Second Life Ranker

6. Growth (6)

'Not yet.

A small murmur looks at the lump of clay left by the handprint of the cow.

I was going to leave the shape intact this time. Forms remained, but they still rarely slept in the castle.

If only I could control my power better with my surplus. You could have handled inertia more smoothly.

'But now I'm starting to unconsciously follow.'

Yeon-woo smiled indifferently, but with pride.

Until now, my body has changed significantly because I've been moving around with my lower body while scorching it. Especially when you rise from the ground into the air, behind the air. Overlapping naturally made a lot of changes in an instant.

It was evidence that the body changed elastically.

After years of constant training, Yeon-woo said her muscles were rock-hard, but now her muscles are rubber-like. The Wise Man's Stone and Magic Circuit provided a more energetic magical power.

It's clearer than a built-in super-sensitive. Thanks to this, I could feel every finger, muscle, and cell by cell twitching, beating, and slamming into each other.

But Yeon-woo felt she needed more training.

I've done more internalization, but it hasn't been the same yet. Like dealing with errors, the body had to be perfectly in control.

“I think I've learned the basics.” At that time, Galilee landed with a satisfactory smile in front of Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo was bewitched by a vain laugh without even knowing it. Basics. Apparently the system has 80 percent skill proficiency. Galilee says he's just taken a step back. It meant there was still a lot to learn.

“Now that you know how to walk, let's coordinate how to run.” When the Elohim attacked on the 23rd floor at the moment of the encounter, Galilee reminds me of what happened. Hyeonghwan Lee, Shin Da-young Palace, Interest Rate Squad, Gyeonggi-do, Ildo River. Every time I finish off the crusaders, my enemies are completely out of their minds.

Galilee was ecstatic, haunted.

I couldn't even get involved with the alliance that tried to help him because I couldn't get close enough.

Perhaps it was when the image of the time maximized.

Yeongwoo's eyes lit up. Overuse has been a real start from now on.

At the same time, I thought about it. If that's how it's done. What is the 'law of me'? “What do you want me to do?” So I looked forward to it.

“It's that simple. How you handle the basics is up to you, isn't it?” Galilee rolls his lips.

“Practice is best when this is the case.

As soon as it's over.

Pawn! Galeed unshackles the back and stabs the branch in his hand. How much surplus was in there, so that the air was compressed and then burst.

Yeon instinctively backed out of her torso. Slightly passing through the tree branch temple, Yeon-woo lifted the arena from the waist dance and drew it diagonally.

Light! An explosion sounds as a wooden branch and a machete collide.

Two shadows retreat, then rush back into the air.

Bang! I thought of the pant.

- I want you to be my wings.

I was happy to hear that.

- Be strong.

When I heard this, I wondered if my heart was pounding.

No matter how hard you push it, no matter how hard you hit it, it never breaks.

Finally, when I heard the last word, I had to express my disdain.

• • • It wasn't an insult to the fuckin 'Yeon-woo.

It was an insult to the throne.

When I was told to be strong. Pant said he'll be a tooth, not a wing, and if he doesn't like it, he'll bite you. He said he'll have to do it right.

But it was just a word that I didn't want to show you. In fact, the pant has been in a very complicated state in my head.

As time passed, I felt the gridlock with Yeonwoo continuing to unfold, so I was anxious what to do if I was completely left behind.

So since then, I've been practicing without balls. I hadn't done anything like this yet.

I couldn't get away easily from the idea that I was too behind. He was weak, but too weak.

Then, on the other hand, I constantly wondered why I couldn't concentrate so much, what was bothering me so much.

Then I saw Yeon-woo rolling around. The pant clammed shut. You will realize at once what it is that has been troubling you.


It was a target of admiration for Pant. He was initially seen as a rival, and began to follow him around curiously, and he gradually became inspired by his human appearance, 'wanting to learn,' but he continued to use the lattice as a driving force to whip the talent that Yeon-woo possesses, while also being self-aware.

But I thought I could catch up one day, and I never thought of anything else.

But now I think I know.

'Why can't I have one around here?' I admired Yeon-woo, but on the other hand I shared my inferiority.

Why wouldn't I be if I could be him? I'm trying that hard.

Why, why? Pant was a person who had to be the leader since childhood. I had to take command of the war games with my peers, and I had to be overwhelmingly good at group training compared to others.

What was in front of him was never going to happen.

Throne. Since I was a child, there was only one thing Pant wanted, so I was trapped in the obsession that I should never be left behind to become king.

He only enjoyed looking at others, he never thought about them that way, and he never thought about them. Even with arrogance around me, all I could do was smile.

Then I met Yeon-woo.

In his encounter, Pants felt that the worldview surrounding him had been shattered.

It was just a mistake to think that he was the center of the world. There were a lot of people ahead of themselves.

However, I tried to catch up with him in a bad way, and I suddenly looked up to Yeongwoo.

He was placed in a position he would never have thought of as a child.

However, Yeon-woo did not get caught, but continued to be far away.

And the more I painted, the more the pant began to "convince." 'Phew, here we go again.' I was sighing, thinking that I had no choice but to feel the lattice unfolding.

One day, I decided.


It seems wrong from there.

She was still a target of admiration. The thought of him walking the difficult path silently was great and respectful. However, it was not something to give up and overdo because it would not be able to jump.

You know, 'Fant's mind picked up the costly head. It was a battle cry. It was competitive. Those feelings that somehow disappeared with conviction and conviction.

"Catch up"? You can't go after them.

The pant grips its teeth. I pressed the inferiority button. Instead, I lit up the battle cry.

I wanted to beat Yeon Woo.

“Brother, I'm going up the stairs.” At that time, Edora watches Yeongwoo silently, and the right side opens her mouth suddenly.

Pant slowly woke up from his thoughts and looked at his sister.

I wonder what Edora was thinking when she saw the kite. Like herself, there was definitely some change in her mind.

The eyes on the open shore are so deep. It was only for a short time, but I thought I might have met a spiritual mother.

Obviously, you're not in your own right mind.

If Fant's feelings about Yeon Woo were competitive and battle insults from inferiority, Edora would have come from the heart.

But Pant did not ask for Edora's thoughts.

Just as she has a mind of her own, she has a mind of her own.

What you will do is quietly cheer as a family. So he nods without saying anything, and Edora turns back, saying, "Thank you."

The faithful horse in Edora's arms vomits for a long time. Like it's gonna start twitching any second. It seemed like a hot wind was spreading this far.

After Edora snuck out.

The Pant stood still for a few more hours, watching over Yeongwoo and Galeed, then captured and turned around to move Anylon.

The smith fixes her glasses and frowns a lot.

“Blood mines, please.” Even though I came to get the stuff I left in the pawn shop.

The blacksmith stares at Pant and covers the book he was looking at on the table. I didn't do anything weird for a while, so I thought I'd rest easy. I don't think it's his bloodline. I make useless noises.

I want to hit that thick head that looks like the face I don't want to think about. However, I pressed down on the impulse and asked.

“Do you know where the blood mines come from?” “I know.” Pant nods. Blood mines.

Symbol of Bloody Wise Man. Cheongram's Bigi, an indestructible force from the regime.

The feelings that aroused from my curiosity about Yeongwoo were fueled by a desire for a stronger power. And this was the conclusion that panned out after a lot of worries.

However, the elder snorted as if it were not even reasonable.

“No, I don't know.” No. I know. "“ No. I don't know. ”Pant tries to say something again, but soon he shuts up. One of the elders' mouths dries up. Clear ridicule.

It was a mockery smile.

“Can I be honest with you?” Pant nods.

“Bitch is weak.” Fant's eyes are wide open. My body was torn apart. My fist flew with strength.

In addition, the smith scoffed.

“Don't try to resist. Honestly, isn't that right? Your brothers? Usually weaker than you. But there are others who are stronger than you. To be honest, you should not neglect your mother and brother's high position as candidates for their king.” “Even if you let me fly you around like Manny the Cheongram. There are many monsters in the world. There are many warriors better than you in the town.There are as many as sand in the answer.” The pant grips its teeth. But the Elder did not stop healing.

“And one more thing. Even though she wasn't smart,” Fant's eyes turned red red this time. Friendly and reckless. It was his usual assessment.

But that's only when you evaluate it well. If you say it badly, it's like this. Thinking is short and pleading.

“On the other hand, what do I look like?” The smith points to himself. The pant couldn't say anything more.

He's a blacksmith famous for his quiet work in the Oval Office. Actually, no one was that arrogant.

So much so that the king has to fold.

And, you know, there are people who can do that.

“Strong. Smart. Even though he's not dead now, I don't care if it's dawn or dawn, the horse that once threatened the tower! I didn't say much. Now, who's got that thing organized? Who inspired your father to raise his family today?” Clearly, I'm not spilling any energy.

The pant is strongly felt as if the invisible air is pressing against your shoulders or stepping on them.

I felt like squeezing my lungs with. It was difficult to breathe. As my heart bats, I feel a chilly chill along my spine, and my clothes get drenched in cold sweat.

A Bloody Wise One. Though hidden by no king, he was still a pillar of the clan.

He also showed that he was still healthy. Even the waltzes who confronted the three Enforcers of Elohim didn't have to give him a few.

Fant grips his teeth and chews them like a swallow.

• • This is Captain. ”“ Yes. ”The smith nods arrogantly and continues.

“And the blood mine symbolizes me like that. This is a fruit I have only earned through my lifetime of fighting, rolling, thinking, acquiring, sometimes humiliating head tightening, defeating, and continuing to challenge, arrogantly, or proudly. Blood mines coming soon.” The elder frowned. A lot of twisted labor provokes me.

“I do. What?” The fury of the beast makes even the air tremble. Fants can't tell if vibration is air or themselves.

“A tough guy like you who's not smart enough to want what's mine? Go back.

I just didn't give a damn. It was a clear blessing. It was also a scorn that you could not covet treasure because you did not deserve it.

Fant's shoulders tremble.

He feels like he's falling from a cliff. Just like when you met Yeon Woo. Once again, all of the world's values and values that were building itself were shattering.

Even the last remaining pride was broken.

I stared at the elder with red eyes. If it was him, he would have told me to get out of the house, or beat the crap out of me.

• • • Please give us an opportunity. ”Pants bow.