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19. A World of Upheaval (1)

The cold silence settles.

No one could say anything fast.

Everyone on the battlefield did not fully understand what was going on, but swallowed only dry water.

No, I understood it, but I didn't want to hurt it.

It was because they could not believe what they were seeing.

The Red Dragon has nothing more to say. It was true that I was lacking in loneliness. I went to great lengths to kill the Summer Queen. No one ever really believed she was gonna die.

The weight of the Summer Queen was too great.

The Last Dragon.

Dominator of the Tower.

The monarch who had reigned as a legend along with the tower's history for thousands of years closed his eyes.

And when she realizes she's not breathing out any more.

“Mother!” Waltz sprints first. The elder is pushed away and the wings of the dragon are forced to fly. Her eyes were bloodshot.

Past days have passed in my head.

- Be happy as you are unlike this father or mother.

Father and Mother closed their eyes while holding their hands tightly. They were no longer tied to their families, their families, and they were freely entrusted to God.

However, there were not many ways for an orphan without any ointment to survive in the fierce world of the tower.

Because of this, all Waltz's childhood memories were either going through the garbage cans or fighting with animals to try to do something about her as a girl.

Then I met my mother. The day it rained. I was struck by a stone while trying to save myself, and I poured out tears holding my dead friend's hand. I didn't need this freedom, and I made a commitment to dive into the river.

It was that day.

- Come with me.

“I didn't know then why I had to give it to myself. No, I wasn't interested. I was going to die anyway. All I could think about was how things would be.

Then one day became them, one year, ten years. Being the daughter of the man who held her hand, I was able to stand beside her: I actually knew why she had taken her hand. I realized a long time ago that there was no unreasonable kindness in the world. Bloodline.

She just needed her own blood and qualities.

But Waltz was so grateful for it. It was the first time anyone needed themselves. My parents told me to live freely, but in fact, it was an irresponsible word like organic.

Waltz needed a place to lean. A house and a blanket. That's what the Summer Queen was like.

So I tried very hard. You've mastered the art of art, and you've mastered magic. Mother, you would laugh and tell me that there's nothing you can do about yourself now.

In other people's eyes, the Summer Queen shines like a monster.

A monster about to swallow a tower. It's a monster who wants to go up and eat God and the Devil. No one can escape her touch, and no one can escape her shade.

But for Waltz, the summer queen. He gave her a house and a blanket, and was the only one who held her hand in a cold place, and was such a grateful 'Mother.'

My mother would never lie down in a place like this. Even if he did this, I wanted to make sure he was comfortable on his last journey.


Blah, blah, blah, blah! The Summer Queen's shadow suddenly expands, and as it rises into the air, she begins to wrap her corpse like a bandage.

“No1!” Waltz felt uneasy and caught the Summer Queen's corpse.

The giant corpse melts completely into the shadows before him.

“Ahhhh!” Waltz squeezes his temples as he watches the Summer Queen disappear, screaming and turning his head away.

There stood a king who survived the dragon killer's bombardment, wrapped around his body in self-defense.

The King was making a mischievous face. Unpleasant and unpleasant. There was also a smile that seemed to be missing a tooth. He was cursing at the youngest disciple who made 20,000 looks inside.

Then I narrowed my eyes when I saw Waltz staring at me.

Following Whit-Wallz, the Summer Queen was blooming in 20129; the Whale Pier was blooming. But the problem was the familiar power hidden in it.

A thick, dark aroma. It was the scent of Plum. It was a unique phenomenon only when I learned the Plumber's Festival of Blood in my family.

How does he have this base? “You.” Waltz grits his teeth as if chewing. At that moment, Waltz was released from hiding.

360 units of blood were opened next to the horsepower circuit. The internal air starts along the carotid artery. Then, with a terrible crack in the bone, the horn protrudes through the left temple of Waltz.

Both eyes were locked in purple. Horns and purple eyes symbolizing the unicorn tribe. And then a unique anomaly with dragon scales and wings and tails that symbolize dragons.

Never unseal it until the inner air and magical forces are mixed, and the Summer Queen sent a bridegroom.

Waltz couldn't take it anymore.

“You took everything from me.” Waltz growls with a bunch of dragon peers.

“I'm going to kill you. Killing him, Waltz clenches his fist like he's about to give the King a hard time.


Waltz raises his head, not talking. The King turned his gaze in the same direction, reflexively. My face was slightly distorted due to annoyance.

“What now?” There were countless portals opening along the sky.

And there's a lot of players pouring down.

They were dressed as one.

Red armor and a long spear. Hanging a three-square sword on your waist, you wield a large tower shield on your back.

It seemed more fitting to say that he was a vigorous soldier than a free player.

They moved swiftly and quickly, line up and line up.

“Why the fuck are those things popping up here again?” There are those who know their king well.

Family Number 24676; Group Number).

An army run directly by the bloodlines who talk nonsense that they are a moving country.

Moreover, what appeared afterwards was several ducs, four ducs, and a garrison.

It only means that all those who could be the highest force of the blood group appeared.

“Hmmm! What a shame. I thought the dinners would be full of fun when I arrived. A massive ball drops heavily in front of your bloodline. Fat and pouty. The crown on his head, which was about to burst, looked ridiculous as it was so small as a bone.

It was only a matter of time after he landed on the ground and disobeyed Duke Ardward for a long time.

“Pig, what are you doing here?” “Who calls a luggage this vulgar? Look who it is.

You're Jim's best friend, Nayu! It's been a long time! "He glanced at the king as soon as he saw him.

It was hilarious to try to show a genuine tone of voice and magnificence without feeling any majesty at all.

But the King was too well aware of the horror lurking beneath him.

You have to have everything you want, and if you don't, you'll destroy it so you don't die of delusions and paranoia.

For the sake of my greed, tens of thousands of people can live in Mol 1- 1_without blinking.

On that subject, I was also the one who had the "immortal death" horse for him.

The gluttonous emperor

The head of the bloodline burst into laughter to look respectable elsewhere.

The king didn't want to see the grease flowing through his brow. He frowns deeply and rolls one lip up.

“Why? I thought the eardrum was gone when I came here for my last beating.

I don't know if your right ear is okay. ”An obvious provocation.

Duke Ardbad's back frowned and flew toward the knife, but the appetizer jumped from place to place.

“Huh! How can you see my luggage? No matter what kind of joke you're making! Why are you arguing with me? No dignity!” It was a long time ago. Food and Drug Administration 1 had still not forgotten. I reached out to the tribesman who was climbing up the stairs to taste the flesh of the one-horned tribe, and when I heard the news, I only recalled the appearance of the king who had torn down half the palace again, and I felt cold sweat running down my back.

It is fortunate that they have not slaughtered the tribesmen yet, otherwise they will be able to feed themselves that day.

But I was beaten to a pulp, so I still felt bad thinking about that day.

King Arrgg? Fuck you. The King has been out of that category for a long time.

And the Summer Queen was clearly beaten.

The emperor had no intention of losing to the king. He only looked down from 77 floors occasionally, but rarely intervened in the case.

That meant that the only absolute one in the tower was the King.

I had no reason to do anything but snow.

Strong for the weak, infinitely weak for the strong. That was the secret to the Food and Drug Administration's clan being able to do as much as it is today.

“Jim came all the way here to help another friend of his.” “There you go.” The King turns his head along the direction the appetizer hides, then frowns slightly.

Up that far hill.

A masked lotus stood up and looked at this place. Then King Zeyamu was able to understand everything. From the night of Valpurgis to the bloodline, every clan in the tower has been fooled by its apprentice.

“You must be relieved. What a brilliant apprentice you have! How can I have three such disciples instead of one, and tell Jim the secret? • • Hahaha. I'm joking.” The appetizer dodges the axe eye of the godless by the side, staring down at himself. Then I asked carefully.

“But, yes.” “What, again? What are you going to do after this?” The king smiled at the greedy, gloomy emperor.

I could almost see what he was after.

Though he has now ascended to the absolute top of his mind. He actually only cared about his fame and the comfort of his clan, and had no ambition for domination or rule at all.

That means only one thing.

The place where the Summer Queen disappeared meant that the throne to rule the tower was empty.

'The first to claim the empty throne will be the owner.' Of course, the appetizer was just as obsessed with eating as he was with power. The mission of rebuilding the lost country on this land was the driving force behind him.

And the first target is.

'Is that him?

The food emperor tasted the waltz of dragon peers. He used to sing that song about wanting to taste dragon meat. Just like that.

But he didn't reveal himself, he looked into the eyes of the king. The horn on one side of Waltz's head is catching my attention.

The King shakes his head as if he doesn't care.

I knew waltz was from the one-horned tribe, but that was it. He had already abandoned his brother. There was no reason to take a child whose name was out of the family's hands.

Yeah, well, there's more to it than that, Joe, because it's not gonna suit your personality. When you're done, I'll take care of the baggage. ”“ That's one hell of a scavenger. ”“ Wouldn't you rather be naked by wolves or eagles? ”Wolves and eagles devour the flesh of predators without hesitation. And yet it symbolizes bravery and toussaint.

The Food Court Emperor was not ashamed of being so cruel to himself. Only those who read everything in the end were the true victors.

Following the order of the Food and Drug Administration, the blood group held the future together. Enemy, enemy, Chuck. At the sound of the boots, I started singing to the soldiers.

A victorious soldier. His strength starts to regenerate as his blood group's unique length improves his combat strength by connecting the soldiers' minds together.

And the dietary appetizer who received that kind of vigor began to change slowly.

The flabby flesh turned into hard muscles and drifted inward. At once, as the bone grew straight up, it turned into a much more than two meters of jewelry.

He was skinny and had a big look in his eyes. An ominous and sinister aura surrounded him.

“Everyone enjoy yourselves! It's banquet day! Have fun and drink!” When the paladin shouted at the mouth of the leaky mouth, the frenzied blood group started to cry out in unison and ran forward. But the military never stopped.

Bang, bang, bang - and staring at it, he said, "A vision! You need to stay out of the way!” Surrounded by the crowds.

Now the Summer Queen is dead and rotting, and even the bloodlines are cruel. The Red Dragon is no longer in a state of restraint from fighting.


Since the Red Dragon's defeat, he has suffered a disgrace that no one but Allfowon has given him.

Waltz bit his lower lip tightly. I wanted to avenge her death by burning her to the end. Now I had to take care of the brothers and servants my mother left me.

Finally, clenching his fist. I opened my mouth looking up at the waltz sky.

“Everyone, stand down.

It was a very silly thing to say, but the voice was conveyed equally to all members connected to the Red Dragon and bound to their actions.

Yong-dae. The power to indulge the laws of the world.

She was the only one of the Summer Queen's children who had mastered magic, and she was a worthy opponent who could speak freely.

And to start with.

Players of the remaining dragon, 81 eyes and red dragon began to tear the scepter together and open a large portal.

“Feed is restored! Don't miss a thing! Eat it all!” The Food and Drug Administration emperor empowered both eyes with the power of the red tinkling. To make sure we don't miss a chance to eat delicious beef.

[You have achieved a tremendous public domain for Sudden Quest (Wanted 1).] [That contributed to the vanquishing of Ismereos. Re- - Rae - The High Testament is defeated.] [Final Grade] # 1. Nayu (501,953PYNT) 2nd place. # # (105,119P () INT) [Quest achieved a high score.] [To calculate the compensation, the Administration has entered the decision. Wait a moment.] [You won the '4th INTRANIAN' for your reward.] [As a reward, I won the fifth intrennial.] [As a reward, I've acquired the Dragon Scroll.] [As compensation • • • • • • •.] I see a lot of messages that come to mind.

Gaaa! You grip your teeth at the top of your hand, and look down at the volcanic ghost to escape your restraint.

A guy with a different set of resources than him.

It was the ghost of the summer queen.