Second Life Ranker

4. Growth (4)

Yeon-woo nodded and slowly got up from his seat. Then he fixed the posture and flexed.

What happened to the attack just now? I have no idea. Obviously, what he saw was a branch. But it wasn't a branch either: it was shaped just like that, and for a short while it felt like its temperament had changed.

[Yongmaian] Yeon opens her longitudinal pupil, thinking that another attack is about to take place.

Along the world, the grain was being read and released like a spider web. Recently, there has been a large increase in the number of grains that can be seen by acquiring the Dragon Factor.

Knng! A branch flew back through the grain. Still slow and fluffy. Yeon-woo gazed at the tree branches as if they were ordinary branches, but moved quickly, beating the ground. Target evaded and breached.

It was the idea of avoiding the branches, face-to-face.

Reading the changes in the branches. That was the most important goal.

And it's different. As you move away from the tree branches that are too slow and try to flank Galilee, the branches suddenly become thick, striking her flank as if shooting.

Same change as before. No, I don't.

It was completely different just by looking at the changes. If you had just become as sturdy as a Margie club, now you are very fast as lightning falls.

Yeongwoo dodges the attack while she's emptying her body while running. No, I thought I was avoiding you. However, this time, the tip of the branch suddenly vomited a shivering light and stabbed straight forward.

Changes that happened too fast. I was definitely chasing the dragon, but I couldn't help but notice that there was something there, so I splattered it with a blunt strike like that.

Yeon-woo rises to the top and rolls to the ground. 74, hostiles! He's been nauseous for a long time.

“How are you?" “Let's try • • • • • again.” Yeon woke up disobeying.

I was beaten up just the same. But what I did not see at first, this time I saw. Maybe we can avoid it next time. I also wanted to know what kind of magic he had on the branches.

Galilee smiles faintly. Yeon-woo's eyes were burning with curiosity more than ever. Recently, the room that has been locked while facing the wall has disappeared.

“It wouldn't have made a difference.” “It will be different.” “If you do it until you're convinced, • • • it doesn't stop you.” Galilee provokes Yeon, pruning the branches again. This time Yeon moved again with a different operation, and the result was

Baaak! I knew it was no different.

Yeon-woo continued to push in a different way afterwards. The Eight Armpoles unleashed a different way and pressured Galilee. However, every time I did that, I had to lie on the ground with the sound of 'law' or 'law'.

Soon my whole body turned to dust.

& What the hell happened? 'Yeon-woo looked at Galilee with clear eyes.

Throughout the collision with him, Yeon never crossed the two halves. It was not a technology or an unpredictable problem. Clearly, Yeon herself is never a sewer compared to Galilee.

But before we even got to the bottom of it, I fell down with a weird magic trick. It was frustrating.

I continued to read something. But it was over there.

I couldn't read any more.

It didn't seem like Galilee was using magic or any other skill. The dragon horse said clearly. Galilee did not break her promise.


Yeon-woo sighed, saying, "Get lost." It was practically a sign of surrender.

I'd ask for some advice if I had any Sanon or Han. Again, they had no answer.

“What the hell is going on?” Galilee grins as if it were dust, but not in question, as opposed to a kite.

“Righteous.” I wondered what was so vivid in Yeon-woo's eyes.

More than I knew myself well. I've been rolling on the 20th floor of the Mountain of Agony for over half a year, gaining a super-sensitive numbering skill.

But I couldn't clearly see Galilee flipping.

“You said you were focused on pushing the body to the limits of growth, right?” “It's certainly better that way. Given the nature of the solvent, the end is very deep.

It's actually never easy just to pioneer an instrument.

Yeon-woo nods. In fact, the wall was so large, it was never easy to train before.

that the body is squeezed to the extreme.

Even physically and mentally, I had no choice but to become ragged like a mop.

“But the problem is after that,” How to harness the power you have acquired is important. ”Yeon shakes her head as if she couldn't admit it.

“You may look like a snob, but I don't think my skills depend on it.” Growing is actually going to have to follow the progress of skills. Yeon-woo had already pioneered all eight masterpieces of the Ultimate Blade and had made it completely his own, and was practicing as much magic as possible.

“You must be mistaken. What I'm saying is not the same as skill.” How do you explain that? ”Galilee spent a long time thinking about virtue, then lightly slammed his fingers together.

“Imagination. You lack imagination.” What the hell is this noise?

Galilee raises a branch again, either laughing and laughing as she talks.

“Show me slowly.” It looks like you're just playing with a branch. At that moment, the surrounding space begins to roar along Galilee.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened. A change so instantaneous that Galilee could not have seen it if he had not decided to show it slowly.

It expresses its commitment to the whole body.

The reason why Yeon-woo couldn't see beyond. That was because Nemesis did not release the veil, but circulated it inside.

I thought it was more of a departure. Overwhelming means expanding the world of self to the outside.

The user notices changes in the opposing Pokémon and its surroundings and thinks of them only as being used to make them stronger and sharper by being narrower.

The former was hypersensory; the latter was error.

But I had never thought of locking it inside and circulating it.

I didn't have to use it if I didn't pull it out. The world of the Azaffi ego stood on the inside: But Galilee flipped over the idea. Expanding the world of self, it leads to the assimilation of the psychiatric body while being fixed to the body. The wheat was put into the finer parts of the body.

This allows the body to be completely controlled while simultaneously eliciting a variety of changes as imagined.

Shh, shh, shh! Galilee slowly moves forward and starts swinging the branches. The acceleration was gradually reaching the branches, pulling the space apart.

Every time, Galilee's body changed a little.

Many things were engraved in the eyes of Yeon Woo. Changes in muscles, over-shaped, spatial refractive, and force shifting.

One by one, it popped up and twitched like an organism.

And there were so many things in it.

For every brief moment, Galeed became many things. The storm intensifies, the lightning speeds up: the rock becomes hard, and the bamboo bends gently.

Different things popped up whenever I needed it, and my strength was more resilient than mine.

'It wasn't a branch that changed.

Galilee, as it were. 'Yeon-woo only realized her mistake. I've been watching how the female branch is defending me.

In fact, he should have read Galilee's changes. The branches were merely following the changing Galilee.

Change of surplus and surplus. Several doctors became gallivants, interlocking like teeth.

I felt like I knew what his imagination was. Be the storm, be the lightning. I guess that's what he meant. And the space around him changed with each passing moment.

Tak! Galilee sighs deeply as she lowers her branches.

“Hehe! I've been sweating for a while, but my whole body aches:” Galilee looks around the pond, relaxing the stiffness of his muscles.

“Did you see the cost?” “I've never had the idea of moving through the flesh.” “Usually off, in weapons, so on. Right? Think of it as a weapon or a tool. But not so much.” Galilee empowers himself, saying.

“It's too much lubricant.” Yeongwoo slightly opened her eyes wide.

Galilee's explanation continued.

“Righteousness is a supplement to strengthen the existence of me." Auxiliary for externally extending sensation. A supplement to make the sword stronger and sharper. Supplements that will allow you to properly harness the power of your body.

Yeonwoo remembers what Galilee first said.

How to harness the power you have acquired.

Yeongwoo had already trained her body to the extreme and had a lot of strength.

And there were skills or skills that could handle it.

But how to use it has never been of interest to me.

There is a difference in how you use the same force.

"Handling the body right is the same as controlling the power. But normal people are delusional. You think you have complete control over your powers. But I hear you." Galilee shakes his head.

“You need to be able to change your surplus into a free material. It means you have to be able to think of the body as a sword. But what about you?” Yeon-woo thought of a silent soup for a moment. Whatever position he was in when he came into battle. It was strength. I wanted only more strength. The reason it was squeezed in the flesh was to gain strength.


It was devastating to Yeon-woo. The sword, the waves of fire, the dragon grower. They were all focused on increasing their destructive power.

But it wasn't.

Galilee advises against focusing solely on strength. Power is power. Don't wield it, wield it. Be in control. The most important thing in order to do that was over.

Yeon-woo felt the broken worldview she had thought and set up. It felt like the cost price was going through.

Very little, but the wall is saved. It was so small that it didn't even show, but I could even see what was beyond it.

The wall I was feeling. It wasn't the facts, it was the worldview that locked me up. I don't know why I didn't think what I got was a misinterpretation or a result of understanding.

I feel like my frustration has been a little relieved. But, on the other hand, I felt that it would not be easy, and I felt overwhelmed.

Neglect. It's easy to say, so use neglect. I had to do some more research on how to apply it to the body.

But thank you, actually. Now that you know the way, all you have to do is find it.

The life force on the wall was small, but could soon lead to a crack that would engulf the whole.

Yeongwoo bows to Galilee.

“There's something Jungwoo said about Galilee.

Galilee had a strange look in his eyes.

I missed him, so I wondered how he rated himself. “He said he was his first teacher.” Galilee scratches her cheeks as she looks at you. My nostrils are a little red. I told you not to say that. It was still saying strange things to the end.

“I think I know why I said that.” Enough nonsense. ”Galilee shakes her hand and says, 'I'm embarrassed.'

“It's important to activate more than ever now. If I tell you to do it right now, all you're gonna hear is a bunch of crap, right?” “Yes.

“When drawing, focus on the idea of controlling the body rather than the righteous. Like I said, it's just too much lubricant, so if you just point it in the right direction, it's gonna follow you anyway.” “Controls the flesh • • • Yeon repeated the same words.

“And there's no better way to control the body than with a little bit of nerve.

Yeongwoo's eyes glowed brightly. Pedestrian neural pathways, new laws, and semicolonial words of honor. The law of paws meant how to move the body, the new law meant how to move the body, and the law of law meant how to move the body.

“Making fun of yourself. Isn't this the foundation of all martial arts? In that sense, the way to tease the body, by itself, is the most fundamental way to control the body. And, one of the most important things about such a Bosan landscape is that Barr“ Sullivan nods at the soliloquy.

Yeongwoo's eyes glowed.

I felt like I'd overlooked some of the secret of the pilgrimage, which was the top three skills of Allfowon, and the ability to open a haystack.

The road is finally open.