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23.A World of Upheaval (5)

Though it was a soul.

All sorts of emotions passed through the Summer Queen's eyes.

Yeon-woo did not miss it.

There's a price I don't know about.

He wrote in detail about his experiences in the diary. There was so much information and technology that I thought I could figure out. But there were some things that didn't make sense.

Especially because he had to be betrayed.

At first, it was considered to be the opinions of those who were wary of their younger siblings who had become strong enough to reach the Nine Kings in just a few short years.

That's just the way my brother kept listing things. I didn't say anything deeper.

But recently, I've been wondering about that idea.

'Jungwoo had dragon's eye.

You can't fully read other people's minds. You could still tell how you feel about yourself. 'Even though the nine kings suppressed it inside and out, Artija was clearly showing strong cohesion until the beginning.

It meant that it was not a place that would collapse so easily.

Lynt and Bajal were just jealous of their brother, and then the nine kings flew in because they liked him1.- only the underlings.

“It makes sense that Jungwoo's dragon man, Viera Dun, has been hiding with mind control for a long time. I'm sick of her mind manipulation. But it still doesn't make sense that the Nine Kings, who were busy growling, held hands. What's going on?” The Summer Queen's eyes deepened.

If I tell you, will you kill me? "Listen.” The Summer Queen stared into the snow.

It is because of the adra. "Adra Stone?” What's this noise again? I frowned at the unknown meaning of grief.

"Haven Wing 1 had Luciel's adra. Lucifer, otherwise known as" the bringer of light. "Despite gaining transcendence, he was famous for wandering around without God, demons, light, darkness, or belonging anywhere.

Then a thousand years ago, all the wings of the gods and demons flew and crashed. There are no detailed reasons and progress. It is known that the adra stone, which will be written on a mythical corner, only a brief explanation that its wings had fallen somewhere, means that a great being had lost its shape and turned into a fragment.

If only my brother had this.

“You're greedy. Niheedlyoo laughed as if it was ridiculous. The Summer Queen kept her mouth shut.

But it wasn't that they didn't notice their prey.

If it's Luciel's adra, then you might have gained transcendence that none of the players have ever used. If not, he would have gained immense power.


It is because of greed. All of it.

Then why didn't Jungwoo tell me about it? What the hell for? 'Luciel's adra. Because it holds a secret. He probably didn't mention anything about this. If you made yourself miserable, you might want to complain. And was he going to take it and walk away with it?' God and this fact will never know.

It was also hard to understand the thoughts of those who were always looking down at the galaxy on the 98th floor with silent eyes.

They won't want to see Luciel come back to life with his wings broken.

So many questions passed through my mind.

Yeon-woo didn't think any deeper. Instead, I asked the Summer Queen.

“What about adra? Where did they go?” "I don't know, me neither." The Summer Queen laughed.

If I had known, I would have had it. And I wouldn't have looked like this.

Isn't that right? "In the end, everything is at an origin. It was in place.

Yeongwoo's eyes also cooled.

Go. You should know. ”What are you talking about?" Think of something trivial by squeezing it together. That way you can vanish as easily as you want.

The Summer Queen read the thoughts of Yeon Woo and was troubled. The chains come back taut.

Isn't the promise different! If I say it, I'll kill you! "So think carefully.” You! You! "Yeon hears the Summer Queen's cry with her ear back, looks at the wealth and nods.

Wealth slowly approached the Summer Queen. A dark shadow will cover her head.

Arrrgh! A torn earring echoes from the location where the honeycomb heals. Yeon-woo glances around and turns her head to the straightforward voice.

“The 98th floor is going crazy.” Abraham suddenly appeared with a strange look in his eyes.

The death of the Summer Queen. The last death of the dragon was a curse to the gods and demons. Gods, demons, dragons, giants. One of the absolute factions that once ruled the tower now walks the path of extinction.

I was particularly curious about how the Devil would react when he confronted the polyp.

Yun thought that no message had come to mind all this time, probably because the 98th floor was in a cautious atmosphere.

'Or do you want the adra?

Yeon-woo looked at Abraham and asked.

“Are you finished cleaning up?” “Do you have something to declare? I just made it look better when everything was so detailed. Nevertheless, so did Noda. So Abraham blurred his tail rather than saying something fun. Then I glanced at the place where the West would be.

“Tell me." “Trial! Can I have a dungeon or a lab of my own? It's not because of the glands. Well, that's a lot to take in this time. I need a new experiment, and I think it would be good for Cesar and Anantara to wake up soon. Never, never jealous or anything, but equity Abraham kept rambling on and on about his anxiety and drowsiness. It was not like that.

He was jealous of having a wealth dungeon.

Yeon-woo didn't even know it. At first, it was amazing to see a new look for Abraham that was so hard.

“No. But that's no laughing matter. This is never about me, but about you wanting to help the power of the oyster in the future.” [The World of Endless Nights in outer space] has given homunculus the authority to set.] [New settings available. [Space is now at 96.3% of the decay rate of the never-ending night tax.]] [Hurry up with your recovery. The longer you leave it, the faster it will collapse. Instead of talking, Abraham suddenly opened his eyes to see a message in front of his eyes.

Yeon-woo smiled softly and said.

“Could you help me clean up this mess, instead of the Intranians? It's not very good, so it's actually dark where to start.

In fact, the endless world of the night had to be an ephemeral complex for Yeonwoo in many ways.

The target is hard to use in a yard that has already been turned into a field of red dragons and rhinoceros and has accelerated collapse.

Even so, he put it at a cheap price.

There may be traces of Valpurgis' night that have not yet been found, and I was also troubled by giving up this saved outer space.

Space was useful in many ways. Klen House. The word keeps floating in Yeon Woo's head.

So finally, Yeon-woo changed her mind and decided to give the world of endless nights to Abraham.

Abraham is strong enough to build his own imagination at the center of the stage. He is not only an alchemist, but also an expert in geometry and architecture, which can be very helpful in restoring space.

'If you can build outer space as an emotional barrier, that's fine. Just change the coordinates. It would be good for Cesar and Ananda to stay.' If wealth is in charge of foreigners who raise and strengthen their troops. He wants to be entrusted with the ministry of interior affairs.

Abraham also read Yeon-woo's thoughts and couldn't help but cough. It was much heavier than he thought. I could have built a bigger experiment site than wealth had.

Unlike the wealth that mainly deals with quiet magic such as Black Horse, Code, Voodoo, Runes, Abraham had a lot of magic that required large-scale experimentation such as Summoning, Elements, Alchemy, White Horse, and Necromancy.

“Heh heh. If you say so. All right, I'll take care of the outer space, and I'll try to repair it. Galilee has nothing to do with it, so she can come with us.” “Thank you.” “What. It's all about helping people.” Abraham snapped his fingers as he adjusted Yeon Woo's lead to suit his mood.

“But as you've been through, maybe it's because of the witch world, and that's not a joke. This is gonna take a lot of supplies, okay?” Why would I ask you to let go of the Buy More table and legs? ”You, of course, are firmly thinking. Havrahab's eyes have deepened.

“That way, it won't be easy. It's like you're completely exposed.

An active elixir in the world of endless nights. It has already been conveyed to the guntowers that are strong.

No matter what you do in the future, you will be forced to focus your attention.


“Not at all.” Yeon-woo says with a decisive tone.

“If you don't want it, you can just smash it.” “That's a relief to say so confidently. The way you're going.

I'm also here to help, “and that's it. Why don't you pull out the main dish?” Abraham looked at the outer space control window for a long time, then closed it quietly and looked at the kite. His eyes sank deeper.

Yeon-woo nods and waves her hands gently.

The ghost floats in the air, and as black as in the summer queen, it quickly turns into a relationship. Viera Dun, who has a white eye, appears.

However, Viera Dunne was not as fierce as the Queen of Summer, so she ordered that she would not be able to escape the chaos of the Ghosts for a moment.

Yeon-woo is unmasked in front of her. Then Izzie was young in Bierra Dun's eyes.

Viera Dun yells, but the shadows on the ground grow stronger and stronger against the zeroes.

Puppic-Viera Dun leaps to the floor, screaming horrific screams.

You repeat that the spirit of the beast has passed through the spirit of Viera Dun. Perhaps the pain she suffers is nothing compared to what she can experience in the flesh.

I feel like my body is often chopped up and torn up and then restored.

The feeling of fire walking around the body will be painful enough to want to die.

"Turn off the Porlock!" Yeongwoo bowed to the ground and looked down at Viera Dun, who was in pain. I didn't want to talk to him, but I just didn't want to.

“Do you want to go first? ”