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25 Us. a turbulent world (6)

- I want to go to the top one day. God and demons are nowhere near it. You want to know what's in there? - So Jungwoo. - If you get in the way, maybe I'll yell. You know, my personality? Please stay with me until the end.

Just like the one that Bierra Dun joked about.

At some point, I could see that my brother was getting in the way of her, and I was getting through to him.

Viera's desire to climb that high was almost obsessive.

How many times did my brother ask me?

Why are you so obsessed with going up there? Olfowon, occupying 77th and 76th floors, and her curse and resentment against the Summer Queen were beyond comprehension.

However, even with such a question, Naviera Dun only laughed and did not give an answer like this.

Viera Dun always did.

If something happens, I'm numb with laughter, and I don't know what's going on. He thought that she was sometimes afraid, but love was real.

Dragon Eyes always told me it was the truth. And then I had to get knifed.

Anyway, no one knew where her obsession with the top floor came from.


The moment that Viera Dun was absorbed by the Vampire Vacuum of Beetles. I realized that she had fulfilled her long-awaited wish.

The one he absorbed must have been Viera Dung. But it was just an empty gutter. Her faults, gone somewhere.

Remnants. Or traces.

Bierra Dun had already left the Summer.

For a long time.

Viera Dunne is uploading her ego data up one by one through a channel connected in series with the Mother Earth.

Weightlifting and emotional deprivation. If both powers are utilized appropriately, Ego data can be replicated. Viera Dun wanted to slowly devour the goddess of the earth as a bazaar. Like a virus infiltrating a computer, inflating it, eating away at the hardware.

Of course, Bierra placed in front of a giant being called the Mother Earth is just a tiny thing. Despite its expansion, sand castles are easily shattered in front of the great waves.


What if that sand castle expands to infinity? And if it's hard? What if the Ego data of Vierachen, which invaded the Mother Earth, continues to be well-received and eroded? What if it takes control of the central nervous system? Will we be able to collect it then? The mind control doesn't just apply to the target. It applies to God. It applies to itself.

It became an infinitely large mob of Bierras, unified as a single ritual, and eventually took over the Mother Earth.

Of course, there would have been other help in the background where this was possible.

'Wise Man's Stone and Dragon Heart. It must have taken away the soul ceremony.' Viera Dun left behind nothing but a beginner's stone in Valpurgis' night, and had already achieved a great completion of her own. And I put one more thing on it.

Dragon Heart. It must have been half the heart that tore his brother's chest apart.

'After all, I put a knife in Jungwoo's heart. It was because of this.

The Dragon Heart his brother had actually originated from the dragon calatus. If only Calatus had achieved the perfect blooming as he intended. I might have been able to see the resurrection of a new polyp.

Perhaps after falling into the stream, he sought a new transcendence of the mystical and demonic dragons.

But Viera Dunne realized this potential and intercepted it on the way.

At first, I thought it was just to get a magical engine. Seeing that, he had already made a plan to eat the Mother Earth since then.

It must have used adra as well. Luciel was feared by the gods and demons. If it was an adra with fragments of such a existence, it would have been a great help in raising the rampage.

And the Dragon Heart, and the Wise Stone, and Luciel's soul ceremony. Vierra Dunne was able to sustain a grand consciousness with infinite magical power.

Eventually, he became a monster who ate his master because he was an apostle. It was a crazy idea that no one had ever done.

It was also possible to be an "intervening form" where the earth-shaped body did not have the self to say this.

Why have you recently lost your channel to the Mother Earth? It's simple

It was because Viera Dun had no intention of caring about other places while eroding the Mother Earth.

However, Yeon-woo did not believe in this analogy. If a player robbed a booty, there was a tower and never once after. No one even gained their credibility. It's just a guess as to whether Allfowon made it or went near it.

Perhaps Viera Dundo has not yet achieved a complete fairy tale with the Mother Earth.

Even if he has taken over, there will be no limit to his rage. It's going to take a long time to digest.

In fact, this appearance was like taking a huge loss for him.

But there's only one reason for that.

It's because you want to see the alliance that did this.

“Is the air up there as good as you want it to be?” Good for you. The mortal is the absolute unknown air. "Is it a cluster made up of a lot of Ego data?" His voice felt as if tens of millions of mouths were speaking at the same time. It was loud, it kept ringing.

“Yeah, I'd like that. I got my hands on all the people who were following me.” The destruction of Valpurgis' night was, in fact, a betrayal of their gods and elders.

However, the two eyes didn't seem to be particularly impressed. In fact, I did not expect Yeon-woo. He wouldn't blink if he sacrificed tens of thousands for his dreams.

I came here to warn you. I felt the wavelength that resonated in the space of the honeycomb. I felt a chill. The dragon scale stood firm, but the way I looked at him was still.

“Warning?” Yes. Warning. I no longer wish to be associated with your brothers. Life in the Summer, there's no foolishness anymore. So don't pay attention to me any more than this. Didn't you kill Bierra Moon in the stream, just like you wanted? Vengeance will be done. Don't bother. A powerful voice. It was said that the flying creature annoyed him: Yeon-woo was no one. The attitude of losing to the equipment alone was just overwhelming.

And I was even a little annoyed with my brother who didn't have eyes to see people like this.

For Viera Dun, Cha Jung-uran's existence was no longer just a memory. It was just a platform I used to climb up. He threw away any feelings that remained to become a god.

Body, heart. My brother's life was just a joke here.

0 ⁄ 20129; Rarely, Yeon-woo gritted his teeth and aimed at Viera Dun.

“Then I'll warn you.” You? You're nothing but mortal? He laughed. Now Yeon Woo and Viera Dun's presence was too severe. He might be bigger than King Harmesh or King Mihu's fault. I didn't even know if I could win.

However, Yeon-woo growled with cold sunken eyes.

“Wash your neck there and wait. It's gonna take forever.” Do you know what you're saying? “Aldama.” No. I don't know, I'm talking about a year ago.

You have no idea what that means to me. “No. I know.” At that moment, I remembered many messages in front of Yeon-woo's eyes.

['Harmetic 49856; 71 laughs loudly, ignorant of your remarks!] Athena looks at you with warm eyes.] [' Oord 'snorts.] [' Poseidon 'plays it backwards on your arrogant footsteps. Many agree with Poseidon.] Possessed Enemies Revealed.] "Agares" laughs wickedly.] [Agarez gives it to you by his own authority! We've strengthened the power, the aphrodisiac. You can perform more miracles in the future.] [Skill' Demonic Magic 'is incorporated into Power' Necromancy.] [Agarez looks back at the other demons and it screams.] [Demons deliberately ignore 'Agares'.] [Many demonic societies watch you carefully. Even though God and the Devil didn't react much when they caught the Summer Queen.

As soon as I mentioned new killings, a violent reaction erupted.

God is the greatest honor. Of course, their face and honor are paramount. because it is the basis for keeping the faith, and the basis for being able to bore the faith. Mentioning them was like falling on the floor of a new identity and honor.

Of course, even those who were not read with Yeon-woo couldn't help but feel offended. Especially, Poseidon, who had begun to look at Yeongwoo unwillingly, was now able to expose his enemy.

I've already taken Abraham under my wing. The reaction had to be more confusing.

"You're a madman." Even Viera -tun laughed nonsense because she knew it well.

Then I raised my eyes slightly. A clear laughing.He asked me to give it a try.

Yes. The only freedom that mortal Niål & Seongbee can have. Do as you will, and I will remain here. "Vierán's words became a mist again and were scattered. The existence that filled the space suddenly disappeared like a lie.

• • • Shinra. Some were sublimating, some were sublimating.

It's a curious thing. He said, "While watching the conversation between Yeon-woo and Viera Dun, Abraham laughed without knowing it. Then I looked at Yeon-woo with cold eyes.

“Hey, mister.” “Yes.

“Someone once told me, right? I'll help you get back to your seat.” Original seat. Shinshan.

A promise to let me go back to Brahma.

“Don't let that stop you. I'm gonna rip the earth apart with my bare hands.” Abraham didn't deserve Viera Dunne, who made his daughter look like that, to still be squeamish.

No, it was rather offensive to go up. That's why I said that.

“No.” Yeon shakes her head.

Abraham frowns.

“I'm the one who's going to tear it apart. I can't concede that.” When Yeon-woo answered with a serious response, Abraham whispered that he was having an unwitting affair.

“See? I can't give up, either.” Then you bet on who will. ”“ That's good. ”[Many godly societies look down with unpleasant eyes.] Abraham laughed softly at the message. What are they gonna do if they don't like it?

No matter how much strength and power you have, you're stuck on the 98th floor. There was nothing I could do to harm myself.

And Abraham had a firm belief that he could do it. With Yeon-woo, there was nothing I couldn't do.

The future he paints in his head.

Now, his personality was almost deprived, but in the vision he occasionally peered into the obscure holiness that remains. Everyone was smiling happily. Like a family photo + self. Galilee + Sacrifice. Anantaro.

And in it, Yeon-woo had a kind look on her face. I wonder if it's Jungwoo in some way.