Second Life Ranker

17. Summer Queen (7)

Atran's face suddenly turned red.

“That's what you're talking about!” “What else can't I do?” “Do you really think I'm gonna rip it off?” Yeon-woo lets out a groaning, cheating sound. Atran tries to say it again, but suddenly he has a different idea.

• • • Quests from the Administration. ”“ If you realize, what are you doing? What's the hurry? ”There is still one more quest left. Red Dragon Wanted Quest. The more Red Dragon improvements you destroy, the more members you kill, the greater the reward.

And for what it's worth, Yeon-woo had no intention of missing first place here.

“But you still shouldn't have taken Mana's oath.” “This is not the time. Well, if you boil it, you'll find another merchant." Damn it! ”Artran slept on the land of mourning.

“Eat a merchant's back! You will surely go to hell even if you die!” “I'm well aware of that, so hurry." "0 this” Atran stares at Yeon Yuan with a look about to disintegrate, and starts operating the system quickly.

The quest was going to end soon anyway, so I bought things quickly, as I was being paid about a day late. It was possible because Atran's credit was highly valued among the combinations.

['Dragon Killer') (14 more items purchased.] [You purchased the 'Fabio Forest Hunter Utilized Shiv21' .1 Giant Monkey Tail Thorn 'x6.] Her eyes gleam as she looks at the piles and piles of things. I didn't know there were so many of them when I said items. The sheep are quite good, I gather.

After all of his purchases, Artran turned over the last of the 'Raw Blood of the Albino Trolls' again. I wanted to see how much I could change it.

“Here's • • • • • •.” “I'll thank you. Gomawi, the investor.” From trafficker to good-hearted investor, Artran felt cold again. One word that was true was the one who turned a man's clothes upside down.

Then I suddenly have an idea.

"But this guy, he's going to use it all on Edie? No. Can you use it properly? 'The dragon slayer is heavy enough to be lifted by any racer. It meant that it was more difficult to use freely.

But the dominant is still a player in the lower levels. I didn't understand how to deal with this.

And so are the other things.

Harder to use than a dragon killer, nothing is ever easy.

Given the situation, I can't help but feel uneasy. I tried to buy first because I was overwhelmed. 'Cause if it went wrong, you'd be dead meat.

But whether he knew the heart of Artran or not, he leisurely floated things in the air with a light shadow, then developed a blink and hid the trail again.

Finding a place to prepare for a hunt.

“Be careful not to let anyone near you.

Yes, okay. Careful. "

After Yeongwoo settled down, she called Sanon, who had been scattered everywhere, to her place.

Hangul and Levi1car were scattered to the left and to the right, and Abraham began to build temporary boundaries across the country with seven riches.

Except, he didn't say anything.

Yeon-woo calls out to him with a heavy footstep.


Is there a separate time, Master? "There was definitely no face under the helmet. Meanwhile, Vizzi's inferno site was quieter than usual.

Yeon-woo looked at those eyes and said,

“I am your master now. Keep in mind that I couldn't see it.

"Forgiveness." Sanon bows down on one knee. However, he once sat on the Red Dragon and thought that he was leading the charge against the old master.

Yeongwoo pointed out his confusion, and Sanon admitted his mistake by bowing his head. Even though we were doing nothing wrong, we had to be sure about the main relationship at this time.

“Moving on. Just this once. Remember that.

Infernosite, who lowered his head, was revived. I just finished clearing up the last remaining mind intellectually. Previous life is just previous life. Now I have to stay true to life.

Sanon returns to her seat.

Abraham asked Yeon-woo carefully.

“Do you mind? Can I leave it there?” “You'll be fine. He's not that weak to shake." If he was, he wouldn't even be Death Noble.

Abraham nods, turning his gaze toward the dizzy objects around Yeongwoo.

“But what are all these things? It's been a long time since I've seen that stupid chapter.” Do you know of any Mercury? "” “What if Mercri is talking about Giant martial arts?” L District//Lekri 7/Age of Death/Missing 47747;/Ujul0/Heavy. High prices 7 /E;/Unique prefabrications covered by 77in촉e//7//Specialized complementary.

Although it was not suitable for species-given work/faults other than triggering, the temperatures of 4 oral grades with techniques and operations were the best to watch.

Mergri was a martial art used by Valdivi. The martial arts that brought Kimja to life today.

It was also the most suitable martial arts for a dragon killer.

Baldevich usually embraced the nickname KimYazara. However, he excelled in a variety of weapons as he inherited the blood of a warrior who suffered from Giants, and the Dragon Killer was an excellent tool for him who prefers javelins over bows and arrows.

Even though it was incredibly expensive when I was downstairs, I couldn't use it properly, and when I went up there, I didn't touch it because I didn't need a javelin anymore.

His brother wrote in his diary, not forgetting the shock he received when he used Dragon Gilly.

Get rid of the living.

Sweetheart, that's the best thing to say. When I heard the dragon's answer, I saw/saw/7/under my 5/</</> feet.

And with that horsepower/0,/L % + H. When the dragon collar hit Dragoda Bay, the priests of Dragoni, as well as all the other monsters around them, got scared.


Baldevich forced Mergri to adapt to the human body type for his frail brother, who was once in rhetoric.

Since then, he's taught me all sorts of skills. Every one of those detailed movements remained in the diary.

“Declare a Realm.” Ouch! The dragon scales up sharply as the sage stone and a hundred gores simultaneously rotate to unlock power. The wings of the dragon rose along the shoulder blades and mixed with the wings of fire.

The power to use it for the first time since entering the endless night world. The Wise Man's Stone was making the best possible opponent by gradually improving the flesh of the milky way over time.

Yeonwoo has developed additional powers here.

With the blessing of [Divine Spirit] [Three-third Reinforced Spirit] [Psychic Achilles' heel] Athena, your muscles are strong.

You turn the ghosts that are open here into your body and let their magic flow through you, queek! It was a recently developed method of using ghosts. I tried to concentrate on the idea that if ghosts were dissolved in magical power, they could use the negative energy that they emit to see the enhanced effect, and the result was,

That was correct.

From one hundred to two hundred, from two hundred to three hundred.

Ghosts roar in unison as they rotate along the magical circuit.

My muscles swell up tightly.

I felt dizzy at the moment. The Wise Man's Stone spins more fiercely to handle its magical power.

As malignant acts unfolded here, they protruded to the castle and ruled the flesh. The two eyes of the dragon's eye became red. The scales turn black. The fangs grow sharply along your lips.

Whistle! All sorts of energy rushed along the stream. Ear, Jealousy, Margie, Black Age, Living. It engages with the power of dragons built along the 1-letter area of complex readings like silk, and the body releases its properties to the extremes, with the dragon factor and the horse factor surging each other.

This alone made me feel overwhelmed by the mental and physical body of love. I have an urge to go crazy right now.

I suppressed the soup.

Then, the widow Abraham was waiting for. Abraham listened to the Book of Mars and the Declaration of No Face.

“Then let's go • • • • -.” Abraham looked at Yeon-woo a little worried, but I couldn't refuse him because he had a scribe. With the start of the alchemist and Rich's spell, a mystical circle overlaps beneath the feet of the moat.

And as the effects worked, it carried more beef again.

Muscle strengthening, magical strength, increased power, and explosion production.

It's like a dozen times more gravity. My body sinks. My muscles are crushed and my bones are crushed.

0 Dede de! The scapula is dislocated. You hear the cracking of the ribs. Blood spilled through the pores as the capillaries burst.

It was such a powerful force that the dinosaur collapsed that it boasted such a great strength. Nevertheless, Yeon-woo did not make a soft groan.

My eyes finally turned red and I thought my body would burst like this. On the contrary, the rush of the rain rushed like a storm.

Both the one-horned tribe and the red dragon turn their heads around in a terrifying state. But I had to concentrate on the war, so I didn't have time to check this out.

Then, both the Son of Dragons and the Son of Man couldn't handle the power and were about to collapse.

[The body begins to crumble without the immense pressure.] [Warning! You have already exceeded the limits of the flesh. There is a concern that this behavior will be irreversibly disruptive.] [Skill 'Regeneration will be activated.] [Begins to recover to the data stored in the cells and parameters.] [Greatly increased skill level of' Regeneration '. 12.1%] Greatly increased skill level of' Regeneration '. 21.9%] When the resurrection that was hijacked from Viera Dun was triggered, the body was restored at a rapid rate that was broken down.

Even if the beef stacks continuously, the repair speed increases with increased skill level.

And this is soon.

[Enhanced Body] [Enhanced Body.] led to a physical transformation.

[The body has reached its limit.

The Dragon Factor has become as strong as its limit. The horse's argument has been strengthened to its limit.] 'That's far enough.' Though I was unfortunately lacking in virtue compared to when I dealt with Agares.

However, Yeon-woo was able to achieve growth at a rapid rate from three-way Awakening to the limit.

In fact, the situation was very different from then and now.

At the time, there was a direct blessing from Athena, so even high rankers had the strength to keep them under their feet, but now they are squeezing as hard as they can. There were clear limits.

But on the one hand, based on the experience I had at the time, it was not difficult to master the power that grew up.

Yeongwoo reaches for the dragon-killer lying on the ground. The dragon slayer rises into the air and is grabbed by his hands, and, following behind him, lands on a windowsill shattered by other materials.

Baldevich tried all kinds of spinning techniques to prolong his time dealing with the weak dragon killer because of its expensive topics. This is the way. It has the effect of increasing the durability of dragon slayers and attracting their own power.

The Zeeyoung-dragon killer trembles for as long as he feels good.

Yeongwoo grabbed it in reverse and put it on her shoulder. Although the weight was fairly heavy, the giant raised the dragon to be just as strong as the last. I watched the target in perfect javelin pose.

Supersenses overlapped with the dragon's eye. Far away, target is exposed. Yeon-woo's attention to the end was focused on all the clothes and energy, and she added one skill to it.

[Demonic Magic - Demon King Poison] The dragon's poison, named after the dragon king's poison, lingers in the dark.


Pa-at-Yeon hurls the dragon killer with all her might with the leap and Ship 7 1. Lance and flesh pierced the space.

Along with the rolling_sonic boom, Lance left two lower bank clouds wrapped around the windshield.

'Starting with the outsiders.' The second one, Lee Moon Chi, was annoyed by the one-horned tribe sticking to him.

These harpoons! How flies fly. I shake my body and force it off, it sticks back, and if I want to spray poison fog and expel it, I repeat, deliberately aiming for the blind spot.

When it comes to fighting, they say they're a race of geniuses. It was true. I thought I understood why my mother told me to pay attention to these people.

But Jimmy didn't deserve that. You are the heir to the blood of a great dragon. I didn't deserve to be beaten up by a sub-tribe.

Eventually, these things had to be forcibly eradicated. He raises his eyebrows. The poison spreads all over your mouth as you release the poison under your chin.

“Expansion Bress! Dismissed!" “Prepare for poison!” The one-horned tribe that was aiming for Jimmy quickly started to spread out. Woman Bress used to shoot a lot, but this time it seemed to be a lot bigger than he's dealt with so far.

The Red Dragon players in Jimmy's vicinity also fled. Jimmy's venom didn't distinguish between enemies. There were already a lot of colleagues who were beaten up for nothing.

And as they expected, Jimmy prepared a different Bress than usual.

The breath of the poison. It was Bores, which melts and treats not only the toxic ingredients, but everything that was packed into the acid properties. It was the power vested in him.

If it were the way it was, it should never have been opened in a place without Mother's permission. Now I can't even think about it.

That's when I tried to spit out Brace.

A wedge-wing! An unauthorized flying machine with a sonic boom that rips your star-spangled ear off the ground.

The shock wave was formidable. Half of the head, including the tremendous struggle and the ship's 1 neck and Doug, was crushed in an instant.

Thanks to the enormous renewal power of the dragon, I could barely save my life.

The problem was right after that.

The breath of Sanctuary, which was filled with mouths, was poured into the elongated body, lost and lost.

Hahaha! The steam melts in every part of your body. Plus, the poison gland broke and the poison inside his head fell off.

"Grrrgh!" Grrrgh - Jimmy struggled, screaming in tremendous pain. As it was classified as an authority, the poison was actually unbearable.

A few meters of elongated body slammed into the ground, making everything around it crumble.

But somehow he tried to absorb the poison and try to regenerate it.

Má, Má Wang-Dog • • • • • La This uh, how? "The physical restoration did not take place.

No, it's broken at a faster rate over time. Suddenly, the Demon Lord was quickly devouring the flesh.

The attack did not end there.

Every time the dragon killer flew two or three times, Jimmy's back was covered with a huge hole.

A dragon killer can break into tens of pieces when hit by a target.

Of course, Jimmy's body had dragon-killer pieces embedded all over it like thorns. Wounds and addiction lead to faster speed.

When my mind gets stuck and my body twitches.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! This time, the cost price fell from above.

The waves of fire were 72 pieces of fire, and the waves of fire borrowed 72 pieces of fire and made peace with their sisters.

Hundreds of dragon-killer pieces embedded in Jimmy's body act as lightning bolts, sucking in lightning evenly.

The lightning bolt of fire that flowed into the body caused a chain explosion, throwing away the outside and the insides.

In an instant.

Jimmy became a lump of charcoal, and his cock continued to spit smoke. He had already lost most of his body.

It was a fatal wound, but the blood of the dragon showed a relentless will to save him at this hour. Perhaps he had survived if he had been given some time.


“I don't know what's going on!” “Grab it! It's ripe and delicious, so tonight's dinner is dragon meat!” Hahaha! I'll be feasting in no time! ”The one-horned tribe rushes at Jimmy with a cheerful smile. Every time I swing my weapon, the sturdy sheath and fleshpoint are cut apart.

There are no more forces left to resist Jimmy.

Bang! Jimmy's giant, throbbing head finally hits the ground.