Second Life Ranker

16. Summer Queen (6)

[Altabao Gold Ingot] Classification: General Goods Class: A + Description: A very long time ago, a Gold Ingot known to have been manufactured by the mysterious merchant Altabao. Purity is much higher than a normal gold ingot, and the magical conductivity is high, making it popular as a workpiece of Anifact.

What are you gonna do with this, slap a dragon? Martha wants to scream like that. Until just now, Maestro was baffled and speechless, grinning like a villain plotting in darkness.

But whatever he thinks,

Yeon continued to choose the same reward.

[You selected the 'Aldabao Gold Ingot' as your reward.] [You selected 'Altabao Gold Ingot' as your reward.] Altabao Gold Ingots.

The purest of all the gold ingots used in the tower. It was known as a branch doke. Because it was manufactured by a mystery trader, it was now used as a large unit of currency among the combinations.

So it was true that it was a rare item that would not be easily obtained. However, the Red Dragon was inexhaustible in reward for its magnificent quest.

Such as the egg of the Beacon or the torch of Prometheus. One time, I picked the same thing all five times, and I couldn't take it anymore, so I yelled.

What you do! What a joke! "” Yeon-woo was seduced by a bloodshed smile. At the same time, I was certain. Martha is another person, but she can't read her thoughts. It was clear that he did not even notice the intent of what he was doing.

If Maestro had been an unexpected method, it would have worked better for the enemy.

• • • • • Yes. I don't think you're gonna like this. You might as well look forward to it. That dragon. It must be absorbed by your hands. "Maestro murmured in an inappropriate tone, and soon his appetite disappeared quietly again.

Seeing the Devil's origins, he was already looking forward to what the Summer Queen would taste like. The last dragon left in the tower. Of course it was a delicacy among the delicacies.

'I'm not going to do what you want.

Yeongwoo cast a ridicule on Maestro and developed a link to create all the gold ingots in Aldabao. Of course, I couldn't beat the Summer Queen to death with a gold scepter.

The place he showed up was a place where he had a hyper-sensitive background. It was a place long way from the battlefield.

“W-what! This!” Artran is startled by the sudden appearance of mildew in front of his eyes.

Ice King and Twice, who were guarding him by his side, draw their weapons and swing them towards him, striking the invisible tent and slipping aside. The wealth that was in the shadow was the barrier that developed.

Immediately, the eyes of the Ice King and Twice widened slightly. I swung it as fast as I could, but it wasn't such an easy force to block. The same word hit my head instantly 'Danger.

But I didn't come at him. I've never seen him before.

It was because I knew who he was at once.

There was only one player in black mask who was this good. + “You, how did you get here?” Atran hid behind Dan, scared to death that he might have sent an assassin from the Red Dragon, and soon after seeing the kite, his eyes widened.

“It's been a while.

Then, after a greeting from Yeon-woo, Artran narrows his eyes.

“There you go. You, you! Shenzhen! That's what happened!” Artran notices the situation, both front and back, as soon as he hears the voice of Yeongwoo.

Yeon-woo smiled bloody.

Because this is what I do. Dammit! Another scam from the player! ”Artran speeches. It was always in his nature to respect others. After seeing Yeonwoo, I didn't even want to draw the end of my anger.

A wild goose chase. A voice you've heard before. Even if you want to get used to it. I couldn't help but notice that I'm not stupid.

I got eaten once in a tutorial and changed it for nothing. This time, I even pushed him to the brink.

“What are you doing here again? Are you here to make fun of me? Or see a merchant go bankrupt?” King Bing and Twice have had an interesting turn of events with Artran.

It was interesting that Artran was unilaterally hostile to allies, even though we didn't know what they were like. Artran, as they know him, was never such an easy man that Focus Face fell.

'Dunn' pushed his sword back into the Kim's house and stood aside. However, I constantly observed Yeongwoo with my eyes, as if to be true to the mission.

His eyes seemed to be filled with curiosity in some way.

We'll talk later.

Melted down. Or should I say acid? 'Dunn'. After the swordsman, he is also King Xu's second disciple. He glances at the sunset and crosses his head. It means to do as you please.

Yeongwoo looked at that Meldon with strange eyes. A second disciple who said he had left because he didn't want to be next to the King. He looked exactly the way he did on the floor, in the shadows. I never thought I'd see you here.

Besides, Artran is next to the Ice King. I never thought there'd be a mercenary here who was defeated by the godless king of the Essong Dynasty and had his back handed to him.

Even a mercenary named Twice is not the same as the king, but he was legendary in the mercenary world.

I never thought I'd hire this many talented people.

No matter how much money they spent, the top mercenaries had to make excuses for Fae as well as for their pride.

I don't know, but the other mercenaries who died here were probably worth a lot of money.

In that regard, it was true that Atran was outstanding. Well, I gave her a few tablecloths like this. It was a much more satisfying result than I had originally expected.

Good to see you, too.

Yeonwoo stared at Artran.

Artran takes a step back, feeling like he might be able to stitch something else.

“What? What else?” “You still have the authority to open the shop window? I'd like to make a deal.” Shop window. A system only allowed to mystery merchants, connected directly to the combination. And the higher the rank of merchants, the more goods could be handled.

Even though Artran had fallen, he was still an executive, so most of the goods dealt with in the Strawwind combinations are available.

“No deal! Think about what you did to her! Good to be tied up with you." This would be a pretty good deal. Yeon pulls out an Aldabao Gold Ingot.

{\ i1\ cH80ffff} Athran trembled. The Aldabao Gold Ingot was a wonderful item for mystery merchants. It would never be depreciated, but rather, it was steadily increasing in value and value to the state-of-the-art by collectors who were heating up the barbeque.

When you make a deal with it, you can take it as a transaction fee. The calculator returns at a rapid rate. Hum. Hum. Atran clears his throat a little.

Whatever it is, it's not that, but Soondae is giving us five gold ingots, “just say it! I love you, sir!” Atran quickly lowers his waist so that his head touches the ground.

Five Aldabao Gold Ingots. That's enough money to keep him afloat.

“Ha-ha. So, dear customer, do you have anything else you're looking for? Our Sun Wind combination is a place of 2,000-year-old history and tradition, and there are many precious products that cannot be handled anywhere else at that price point. Would you like to take a look at the boutique?” Like a fly, I would rub my hands together and sell my soul. Ice King and Weiss, the meltdown shakes their heads. However, he guessed where the gold ingots that Yeon-woo had came from, and tempted the laughter.

Red Dragon Quests. Are they trying to replace them with the rewards they received there?

It is widely known that a lone proprietor is a disciple of the King. His plan to thwart the Red Dragon with the reward of the Red Dragon was remarkable. And I had the same thought in their heads.

'You're the disciple of that teacher.' Yeonwoo did not hesitate to look around like that, but told Artran.

“I'd like to buy as much stock as I can with a dragon killer.” Hahaha! I see! There's a way! ”Twice and Meldon became surprised, and as the Ice King applauded, it burst into laughter.

Dragon Killer, otherwise known as Lance.

Sizes over six meters and weighs hundreds of kilograms.

However, it was a window as thin as the forearm of an ordinary adult woman.

Because of this, dragon slayers have enormous penetration power with just enough speed. Moreover, it was divided into tens of hundreds of fissures according to the method of use, so it also had a great effect on the destruction of the generations after penetration.

As the name suggests, a dragon killer is a weapon designed to catch the original dragon.

A long time ago, those who held a grudge against the Summer Queen gathered together to face each other. At the end of the summer, when it was discovered by the queen, the organization collapsed, and weapons and recipes disappeared into the background of history.

However, a small amount of this flows into the black market or combination and is distributed in the dark. Yeon-woo demanded this dragon killer.

'Maybe if you use this well, • • • • • • • •!' Artran quickly rolled his head.

The Honeywind Guild had more dragon killers than any other combination.

Holds approximately 80% of the total distribution. It was because I had faith that the price would go up to heaven at the time, and I made the purchase.

However, the combination of the squalls soon regretted that choice.

The dragon slayer was clearly worth it, but it was also just as difficult to use. Heavy and brittle, it meant disposable. Who wants to easily buy something that will only be used once at that price?

After all, the dragon slayer was a distant but paired warehouse. What if I leave a lot of intermediate fees in exchange for disposing of this malicious inventory? 'I've seen it!' Atran had to press his shout against his throat. In this case, you must never make a big deal out of it.

So you can't hit the price.

But the moment I met the snow while clearing my throat.

Artran had to sigh.

The snow of Yeon Woo in the mask draws an arc.

I don't think I know what you're thinking.

He must have already known that the dragon breeder was a duckling he hated. I don't think so. The guy who hit the mystery merchant mentioned this for nothing. I don't know, but I think I know the price better than the merchants.

The patron was himself here.

“Do it. I knew it! You're a customer! The coast is amazing. That's very thoughtful, sir. The Dragon Killer that our Honeywind combination has is more manageable and capable than any dragon killer on the market today. However, there is a law that prevents you from even attempting. Atran continued to say, slightly blurry,“ This amount can only be bought for 3 shares of stock at this time. ”“ If you don't like it, I'll find another merchant. ”Artran turns around and grabs hold of Yeon Woo's arm.

“Gosh! Do it. Why are you doing this, sir? You don't even do business all day. Where do you usually buy your assignments? Why is your personality so urgent? You have to listen to the end. Of course, it usually is! Especially me! You're offering a price discount.” Yeon urgently laughed as she watched Artran speeding up her words.

“And how much is possible?” “A little more than half of Yeongwoo turned back.

“Gosh! Of course I'll give you more than that!" “Seven Hall” “Hehe! Y-you can't do that! But there's still nothing left for us to save because of the rental fee. Got it! I'll do it! I'm going to do it.” Yep! It's traded! "But just in case Artran had a sneak peek at the lotus, he had to flip it over and win the deal: [For the 'Aldabao Gold Ingot' x5, I bought the 'Dragon Killer' x31.] All the gold ingots in the hands of Yeongwoo Aldabao disappeared, and there appeared more than 30 six-metre long spears in the form of Daeshin feet 1.

But Yeon-woo was not satisfied with it.

“Still in stock?” “Dear customer, no matter how hard it may be in stock • • •“ I buy not only the remaining stock, but also the dragon killer in the black market or in other combinations. Take care of the proxy purchasing fee. ”You mean all the dragon killers?” “Can't I?” “Yes! Yes! Not only are we in the tower, but we'll be able to collect all the outdoor items!” “There's something else I'd like to buy.” Yeon-woo told me what she had in mind one by one. However, Artran's expression changed strangely in the near 'O' position each time.

One dragon killer or another in malicious inventory. The cost price on such topics was a hassle that I had to save as food after crying.

I didn't know why Yeon-woo needed this, but the more Yeon-woo, the better.

An enormous trading volume to lose in a single transaction, Artran seemed to grow in the ears of his mouth.

Once the deal went through, at least I thought I could save a spot in the union. It meant that we could have a chance to reanimate. The image of the rainbow that befell Artran's eyes was not the devil who wanted to eat him, but an angel who came down with a rope from heaven.

• • • like this. Is that possible? "“ Yes, it is possible. Even if I can't, I have to run with sweat on my feet. Now Artran is liver, and I'm willing to pull out the gallbladder.

“I ask you as soon as possible.

Is there a problem? "How do you intend to do that?" Yongwoo smiled.

“Why? You think I'm gonna rip it off?” Artran leaps back and forth.

“Oh my! There's no way to grill it! No, trust the pearls! Hazardous. But as you know, the world is becoming less mindful and the economy is getting worse.” Of course I do. ”Yeon nods.

1- Atran's eyes swell with anticipation.

What should I pay you with? You know the Davao Gold Ingot? Public or bonds issued by a one-horned tribe? Anything was fine. Everything was trustworthy in the marketplace.

However, Yeon-woo brutally broke Artran's expectations.

“Trauma." “Trauma." ”For a moment, Artran's eyes glare back at the devil to grab his hind cheek and put it in his mouth.