Second Life Ranker

2. Growth (2)

“Wings?” Pants glance at Yeongwoo with a face that says, "What is that?"

However, there was an unseen expectation in the eyes of the man who liked to sneak around.

Yeon-woo grumbles and says. And he said, "Yeah. Wings. Like I said, what I'm about to do is a reckless nut. Tower, it's a fight against itself: so it's hard to ask you for help.

Moreover, you are a clan member.

Pants dig holes in their ears with their baby fingers as if they were bored of hearing. They cut the tender beef waist while cutting.

Table} Twenty-one, - The foreign substance on the finger was blown by the mouth and smiled.

“When I draw. Don't say useless things like that, all you have to do is say one word," “Help," ”“ I've been saying something serious for a long time. Usually it's too short to talk, so people get bored. Now I see you've been a chatty man, too? Upant smiles with a shrugged smile. Edora nods, looking at the kith. I want to share my brother's yoke. Once more, her voice echoes in her ears, her eyes closed quietly. There was only one thing I could say to both of them.

“Thank you.” It's something I've always felt.

The best thing about coming to the tower was meeting these two brothers.

Fant scratches at the reddened nostril with his index finger. Maybe it's because I'm ashamed or because I'm drunk. Then he swirled his drink in the glass.

“Th! And you don't have to do anything else. I'm a clan. My father would do well without us, even if another wand took the heir. If you beat him up and take it away from him, that's enough. 2 '2" What a pantywaist. Pant laughed nervously.

“And if I was born as a son, huh? You have to fight against the world. Hoenji, it's so nice to hear from him!” “I'm a girl.” Edora asked a silly question.

“Yes? Why are you a woman?” “Do you wanna die?” “Your precious brother is watching.

See you later. ”“ Hahaha! You must see a lot now.

Brother. ”Panda glances at herself with the axe's eye or bursts into laughter.

Edora changes her teeth, committing herself to retribution after she wakes up, and returns to the pond with a calm look.

“But, brother, what's the plan going to be? Isn't that because you have a plan?” Yeon nods.

“I plan to create a clan.” The eyes of the two brothers widened slightly.

“Clan?" “You want to start with the organization.” “That's the most important thing for now.

You have to have a foundation to build a roof.

“Uh-huh. We're founding members here?” The pant makes the sound of a carnivorous cheating sound like it's going to be fun.

“But the numbers are still up, and we're not ready for that right now. Until then, what do we do?” “Be strong.” The pant is silent.

“Be strong. You should be ashamed to stand beside your brother, so that no matter how hard you push it, no matter how hard you hit it, you will never break it." This is a little prideful. ”The pant has risen from its place. My eyes lit up as if I had set the fire.

“Zarrhi, well done. I don't like being burdened, either. I told you to be wings, right? It's going to be teeth, not wings, so you have to do it right. If I don't, my brother will get chewed up.” I've finished my drink. The pant moves away as it rotates around. I bowed my head to Edoradoyen and followed the same pant.

Seats left alone.

Yeongwoo poured the last remaining cup into her mouth. Tak. The sound of placing the cup on the table sounds different.

From that day on.

The group begins to spend as much time as the outside world.

Poverty worked hard to build the dungeon, and Abraham and Galilee were busy restoring outer space, trying to heal Anantara.

Sanon and Ghost were obsessed with interpreting the Late King's legacy, and Rebecca was obsessed with restoring power.

It was because they all empathized deeply with Yeouido's opinions and learned a lot in the last war with the Red Dragon.

'I still lack strength.' They were all on the verge of war.

But that's just the use of confusion. Virtually nothing was accomplished by their own power.

Especially in the War of the Lonely and the Red Dragon. In the battle between the King and the Queen of Summer, they had to feel like they had been hit on the head hard at a strong cost.

They realized that the world they had known so far was very small.

Even it was the same as the one who was still there. The moment he saw the inevitability, he felt so humbled.

Furthermore, the world clearly saw her presence through this war. Now he has to be vigilant, not noteworthy lugi.

It made it difficult for me to work from a place as far away as I am now. There will be many obstacles, many intrusions, and many conspiracies.

To protect Han Woo from such threats, he had to be strong from them.

That's why the group focuses on individual training, all without you.

No one asked me to climb the stairs.

Climbing the stairs was always possible, but the time to find the cost was not given freely.


Yeon-woo also focused on her training.

Your skills and Kwon Ned. I checked, and tried to perfect the three-way Awakening that had changed with the Dragon Factor and the Master Factor.

In particular, my appetite for steam grew.

I trained steadily after realizing the error on the 20th floor, but I didn't have much progress with the sword like this.

Here was Sanon and Han's advice.

Ordinary people think they've reached an end point of nothingness if they only smoke error. It's a funny thing to say. "Error is not the end point. Rather, it's a starting point, because that's when you realize what a knife is. If you're a journalist because you know what it means, that's where you stop." Though they had walked the opposite path from each other.

It was the same thing I wanted to get to.

This is just the beginning.

Knowing the meaning of the sword. And carving it into your body.

That was the most important thing.

“So how do we know what that means?” Put the robe on the sword. "It should be one with a blade, not just a load. Then there will be one flesh and one sword, and then you will be able to achieve the perfect body that you want from Owner 7." Yeon-woo seemed to know what it meant.

Become one with the sword. In the one-horned tribe, they called it this.

Kim Sin Il Che (21138; xxxxx - ).

In Segae, it was said that it was beyond the rank of master.

From then on, Yeon-woo once again began to grasp the sword.

Beagrid is always trembling with greetings.

Yeon-woo did her best every day to focus on the end of the knife.

He was unconscious for months.

In an infinitely slower world.

She swings her sword again, which is hard to remember how much she swings. because it's a conscious world that's dozens of times faster than the outside world. It was now familiar enough to be bitten.

All the clothes were sucked into the end.

The error bloomed splendidly. Then, when the error hit the friction heat that cuts through the space, it popped up more loudly and tightly compressed into a restraining garment.

Strong (32609; Qi).

'Aura, commonly known as' the third part, 'comes in various forms, but it is expressed as a blade for stumbling.

In fact, it was already in the master's court, so the practitioners focused only on refining the error, and did not intend to go beyond it.

However, in the one-horned tribe, this was grouped into three broad categories:

Swordsmanship, strength, indestructibility. Since the intangible force is also commonly referred to as the will force, only elites of the Jinn class could reach Yeon Woo's target.

But the strength was different.

After careful efforts, Yeongwoo reached the completion of the master's work, and she did not have any difficulty handling the sword. So I was trying to take it to the next level.

Force, strength that gives properties by compressing the magical force to a high concentration and fixing it firmly over the top.

Yeon-woo wanted to do this, and after chasing someone again, replaying it several times in the conscious world.

The power that the King of the West used to draw against the Summer Queen 'Armor and Mug'. No matter how much I thought about them, they were already engraved so hard in my brain that I could remember them clearly even if I just closed my eyes.

King of nothing. He never lacked such a fancy name. If only I could reach my toes at that moment. I felt like I could escape the restraints of holding myself together.


The force that clumped together at the end of the blade exploded, returning like a slow time.

Yeongwoo was pushed out of place for a long time with the pain of splattering into other worlds. ”Yeon kicks her tongue looking at her right hand, torn flesh and blood. The dragon's blood heals at a rapid rate. It was a regenerative skill.

The last few months wielding the sword have been hard on Yeon-woo.

Even on the 20th floor of Mt. Pina tried. At the time, there was an obstacle, so training was oriented, but this time it was not. Rather, it was a continuation of boredom because we had to test the limits of the flesh and focus on digesting it completely.

There's only one move. I just draw my sword down. Although I am carrying a surplus, I was bored if I repeated such a simple move tens of millions of times.

Of course, Yeon-woo did not want to be hung for the sole purpose of being blind.

In fact, there have been a lot of knowledge of Yeon-woo.

A dragon that is mixed with the dragon's son. A sage stone pinned to a Gore.

Three-way awakening from the ground up.

In this way, the body evolved rapidly into a series of performances, but the level of consciousness did not reach there. He had no idea where the limits were, where the total amount of power was, or where his potential was.

Even after the massive destruction and regeneration of the flesh to use the Dragon Killer. Yeongwoo had to feel strongly that she had not yet seen the end.

So, in a world that was slowed down by a poem, I threw my body to the extreme, pushing myself to the limit at an angle of 7 inches.

At first, it certainly worked.

I woke up my powers when I needed them, and I climbed the stairs to test my strength, and I broke my limits again. This was done because I believed in the recovery rate of regeneration.

In particular, I could see the greatest income from the blood magic that Abraham had advised me to do. Thinking about it was an instant expression of the devil's factors and polyps that could be called the beginning of magic.

Of course, it was usually basic magic, and it worked mostly in combination with imprinting magic.

I didn't even think to touch the more profound magic because I gave it all to the wealthy.

But even that alone made Yeon-woo grow beyond compare. Then it got stuck in a big wall.

Magic stopped growing, and neither did the body. There was only a sword left in the liver.

It's finally reached its final limit.

That's when the problem started.

It was no longer a growth.

I wish I had made some progress. Nothing like that at all. The wall is so high. I tried to swing it a few times like this, but it only failed once. Everything was an agent.

Of course, it was not long enough for Yeon-woo to aim for the drama with her arms. But the starting point.

It was enough to open a single second. It was a strength speaking from the one-horned tribe.

But even then, I failed.

There was enough magic. There was enough flesh. It was long enough. It was well packed.

But one thing was missing.

The problem was that we couldn't really figure out what the one thing that was urgent was.

I went to see the King separately for advice, but only the vague answer came back.

“It's not your way. ”