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Time flinched.

Maybe it was time to say it was chaos in the house since the tower was created.

It was so crazy, everyone was like, "Has it already gone that far? 'It was a rumor.

What had happened was members of the Mackline, and the players on the lower levels, even the ones who chose it, were rougher enough to feel their skin.

As the summer queen collapsed, the dragon was bought at the height of the Great Depression.

Hundreds of jackals threatened them. The bloodlines were the most eager to tear down the waters, and the horsemen began to hunt for 81 eyes. Elohim attempted to enter the 76th floor, holding hands with the sea of poetry.

In addition, the Red Dragon, which has joined forces with large and small clans to invade the realm of the Red Dragon on each floor and plunder, has faced a major crisis both internally and externally.

But the Red Dragon is the Red Dragon. Even when the Summer Queen disappeared, the interior was as sturdy as its long history.

Especially since Waltz was the most prominent visionary to lead the Red Dragon on behalf of the Summer Queen.

Despite being hidden from the veil, she showed excellence in the war against the one-horned tribes, and even in the battle.

No balls, no balls. Magic is magic.

There was no shortage of either, and in the battle she appeared, there was always a great victory.

Though there would be less than the Queen of Summer, she did her best than the other nine kings.

Especially against Eloheim, who has launched a massive invasion on the 76th floor. The Red Dragon is no longer a tooth paper tiger, but a wild beast that once again sharpened its claws.

Because of this, the Red Dragon can still be the most damaged and respected group.


The problem happened right after.

It was a moment of relief that he had defended the 76th floor after he had barely defended against the invasion.

Other brothers who had been looking for opportunities while lowering their heads, attacked Waltz at the same time.

Waltz had already lost to exhaustion, and was only able to escape on the 76th floor with a handful of followers.

Then again, towards the empty throne, the mercenaries charge again.

It was the Naran. They only wanted to be new kings.

Eighty-one eyes and several armed forces were divided into several parts while serving different owners, and not long ago, they stabbed the hearts of their colleagues who fought shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield together.

And then another day passed.

The Red Dragon has broken into three great places.

'The white dragon of Waltz, nicknamed the Queen of Spring.

The Black Dragon of Tom, the Fall Monarch, who suddenly rose in turn, who was the youngest of his brothers, was relatively weaker than the two, but became equally heavy Hall, Isu, and Bahattan's Green Dragon; the 76 floors that seemed to have only calmed down were now divided into three waves, entering a long war between eating and eating each other.

And with that in mind, the other big clans tried to make a new change.

The turbulence of chaos that cannot be compared to when cleanliness collapsed. Braille swallowed up the player underneath and the small clan.

With the clans eating each other and being eaten repeatedly, new clans that could threaten the sexuality of the eight clans emerged in an orderly fashion, and new players emerged from the ranking of dozens of rankers in a single day.

Now the world of towers. The sword was the truth, it became the law.


One short word to describe.

You could say that.

While the world of the tower was becoming so chaotic, not all of them were.

The one-horned tribe escapes the whirlpool and still lives a quiet life.

Even the palace that had kept them busy was silent, hiding their religion like it had evaporated at any moment.


The same is true for Enu and his group.

Yeongwoo and Abraham developed Ananda's medicine based on information that Viera Dun's fault had been broken.

In the meantime, since Valpurgis' night 'gave Ananda 2` too many myopic drugs to prepare, it took a lot of effort to wash all this off and heal her body.

Fortunately, Abraham was also well-versed in his development, as he announced his name through refinement. From time to time, Yeongwoo helped Hogma, the Dragon Knowledge Storage, and the Blacksmith opened a family vow.

And a few months later, Abraham was finally able to develop a cure.

With Yeon Woo in attendance. Abraham slowly pulled Anantara out of the recovery capsule.

He saw his daughter with a fluttering eyelid and thought.

What should I say first when she opens her eyes? Do I have to tell him I've been through a lot? Or should I stroke your head without saying anything? Why don't you show her how healthy she grew up first? What if she still hates herself? But those thoughts disappeared the moment Anatta's eyes opened.

“Ananda.” Abraham squeezes Ananda's hand. She looks so sad that she's barely breathing depending on the respirator. One side of my chest was sore.

At this time, I resented the fact that the body is homunculus. I want to cry. I'd like to share some warmth with you. I couldn't draw.

By the way.

Anatta's focus, which I thought would be caught soon, was not captured for long.

Both eyes stared at the empty air only.

He must have regained consciousness. At that moment, an unknown anxiety passed through Abraham's spine.

The expression on Yeon Woo's back was stiff.

Abraham's anxiety became reality.

Take Ananda out of the recovery capsule. Abraham focused on restoring Ananda. Fortunately, there was a traffic jam, clear enough for Jai to grow in the next few weeks.

Just one thing.

Anantara is still unconscious. I could eat and walk if I helped by my side. But that was it. I just sat there all day just telling me what to do. I didn't speak, and I didn't recognize anyone.

Even Cesar.

I couldn't figure out why.

I'm just guessing he's got aphasia or autism from trauma. Even with this kind of psychotherapy, I couldn't seem to resolve it at all.

So, Abraham had to spend a painful time with his daughter.

I wondered how many times a day this would be the bee from the sky.

I've only slept with impulse since I couldn't have a daughter. But if the punishment is going to be inflicted on him, why did he fall on his daughter? I feel like it's all because of me, the humidity has been suspended.

And that's what it looks like.

I came to Yeon-woo with too much emptiness.

'I wish I'd known sooner.

Yeon-woo scratches her fingertips. If it were Earth, I'd ask for a cigarette. I have never been so eager to think about smoking since I got the answer. It was that frustrating.

So Yeon-woo asked the Elder for the first time to bring a bottle of wine. Tsk. The flask and cup clash, making a clear sound. I didn't drink in a while.

And I'm gonna pour you a second glass. Suddenly, a hand pops out of the glass. You lift your head. Pant grunts with Edora.

“What are you doing by yourself? You have to drink this together. Without permission, the fun pant poured itself a double cup, and sat down on the other side.

Edora sits next to the kith and quietly fills her empty cup. Torr. Yeon glances at the refilled liquor. I see myself wearing a mask on a clear drink, but I can clearly feel that I'm smiling in it.

It looks so good on you.

I couldn't have known Panda and Edora.

But they didn't ask Yeon-woo why. It was just a quiet next door seat. I'll pour you a bottle and smash you in the drink.

Then Yeon-woo was able to straighten out her complicated thoughts a little.

He didn't even know Cesar existed after he got the answer. I had no idea how much trouble Abraham and Ananta were going through. I didn't even think about what Viera Dunne was up to.

How does the owner know? It's not like the owner is acting naturally like an all-fourson, or like a sit-down goddess. Yes. Don't take it too far. "Sanon and Han tried to appease Yeon-woo somehow, but Yeon-woo could not escape from such thoughts.

I wish I'd gone a little faster. I wish I could have saved Ananda a little sooner. If you had killed Viera Dun.

Then I wouldn't have to show Caesar my sick mother.

And I came up with this frustration and regret.

'If only I had the strength.

All of this happened because of weakness.

If he had been a little stronger, he wouldn't have had to spend any more time downstairs. Then we could have rescued Sesawananda sooner.

Of course, I've had this thought several times before.

If I had the strength, I could end my vengeance right away. And you could have broken the tower if you wanted to.

But this time it was a little different.

'It has to be the roof. I: Unlike the first time I was alone. He surrounded Yeon-woo Lee' with his own justice.

Abraham, Ananda, Cesar. Sanon, Ghost, Rebecca, and Wealth who became a loyal family. In addition, there are Pants, Edora and Galilee. The king was now a precious teacher, and the one-horned tribe was a family.

Revenge, but now I have to protect the people around me.


Or the roof. I wanted to be one.

He was strong enough to defeat the Summer Queen and defeat her clan. On the other hand, the clans followed the king, and the king firmly supported his back so that the fight could be overcome.

They trusted each other firmly, and confronted each other without hesitation.

Yeon-woo thought straight after seeing the scene. I want to.

Sometimes they become fences, and sometimes they protect their backs. I dreamed about it.

1-Although there was a sense of anxiety on the other side of my heart that it would be like a relationship between my brother and Artiya.

No matter what my brother said in the diary, I wanted to be a brother who wasn't ashamed.

And, until the end, the belief in friends and lovers was never in vain. I wanted to prove that he was right.

I want to lose me and my people. It was a strong persecution of Yeon Woo's return.

So Yeon-woo told everyone those thoughts.

It's disgusting. I get goosebumps saying that all of a sudden.

Uuurrgghhh! "We are dependent on our master. Walk the path the owner wants to walk. He said that, but he didn't say that. We just follow our master quietly" and Sanon and Ahn replied like them.

“Phew! I thought he was up to something else in the middle of the night. Was that it? I said," Brother. Do you remember what I said before? Said you wanted to share a yoke. ”Fant waves his head as he considers it, and Edora carefully looks into the snow.

Yeongwoo was able to recall a voice in her bright eyes.

- I wanted to see what kind of bruise he was wearing. What's wrong with wanting to share it with someone on the 23rd floor who fought Agares and collapsed? Edora hugged Yeon-woo and said that. If they truly thought of themselves as brothers, they asked me to share my inner peace, and I told them that I would share it with them one day.

And, someday, it felt like today.

Yeon-woo took off her mask in front of the two of them.

Without notice. Maybe there's an impulsive choice in alcohol. No regrets.

This was the first time I had shown them the best part of myself.

Edora, who had already seen it once, finally opened her heart, smiled boldly and nodded, and Pant was surprised and looked at her.

Yeon spent the night drinking with them and began to tell them the story of the asset.

The drinks were bold. I still felt overwhelmed when I thought about what happened that day.

Yeon-woo never showed up. Margie talked like it was someone else.

It was Pant who reversed the role.

I pounded my chest with my fist as if my tears were rising, and I lowered my table hard with a glass.

Edora blushes her eyebrows at a much more serious story than she expected, but shuts up and says nothing.

“Do you know this, Father?” Yeon shakes her head.

“I never told you.” “He only cares about his own business! Does it mean you don't know that your disciple has been through this?” The pant has risen from its place.

“I can't.” “You want a month?” "A month is a month! You're a member of our clan now. The work of the members is the work of the clan. You went through all that trouble, and the chief is sitting on your ass!" I think I'll bounce off the booze right now. Before Yeon Woo could stop her, Dora screams for power.

“Sit down, you idiot!” W-what? Idiot? ”Even though I've been trying to show modesty in front of Yeon-woo, I couldn't easily control my emotions this time. Rather, the pant was embarrassed.

Edora, however, screams with the axe's eyes still open.

“Yes, you idiot. You don't really think he doesn't know his story, do you?” The pant is silent.

He pretends not to care about the world and focuses on the town, but he doesn't always have his eyes and ears around him.

Even as a father, I knew better than anyone that my insides were black. Moreover, there was always a spirit, a mother, by his side.

“Don't you see? He's giving his brother a chance.

so they can grow properly and flap their wings. You're protecting her from other natural enemies. ”The pant felt like I was sober for a moment. He stoops back to his seat without a word and pours another glass. My brother's always been so cold about things. Why do you always get ahead of your temper?

“My father knows. He's going to leave his back someday. He nods, wanting to finish everything with his own hands. He was never a prisoner of his clan. Just as Yeon-woo looked at the King's back, Pants knew very well because she was looking at Yeon-woo.

So Pants was curious.

You never mentioned anything about this. I wonder why he suddenly confided in himself.

So Pant stared at Yeon Woo. It's like I'm about to eat a lotus.

He doesn't ask any questions. Instead, I only gave a fierce look, as if to give out more sincerity in it.

Sometimes one look was truer than a hundred words.

And Yeon-woo knew very well what the question in her eyes was. I broke the glass of wine that was said to be precious or awake, even for the one-horned tribe.

I could feel the hot cost price going down to the top on my neck. It's a drink with a high ABV, but I took out the truth I had pressed into my mind.

I woke up.

Put Yeon down like that.

"I want you to be my wings. ”