Second Life Ranker

5. Growth (5)

Galilee glances up at the sky. One day, the sun went down, and the moon was rising. His two eyes are comforted by a yellow glow that disappears.

Night is home to Dark Elves. Though others might feel like Siri, it was like a warm and cozy mother's arms to them. Galilee feels energized as well.

Moreover, it was perfect to show the cost price because the moon was bright today.

In fact, if it's dark around them, they won't be courted day and night. Still, it felt good to feel like the moon was giving strength for Yeon-woo.

“You said Jungwoo told me that I was the first teacher?” The second would be Abraham. Third? ”Yeon smiles silently.

Galilee lets out a sound of wind.

“I see who you are. Well, you're not the easiest person to talk to.” Galilee looks around the pond, shaking his head.

“Actually, I find that very hard to say. Heavy, too. If I lose to you, I'll be invincible.” That's what Galeed was to Jungwoo. ”“ I mean, even if it's hard. But you still think that about me, by the way. ”Galilee has become one of those memories where the midnight friendship laughs. He was always full of laughter and pranks. The tunnel overlaps with the snow. He has a different look on his face. Something smelled similar.

“This has happened. Let's try it on the teacher's older brother. Are you okay?” “I beg of you.” Yeon bows her head.

Galilee nods and holds back. Even Margie Sanborn is relaxed.

However, the substrate that flowed along him was unparalleled.

At that moment, Yeon-woo changed her mind about Galilee.

I didn't think it would change much after the tutorial. It wasn't.

He was definitely different.

His physical abilities didn't change. Qi . According to him, the concentration of magical power was different, and the amount of pressure felt was different. In the meantime, it meant that he had surpassed the milestone by more than a few steps through a profound change.

I thought I could compare it to a high ranker if I could guess what I have. What changed him so much?

Galilee says to Yeon-woo with deep eyes.

“You must know the basics since you've learned some marching skills. There's a lot of misunderstandings about maroons, though. I think it's simple and fast. But.” Galilee sprints quickly, leaving behind a shallow shadow. Heavy winds swirl around the rainforest. The grass shakes and leaves come to mind.

“It wasn't just fast.” Vyric! Galilee is in front of the moat. "Then the wind blew and lifted me to the skies. Then I climbed up the branch so gently like a feather.

“This is how it's done.” Galilee leaps off the branches and lands on the ground. Bang! And then, like a lie, the ground sank deeper and it was rotting away. It looks like someone threw a rock.

“It's heavy.” 고--From there, Galilee takes a step forward. Then another Galilee begins to appear around the area. Nine visions wandered around the pond.

“It's glamorous.” This time, the visions scattered. And then the last one disappeared. I felt no sign of Galilee anywhere. Zero. Existence is sentient.

Yeon woo looks around for Galeed, who can't even be caught by dragons.

“It's quiet.

Only Galilee's voice echoes through the sky. Suddenly, as dozens of lights fell simultaneously, a tearing noise fell over the head of Yeongwoo.

Yeon-woo was surprised and took a big step back.

Guang! You come back, smiling as if something had happened to Galilee.

“Shut up. A crusader is a friend with many different faces.

Yeon-woo nods dazed.

And I realized that she was misbehaving.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo was only concerned with speed. Destruction and acceleration. These two were his absolute propositions, and we saw the benefits.

But now I've decided to adjust my speed to go higher. So far, I've been able to see how fragmented it was.

Galeed Pilgrimage was just Galeed himself.

Fast, unassuming, heavy, glamorous, quiet, loud. That's Galilee. She was born everywhere.

“And in the future, you will face hunger like that. As a changed friend, try to understand and take care of me even if I have a little trouble making love.” Yeon nods heavily.

“Then we better get ready before we meet him. First, let me ask you a question before we get started. What do you think is the most important part of making fun of your body?” “Not the lower body?” “That's right. The lower body is the center of the body.” Galilee nods. You have to be strong to be healthy. And the lower body had to be firm to be strong. The lower body was a fundamental part of all martial arts, both martial arts and unseen.

“Then you'll be able to control your lower body first, right?” Galilee grins. However, Yeon-woo felt that the laughter was full of jokes for some reason.

“First of all, duck steps start at the edge of the village.” From that day on, the glorious training of the kite began.

However, the training contents were all ridiculous.

Duckling, jumping, marching, running without rest. Even if he wanted to train Hiccup simply, it was hard for the one-horned tribe who graduated as a child to guess what his goal was.

“You said Cain started something else?” “Yi. I heard there's some kind of weird jump.

But he said it was like a frog. Kick. ”“ What the hell is going on? ”“ Well. If snake hunters are jealous, there must be a reason.

Month? "“ I don't know where you're going, but I think you're dying. ”Tribes began to speculate on what Yeouido's exercises were for.

No one underestimated or ignored me. Rather, there were more people watching Yeon Woo's training with both eyes on.

Although Yeon Yuan giggles because she gets tired of duck steps every time, no one thought the training was meaningless.

Galilee was a well-known tutorial for her tribe, and her skills were recognised by everyone. No, I was right to say that I'm more interested.

Dark Elves are a rare species even in towers. The person with the title "Hunter" was even more interesting to find. I was a warrior when I was lonely.

Of course, the teachings of such a man would mix with the way hunters train.

If it's about martial arts, a tribe of one-horned men who can't use their swords is worth salivating over. I couldn't understand the meaning of the problem at all.

And so was Panda and Edora.

• • • Is that an alternate month? ”Edora stares at Yeongwoo with a blank expression. While I was training for the transfer, I came to see how Yeon-woo was doing.

Yeongwoo was literally running around like a frog, just like the Tribe said.

To be precise, it was the way Yeon ran to catch Galilee's random stone.

The problem was that after throwing the stone in any direction, Yeon-woo was also busy moving along with it.

If you want to jump into the sky, then fall into the ground, then fall into a nearby pond, etc. Thanks to you, I couldn't say anything.

Then, after catching the stone, I liked it, and after failing, I felt a little slumped.

• • • Cute. 'Edora's eyes looked like puppies, full of clicks.

On the other hand.

Fant glanced at Yeon-woo with a slightly stiff expression. His eyes were sinking deeply. I bought a lot of blood rope for a clenched fist.

Above your head! 'Yeon-woo threw the stone in her hand on the bartable, gave strength to her awakening, and flew up to heaven. The other side of the road is too far away, but you snatched a boulder that flew from the air as hard as you could while keeping it under control.

Almost acrobatic. I was also careful when fishing for stones. It looks like a stone to me, but it's actually a lump of clay made of clay.

Normally, a lump of mud would be crushed by the speed of repulsion. Yeon Yeon, who was as fierce as a gunshot when she flew here, shifted her temperament like a spring wind as she flew in from the air.

I was overwhelmed. There were still many parts to it, but every time I implemented the move, I was overwhelmed with confusion.

In fact, it was not that hard to give a merit. Concentration is the most important thing in medicine. However, the intensity was already high enough to produce an error of solidarity, so the application to the cruise could be felt to some extent.

Regardless, it was never easy.

It was relatively easy to concentrate on the sword.

Gim Iran material is hard. It was relatively easy to project a hard form to fix the surplus. No matter how fiercely I swung, the black figure would never be broken, so it was easy to maintain.

On the other hand, the body was different.

Even if he projected the veil, his body changed from time to time, unlike Kim.

Trembling muscles, joint and skeletal movements, blood flowing in blood vessels, platypus cells, and individual moving organs •, •, • The body was so mixed up with too many elements that it was never exactly fixed to one type. It was brittle in an instant, even if I gave it to him.

Plus, the marshmallows have made even more of that change. One step at a time, one muscle at a time, one fist at a time was impossible.

Galilee was curious about how he used it.

So I asked him about it, but he smiled embarrassingly and replied:

_committing yourself to righteousness. That should do it.


It means to focus not only on righteousness, but also on all consciousness. Of course, that's all I'm saying, it wasn't something I could easily accomplish.

That's why Galilee rolled the pond so hard.

When I looked around, he explained that the wrong mental and physical moments were coming.

As Galilee continued to roll, she could feel that a specific part of her body was drawn to her mind, though it was very short.

No, to be precise, it's perceived. Body changes. Unconsciously.

You don't know. It was a coronation.

At that moment, Yeon-woo burst into surprise.

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

This civil society was fundamental.

It was to check internal changes from time to time to confirm the changes and to make internal operations more free.

And if this continues, we will naturally go beyond meditation and recklessness to make mental progress together.

That is, how to properly understand the body and spirit. What was important was that it coincided with Galilee's "controlling the body with the body through the surplus."

And for Yeon-woo, this was much easier than anything else.

[Hypersensitivity] When I projected the surplus out and read the changes in the outside world, if I changed direction and turned it to the inside world, that was the gaze.

Yeongwoo was able to establish a self on the 20th floor in this way, and furthermore, she was able to experience performance in the unconscious world.

Internalization of the supersenses.

Observe the body in the field as a whole and inspire willingness as needed. You dig deeper into your senses and begin to try to control them.

[You have learned more than new ways to use it.] [It's a passageway through which spiritual energy flows. Practice more to learn more about the different applications. The more righteous you are, the more free your character will be.] [Skill proficiency of 'Hypersensitivity' has increased dramatically. 40.5%] [The effects of consciousness have a strong effect on the body. My understanding of the flesh has increased greatly "[I realized the concept of unity between the flesh and the skin.] ['Crusader' 's skill level has increased dramatically. 82.9%] After the solution was developed, all training took a long time to complete, even if he knew how.

Practice was one of the simplest things for Yeon-woo. Pushing yourself to the limit.

That's the secret to the survival of Yeon Woo, ever since Africa.


[Parallax Disturbance] In a world of slow consciousness, Yeon-woo was quickly acquiring knowledge by giving it a little bit of excess while simultaneously equalizing the body and supersenses. There was endless practice available here.

Tak! Yeon-woo landed on the ground quite nicely.

It may be slightly crushed in the hand, but the figure remains a lump of clay.