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24. A World of Upheaval (6)

Abraham nodded his head and stepped forward as Yeon-woo gave in.

The cold eyes were not the old man who had just received a small visit and liked it, but the old man who had become God's gracious banisher.

No one holds a grudge against Viera Dun like that.

Cesar and Anand, his precious family have struggled with her for a long time.

Yeon-woo also gave up the will because she knew it.

Abraham opened his mouth in a dry tone.

“Viera.” “Viera. Answer me, Viera.” This girl Abraham kept talking to Viera Dun, but she was still unconscious. I laughed at his mouth.

“If you can't stand up for yourself, I'll let you flash. There are so many stories to talk about with you, Abraham waving his hand into the air and pulling out the cost price from space. Flasks with strange solutions. It was sealed tightly with a stopper.

“It's called Yongsan Younger Juice. I was wondering if there was a way to harm a ghost that didn't have a certain shape. I don't know if it'll work for you.” Abraham empowered himself to open the veil. Along with the sound of air entering, the seaweed vapor flows out.

He tilts a flask over Bierra Dunne's head.

"Ahhhhhh!" I shouted as I tightened my Bierra waist: The zeal was melting. The solution sticks to your body, attempting to destroy it from the inside.

“Hm. It works better than I thought.

I haven't tested it yet, so I didn't know how effective it would be. We can dilute the concentration a little. And this is regenerated blood, which should help you recover. Try this again. ”Grrrgh!" Regenerated blood water melted horribly and restored the garden-variety. However, it was mixed with lactic acid and became mucus, giving it even more pain.

Viera shuffles around. But I couldn't move.

How can you be so weak? My daughter would have suffered so much torture from you. If I struggle like this with a few experiments, I'll lose my virginity.

Come on, give me a little more power. Let's start again.

Abraham's experiments continued.

Every time the subspace opened, a new tool kept pouring out.

It's a hard ghost to find. I did not forget to observe and record thoroughly, as if I was going to do all the experiments that I had really postponed.

Please! Please tell me everything, I had no choice but to wake up Viera Dunne by now. No, I had to pull myself together.

Otherwise, the pain will be endless. I woke up unconscious to feel a little less painful.

“No, no. We're not done yet.” But Abraham shook his head and silenced Bierra -dun's wishes.

"Great Mother! I was trying to bring Ananda and her tax collector back to wake my mother!" Viera Dun eventually began to vomit out the facts that had not been asked. At any rate, this terrible pain will be relieved. 77h "I did an experiment! The bowl was completed.It's all about completing things. I'm sorry. Oh, oh, oh! Ananda has to do that to get better now!" It was mostly that the anterior and posterior veins didn't fit at all.

However, I was able to contour the truth of what Valpurgis' night had been about by sitting behind her and squeezing the souls of Mani together.

"I knew it. Were you going to call the goddess of the earth, who was so obsessed with witches? It was more right to think that what the witches called the Great Mother was a 'conceptual' existence, rather than a fixed personality.

'Babylon's party was more famous as a modifier and was also known as Niami1t, Yumir, Ishdar, Iana, Gibelle, Pritti, or Mago.

However, the most famous name was different.


Or maybe.

'But it's a very different personality from what's been known to be the godfather.' The earth-shaped god was only a few substitutes known to have started from the beginning of the early universe, and it was hard to predict because every time he appeared in the world, he was plotting.

Vierra Dun was the only one who cared about such an earthly goddess.

I didn't know why.

Was it the talent or was it something else? What was certain was that Viera Dun was so strong that she could wield Valpurgis' night with the Goddess of Earth's gun.

By the way.

"The earthquake suddenly lost contact with all over the place? Is Valpurgis' night about waking him up? 'The Mother Earth was not widely known, but occasionally spread her presence on the ground.

I've never been disconnected from Viera Dune. But if it suddenly disappears, Viera Dun will be the only one left to burn.

So Viera Dunne decided to gamble. To call the Mother Earth to this earth.

I'm familiar with her interest in the summer, and I think it's not a bad idea because she's always had similar nuances.

'Still, they didn't disappear completely because they were sent a revelation. What's going on?' There are more than one or two strange things. There were many strange corners.


'It's not that there's no guessing at all.' Yeon-woo suddenly thought like that.

Luciel's adra that his brother had, but disappeared suddenly. Even a summer queen can't know where she is. Maybe it was the closest person to chaos who stole it? Like lovers. And if that lover had made a price for his god,

Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

Whatever the reason, it was the truth that Viera Dunne used the bowl to capture Cesar and Ananda.

After that, Viera Dun told us all about the secret of the earthly goddess, what God ate yesterday, what the witches looked like, and what didn't matter.

Fortunately, there was a mixture of Ananda's remedies.

But Abraham did not stop experimenting. Viera Dun eventually remained only evil in the dreadful rolls of recuperation and recuperation.

I told you everything, everything! Then why don't you kill me? "Then I turned my head to the back. She glances at Yeongwoo with her disdainful eyes, smiling strangely.

"Jungwoo! Jungwoo! It's me! Viera! The one you loved! Didn't you miss me, honey? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I mean, yeah? Now forgive me, mouse. Oh, no.

Start over with me. I'll do whatever you say. I'll throw away the witch if she's dirty, and I'll throw away my mother if she's dirty.

Instead, you and Cesar do not have much to say about Viera.

Even as I spoke, Yeon-woo's eyes didn't shake at all. His expression did not change. Rather, it was her eyes that were shaking. My mouth was trembling.

"Come on, baby? You liked her, didn't you? One knee? Who, don't you want to lie down? It was a little tight. It's okay though. Who wants to lie down? Say something! Do it! If you're gonna curse, curse! If you're gonna kill me, kill me! That's enough to get you back on your feet! It's over! I wish I had lived, I wish I had a month more! I can do more here." Really. ”Yeon cut off Viera Dun's horse waist, screaming a groin. He said in a sinking voice.

“Do you really think it's over?” • • • You, you're not Jungwoo. Brothers? He said he had a brother. • • • • • • Away from home Then Yea! "Jung painted you to the end, 1-- approximated. He was stupid. He didn't blame you for that.

But I can see that now. He was so stupid. ”Yeon-woo slowly got up from his seat and approached the covered Bierra Dune. Abraham steps aside.

“This is the only bitch I've ever been hit with. Ha!” "Yes! Your sister was beaten up by the only bitch I've ever met. By the way, have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about why your colleagues lost, why they ran away, why they put a knife in their back?" Yeon-woo's steps stopped.

The tail of one of Viera Dunne's mouths curls up. He thought his words worked. One last time I'll disappear after being humiliated. Before that, I wanted to do one last thing.

If there is any common sense, is it not natural to have doubts? Everyone around him is gone. Do you have any idea what's wrong with the person who did that? Hohoho! Stupid. You know, you think your brother's nice and naive, right? "You're welcome! We were greedy, too. We did more midnight! All you had to do was relax, and you had to step up. From start to finish, it was dictatorship, dictatorship! We're sick of it, too! Know what?" I laughed even more. Viera Dunne unravels her organ, the mind-manipulation spell, as she wishes.

To shake the spirit of Yeon Woo a little more. It was to break the trust he had firmly believed in and break down the worldview to make room for his intervention.

Emotional erosion. Unlike a traditional physical transfer, it was a virus that penetrated the mind of the other and flooded his ego data with Braille's own ego data. He makes his opponent his own. In fact, the honeycomb seemed to shake.

Maybe we can live.

Viera Dun had such hope. If only you could possess the spirit of Yeon Woo. You can get out of this hellhole and dream of regeneration.

Many people were sacrificed because of him. He was the worst person I ever knew! We wanted to risk it if we did this, so we had to make that choice. ”But the string of hope she thought she'd only caught was a bluff/Gabby.

Yeon coldly spits out her hands and squeezes the head of a Viera toon.

I heard the cost breaks even though there was no body. Soul twisting. Viera Dun is once again engulfed in terrible pain. I bought a lot of blood stains from his eyes, looking through his fingers.

“So this is it? You think saying that makes me waver?” Yeongwoo crumpled the head of Viera Dun inwardly. My head is clenched, my shoulders are pressed against me, and I'm all bent to the ground.

Ami is sick! Let go of me! Aah! "You can't complain about human relationships at all. But that's not why I put a knife in your back, like you bitches. Let's talk about it." "Ahhhh!" Viera Chong kicked the bucket. However, the pressure of Yeongwoo continued to burst throughout the territory. As it soared like blood, it turned into an unknown form.

“So if you want to talk that crap,

“I went to the great mother you serve, who wished I could, and I clenched my fist tightly.

It burst like a zero-go balloon with a moaning sound. The Black Age has spread.

Bierra Dun's last thoughts become more complex.

Looking at it.

Yeongwoo's voice echoes with her dragon's eye wide.

“So cut the crap. Show up for real, Viera.” The Sun7 &} Conduct! The world is drenched in black, mixed with the ideals that were scattered across the country.

And a great sense of existence approached. The existence of making a honeycomb into a firefly. But I was used to it somehow.

Those comforting pairs of eyes opened wide. The same white eyes as Viera Dunne's.

Without a pupil, Yeon-woo felt that her eyes were looking down on her.

The Mother of Earth. There was a creature that swallowed up even her home by the power and adra that God had given her.

"Your brothers are always bothering you.