Second Life Ranker

18. Summer Queen (8)

[Player 'Jimmy has died.] [You have completed some quests.

You have made a huge contribution to hunting Jimmy ', earning a large amount of Prudence.] Jimmy's death comes as a shock to the Red Dragon.

Lee Moon! "The greatest dragon rider to rule the tower on behalf of the Summer Queen. Each of them was an apostle, and they were also qualified as monarchs or superhumans.

He's dead? One eye was devastated.

The problem was that it was only the beginning.

Wedge! Wedge- Wedge- "Damn it! That damn spear again! Avoid! The Dragon Killer combats. Every time a dragon killer flashed with immense energy, the dragon rider quickly left his post.

The destructive power in the spear was also destructive. The Demon Lord's poison in the end and the lightning that followed hit them came as a shock.

I realized that my body will not become holy if I am swept away. As they inherited the dragon's blood, they couldn't escape the curse of the Demon King.

"That arrogant human! At that time, the fourth fallen triumph swooped down on the ground like a shot to the kite. A four-meter-long drake. The earthquake shakes up and down as if it were an earthquake: Sanon, Ghost and Rebecca step out in front of him.

Out of my way, all of you! The Triggers straightened their heads to trample them down. Sand dust builds up, Park Hyun's horn in his nose tries to sew them up! Sanon raises his sword full of black energy and Margie, and sets it on fire.

Volcano and Death Hand. The flame path erased the breakthrough of the Trigger from the fireworks, and the black hand that came up from under the ground firmly grasped his four feet.

A ghost crosses two swords, and Rebecca drops her head hard as she falls from the hills.

Bang! The Trigger has shown tremendous strength to carry both the undead and the spirits for a long time. However, I couldn't get rid of them completely, so I had to be tied up long before I reached Yeonwoo.

Then Rebecca suddenly jumps over his head. And then there was the dragon slayer.

Armored. If Jimmy had a breath of bitterness, the trigger boasted a hard, iron covering that wouldn't be hit by any attack.

The dragon slayer was fierce, and the waves of fire fell on it, but the cover was just a little cracked. The Demon Lord couldn't get inside.

Kill me! The "Triangle" realizes that the attack on Yeouido doesn't work on itself, and fills four legs with strength against a more confident opponent.

Sanon and Ghost intercepted him and started pushing back again.

Triggers stare at Yeongwoo with big eyes. The two longitudinally torn pupils shimmer coldly like the eyes of a snake.

Nose! But do it or don't. Yeon-woo casually threw the dragon killer back at him.

"Hmph! Try a thousand days!" The more I drew, the more I tried, the more I laughed.

That shit • • Boom! Guayang! Guang! Pussy Pussy! Overshining! What is this • • • • son? Light! Light! Guanyin! Trigger tries to push forward to the end. But the more aggression continues. When one foot becomes two, two becomes three, and then several. It made me feel something terrible.

No matter how hard a diamond is, if you keep hammering the same spot, it breaks and drinks.

Yeongwoo kept throwing dragon growers in the same spot.

111] 01 At first a slight distortion-muscle = 1-envelope continued to collapse inwardly, and eventually the fracture spread throughout the forehead.

If you stay like this, the cover will shatter and fall off. Trigger instinct flashes a warning light.

He was looking for anxiety.

But this time, my body didn't budge. It's like they're tied to something.

Dear Trigger, where are you going? "Living silver whispered to Trinity's beggar, smiling wickedly as if he had just hesitated or lied.

It sounds creepy to Trigger like the whisper of the Grim Reaper.

A shadow rises from his feet, tied tightly around him. Dozens of goons became one, and they bound him so that he could not escape.

Damn it! Let go! Trigger thought it was really dangerous to do this, but it cried out.

A one-eyed dragon breeder blew away with an unbearable sound of wind. The Trigger's eyes are pierced with more destructive power than ever before: the pieces of broken envelope protrude upward.

Decades of broken dragon growers injected the Demon King poison into a tightly embedded body.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The waves of fire fell from the sky and blew the entire horn of the trident and forehead.

Superior pieces of charred envelope pour down. Saehaan's steam rises in ruins from his hot head, and smoke blooms along his mouth and ears.

Triggy's front leg bends down without power: Knng! The ground shook with enormous weight.

Yeon-woo raises the dragon slayer again, thinking of finishing up. And as soon as I tried to throw it, something popped out of the side ground of the triggers and kicked them out in a line.

A sculpture-shaped dragon with long horns from its head to its tail with its feet on the ground. It was Tom, the youngest son of a lifesaver.

Despite how fast it was, before Sannon and Ghost caught up, he was already running as far away as he could with the triggers.

Two undead are trying to catch up.

Don't chase me! Yeon-woo quickly caught the two of them. Sanon and Ghost's feet stopped.

It's a shame you let him go, but don't leave so soon. It's the most important thing from now on. Don't let anyone near it. Yeon gave an order and raised her head.

Far away, I saw the Summer Queen still battling the King on the ground. He was still in the midst of a massive slab, producing the power to destroy the stage with his wings and one leg torn off.

However, the King and the Queen of Summer were the only ones left… 0 0 Until just now, I didn't see any dragons or eyes gathered around me to help the Queen of Summer.

He left because of the dragon killer.


That's what Yeon-woo wanted.

What's left of the summer queen. An environment that allows us to focus on catching him without interruption.

Yeongwoo stretched towards the flower dragon grower on the floor. Only 2012 left; eight dragon killers.

'In here.' One of them was caught at my fingertips.

'Catch him.' Koh} Suddenly - Brahms and wealth side by side of the thread overlap again, causing the body to twist and then recover to regeneration.

Your grip on the dragon slayer gives you strength.

Bang, bang. Bang. Trigger sighs roughly as he hears his feet rumble.

Black smoke pours from my mouth without rest. I couldn't help but wake up with half my head smashed in.

But I knew one thing for sure. You came back from the dead. It was all thanks to my youngest.

Thanks to you, I was very grateful to have lived.

He's the one who ignored his youngest and said he couldn't do his job properly.

And just a few hours ago, even though it was hilarious, even though it was outside my mother's eyes, I was saved like this.

I was proud of it, but on the one hand I was too grateful.

What if you were the one on the wall? I would have laughed at you for being so stupid that you were beaten by a mere mortal.

They used to have that kind of relationship.

Even when brothers are bound together, there is always a competitor who fights to read Mother's love.

I thought so, but in fact, I thought of myself as my older brother.

"Thank you. I'm thankful." What do you mean? After a long distance from the battlefield, Tom quietly lowered his triggerman to the ground.

Trigger now gazes at Tom, forcing his head to begin to recover a little. Though his vision did not return completely, he was still able to identify the large shape of the wall.

By the way.

I don't know if you know it. I felt that Tom was strangely smiling.

Laughing in this situation? When the charter's leaning in that direction? Mother will probably die today. "And Izzie said, Trigi frowns. The reptile's face didn't change that much, but I slept with a lot of wrinkles along the snow.

What are you saying, saying? Mother dies? For the Red Dragon, the Summer Queen was a god. And to a beggar, her existence was greater than God's.

Mother who gave me blood. It was never possible for him to die. You should never think about it, nor should you ever put it in your mouth.

But Tom somehow spilled his cynics.

It's already over. How am I supposed to win when I hear wings from the King? Moreover, even if you win, the poison invaded the bone marrow.

You've consumed enormous amounts of energy, maybe a long day? Is that all you have left? Shut Up! My mother will never die! The dragon will be completely humble with this. Just like the Giants did.

And what's left? They're dragons, especially those of us who have inherited Mother's blood. We will take the place of the missing dragon and be reborn as a new one. And. What does it take to do that? Do not come. Don't come! "Trigger finally realizes what Tom wants and tries to back off. But I still felt dizzy. I can't feel my strength on my four feet. The Demon Lord has just invaded the bone marrow. My body was moving from the inside.

My name is Tom. Greed, appetite. You can say anything.You know how the youngest one gets greedy? So. "Bang-bang!" The sound of the wall's footsteps draws closer.

You feel it in your ears as the Grim Reaper approaches. He struggles, but he is still powerless. The power was gone.

Then, one day, Tom's enormous shadow covers the eye of the trigi.

I should have a seat as the polyp. I took away your power for laughing at me. "Summer King divides the power of the dragon into several pieces and divides it among his children. Since power could be recovered at any time, children always had to live with the awareness of Mother.

But this was definitely the time when such a mother would die. If the reclaimer is gone, where will the power go? And the dragon's blood? The correct answer was one. I was the first to eat.

Overwhelming! Tom chirps his teeth into the Trigger's broken head, his jaw cracking open.

With a thumping sound, a solid duct bone breaks Trigger's head.

The flesh and water were sucked into my mouth.

The Demon Lord's poison filters out the Demon King's poison. Tom ate his brother again and again for a long time.

"Kuaaaa!" The Queen of Summer raised her head to the pain of the second and fourth broken rope.

81 eyes were merely spiritual connections, but the dragonflies shared his power.

That connection was forcibly disconnected, so there was no choice but to react strongly.

Unless I get back the power I gave you. The pain has doubled since you didn't even come back. He ate another child.

“You're a sick fuck.

The king will put his palms firmly down on the back of the Summer Queen as he spits out his dirty words.

Cotton in accordance with the Weighted Water Act (Article 32191; 25484;). There were no apparent changes, but the strength seeped into the Summer Queen's body and twisted.

Muscles and flesh, blood vessels and magical circuits, and even the innards deep down, were all torn apart.

Queen Guuong - Summer's right hind leg collapsed. A huge body lands on the floor. As her body rots up and down, a single sweep pours down her mouth.

He didn't seem to have the strength to fight anymore. The poison has now seeped into the root of the bone marrow, and the ingenuity it was forcibly pulling out is almost at the bottom.

However, he tried to capture the King by casting a spell. With a swift move, the king counteracts the smoke while breaking or avoiding all magic.

After the shattering of the spine and the race, the two battles have been slanted to a unilateral victory.

The king said, "In return," and spit out his bloody fin on the floor.

The boiling blood still did not resolve properly. The excitement that was so hot left me disturbed.

I want to release this journal somehow. Unlike what she had originally expected, the Summer Queen was still unable to be that opponent. The Summer Queen was no match for him.

That made me a little annoyed.

The only one who can stand against him in this tower is Queen of Summer, except Allfowon.

Another King Home? In fact, it was unpleasant for the King to be tied in one lump with such nonsense. They couldn't even hold onto their own clothes.

By the way.

Right now, the only one capable of handling him is dying.

I was begging for death from the beginning if I was going to die fighting with myself. He didn't do much. Except for a couple of crashes.

This is why I can't help but lift my fist.

“I don't like it.” The King frowned.

I've been feeling curious for a long time. It felt so good to be back in my youth. I felt uneasy as if I didn't wipe my back while looking at my work.

I felt like healing the Summer Queen and wanting to fight again later.

But he couldn't go any further.

Sun = 1. It's not me you see before you die, is it? This was also the fact that Wing 1 midnight snow had something to do with fighting the Summer Queen.

But I didn't know what it was. I'm just guessing that's what caused the damage to the body.

So when the shadow of death strangled the queen, she was reminded of midnight, not the king.

The two distant eyes have already lost their focus and are not looking at the King.

After all, killing the Summer Queen meant midnight, not midnight.

The king said, "Ha! 'and laughed nonsense.

What difference does it make to be angry here? You can't be angry with someone who's already dead. He had no contact with Midnight Friend like this, but he usually thought he was okay.

I felt like my food had been stolen from my sight. It doesn't get any better if you're annoyed.

If there's anything else he can do right now. To put the queen out of her misery so quickly? That was the last salute a rival monarch could make with a summer queen.

Mother! Queen! Avoid! Reading such a godless basin: Or did she feel the breath of a summer queen who was about to be cut off?

81 snow and dragon riders who had been scattered all around were screaming for the Summer Queen, trying to rush to the king.

But the King's hand was closer than Milly's. The torso quickly rotates and merges into one. A tiny, powerful orb is formed on your fingertips. Just a fingernail scratch.

It seemed very weak to me.

Eight different kinds of force in the armrests were extremely compressed.

< Nonpolar (f!! Dabee >. It was an epiphany that raised my arm several steps or more to interpret Taegyeong Hye's half-sword.

I was supposed to show it to Olfowon. The King thought it would be okay to send him to this at the end. Respectful, compassionate.

When I was slowly planting the drama with the Summer Queen.

Seung, I'm sorry, but I have to take him. The King suddenly raised his head to the city of defiance of his youngest disciple.


A dozen broken dragon growers pour down like rain. Pulling back an enormous wave of compressed fire.

The dragon slayer has lodged itself in the Summer Queen's torso. The waves of fire immediately followed and beat the Summer Queen relentlessly.

Eight dragonslayers were dropped by Yeon Woo.

The waves of fire hit Queen Summer's body again and again, dropping their magic circuits completely.

Burned it again and again.

I broke it again and again.

Too much, too much. Kwa-r-r-r! In a freezing silence, like a lie, where the world was falling like this, after a series of bombings that seemed to last forever.

The Summer Queen who landed one-nil was so thoroughly damaged that she couldn't even recognize her form.

That's the end of it.

I exhaled my last persistent breath.