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20 Us. a turbulent world (2)

Enemies had many facets.

The motives were different, and the hacks were different. There were those who put a knife to the heart directly, such as Bajal and Lient, and there were those who hid their lives without words, such as Baldevich.

In the case of the High Priestess or the Archbishop of the Horse Army, I did not like the appearance of new rivals chasing after them, so I held hands and chased after Arthya.

In that regard, the Summer Queen's position was a little hazy.

She also didn't pay much attention to the stairs below.

Even if Bajal had escaped and joined the Red Dragon, that would be all.

It was her underlings who were hostile to her and her brother.

In fact, until then, the summer queen had barely exchanged greetings with her sister.

There was no reason to rule out the heir to the dragon calatus.


'Eventually, the Summer Queen turned her back on Jungwoo. No, at the end, I even tried to kill him myself.

And in the process, there was a battle between the Summer Queen and her sister.

The Summer Queen could barely get rid of her brother, but she had to embrace the aftermath of Dragon Heart's destruction.

And from then on, it was as Yeon-woo knew. The loss of the Dragon Heart led to a decline in power, which eventually led to extinction.

And as a result: the Summer Queen growled, held in her hands.

She squeezes the righteous into an unbearable bind.

King Jehovah's despair was so great that he could not escape the soul of the great dragon.

Her spirit was filled with the desire to tear Yeong-woo apart at least immediately.

A veil with such nonsense. I could not forgive him for not returning to nothing even after he died and making himself miserable.

Yeongwoo lifted her mask slightly and showed her face.

“Is that an answer?” Oh, how! "The Summer Queen's ghost was instantly engulfed by the Fanny opponent and could not say anything. The gray mass trembles.

It was because I had never heard of the resurrection of the dead.

No, leave it like that. She's a polyp with a dragon's eye. If Wing had returned, I couldn't tell even with a mask on.

What the hell is going on? The Master is in chaos.

If it was her, she'd have noticed the front and back. The shock from the fall of the ghost caused the accident to fail intact.

So, filled with the spirit's mind, it was the curse left by Haebon Wing.

- As long as you don't get out of that ghost, you'll never know. Forever. Probably struggling with loneliness until the end, closing my eyes like that.

Havon Wing's ghost. It meant the Queen of Summer's longevity to defeat Olfo Gardens and finally climb to the 98th floor to devour both gods and demons.

All these years. When her people were disappearing one by one and she was the only one left.

The Summer Queen realized that she was the only one in the world and that loneliness was her path.

However, after refuting it from the front, there is Hi1 Bong Wing 1.

It's just a mystery. Now it's nothing more than a dead Calatus piece of shit. I blasphemed my life without knowing it. The Summer Queen couldn't stand it, and eventually she bumped into him.

However, Haebon Wing did not remove his compassionate gaze while falling down as the wings of the sky were broken, while he was lost in the flames left by Bress.

- Firebird 6 & poor Ismereos. Last Yong-ho • • • "Havon Wing! Hae-Bon Ying!" The nightmare that I had always buried in the corner of my heart and pressed down on it suddenly popped up. My mind is all black.

The Summer Queen's ghost is in chaos. You told me to let go of the base. You told me not to come.

'This will be dangerous if you keep this up.

Yeon-woo frowns, forcefully gripping the wraith of the struggling summer queen.

The Black Bracelet's restraints shake violently. In the end, it was only after triggering the thirty thousand spirits that we were able to calm down.

It's gonna be hard to digest.

I wonder if dragons are dragons. It took me a while to get it right.

Then I felt the cost price of salmon coming this way, and I pushed the Summer Queen's ghost back into the collection.

No matter how hard he struggled, it didn't matter.

“Haha! The opponent looks fine.

It's hard to believe he's the one who made all that fuss. ”The people who appeared in front of the Fellowship were a group called Art. With a kind face, he bursts into laughter.

Bombardment over the Summer Queen. It was an impressive sight that opened new eyes to the ice king who had been playing on the battlefield for a long time.

Yeongwoo was a little intertwined with such an ice king. I know I'm not a bad person, but I was overwhelmed by gratitude for no reason.

It was our first encounter today, and if it wasn't for the King, there would be no other contact. An insider's social life is a bit of a burden on the outside mind.

So I was wondering how to answer that.

Wedge_This time I felt a miracle on the other side: a dark, unclaimed smell of blood even if I erased it. There are no kings or outsiders.

However, I did not like the expression on the leading edge. A hard face, unlike the usual fluffy face. Eyes fixed, direction of flight, were all on Yeouido.

It's a bustling atmosphere that feels like a punch right now.

Ice sheet, Twice and Meldon are a few steps away with Artran.

And, as expected, the king punched Yeon-woo at the same speed. It was creepy enough that the head of Yeon Woo flew off with a fierce gust.

However, Yeon stood upright without even thinking about stopping her.

Finally, his fist stopped like a lie in front of the brow of Yeon Woo.

Instead, a barren canyon behind the moat explodes and blows away. The canyon was torn apart as soon as the battle between King and Queen Summer broke out, but now all the remaining figures are gone.

It was a life-threatening situation.

Yeongwoo still stared at the King's fist without blinking an eye.

As if he didn't like it, King frowned and slapped his fist.

Yikes! "He” wraps his head in pain that breaks his skull. He was the one who didn't moan when the body was destroyed by the beef overlap. This night hurt so much.

The King's head turns sideways.

“Th-much? Grrrgh? He's a teacher. He stole his own dinner and ate it. Ugh! You have to dip one foot in the real Stix and look at the face of the Summer Queen across the river to be sober.” I couldn't say that the Summer Queen's soul is now in her collection. I felt like I was going to get it right before I died if I threw that joke at him.

But if it's also a disease, is it a disease?

Yeon-woo talks without knowing it.

“In order to relieve you of your hard work,“ Ahhhh! "“ Where are you talking back? ”The king sat there, wrapped around his head, and stared at his crippled disciple for a long time, sighing," Get lost. "

Then he said with a serious face.

“Is she one of them?” Yeon has yet to reveal her identity and purpose to the King.

But he knew that his youngest disciple had a deep sigh, and that he was going up the tower to unravel it.

This is also one of them.

Yeongwoo nods quietly, shaking her head as if she couldn't stop him.

His grass seemed to be of great scale.

A puddle of forces that say that one of outer space is destroyed, the Administration, the Union, the Giant Clan, and so on. At the end, he participated in the blood country. There was no such thing as a mess.

Even though he suffered a lot in his youth. But it was nothing compared to the youngest disciple.

Looks more like a serious rainfall to me. What he was doing was no different.

Well, that's why I like it.

And he laughed himself out of his mind, thinking it was funny.

“This is your doing, so keep it clean to the end.” The King knocked on the back of the Nile a few times, returning to where the elders and tribesmen were.

“My chieftain, you're not being very honest.

“Just cheer me on for all the hard work. Is that so hard to say? Or because the day tickles?” Shut up, you bastards! Where the hell is he? ”“ He's gone. It just popped.

“Let's go get him first.

He exchanges a few words with the tribesmen and turns his head to the place with Artran's back.

Ice King greets you.

“Long time no see." “When did you get out? I didn't hear anything.

“It wasn't long ago. You're exactly the same as you used to be. Just like you.” “Is that a compliment or an insult?” “Accept it yourself.” The king smiles and quickly sweeps the ice king up and down.

“Looks like you've got a lot going for you. How about a game later?” Uh-huh. Don't even joke about it.I wish it was 10 years ago, but now I feel like I've had a bad day. It doesn't heal if you get hurt. ”“ You still have the strength of a spoon. Anyway, I'll see you later. ”The King greeted the Ice King, and for a few moments he melted and met his eyes.

But the king passed Meldon without saying a word. Like a stranger.

No, I treated people like they didn't even exist. No matter how severed the relationship was, it was once a death relationship. However, Knoxton appears to be at ease.

The king and the one-horned tribe quickly hide their tracks as they appeared. It was to find the target again.

All war ended when Yeonwoo rose from her seat by repairing her mask. It was only a matter of a few days, but I felt like I had been through a lot at once.

At the same time, I thought about it. despite the capture of Viera Dunne and the Queen of Summer. Despite this huge upheaval, there were still a lot of hostiles left, and it doesn't look like a tidal wave on the scale of the tower.

“Hey, brother.

While thinking that way, Dora carefully approaches and calls out to him.

“What's the matter?” “Are you sure you have a large lump over your head • • • • • but +?” Yeon-woo touched her forehead and smiled bitterly. I wonder if the hump came out of it. My head is still frozen.

“Haha! Hahaha!” Zhang Wei realizes that the one-horned tribe has started chasing again, and is moving quickly out of the endless night world and beyond the tower.

By the way.

He is clearly a hunted man, but his smile never disappeared from his mouth.

However, it was not the sound of laughing because I was happy. Devastated, filled with grief.

It was a laugh filled with contempt and contempt, and vengeance and hatred. A photoshop.

It was the laughter of a madman.

“You're here, right? Here? Even though it was incredible, • • • Jang Wei is still unforgettable.

When he was about to protest against the King, he saw a monopoly. It was the first time I had ever seen it. And yet.

There were two emotions when I saw him.

The day is ripe.



Why would I think that? Despite the strength of the unique and incompatible with the rammers on the lower levels.

But it wasn't enough to give Zhang Wei, the top-tier, a sense of crisis among the High Hangers.

However, Zhang Wei was disturbed by the 'warning of an endless instinct'.

You probably don't know him because he's wearing a mask.

Why the day is ripe. No, precisely 'the atmosphere was right.

So Zhang Wei fell far away and stepped on Yeon Woo's trail. I wanted to know the origin of the warning. I could almost tell if his senses were sensitive, but I could still keep an eye on him with my developed vision.

And in the process.

As soon as he met his eyes beyond the mask, Zhang Wei immediately realized who he was.

That eye. Even if it was covered at a different cost, it would never be forgotten. The ignorant, chewy eyes of the world and the Captain's dirty eyes.

'Sis, the commander has entered the tower.

I got the answer! '