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Vaporise. a turbulent world (3)

Zhang Wei said, "It was in Africa that I met the lake.

At that time, the United Nations secretly reorganized the creation of a multinational special force to target the rebels, and each major unit recruited skilled individuals.

'I participated as the commander of such an army.

The troops laughed at him the first time they saw him.

They're all special forces, every unit, every country, every one of them. It is also offensive that there is an Asian family member, but it is hard to get horns because a chick under the age of 30 sits on them beforehand.

Zhang Wei wondered how the commander would settle things. You'll be grumbling like a normal commander who doesn't even know my subject.

Or he's really good at making everybody shut up.

Although Zhang Wei was a French citizen from the French foreign military, he had long been heavily discriminated against and ignored for being born in the Oriental world.

Until now, my colleagues turned their gaze when they stopped, but it took quite a while for that to happen.

But the commander, as if it didn't matter, didn't care how he pointed around, no matter what he said below.

Just so you won't get caught.

It was all about ordering training in a timely manner. How strongly did you, as a commander, participate in the training? But it was not that noticeable or performance.

The crew gave no thought to the incompetent commander. Rather, I looked closely, I tried to argue. The commander didn't care about that at all.

As time went by, the interest in Captain Jang Weido was almost lost.

Then, after I crossed over to the United States to live happily with Yang, my sister who had been out of contact for several years suddenly visited the troops.

Hold the hand of a girl who looks about five years old in one hand.

For a short while, Zhang Wei, who had been locked up in his old thoughts, quickly regained his mind.

Now was not the time to get wet with perfume. At a time when I didn't know when the tribe of outstanding one-horns would come, I had to run as far away as possible and come up with the next plan.

His goal is no longer King.

It was someone I thought I would never see again.

"Chief, Chief, Chief! 'Zhang Wei recalled when he first became a palace of cleanliness under a contract with the Red Dragon.

At the time, he moved only as much as he needed, and only as much skill as he needed. Waiting for the Red Dragon to swallow cleanliness one day. That was what Zhang Wei had to do. It was a boring, boring life.

Then there was the only case that overpowered Zhang Wei.

The war against Arniya.

For whatever reason, the Eight Clans, which were usually busy growling, were holding hands and pressuring Arniya. Zhang Wei, who was not interested in cleanliness for months anyway, was not involved in the war.

But I had a duty to be an atheist when I joined the war.

He's having an affair.

There was a job that could never have been in the tower. It was the same bird face as the commander.

Within a long time, I could see that someone else was clearly different from the commander in their personality or behavior. But I couldn't help but be interested.

Haebon Wing Cha Jung-woo.

He was from Earth, and even had the same name as the commander.

Family or brothers? The commander hardly talked about his personal life, so he could not figure out what the family relationship was like.

At that time, however, Zhang Wei felt strongly that the world was small.

Since then, Zhang Wei has been able to participate in the mission with more joy. The battlefield he was supposed to watch over was his hunting ground.

And now the commander himself is here.

'The Revenge of the Brothers. Yeah, if that's the case, I get it.

Of course, I haven't taken off my mask yet, so I'm not sure yet.

However, Zhang Wei thought he couldn't hear his eyes. Its distinctive eyes, posture, craftsmanship and habit. It could never be distinguished.


The name of the monopoly. When I heard the word, why didn't I think of it from the beginning? That's gotta be the name of the guy who ran 7J. To allies, to foes, to fearful names.

If only he had known the gospel of his brother in some far-off land. Of course you had to move.

'I want to go there right away if I feel like it.' Unfortunately, you can't draw.

Zhang Wei kicked his tongue with a pity. Now I have to focus on running away from the one-horned tribe. We shouldn't have fought. Those agitated predators after seeing the blood were dangerous if they were mistaken.

'First of all, hide completely.

Until the entire chase of the one-horned tribe ceases. I was going to be dead for a while. Two years? That should be enough. There was already a skull to hide.

I hid myself from that inhuman commander, and that's where I ran off to.

And the real hunt was enough from then on. When you're relieved that it's all over. I had to move then.

'Captain, what you couldn't do on Earth.

Let's end with this: 'If my sister finds out about this, what will she look like?

Zhang Wei finishes up his thoughts.

2 `-L 'Suddenly melted into the darkness and disappeared.

[Endless Night Worlds as your final reward. "] Yeon glanced at the picnic smile as she saw the last flashing message.

'That's a lot of money.' The red dragon made me look so strong.

In fact, after all, the quest wasn't finished yet. The deadline was three days, and the Red Drag Muscle was dead only to the Summer Queen, and the Clan remained intact.

'I don't know how long those healthy parts will last.

That meant that the Red Dragon still had many corners to bite and could raise more public space.

Nevertheless, the Bureau seemed to be waiting for a reward.

That's one of the great things.

It was so much that it was hard to remember everything.

"No, the Bureau can just steal the Red Dragon's fortune and give it to him. There were two things that were most compensated for without losing anything.

Intranian and outer space.

A sub-space warehouse, the property of the Red Dragon.

Yeonwoo has already stolen it from Bajal.I was able to get three more things that I used to use.

Everything was different.

A treasure chest filled with various types of gold and silver treasures. An arsenal of valuable artifacts. Standing full of magical books, like the one the Summer Queen herself collected or described. It seemed to be the welfare of the administration.

"Haha! This place is amazing. Do you know if you just found the moon?" Of course, the magical scroll was open to the widows of Abraham. Abraham was as excited as a puppy with his eyes pierced.

Did you find anything good? ' Every Find. Here's a Blood Relation Grimoire. This is more of a superpower. It must be hard to theorize. As expected, polyps are polyps. "It would be amazing if Abraham were surprised." Amazing. Incredible! And now you know why this blood magic is so important? Because the bloodline is based on genetic factors in blood, you don't need any other spells or formulas.

I could see Abraham smiling even here.

It means you'll be able to learn it easily. Don't they have a limit on branding spells these days? Branding Spell. It was a rune magic and magical weapon engraved on the ribs by Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo nods. I've been feeling somewhat limited by the magic of the runes these days that I use most of Abraham's power.

Time or me later. It's hard to learn for the first time.Once you do, it'll be very easy. If you use dragons and narcos, it works. It's almost like a fire. Then Abraham smiled maliciously.

And one more insistence. You have to master Blood Magic to be sure, and it'll be easier to pass on dragon magic later. Due to the nature of it, the bloodline is a subset of the Word. Yeon opened her eyes wide. Yong. Six-letter Awakening can only be opened, and seventh Awakening can only be used in full use. A book describing the tree-Naka record of Sephiroth. It's not just magic books, it's full of all kinds of knowledge.

Those who have explored the truth. The Elder would love it: It would be good to tear apart the tax collectors. . Thinking about everything related to Caesar was also a disease.

I was reminded of a place where maybe this place • • • • - was the knowledge warehouse that the polyps were trying to protect for the last time.

A place known to contain all the knowledge of the 'Hawkma.' The scroll the Summer Queen had was part of the Hogma she brought in as needed. If so, it would have been a great help to Yeon-woo.

Anyway, I'll check it out and tell you again. I think there's more to it than meets the eye. Finally, Abraham's brotherhood was cut off.

Yeon-woo laughed nonsense.

You're in second place, first place. = Did you receive Almanac? Yeon-woo suddenly had such curiosity. However, whether the King received a month or not, the result was determined.

'Everything will be taken away from the commander.

I don't have enough money to run this town, so I'll ask you to give it to me. It was refreshing to think of the king who would become unfair. The lump on my head was still numb, so I never thought of it.

In addition to outer space, the endless world of night has now turned into a pond. It seemed that Valpurgis' night was doomed and no longer qualified.

"Outer space. How do I use this?" 'The war between the Red Dragon and the Onehorn tribe has turned into a complete wasteland. In order to make use of it, it had to be rebuilt from the beginning. And there was only one way to use outer space' Clean House. 'Yeon-woo was deeply troubled. Clan. I wish I didn't have to. During this previous life, I was rethinking Yeon-woo's "organization."

The Red Dragon, the Loneliness, the organization. Whereas you are alone. Until now, I came to Yonke Butter, but now I need a fence to protect myself and help me.

Then maybe this space will be a good foundation. When I think about it.

“What does it look like you're carrying the world? Sleep? What about the trauma? You spend that kind of money and go to sleep, bitch?” Artran, who was sitting across from you, stares at Yeongwoo with a face full of horns.

Yeon-woo woke up from a thought. They were out of outer space and traveling outside the tower.

Immediately before the abuse of the dragon slayer caused a catastrophic discharge, Artran summoned the wagon and set the party on fire.

He also felt like he wanted to go as comfortably as he did when he moved because some were older.

There was a reason I wanted to urge you to pay for the trauma right after the quest.

Because the interest rate for the trauma was higher than expected, the amount to be paid was constantly rising like a snowball in real time.

But unlike that burning Atran. Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously. A few hours ago, you said you were a customer, and now you're doing it half-way. I think there are a lot of faces depending on the money.

'That's why I wiggle like a fag.

If Artran had known the depths of the moat, he would have grabbed her neck and crossed 7 backwards.

He was originally an outstanding merchant with experience in Foffee 1 East.

After shaking her face for a few days, it was hard to keep her face.

“What good is it • • Artran was going to happen because he was sticky. Suddenly, Yeongwoo opened the sub-space and took out the cost price, thanking him and pushing it forward.

“Is this enough?” 5 Aldabao Gold Ingots.

Atran quickly lowers his back to the ground.

This was enough to leave a thick remuneration of all the principal and interest payments.

In his appearance, Yeon-woo once again ate. He was a friend who clearly saw the inside of me.

“I love you, sir!” “I didn't say you'd give it to me yet.” “We're not done here.” Yeon put five more Altabao gold ingots in front of Artran, who once again barks at him. There are 10 Gold Ingots in total.

Atran's eyes twist and he sinks with pride. He realized that Yeon-woo wanted to make additional trades.

“Use this to clear out all the trauma charges, and you can keep the rest. So there's enough ground to rebuild, right?” Enough was not enough. But Artran could not answer. For some reason, it seemed like a snake called Yeongwoo was just wrapped around her neck and flapping its tongue.

• • • may not be purely favorable. What do you want? "" More fruit tables "and legs.

Atran's eyelids flutter. Surprised enough as it is.

Now I wanted to scream.

Buy the table. They were a combination in the union. Regardless of affiliation, only the highest ranks of mystery merchants can belong to 'giants' or 'target shareholders'.

Of course, the people who were fighting here were one and the same. Resources, cosmic rulers, and powerhouses; even in the tower, only some knew who they were.

Various goods are traded and scheduled there. Or colluded, or discussed future legislation. It was also a secret social club.

It was never a place for players in the lower levels to talk about.

Yeon-woo was so bold.

• • How do you know? ”“ Does it matter? ”“ No. I made a mistake. Merchants only need to stay true to their deals. ”Yeon-woo nodded and said.

“All I want is a mainline. I'll take care of it from here.” Artran was blushing.

“It's not for me to decide.” “How long is the answer?” “Five days. No, three days. No, I'll answer it inside.” Atran's voice, which was slightly trembling, became steady. He was looking for a new path in Yeonwoo's quest.

This is not just an end to the union executive, it's an opportunity to be a giant. Yeon-woo threw the bait, even though he knew the origin and didn't speak outwardly. It was a good deal for each other.

The group is broken up with Artran near the one-horned village.

“I'll see you next time. Thanks to you, it was very interesting." He lightly shakes hands with Yeon Woo. Meltdown turns quietly, looking out over Yeongwoo and the town with an unknown glance.

In the village, only a few of the tribesmen returned. People who have come to help them in battle.

The rest said they all went after the palace guard.

What the hell are you? 'Suddenly, I wondered who the palace was that she was toying with the one-horned tribe for over half a year.

It looked like it was still in the diary, but the faces seemed to change frequently from time to time when listening to the tribal members.

Nothing was known about his intentions or his identity. I was asked to be a court martyr in the city of cleanliness, I was forced to slap the back of Kim Mu-Sin, and I was forced to be a one-horned man. There is no definite sequence or direction at all, but there is usually an impulsive 7.1 de November 01, `Attention: But it is said to be some kind of close encounter with the King. It was also meant to be a class of nine kings.

Although the world of the tower has many talents and many people are hidden from the outside.

It was rare for someone this impulsive to have lived so quietly.

However, Yeon took care of the palace officials. No matter how good you are at running away, how far you'll go if you see your friend free from a monarch with a full body.

Leaving that thought behind, Yeon-woo returned to her room.

A room. It's the first place you've been since you entered the tower. Yeongwoo shrugs inward, and lies motionless on her back. Then, I felt like I had relaxed the tension that had only just gone up into battle.

It was a brief, sweet break.


Owner. All set. Done. "The wealth suddenly rises over the shadow and bows. As the last of the Wise Man's stones are absorbed, the fierce inferno site rises to life.

I had all sorts of feelings. Curiosity, anticipation, joy. Wonderful. I'm curious after this.

'It's nice to rest like this. Another break would be nice.' Yeon-woo woke up from a rocking chair with the same eyes as wealth.

It was time to squeeze the souls of the two enemies, the Summer Queen and Viera.