Second Life Ranker

10. Growth (10)

- To the player who has blasphemed God, I will be discreet.

This morning, a sudden order was given to the gods under Poseidon.

The news was also delivered to Athena, who had her eyes and ears all over Olympus.

I could almost see who Poseidon was referring to as a discrimination target.

Natural Rights. Athena was recently watching while politely attending to 2. Having said that to such a child, it was also natural for her to come to Harmes with a face full of heartache.


Harmesh smiles unknowingly at her sister.

I wonder if they bothered to plant it.

Athena squinting at the tip of one eyebrow, staring at Hermione: “What's so funny?” “No. It's been a long time since I've seen my sister so emotionally shaken.” Athena frowns slightly.

She keeps her mouth shut and says nothing.

Harmesh only looks so funny.

In fact, unlike the many points of contact with Yeon Woo, Athena had very little contact except for Aegis, who was to be sacrificed as a tribute.

Athena still cared deeply for Yeon-woo. Like he was born. No, like an apostle in his arms.

Of course, I knew why, so I didn't say anything.

It was still amazing how Athena showed up like this, saying that she was the goddess of the battlefield that terrified the demons.

What would the other brothers look like? No, not that far. What if my dad sees this look on my face? Of course, my father is deep asleep and has no idea what's going on out there.

'And thanks to you, we can lose like this.

Harmes straightens his thoughts.

“Don't be so hasty, sister. We know him better than anyone.” Harmesh smiled slightly.

“He made Agares into a mop. He's tilting some snake-like rhinoceros in my head. All we have to do is sit around eating popcorn and watch our uncles get their asses kicked in. If you need a hand, you can help me then.” • • I hope the year is very comfortable. Guatena left Harmesh's residence with a smile on her face.

Harmesh smiles bitterly and looks at the place where his sister disappeared.

“But I can't help it, sister.

There's nothing we can do here. That wouldn't have made a difference to your uncle either. ”Damn the system. And kill the town, Olfoone.

Harmesh grunts and sighs, "Get out of the ground."

Then I turned my head and closed my eyes.

Then, as the consciousness left the body and sank into a giant consciousness connected to the lower body, a new gaze opened.

Inside, you see a stream slowly moving somewhere.

I wondered at this moment how many gods and demons would be observing the rain with their eyes, like this one.

“Is this enough?” The smith swung Cefil and quietly put him down on the cliff. After staring at the book for so long, my eyes became tired. I rubbed my snowballs with my forefinger and index finger, but my fatigue didn't go away easily.

Actually, this fatigue was not physical fatigue. By that time, you'll be revitalized just by turning the inside out. But I couldn't cope with the mental fatigue alone.

This was the result of writing a paperwork that had never been thought of.

Bloodlust. An excavation of the regime from the end of the year.An excavation of blood mines.

I used to yell at Pants like that. Eventually, the blacksmith started organizing blood mines for him.

However, organizing was not an easy task. Since the Elder is an intangible force that can only be solved by the concept of ambiguity, he felt embarrassed where to start.

That's why it was also a tempting task.

The smith fell in love with the young man, studying the old man and missing the time to marry him. I didn't have a successor to do this because my disciple was annoyed.

As they got older, everyone wanted to leave their mark on the world before they died, so they were thinking about training after the elders.

But then Pants groaned to teach me. But I can't give up easily. I messed with my pride.

He was either irritated or not getting into the pulmonary training and renting out.

It means talent and perseverance are added. The truth is, we need to get out of the cotton wall. At this point, it was a pass point.

So I started with a light heart.

It didn't work better than I thought it would. I have now realised that it is very difficult to describe the concepts in my head in detail.

However, when I thought about it a few times, it felt clearer in my head, and by the time I finished writing, the performance of the blood mine was much deeper.

Now it's a question of how to hand it over to the Pants.

'I don't like the look of it because I can see how it will react.' Everyone admitted it, but the one who missed the time of King Ahn's youth the most was Pant.

Maybe you'll be too happy to take this. The commander was also the one who suffered the most because of him.

So I don't know how to give it to you quietly, but I've been thinking about it for a while.

If you look at the pant, you'll like it. ”The smith snaps to a sudden voice. Suddenly, there was a raincoat standing in front of me.

No matter how much you thought about it, you didn't feel anyone coming? The blacksmith slightly opened his eyes and said.

“Hmm? When did you get here?” I called the commander a few times outside. He's got no answers, no intelligence. I came up with the idea just in case. I'm sorry if I was rude. "“ No. We're all the same. It's been so long since I've seen you. ”The smith looks up and down the kith with strange eyes.

In fact, after training with Galilee, Yeon has barely come out.

But neither the king nor the elders nor the other clans tried to stop him, nor did they want to come and say hello.

Hanging on to the cost and not coming out of his house by the end of the year, many of them are one-horned tribes, so I just thought that Yeon-woo takes a lot of time to refine it because she also got something.

Rather, it seemed like it was going to be quick.


Whether she had not neglected to train, Yeon-woo was much different from before.

It was firm, heavy.

I wish I had the ferocity to explode so quickly before. It was so quiet that I was in the right place right now.

Seam • Body. The three most important beats in the field of aerospace find the right balance.

'Trinity. You're a fast achiever.

Looks like he's got his own path now. If you add anything else, nothing will go wrong.

However, I also thought about it. The reason why the spiritual harmony is so well done is that it will be quite difficult to go beyond this.

It was remarkable that he took one step into the rank of a strong man.

“But what brings you here? If you're looking for the chief, he's probably in the Oval Office.” “The teacher has already met and greeted you.” “Then?” Do you have any idea if Edora is Idi? "” Unlike the pant hanging from the Abandoned Tube training, Edora was climbing a flight of stairs.

A few months ago, I was only confused by the fact that I was over 30 floors ago, and then I don't know what happened.

It was due to the poor durability of the communication artifact. I was delayed because I didn't feel the need to focus on training even though I was trying to prepare a new one.

“I stopped by a few days ago. He's probably on the 36th floor by now.” Yeongwoo's eyes sparkled slightly.

“That's quite a climb.” “You've changed quite a bit. The transfer was in place.” Yeon smiles faintly. The other half of the transfer, the acoustic sword. When can this be opened?

“Then why the sudden Edora? I can put you in touch if I want to.

Yeongwoo shakes her head.

“No. There's no rush. It's just a meeting. It's enough to go up and meet." ”Oh. Then perhaps, you • the elder realized that the cloudiness was about to overcome and slightly opened his eyes.

Yeon-woo nods heavily.

“Yes, I'm going to run again.” Yeon finished all greetings with the one-horned tribe with an end to the elder. After the sponsorship agreement with the Vider Table was concluded, the preparations proceeded at a rapid pace and everything needed to establish Klein was finished.

There was only one last thing left.

Summer Queen, 'Yeon-woo headed to the Dungeon of Nawabu, where the Elder resides.

In the meantime, the dungeon changed a lot, so it was clearly different from the beginning from the entrance.

Phew! Armed with solid armor, Skillleton Warrior kneels on one knee and bows. Owner's owner. It was a courtesy to the stubborn existence.

After that, the undead who were busy moving along the passageway stopped what they were doing, then they retreated to the wall and bowed their heads. He looked like the people who welcomed King Margie.


Suddenly, suddenly-soon, a bunch of Skeleton Knights appeared riding on a strange ghost horse.

When it was first made, it was a great change to think of something that was just full of undead. The lotus was surprisingly small inside. In the meantime, the dungeon has been devoted only to wealth and has ignored women's interests.

The armor worn by the Skeleton Knights shines brightly. They were taken from the armory taken from the Summer Queen.

Are you here? "The auxiliary stops and bows before the kite, and the thresholds 52999; Leton Knights come down together, kneeling on one knee and bowing their heads. Looking closely, other soldiers, such as Maina Sameen, Lancer and Soldier, stand long behind Skeleton Knight.

It's also a golem, zombie, ghoul, mancy, spectre. It seems to have dragged all the undead from all over the dungeon. At the far end of the field of view, I made spectacular with all the undead.

However, for Yeon-woo, it was not a minister, but a pretext.

• • • What is all this? ”Owner. On his way. Of course. Hahn. Iliyini. C:" Status. It's a burden. Do what you always do. ”The Discipline. Answer." He nodded and waved his hand gently into the air. Then the undead unseat and scatter to their stations.

Yeon-woo sighed lightly.

The stronger the rationality, the wider the scope of what could be done, the more convenient it was.

On the other hand, I often took action to make Yeon Woo feel ashamed because her loyalty was getting worse.

But I couldn't say it was bad. Moreover, I was embarrassed to say something because it was fun to be secretly supported. Yeon-woo only wished for the right line.

“Work?” “We're halfway there. Let's go.

Work. The work of the Bone Dragon.

Yeongwoo entered the deep interior of the dungeon with wealth.

The dungeon that was subsequently created in three series was divided from the entrance into three sections: the outer heart, the center, and the inner heart.

The deeper you go, the lower the undead rank together, and you can see how the water supply, which looks like a simple summoned water supply, moves around.

The dungeon was an overall complex maze.

When the passageway was read like a spider web, it was likely to go round the wrong path, and there were magic bars and traps everywhere, so it was specialized in guarding from the outside.

I could see how much I was devoted to making wealth dungeons.

And then when I got to the inner core,

The narrow, long passageway that had passed all the way disappeared, and a huge cavity appeared.

Whether the previously given subspace width was magically widened, the ceiling was as high as a collection meter and the wall was so wide that the end could not be caught.

And there.

The Summer Queen's corpse lies on top of a giant enchantment, vomiting a shimmering light. However, the body was much darker in color than before. It used to be red like a carved ruby, but now it's all black.

Meanwhile, the changes occurred when administering various reinforcement solutions including horse poisoning to age the corpse.

Tick-tock, tick-tock! Wet-next to it, several skeletons slammed into Doug, slowly disassembling the corpse with a full blade of sharp bending edge.

The scale is so hard that the skins, flesh and bone cutting work is done very carefully.

Luckily, the skeletons didn't have their own selves, so there was no mistake in doing what they were told, and there was someone else who was leading the charge above.

Watch out for the shin. Don't let any of that sneeze.

Separated, Rebecca was lively for a while running around the corpse during the classification. As a hunter, I did my best not to spoil such a precious experience. Where Skeleton can't deal with it, Liv and Hahn stand beside each other.

On one side, he was leading a group of Hanova Gas Guilton troops who frequently entered and entered the war asked by Yeonwoo.

When the disassembly was visible, he needed his hand the most. Abraham sat down beside him and helped. Anantara's condition is still not cured, but he is still seeing things outside, as he gradually regains consciousness.

Yeongwoo passed them by and moved to the deepest part of the inner core.

There, the Summer Queen sat dazed. She was bound tightly to Shin Jinchul for a long time and had to watch as she ordered the dismantling of her body.

His face was overwhelmed, and his spiritual power was greatly diminished.

He was desperate.

She always seemed like she would come to the world with a straight attitude from a high place.

Rather, she was more thoroughly damaged. It was as deep as it fell from a high place.

“Ismereos.” Yeon approaches the Queen of Summer like that.

The Summer Queen stares at her corpse dazed, and slowly looks up at Yeon-woo.

Izzie returns with cloudy eyes. No matter how broken, the Summer Queen is the Summer King. It was not enough to be completely egotistical.

Maybe it's time? "The Summer Queen rolled one lip. It was more like a grimace than a laugh. I felt like I was beginning to wonder what my end would be like now.

Yeon-woo slowly took off her mask.

His eyes sank deeper.

He didn't deny it.

“Yes." Was it satisfactory? "Of course.

Yeon-woo smiles faintly. The sunken eyes turned cold. The longitudinal pupil cracks open, sparkling like a snake aiming for food.

"Hahaha! Hahaha! Yeah, vengeance. If you're looking for revenge. You did a great job. The person who made me look like this. Allfoone.

He was the only one. But Olfowon used to be like that, and you're amazing at how a noodle did this to me. "The summer queen had no choice but to burst into laughter. For thousands of years. She was always a predator.

It never changed. But now, in front of the moat, she was a victim.

I see. This is what it feels like.

The Summer Queen only leaked a real smile when she felt like she had never tasted it before.

My back is prickly. My chest is cold. A strange feeling penetrated the soul. She feels this way for the first time.

But how do I put this? I couldn't figure it out.

Usually, the food in front of you is less trembling, more work, more squirming. I heard. Should I be? But there were no strange expressions. I took pride in knowing many things in pursuit of the truth of the world.

At the last moment, I realized that there was something I didn't know.

Fear is so strange to her.

I never felt inferiority in the fight against Allfowon; I was afraid of 2012. Even though Jungwoo kept waking up from his dream and interrupting him, he was only annoyed. Even when the Dragon Heart was broken and death was upon us, I was as nervous in front of low emotions as I was in front of you. The Summer Queen only laughed nonsense. It was self-help, and the cynicism that came this far.

All I could think about was one thing.

Ah, it's really gone. The kingdom exists, Summer Queen. Ismereos! The last dragon! The word "last" came to her heart fiercely.

The Summer Queen closed her eyes. It's been a long time since I've had a convincing waiver. Then I wanted to show you the last time.

Fear, I didn't want to show you. It doesn't matter if he reads it or not.

And that moment.

The Queen of Summer later realized what the Bread Ordinance of Midnight Rain used to say.

Greed as a polyp. The burden of always being the best. That's why Cho Jong-Woo threatened to do something nice for himself. • • • • • • That's how it works.

The curse of always struggling with loneliness. It is only now that I am freed from all pressure that I will only touch.

- But if someday you can get away with that. By then, you'll see new things you've never seen before in your life. I'll be there to help you. Just say the word, Ismereos.


The new things Midnight Friend was going to tell us. Maybe it's like this.

Pu-suk-Yeon developed the Vampire Vaporize1.- muscle while placing it on the Summer Queen's head.

With the sound of sand castles falling on the waves. Now, the Summer Queen's soul, which had become weaker as it became weaker, began to seep into the kite.

Huaaaa! Red and red appear over the body of Yeongwoo.