Second Life Ranker

12. Proprietary (2)

[This is a tube on the 26th floor of the Wailing Wall.]] Yeon opened her eyes slowly in the light and crowd. And as the light swarm approached, suddenly there was a cold that seemed to be an ale in the bone.

And the blizzard.

Yeon-woo turns the magic circuit and drives out the cold. At the same time, the horse rack was transformed into a robe and the hood was turned upside down. This made the cold wind less disturbing.

All around the world, the snow was piled up in a heap of snow, and snowflakes poured from the sky as if it were a human fist.

The wind speed was so strong that it was hard to stand. It was hard to see.

However, if you look closely, you can quickly see that the place where the lotus tree is located is above the great wall.

High feet were embedded in the wind, and the height under the wall was too deep to see properly.

It meant that the wall was standing so high, and all around it was this heavenly sea fortress surrounded by snow mountains.

This was the 26th stage.

'You must be bothering me a lot.

Of course, the staircase attack was not a hassle. Every time I went up one floor, I never bothered to attack as I was getting something new.

It was the gazes around him he was objecting to. I felt hostility beyond caution.

“E. I'm a standalone guy.” “I heard you've been hiding your roots since the summer queen season. Are we gonna start running again?" Damn it! That's why this meeting is a bust. ”There has already been a great rumor among the players of the lower levels, 'There is not a single fly left in the passage of a lonesome.'

So it was natural to be hostile.

My Lord, you're very popular, aren't you? "You don't have to deal with the fishermen:" Sanon, who came out of the pulmonary training along the basin, burst out a smile, and Han shook his head.

Of course, I would have ignored Yeon-woo as usual. It wasn't in his nature to care about other people's bodies.

However, this stage was characterized by the tiredness of others' vigilance.


Whew! A new message echoes through the fierce waves.

[Trial Begins on the 26th Floor] [Trial: Sewijin 'Wall' on Mount Nahatma has been the absolute symbol for many years to protect frost monsters coming down from the far north. But because so many people had fallen on this wall, they had to be nicknamed the Wailing Wall.

However, we have intel that a massive attack of frost monsters that have been quiet lately will begin.

It is so vast that it has never been observed since the walls of the canyon were erected, and the monster commander is known to be more than zero.

For one month from now, defend Ra's Tears inside the walls of the canyon from massive frost monsters.] A little closer to the eye, looking at the message.

'Ra's tears require the cooperation of other players.

The fowl of the song was mainly regarded as the anniversary of the multitude. A day/only a year, when the moon is % k/midnight in the sky, the sun/sun/sun/sun/high/water/atmosphere is 51907; Ö. % ⁄ 52459; The odd monsters EI/was not.

One by one, 1747Ö/with special signs/money/high/waters, and no pain felt when the body fell. Misleading votes/dreams that are said to be good when there are many.

If there are tens of thousands of such monsters, jubes, jubes, jubes, jubes, jubes, 51840; %%.

Thinking about it - it was cohesive.

Ö,/it was about protecting Junghyeok </with things. Of course, he's a strong man. He has no enthusiasm. The cooperation of Da-lee/oj/q/Carro7 is of utmost importance.

We can somehow stop the supply until the first or second week. No matter how many monsters there were, there were quite a lot of players, and there were also a lot of waterborne weapons inside the walls.

The problem was the third week.

From this point on, the stored food and drinking chain bottom is revealed, and the water use machine begins to be damaged.

Especially since then, frozen monsters the size of 10 meters have been so devastating that even solid walls have collapsed.

Naturally, the difficulty was greatly increased, and there was no choice but to create a commotion among the players.

It was not a matter of opinion/lamentation/bad luck to share the resources of Hankyung. A person who appeared with a lead/52449; Ö/appeared and did nothing more than 7/day in fairness, or he was a wooden man/bridegroom if he did not # öh by democratic cost and implication.

That's why we worked so hard. Four-week abstinence e//Heard/External enemies and internal foes47/Lea The month is never short. However, the aggression of the enemy only grows more, rather than less time.

Fatigue is a resource. Weak resources are a resource. Everything was easy to get players into trouble.

So at the beginning of the stage, I tried to get people to cry.

'No.' With such hostile eyes, there is something obvious about the future. Even if I asked for your cooperation, it was unlikely that it would work properly.

Of course, you could use force to surrender.

'You don't have to draw.

Even if it's a bit annoying, he seems to have to take care of it from start to finish.

Wherever I went on the other hand, it would be hard to stay out of sight, so I didn't think it would be a bad idea to make a strong impression that I was a monopoly.

'Oh, so it's hard to find talent.

Yeon-woo suddenly had an idea, but she wanted to be somehow. I would do anything to have Phil in my eyes. An awl pierces your pocket.

Yeon-woo cleared her mind and moved the monsters through the Dark Lord's despair.

As the shadow lengthens, you form a thornbush on the iron gate that leads into the base inside the western wall.

The players who were about to enter the base to figure out the structure of the walls stopped faulty.

If it were just a shadow, I would ignore it. Eyes appear tightly between the shadows, wide open. Dozens of eyes met their gaze.

At that moment, I felt goosebumps along my back. Things like wild beasts that crave food were shining eyes to swallow them up and aiming for a chance to explore.

“What are you doing here, dictator?!” Players turn their heads and stare at Yeongwoo. They can't even get their thumbs up against the shadows. The monsters in the shadows were definitely something they could easily tear apart.

Yeon-woo only said what they were staring at or saying.

“Don't worry about anything else, you only care about Mercury. I'll get you the supplies you need every time. Ra's tears are kept here.

“I don't care what the players say, but I climbed over the walls.

The players' expressions were stiff. It was also filled with a young gaze that said 'No way?'. The walls here are very high. Plus, I'm scared as hell. No matter how magical you are, if you jump from here, you will be swept away by the wind and turned into blood.

Moreover, no matter how I landed, there were only Frost monsters all around the mountain.

Many of the players here have been re-challenged on this stage several times, and they know better than anyone how vicious and vicious frosty monsters are.

Especially those in the ranks of the commanders of the monster army. It was easy enough to chew up something worth playing. It was not the mission to "destroy the enemy," but to "protect the castle."

However, Yeon-woo shook her wings as much as she could, without being overwhelmed by such gaze.

“Yippee!” Surprised by the breezing players, or a blizzard-filled wind, it slides down gently. Snowflakes obstruct your vision, but they do not interfere with your sharpened supersenses.

Most of all, thanks to enhanced virtue and refined spirituality. It was much easier to move the body.

Tak! Yeongwoo landed on the hillside closest to the wall. snow piled up to cover more than knee height. With a gust of heat, the surrounding eyes melt in an instant.

[Wind gust] As you take a step forward, a sudden, violent gust of wind starts drawing a whirlpool around the rainstorm. And along the wide open dragon's eye, I saw a lot of knots flowing.

Options, directions.

Among the many divergent paths leading to the wind, the blizzard, the gust, etc. Yeon-woo stepped on a path that was specific to her.

Sniper 1 liquid-yellow begins to run fast, raising the fierce wind as much as he can. In the gust that followed him, there was also a scorching wind. It was because of the new title that the ruler of fire had.

Explanation [Owner of Fire]. Powerfully imbues the skill and power with a fiery nature. In addition, it boasts dominance over Mars properties.

Passive skill that develops not only skills and powers, but also fire attributes in every move. Originally, what the Summer Queen had, it was stolen while absorbing. It was very useful for Yeon-woo, as it was not too much magic.

The honeycomb extends as far as possible to the nearby snow mountains as it goes around the foothills along the path created by the gust.

There were sensations everywhere.

Beyond the snow, an army that seemed to be worth hundreds of thousands was ready to move at any time, armed to the teeth.

Running toward you, Yeon stretches out her hands. As the shadow rises, a round ball appears between the palms of your hands.

A radiant orb made of carved rubies. It was Ra's tears that he said he must defend on stage missions.

'There are two things to get from this stage. La's Tears and Apophis's Dogny.' 26 floors of z €//Ö,/’/was the former Côte d 'Ivoire of the Gaelic Apostles/z of Lavaleuh.

As a gastrointestinal/5//isolation/water is 0. At midnight, when the favors of/Pogyo/Z become stronger, I pray for 20111;//<UNK>/. At this time, there were two main ways to test/decide.

Beam me up for a month.

Or rob them of the Apollo poison, which is the central language of the birds' heels.

And for what it's worth, If I could have both at the same time, I could get pretty good stuff. A nice item that can grow at once.

If it was a breeding ground for Samwha, you wouldn't have to covet it.

Now with more potential, all sorts of performances were desperate for Yeon-woo. The newly crafted plans also focused on dominating these performances: Of course, stealing Apophis' poison was unparalleled compared to defending Ra's tears.

Over a million frosty monsters.

It was absurd to jump with blood all over the place where monsters wouldn't be easily defeated by radicals as we got to the center.

Life. Hahn.

Yeongwoo has faithful hands and feet. As the shadows fade, Death Road and Death Knight appear to the side. Inferno sites tremble underneath the helmet.

The tree of life and the tree of life have been pressing down all at once.

It shakes the foothills of the barren mountain. Urrgh. An avalanche has erupted from the top of that mountain. While blowing the Saehaan dust, the place was flooded with chaos. Sanon and Ahn, who had been practicing again and again like Yeon-woo, no longer hid their power.

And Yeon-woo opened up her strength. Heat is mixed with a gust of wind to clear the blizzard and create various desertification phenomena. As the steam piled up, it became a mist and filled the hills.

Just then, Yeon was able to confront an army of monsters.

There are tens of thousands of monsters lined up like a human army. However, their appearance was different.

A lion with bird wings, a human body on the face of an elephant. Slimy zombies on a rhino-like beast have something in common. It was emitting a terrifying cold.

The cold that will make your skin burn just by the way you meet it. The seagulls were too sharp, mixed with flesh pouring around them.

Monsters that spill Apophis, the magic of the night.

They found a lotus that was completely different from themselves and shouted something, but they couldn't understand it because of the avalanches everywhere.

Of course, I had no intention of listening to Yeon-woo.

His only goal was to wipe them out. I didn't know how to deal with a handful of them. Just in time, there was a good wide area for Yeon-woo.

'The waves of fire.

Yeongwoo pulls the beagrid out of the subspace and swings it roughly.

It's an enormous noise that you can't even compare to the noise that an avalanche produces. Blinding and heat covered the sulfuric acid.