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22. A World of Upheaval (4)

Yeongwoo sets foot inside the portal. Then the black darkness filled the city.

Hrrrgh! As I spread the rampage around, the darkness retreated, revealing a vast space.

The walls were long axial along the space, and the ceiling was very high.


Tremble, tremble! Just in time! The undead are busy back there.

Skeletons hang from the ceilings and walls, engraving magic stones like a stone, and zombies and ghouls on the floor carry something around busy. There are various materials to be used in the Magic Genesis.

The flying banana specter touched untouchable parts. Wherever there was confusion, I immediately appeared as a supervisor.

Bang, bang. Boom.

Meanwhile, a stone golem carries a load of iron in front of her.

'This dungeon is no different.' Yeon-woo laughed at such a scene.

Tons of undead, ghostly monsters, and even a golem that can be used as a guardian. Just to make the atmosphere a little depressing, it was perfect for a dungeon in RPG games.

In fact, this was the Intranian.

Of the three that Yeonwoo received as a reward from the Bureau of Administration, it was an arsenal.

For now, he ordered the contents to be moved to the Treasure Depot and converted into workshops and labs by granting wealth.

There were so many experimental materials, deliverables, books, and materials from the night of Valpurgis, and they were added to the Summer Queen's Magic Book.

Of course, we can't just prevent a lot of this, like we always have. I needed to organize it separately.

Moreover, he realized that he was starting to want to set up his own 'laboratory.

I have achieved rapid growth by absorbing large quantities of the Wise Man's stone and the souls of the Witch, and I have almost returned to a blurred state due to the increased intensity of my temper.

There were a lot of magical materials and books back home, and there seemed to have been a lot of changes in my mind when I looked at the laboratory in Abraham, the night in Valpurgis, and the queen's booklet in summer.

No, even after that, a wizard seeks out the truth until he dies. Especially those who fueled such desires even though Rich was about to die.

Of course, they wanted to pioneer their own magic fields, and to do that, they needed their own space.

But wealth is loyal, and the second among the sovereigns is horrified.

Moreover, I had never told such a story before because I was naturally speechless. If Yeon-woo told him to die, he would not die, he would really self-destruct.

That's why I was so grateful to Yeon-woo that I took off the entire Entrénian with a hint that I wouldn't be compensated in any way.

'I'd be in trouble if I didn't give it to you.' Wealth was immersed in reform work by summoning in bulk the undead, where they had been procuring so many bodies.

The magic jewels needed for the walls and ceilings were tightly engraved, and the sections were divided into different sections.

When she studied the Wise Man's Stone, she could only interpret it as technology derived from witches or derived from them. I didn't know any more.

According to the Summer Queen's handmade site, the area is very large, so there are still quite a few places left untouched, even though there are so many undead muscles.

However, with this speed, I thought I could reach the full dungeon soon.

Then I suddenly thought about the other couple.

Wouldn't it be better to scale the dungeons you're building? The more I draw, the more useful I think I can be.

While I was pondering how to use the dungeon.

"Ugh. You're here, master? Easy-made subspace • • • • • • is definitely not very large. " Don't ever do this again. And that rich • • • • • • • Why is it so sturdy on such a seemingly clumsy subject? At that time, I sighed for Sanon, Ghost, and Rebecca to be exhausted inside.

Following them, the monsters burst and greeted Yeong-woo, quickly infiltrating into the shadows.

It seemed to have escaped, precisely.

Yeon-woo smiled unknowingly. I used to send envoys to help me with my fortune. It looked like they were stir-fried without rest.

It's not the time to smile. The owner is being deceived. I need to know how naughty he is. "Sanon is sticky and wants to complain about something.

"Welcome. Master." The wealth pierces through the shadows to the side of life. He shakes his head and politely greets Yeon-woo, glancing at Sanon. Inferno site is active. It was HilNan who couldn't wait to tell him.

Zanon turns his head to the side rather than try to call you something wrong.

Despite being less violent than the Death Noble himself, it was difficult to shout anything oddly at the rich from time to time.

Instinct denial, or intimidation. As wealth grew, it began to give off an aura that had no meaning to compare to any other genus. I will never be able to resist, but only in front of the moat will my strength disappear completely and my blind loyalty will be lost. It was curious when the other factions saw it.

And they all saw wealth and had a common idea.

'What was the life of wealth?' Even though the memory must have come back to some extent. Wealth has never mentioned life's work.

'I didn't know the sequence would be captured like this.' I expected that as Yeouido became more and more numerous, there would be order among them.

That would lead to death Nobul, Sanon, or a man who had pioneered greatness in his life.

Given the situation, it was leaning towards wealth unexpectedly.

In fact, this situation was not bad as a lotus.

I think deeply instead of being speechless.

Various magic helped me when I needed it, and when I declared my territory, I was able to lead the battlefield and lead the gangsters well. Be a faithful and competent deputy.

And above all, loyalty was impersonated. Loyalty so blinded that even madness can be felt. It was a condition I absolutely had to have in my family.

If it's like this, it would be better to control Sanon, who doesn't know where he is sometimes, or how hard it is to understand what he's thinking.

'Above all, it's my first family.

Without losing her smile, she took out two more rings on her finger and threw them to the rich.

“Take it.”. This is • • • • • • •? "He carefully received the ring and looked at Yeong-woo's face. Imigg's other hand was wedged with the same ring. A ring that opens the Intranian.

“Can you connect this and the other - d - d - 2 that you just gave me?” Operation. Doing. Possible. is, "The more you keep going up the stairs, the more it's going to grow, the more you're going to get. So make sure the dungeon is rigged before that. so that it can be used anytime.” I quickly realized what Yeon-woo meant.

The bigger the dungeon, the bigger the dungeon.

More acceptable.

Skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and more can be increased and constantly reinforced. Daskeletons are Skeleton Warriors, zombies are Giant Zombies, and Spectre and Banshee are fans.

The undead, who had so far declared their territory, were usually subordinates summoned to the battlefield as mediators for the widespread corpses.

However, if we can summon them at a sudden, large scale while we wait for the ones who finished the Yang Mountains and Enhancements in advance.

'How many times more powerful. You can summon a small group whenever you need to.

Occasionally, when attacking enemy strongholds, it was possible to open a dungeon overhead and launch a blitz attack.

It can be used in a variety of tactical ways.

Moreover, this was not the only advantage of a large dungeon.

Large-scale experiments that may not have been possible when the size is small.

The human experiments conducted by the night of Valpurgis were also that big and funded, so it was possible. There was no need to say economy of scale.

Yeon-woo pointed out this as well.

If you're going to build a dungeon, build it at a large scale from the beginning. Then wealth will grow faster.

There was still no problem. You can rob the Summer Queen of what she had, and she'll give you a year's gross budget from the giant clan.

"Ha. However. Master." Yeonwoo showed me the ring of the Intranian that she liked to use from the beginning.

“Just put what I need in here. Don't worry about it. However, move the existing items over here beforehand.” Audit. "I bow my head." Your shoulders are trembling.

The owner who gave himself a new life and gave him strength. He was giving another galaxy. How can I repay you for this profound kindness?

"Who am I, the owner? Sanon, who was watching the two women quietly, suddenly asked Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo takes a quick look at Sanon, sighing and walking inside the dungeon.

Hey, master! What's that sigh? What does it mean? "Sanon leaps behind Yeon Woo.

Here. Jeannie. C. "The place was located inside the interior of the dungeon. However, this compartment felt stuffy as it remained completely separate from the others.

The stench of death is strongly seduced, and familiar sorcerers are etched on the ceilings and walls. It was soft and sealed.

“This should be enough.

Yeongwoo confirmed that all the magicians were active and summoned the Summer Queen's ghost from the Collection Ship.

Huaa! The ghost is filled with lots of black energy, so it quickly escalates into intimacy.

Ghosts have limited conversations, so they're just as violent as Bahal and Client.

Being queen of summer, he became a threat to her. I almost freed myself from the chains of the Black Bracelet on my own accord when I was merely on the run: It was more dangerous now.

It's different.

As soon as the Summer Queen regained her senses, she rushed to Yeon-woo.

It was when I was polymorphing like a human being because I didn't have a presence. The transparent hair lengthened, and both eyes turned pale.

The Black King's despair worked, putting painful pressure on him, but it was nothing like that. All I could think about was killing Yeong-woo who made herself look like this.


Glug glug, glug! After ^ 1- reading that the wealth was waiting, the seals worked together and Shin Jin-cheol poured out in bulk.

Even the lesser demons were sealed tightly. It was never something I could surpass with the Summer Queen.

Let go of me! I'm gonna kill you! "The Summer Queen acted as a pupa, tied tightly to the Shin Jinchul. However, the more I painted, the tighter Shin Jin-chul became with the sound of the pulley turning.

I wonder when she went through this embarrassment. She has lived as a great polyp for thousands of years, and has ruled the tower with pride.

However, the fact that she had been toyed with by a mere parasite and died was not enough, and that the ghost had fallen after death, and that she is now suffering from a tightly tied aptitude drove her crazy.

It was shameful and offensive. If I could kill myself, I would.

The soul was already firmly bound to King Jehovah's despair, and it could not be so. Her owner wasn't her. It was brown cow.

Maybe that's why we're desperate.

Cannot die even after death.

Watching the crazy, fluttering Summer Queen.

Yeon-woo burst out a big smile.

Can I feel so refreshed?

She pretends to hold the tower forever and ridicules you for being miserable. I wanted to see the end of the great polyp who reigned over all.

"Let go!" The Summer Queen shouted with her eyes turned red.

If you can't kill yourself, you better grow a pair. The great rationality of the polyp prevents it from doing so.

Even if my diarrhea was burning, it was enough to clear my mind with fire.

Recognize-yeon slowly approached the Summer Queen, taking off her mask.

The more I painted, the more the Summer Queen acted.

Habean Wing 1! Habean Wing! After he died of the damn curse, he made himself suffer, and now he's completely stumbling and stumbling. What the hell are you talking about? The Summer Queen could not be trusted. Cho Jungwoo is definitely dead.

It was a fact that she confirmed it herself. Unless she's as incarcerated as she is now and become an undead.

But he was a living human being in front of him. She was confused in her head by a phenomenon she could never comprehend.

Then Yeon-woo lowered her pose and made eye contact with the Summer Queen, throwing laughter at her chin with 1--

The Summer Queen's actions will lie. Instead, I stared at Yeongwoo with calm eyes and muttered as if swallowed.

You're not the Wing of the book. "I lost all my power in the downfall.

Still, some of the Skeletons remained. The guy who glanced at the dragon looked like Jungwoo, but not Midnight. It was a similar cost

“Cha Yeon-woo, that's my name.” Havenwings could only find out who Yeon-woo was.

Did you have siblings? ".

You! I should have ripped you to pieces the first time I saw you. • • “I'm sorry. It's not going to be me. Ismereos says,” Yeon growls, her pupils wide open, resembling the eyes of the Summer Queen.

“I'm going to tear you apart, and I'm going to devour you.” With deep anger, Maestro began to flare up along the edge of his eyes.

“But it's not easy to eat. When he was frustrated by Negas and desperate. When I realized that there was no salvation anywhere, and I fell into destruction knowing that there was no hope no matter how long I waited. I'll feed you then.” Yeon was already thinking about how to deal with the Summer Queen.

You can force them to eat it. I didn't want to keep the enemy alive.

Rather, it was better to swallow his soul with the Vampire Vampire vapors, so that he could Awaken the Dragon Factor and aim for greater growth.

Do something. Do you really think I'd have a single eyebrow? "I was obsessed with photopathy. But the Summer Queen was a Summer Queen.

It could never have been an act of self-destruction or surrender. Rather, I laughed at Yeon-woo as if to try it.

But Yeon-woo laughed the same.

“You'll see.

"What?" “In front of you, I don't know if it would be okay for your body to be torn apart. I'm curious.

At that time, wealth shook into thin air.

Then, as the darkness that had been lying around disappeared, a huge glass tube appeared.

Inside, the Summer Queen's body was immersed in a radiant aqueous solution.

The battle with the King and the aftermath of the poison still left wounds all over the body. The torn arms and wings are reunited, and the large wounds are almost healed.

My eyes were also so closed that if anyone saw me, I was mistaken as being in a deep sleep.

"Seo, really?" The Summer Queen later realized Yeon-woo's thoughts. There were numerous pumps and hoses connected to the glass tube.

Red blood flows out on one side and black poison is being infused on the other.

“The corpse of the dragon has nothing to hide from its head to its claws. The eye can be used as a magical organ, the scales and leather as armor, and the bones as unbreakable weapons.

Magic conductivity is good, so there's no material like this. ”Stop it!" From now on, I will slowly release your flesh in your sight.

It's hard and tough, so it's going to take a lot of time + you'll have to dip it in medicine and peel it off yourself. ”Stop it!" And I'm going to show you if it's made out of your pieces. Oh, don't worry too much, though. I'm not disassembling the whole thing.

Just kill him! "Yeon-woo rolled up one side of her mouth as she looked at the Summer Queen who was shouting evil again.

“Shouldn't we leave the bones and turn them into Bone Dragons?” On the Dead Jebaal! "The Summer Queen wanted to get out of this humiliation somehow. No matter how you meet an enemy, the dead are no longer to be touched, and the last thing you care about is the dead.

However, it seemed that Yeon-woo was not willing to draw at all. A Bone Dragon is not enough to rip through flesh! Even in death, they insist on pushing the flesh to the end.

If I could kill myself, I could die a hundred more times right now. But her body was bound so tightly that she was not given any freedom.

This shouldn't have happened. A great dragon. A relentless descendant of a dragon.

I should never have been so humiliated! You too! You're the descendant of the dragon! How to be tolerant "The Summer Queen suddenly thanked me for screaming, and I was speechless.

- As long as you don't get out of that ghost, you'll never know. Forever. Probably struggling with loneliness until the end, closing my eyes like that.

Why does it remind me of what Midnight Friend said at this time? Ghost. Ghost! Jungwoo said, "Get out of the shadow of the dragon." Live your life. If you don't, you're going to be devastated someday.

Is that what you're saying? It wasn't the ghost that was harassing her now. It was a ghost called Midnight Friend.

- Poor, poor Ismereos. Last Dragon • • • Put this down! "As the Summer Queen struggles, the more she loses.

Yeongwoo only throws a cold joke.


The Summer Queen stopped her footsteps and stared at Yeongwoo with her furious eyes.

What do you want, what do you want? "Looking at it.

Yeon-woo said coldly.

“Why Jungwoo had to die. ”