Second Life Ranker

15. Summer Queen (5)

“What the fuck is that?” The King has made an impression. The excitement that had risen suddenly spread. When he was focusing on the cost, he hated being disturbed the most, and when he drew, he was unwilling to turn the disturber upside down.

However, what was urgent was the child's temperature.

"As much as his life! Me! Me! 'Eion didn't seem to be satisfied if he didn't retaliate in some way against the red dragon who made himself so miserable.

At the Kerat Auction House, a man named Irintham had to humiliate me for a long time, and then suddenly I had to make a plea when I wanted to somehow get my hands on a table.

As head of a great family. It was an unbearable insult to him who had lived only in awe of the Pyongyang period.

Moreover, the senators who were here with us, and the deceased were all dead.

If he went back to Elohim like this, he must have known about it after preaching the old senate position for a lifetime.

The family of life that has been exercising its power for thousands of years has collapsed in its own medical school. It was a shame that could never happen, and I couldn't face my ancestors even when I was dead.

But Aion believed in one thing.

Nebra. My precious child, who has given me everything. Though he did not pass on the blood, he gave up his territory. Even then, the child was like the identity of Aion.

To keep him on my path. No, to make it fly.

He had to be sacrificed here. So that I could build a foundation for repairing the family that was going to fall in debt to the Senate. The future could not be an obstacle, a desire not to be a wing for a bright child.

Aion soon became a giant hundreds of thousands of arrows and rained down on Queen Summer's head.

The Star of Calamity. Protogenous people were originally gods, but they fell to the ground in disgrace. However, it was possible to dismantle existence and be reduced to a 'concept' which remained some.

At this point, he was able to implement his original position for a short while. Just as the candles were most glamorous at the end of the burning, the protogenome returned to its concept was able to exert the power of the god that it so desired for a moment.

If only one family member had broken up with himself. How about that power?

Thousands of arrows, decommissioned, poured into a pile of holes around the Summer Queen's body.

How dare you! I took this opportunity to unleash the best skills each of the other rankers had while looking at the female.

Apostles have powers, superhumans have signature skills, monarchs have spells.

All sorts of effects exploded in splendor, and the Summer Queen became a target as big as a giant landmark, covering so much damage.

Over-excited! Aaaah! Then, when you try to blow Bress while you're angry.

The king slammed his fist down and released two rainbows that had been condensed all at once.

Sails and orbits. A tofu with the magnificent name of the sun and moon pierced, it cut off the Queen of Summer's wingspan and left a deep trajectory in her body from her shoulders to her groin.

Koh} Deok! An enormous amount of blood spills out into the rain and spills onto the ground. The cracked scales fell excellent.

"Gaaaa!" The lost Brethren scatter among the many places, emptying out the lamented rankers.


Using the technique of the sacral spine, the king plunged himself into the Summer Queen's hindquarters in a straight line. The Summer Queen 'collapsed as a whore.

In the immense pressure on her cervical spine, she had to feel the crushing pain of her spine and ribs one after the other.

The king didn't have enough, pulling his clipped wing and arm muscles back. Too much. The scales crumble and the skin cracks like a turtle's shell.

Dragon Scale and Hide, Muscle, Tendon, Bone. It was comparable to Adamantium if it was only for strength and elasticity.

It was easily destroyed in front of the overwhelming power of the Emperor.

Even in such terrible pain. The Summer Queen forcefully twisted herself in the air.

Bores spills from his gaping jaws and attacks the King. Overglare.

Arms 1 rotate like a puddle and create tens of harmonics, but they are destroyed in a row.

It was as powerful as spitting lava out. Despite the boiling of his skin and the pain of the sunset.

“Hahaha!” In fact, I pulled out the entire wing flap I was holding with a big smile as if it was funny.

Guo-woong! The Summer Queen is so deeply buried in the ground. The flank of the peak that was created at the same time was deeply swept out while the deep hole was pierced.

Ko Le_soon leaned to one side along with the rugged landslide and buried the entire queen and king alive.

Then, as the lava erupted again, the fire soared high, and the Summer Queen and the King rose above her.

The Summer Queen had her wings torn off and her arms and legs broken, and her back was covered in sliced and small wounds. I bled and drenched the ground vigorously. It was an enormous amount of blood that I thought was flooded.

Nevertheless, the Summer Queen squinting at her invisible eyes, covering herself with blood as if she was going to grind the King to the end and breathed again.

Although it was also a tread that rained whether it had suffered minor damage due to the impact of the fall. I put my fist forward, thinking my arm around my body again.

Dozens of forces erupted. It became a blade of light with other attributes and slashed the brace.

The explosion and the afterstorm that won't last forever. You swing along the outer space one more time.

Artran had to watch the battle between the King and the Queen of Summer from a distance from the battlefield.

Then he muttered to himself in a small voice.

“You're gonna punch that monster in the face? Stupid bastard.” That was an insult to himself.

When the auction was hatched by the Summer Queen. I plundered my entire fortune and came here with only one goat in mind to fuck the Red Dragon.

At first, I was cheerful: Ice King, Twice, Black Skull. They were all highly regarded as Class S mercenaries, and a group like the Iron Brigade and the Moon Shadow stood behind them. I met unexpected talents such as "Jingjang" or "Dun".


I didn't look good on the outside.

I also had vague expectations that with this much power, I might be able to pull out a Red Dragon's arm.

Even though power is the best in the world of towers. I thought I could confidently tell you that I'm not as strong as you are.

But as soon as this happens,

Artran desperately realizes how stupid he was thinking.

One arm? That's some crazy shit. It was hard to pull out a finger. Not even close to the Summer Queen, Black Cell was among the rankers who had just been swept away by the Bress.

The Summer Queen's claws were cut off to claim the quest territory, but she disappeared without leaving any remains.

He was a Class S mercenary for regular players, a ranker, but he was also called. For a summer queen, it was just a simple trampling stump. “That monster has become a bigger monster. Haha. Amazing. I said I'd try hard.” Then, the ice king next to Artran bursts out a smile. Despite his sheer transparent hair and eyebrows, he was a speechless inspiration who had been speaking to himself the whole time.

Unlike the other mercenaries who fled because they were already afraid of their father and queen. Binking was on duty until the end with Dan, 'Twice.

The flying debris is slammed to the side and Atran is safely evacuated to an area that is not swarmed by enemy attacks.

I wanted to get through the gate and get out of this damn outer space. The path to you is blocked by the King and Queen of Summer.

Atran looks back at the King of Ice.

It turned out that he had a past that he had to take the road down since he was beaten by the King who was still a player in the lower section in the middle of his career.

On the contrary, he was able to make a splendid debut publicly in his name against the King of Ice.

'This man. Don't you feel okay?' Even ordinary people would think twice about it.

Instead, he was so fond of people who met the toys he had always wanted to fight.

And it was the same with Twice and Dunne.

I wasn't smiling as clear as the Ice King. I was surprised, imitated, and troubled by the battle between the King and the Queen of Summer.

But the feelings in the eyes of the three people were all the same.

Column of.

Seoma1- 0 • Tokyo.

Or awe.

'I can't stand these guys. They're all...' '... and Artran's all muscular.' After risking everything for coins, they are all incomprehensible lunatics.

That's right. Artran thought the more time like this, the better he'd stay awake.

If there were so many idiots in this place, they would have died together.

They wondered if it would be fun to fight and die, but Artran's life was most important.

And even when I did, I survived, and that was possible.

Then you look around for the only one of your group who was normal. Jean. There was little to say, but the eyes of the situation were cold.

I'm sure he was right next to you until just now. Suddenly I didn't see it.

Where have they gone? 'Zhang Wei, who used the pseudonym Jang, has already started running through the ruined battlefield quickly.

The goal is where the King and Queen of Summer are tangled. It was also a place where those damn one-horned tribes were running wild.

'Now is the time.

Zhang Wei accepted the quest to make the hands of the King and the Onehorn tribes dizzy. And the situation was going much smoother than I had hoped.

Are you confident that you don't even think? No, you're damn right we don't. Throughout the summer queen, the king couldn't look away.

I could tell just by the look of it.

Even a ranker like you can easily melt Bress underneath the Holiday Party and rip its wings off in January.

I really do.

'Amazing!' Zhang Wei grins fiercely. My eyes were dazzled with joy. Hunter's Eye, which says he'll never catch anyone.

All this time, I knew he was strong, being chased by the King. However, I couldn't feel the level of 'to some extent'.

And now I know his' information 'when I see him fighting with the Summer Queen. My heart was racing.

Moreover, I am not worried about being disturbed at the moment. Hunting encounters other prey.

Despite my back being exposed, I didn't think anyone would come after me. No, you're probably right.

That's a blind spot only for predators. Because you know how strong you are. I think no one will come forward, and I feel arrogant that I am the best. You have no idea how dangerous that is.

But there's such a hunt.

If only I could put an arrow in that giant hunted back. If only I could cut his head off with this knife. How long will the joy at that time be?

The way I feel right now.


A long time ago. It reminded me of a memory I had left on Earth.

'Like a commander.

Zhang Wei felt a tingling sensation running through his fingertips.

Tak! I stopped walking. Hidden Secrets. The place that borrowed the power of Jehovah to thoroughly hide and tread behind enemies was nowhere to gain sight, without being exposed to a lot of shady exterior with a pile of fallen rocks. Zhang Wei grabs the Sile Eastern Palace in his left hand and slowly pulls it back: away.

The target once again rises to the sky with the sound of explosion.

It was so far away that it seemed like a long way off. As his pupils narrowed and his eyesight thickened, both eyes clearly aimed at him.

And that's the moment. The King is turning away from here.

If we continue to protest.

The precious will turn into an arrow of light and be written on the King's backside. Thinking about it, I drenched my lips with my tongue, hoping for the joyous taste of my fingertips.

By the way.

Zhang Wei stopped without knowing the moment he tried to protest. Bang, bang. Bang. My heart was pounding. I can't breathe.

Even when he tried to go after the King, his heart was beating fast. But it was due to the high expectations and excitement.

It was different now.

My back is cold. It's chilly. It was as if someone put their hand deep into the inside of the body and squeezed the lungs tightly. Anxiety. Or nervousness.

I haven't felt it since I entered the tower. It was instinctive.

Zhang Wei had a talent for quickly catching crises from his time on Earth. To be precise, he was able to sense the 'feeling' that comes when his life is at risk.

So Zhang Wei was able to survive in hell in Africa.

And this talent laid the foundation for growing up to be a mystery.

The emotion that disappeared when I became strong is now revived. Around.

There was something else.

He turns his head to the side. Beyond the Narrow Sea. You see a man standing on the hill.

There was a man walking with a mask and clothes on. Cain. He was originally the only one he was looking for.

So I'm sure it's the first time I've seen it. Staring at him strangely didn't stop my heart. No, I ran faster. Bang, bang. Boom.

Zhang Wei stared at him, stirring his impressions.

Everyone, are you two 90 percent? It was crazy.

Yeonwoo had to scoff at herself for a short while, thinking that "if you help us" would be enough to catch the summer queen. Help who? The King disagrees.

Rather, I was fortunate if I didn't disturb myself.

No matter how badly you get hurt. No matter how rational it gets to Maestro. The summer queen has a summer queen.

The last dragon, the absolute ruler of the tower for thousands of years.

I can't believe you caught that guy. That was bullshit.

Even if the King and the Summer Queen entered the battle, it seemed like the only thing that would go wrong would be a whale fight.

And yet.

On the other hand, there was a gland.

That fight was supposed to help my disciples. He knew exactly how reckless he was going to be. That's why I stepped out on behalf of Yeon Woo, and was dangerously holding onto a plate of ice that might be dying right now.

In this situation, Yeon-woo's thoughts were nothing more than ignoring her teacher's help and burning her own battle shame.


Yeon-woo had no intention of hiding such bad thoughts.

I wanted to fit in there. Ten percent was a very small chance, let alone less than one percent. He is confident to end the Summer Queen: no matter how loud she roars and how powerful she is. It's nothing compared to Agarash, who plunged the entire stage into darkness, or Harmesh, who ate the devil.

Moreover, the Summer Queen was the one who bit off her brother's one-arm.

Then you must not repay me the same before you die. Poison? I didn't sleep in the castle with it.

• • • • • Yes. That's it. That's the idea.

Very good. Even though the polyp who awakened all his power is shoulder to shoulder with God. In fact, it was crazy to stand up to God or the devil. However, I once punched Yeon-woo Against her.

If so, can't it be now again? Come on. Your food's over there. Isn't that right? "The Wise Man's Stone trembles. From one side of the abyss, the damn horse suddenly appeared and whispered sweetly in my ear.

It's just seven ninjas I usually don't touch or move. At this time, it appeared like a ghost. It was just a ploy to put him in jeopardy.

'Sometimes I agree with this guy.

Yeon-woo smiled. Marseilles was a different personality based on his nature before it was a remnant of Agares anyway.

Of course, what he said was no different from what he said.

Neither reason nor nature. I finally made the same decision, so I didn't have to look back.

Yeon-woo stretched out her hand and wanted nothing.

You selected [Open Reward Good Trennian ". You can get 5 heavy guns from the list.] [What would you like to choose [Reward List] 1. Egg of Beacon 2. Prometheus' Torch 3. The reward for the quest given by the King's former Summer Queen.

No matter how important the treasure was, everything on the list was nothing but amazing.

Luckily, there was something Yeon-woo wanted.

I thought about it while choosing it.

"Break the Summer Queen's head with her reward? I wonder what he would look like in Maggiology. 'Even though I was interrupted, I thought of a teacher who would go on a rampage.

"Well, I'm sure you'll take it as a pupil's courtship. Student toughness resembles teacher.

Alone, convincing himself of nonsense.

Tiring - 'It was supposed to stop.' I grabbed and pulled out the thing that was touching my hand without grief.

'The eater is the owner.

[You selected the 'Aldabao Gold Ingot' as your reward.] Suddenly, the voice of the wet magician leaks out like a wink.