Second Life Ranker

11. Proprietary (1)

Yeongwoo felt a strange feeling as she felt the energy of fire flowing through her body.

Yeah, this is it.

Tritiation. The Sim • Term • Body is united as the threshold is pushed.

As the elder recognized at first glance, Yeon-woo was one foot-0 step ahead of her class and had not seen any progress since.

Physically and spiritually, it hit the limits of growth. No, it was exactly like all the potential was consumed. It was almost impossible to aim for more than this.

Still, I tried several other things.

You know, train magic, build surplus. Or put it in the waves of fire as you wish. In a way.

However, these little attempts soon faced obvious limitations.

Because they are so fully engaged without any distortion in the mind and body, there is no room for greater growth.

Of course, there was no solution at all.

'If you want to break this, you can either achieve a fourth awakening, or absorb more dragon and horse factors. So the balance can be broken.

It is impossible to attempt this kind of Awakening. It was because there was no foundation yet. Additional dragon and horse factor supplementation is also the same.

The body that was hit by the limit was more likely not to survive.

There may be a spiritual growth through enlightenment in other ways.

That doesn't mean we can do it right now. 'If we leave it like this. I didn't think I'd have to go through a long stagnation until I found a new clue.


Fortunately, there was a way for Yeonwoo to artificially grow her personality. How others will never use it.

'Summer Queen.

All I had to do was swallow the one I had tied up in the dungeon and kept locked up for as long as I needed to.

What if the only dragon on his side eats the great dragon? I don't know, but it could lead to explosive growth with enormous potential expansion.

And now he's trying to absorb it.

From deep inside the body, Yeongwoo felt the cost of the explosion. Warm energy flows in and out.

The Summer Queen's servant is Red. Borden polyps handled a variety of elements well, but the species had different disciplines.

The Red Dragon handled fire well, among other things. They used to call him the Fire Lord. So, of course, the elements that were forming the Summer Queen's soul were also fire.

Warmth like turning around in a cold room with thick sheets. The Magic Circuit and Wise Man's Stone slowly guide the energy and pull it into the body.

Flesh to muscle, muscle to bloodline, magic circuit, core to bone joint. The energy of fire melted naturally into the cells and was mixed with the factor. Specifically, the dragon's factor was pulled deeper, cheering as if to meet a friend.

The energy of fire sank so deep into the flesh. Deeper, deeper. Then I slowly knocked on the door in a very deep place in the conscious world.

Perhaps if we leave it like this, the energy of fire will reach through the conscious world, through spiritual power, through the unconscious world, and into the soul.

However, unlike the body that reacted favorably, Yeon-woo had a bit of anxiety.

'This has to be under control somehow.

The Summer Queen was born easy, so she was able to instinctively handle the power. But Yeon-woo was different.

As a human, he continued to put a lot of effort into getting used to the dragon. But if it really is the power of the dragon. It would have taken a lot more effort.

If so, we had to make sure we had control before we were completely seated in our bodies.


What? 'The energies from absorbing the Summer Queen's soul did not follow the control of the kite.

You try to pull the veil in somehow, but the energy of the fire moves like a completely separate organ. I've mobilized the Wise Man's Stone, but it's still moving separately.

The sleep of the energy of fire continued. I felt the flow of spiritual energy through several institutions + only the passageway that would have to be released if it had been the way it was. On the contrary, the energy of fire now reaches the soul by using this place.

Yeon-woo shrugged her back without even knowing it. At that moment, I felt anxious. The soul is an uncharted realm that has not been properly touched by any of the players. My brother had a theory, but he didn't have a system like this.

Trespassing a place like that? I feel anxious that I might be shaken by the energy of fire.

So I tried to beat him up somehow.

You brought something fun. "Maestro, who is always watching Yeon-woo in the depths, burst out a smile. I didn't see any reaction like this, but it made me feel more anxious.

But do it or don't.

The energy of fire is still out of the control of the pond, swirling around the soul, mingling with the spirits, assimilating into the zenith, and slowly seeping into the soul.

In the process, Yeon-woo was vaguely able to sense what the "soul" was that she had never thought of using her hands.

The energy of fire was gradually perceived as it moved around.

It was a massive energy mass, to put it simply.

But I was trapped in a stuffy, tasty, weaponous cage, and I couldn't find my way around. Like the ghost of a summer queen just now.

The soul sought to somehow release its energy externally, and the body served as a prison for it.

In such a place, Yeon Woo's soul expands as if it were going to explode with the energy of fire.

It was a massive rise.

[You have succeeded in capturing Ismereos' soul. Accepts the souls of the dragon's available factors "[Increases [Character].] [Increases in merit.] [In relation to polyps - 2012; under 2 `1-1 0, the road, and the power all rise by more than one grade.] [You obtained a fragment of the Red Dragon.] [Since I was able to exercise absolute control over the properties of anger, [Title' I obtained the ruler of fire '] Yeongwoo felt like her body was floating. A phenomenon caused by rapid escalation. At this rate, I thought it would be a geese splatter up in the sky.


Yeon wakes up with the sound of the cost breaking.

The red energy that flowed along my skin disappeared as it sank.

"Congratulations, Ms. Dreamy. C." The wealth next to me trembles and bows.

Yeon-woo nodded and looked down at Asset 0. Slightly narrowed.

'I don't think that's changed much.

I did not feel any physical changes. I turned the Magic Circuit, but there was no increase in quantity or change in quality.

So I want to focus this on the conscious world.

Yeon-woo breathed in vain without even knowing it.

The world of consciousness, which had always felt frustrated and narrow, had expanded endlessly. The fog cleared up in my mind, and the range of accidents and the amount of information I learned was significantly improved compared to before.

The laws of the world surrounding him 'made sense.

As I developed the dragon's eye, I saw more grains mixed together, and more things could be sensed since it formed a supersensation.

Numerous laws of physics were tightly reading him like a spider web, clutching him up like a spider web. Something not so bad has bound him.

Is this the cause-and-effect rate I've been hearing so much about?

And beyond.

Yeon-woo could feel the many gazes watching her.

Behind the sky, the earth, the rocks, the world. There were eyes everywhere.

I used to be able to sense it a little fuzzy, but... But I didn't feel like it.

But now it's coming clear. Some glances were warm, and some glances were cold. Some were full of curiosity, playfulness, and black fury.

'It's offensive.

Yeon-woo thought there might be a way to get rid of the look around her. There seemed to be no other way now. I can't escape the laws of physics that bind me right now, but how can I sprinkle the eyes of the gods and demons that are beyond?

The King, the Nine Kings, and many high-ranking Mangers, live with these senses.

Yeon-woo turns her senses in the other direction to heap from the bodies.

You see small fireworks floating through the air. When you gently touch it with your finger, it suddenly pops up and becomes a big flame and disappears.

Seeing this, so many things were different that I could barely get a hold of them.

But Galilee said, The more I do this, the better I can control my body.

As he expanded the world of consciousness, he began to read each body individually and put it under a little bit of complete control.

Then Yeon-woo could realize one thing.

Absorbing the Summer Queen's soul, no visible physical growth was achieved. Even as the tide rose, there was still a limit to the power of the dragon to touch.

Instead, he got a very big one.


The limitations inherent in the body and soul became so deep that they could not even be recognized. In the meantime, the talents that have stunned him have clearly changed.

Maybe now I don't want to be outmatched by my brother.

Of course, it will take more effort and effort to digest all of this potential.

I don't know.

Finally got him off the leash he'd been so stuffy about.

Yeon-woo was a great achiever.

“Then I'll go. I'll make some good stuff as soon as I want, so don't be careless like Valpurgis at night.” Thank you for your concern. Who cares? Do what you have to do, just in case there are tons of them! Who takes it from you when you're done? ”Hannova grumbles, either unfamiliar with the greetings of the kith."

There was a lot of luggage behind him. There are Summer Queen debris that are well understood by the work of the foot.

In the future, these items were going to turn into different armor according to Yeon-woo's request. There were things for Yeongwoo to use and things for the clan to be created.

Abraham smiled faintly as he watched Hanova disappear along the portal.

“I've felt it for a long time. Your relationship with Henova is strange.” “I'm in a one-sided relationship.” Haha. ”Abraham laughed softly. Even with that, I felt solid trust in Yeongwoo's voice. So was Hanova.

Even though I grumbled on the outside, my eyes were always warm when I was dealing with Yeon-woo.

Like Margie's parent-child relationship.

Abraham did not ask Hannova why he did not reveal himself to him. He did not need to be involved in the trust relationship between Yeongwoo and Hanova, and assumed that Yeongwoo would have some ideas.

And on the other hand, I was jealous.

When I still think of Anantara, who is still out of his mind. My heart is broken. What is troubling my daughter so much?

“Then I'll take good care of the rest.” “Okay, so don't worry about it here. Just focus on the target. If you want to be a decent human, pick it up.” “Yes. I would say,” You must pick up a kitten on the street. Yeon-woo nods, smiling and pulls out of the dungeon.

The rest of the time we needed to create a clan was a one-on-one match for Abraham and Galilee.

Even if it's distracting to take care of Anatta. Still, Abraham has been a great help in restoring space. His plan was to get the lab ready quickly, so that he could have Ananda's treatment room next door.

And the rest of Galilee was well-attended, so there was nothing much to promote.

Like this.

All other arrangements have been made.

Now all I needed was one talent.

Yeon-woo was about to refocus on the attack for a while. I was checking for different skills, focusing on the staircase attacks that I had been delayed a lot, and I was also thinking about capturing people I wanted to be okay with.

There were also some people who had been scheduled in advance.

'Liver and Doyle. I wish I had those punctuation marks.' But no matter how hard I try, I can't find my way. That was frustrating.

Of course, there were a few more people in mind besides them. There were a lot of soldiers who suffered through the diary. He was also thinking of excavating prospective players as he climbed the stairs.

Of course, I couldn't bring a double weight, so I was going to lose my head while scouting.

Even though she was open, Yeon-woo still tended to be closed.

[Would you like to enter the tower? You see a message and step into the tower. Then I suddenly thought of the tower that was bright and hidden from the crowd.

The sky from the top of that tall tower.

What do they look like?