaven, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning.

Grrr! Finally, it crashes at one point. Extreme strength and strength pressed and pressed against each other, making the pressure heavier.

The enchantments and the sellers compressed tightly to a point, and eventually exploded, unable to withstand pressure.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr The world of air burned and the endless night became a world filled with only heat and light.

The mountains and canyons are swept away, leaving no trace. After a while.

It began to crack open like an egg shell to the space surrounding outer space.

The power to destroy a stage.

Among the nine kings, there is a battle between two beings sitting at the very edge.

It was no longer just a fight between players. It was just a catastrophe.

Nevertheless, as if the King and the Queen of Summer were not yet finished, they entered the Da -0 Go 0 .

The King pulls his fist inward. The atmosphere drifts away with the explosion, again rushing towards the terrifying speed. A massive storm formed around him.

The sile and the Goose Moon. They tried to combine the two Bikes into one. I had only imagined the design so far, but I had never opened it. So it fails to control itself, but it can be done. The King was very happy.

I was able to do what I could never do in this town.

Once I opened the lid of my desire as a predator that I had suppressed since I became King Ahom, I couldn't take it anymore.

So at this point, as I was about to crush the Summer Queen's head, I said, "Die, Summer!” An uninvited guest has intruded.

Aeon, who was secretly watching the troops, rushes between the two of them.