Second Life Ranker

13. Proprietary (3)

Vigrid was vomiting more glamorous light than ever before.

From the tip of the blade to the handle. It was more pure white than the surrounding snow.

That's why I thought he was holding a long stick from afar.

[Vigrid...? Mood: One-Handed Longsword Grade:?? Explanation: Now there was a distant silver age that everyone coveted, a great hero. However, Seong-Kim preached the hands of several heroes and became corrupted with the notoriety that he ended up hurting the owner too much blood.

But after a long time, the unknown owner succeeded in washing away the origins of the landmark with his physique and hemolysis.

Now, the moment the anger of discovery reveals the name that was lost, the great heroes will be flattered and jealous, and the evil enemies will be filled with fear and awe.

On Vigrid, all heroes are engraved with blood, sweat, tears and memories. These apostles will reveal the most light on the battlefield and give a strong will to the new successor.

The more enemies you encounter, the better the caster's ability by absorbing some of their flesh. Conversely, the stronger the enemy, the more proportionately amplifies the Qi.

When the last hit is made, land simultaneously on all nearby enemies. Cursed targets become 'infected', which greatly decreases their Defense Power and Movement Speed and gives the caster a strong blessing in proportion.

When the caster's determination and hatred exceed a certain amount, it can awaken the spirits of heroes who have fallen asleep in a tumult for a considerable amount of horsepower. Increases attack speed by 50%, attack power by 2,000%, and maximizes damage by 40-50%. Reduces Defense Power and Attribute by up to 70%.

Vigrid was as tightly bound up with the horseshoes they defeated as the hero's will.

Originally the main cause of this grudge to be corrupted by the completion of the sword, but the origin has now become the center of the parrot and sphincter to punish with dryness.

When activating a skill, the strike failure rate for the designated enemy is significantly lower and a chance of maximizing success rate is significantly increased.

C. There is only one in the tower and it is completely attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

Yes, I was able to open all features successfully, but I haven't found my real name yet. Hidden names must be found in order to retrieve the last image.

After killing the Summer Queen, Yeon thought about what would happen if she took the dragon's blood and fed it to Vigrid separately.

Dragon Blood was the highest of all the elixirs in the world. Because many factors mixed in could evolve even the characteristics, the softening solvent was able to awaken, and the Summer Queen was able to make 81 eyes with the spheres under the wheel.

So in the age of silver, if the Sword that the heroes used was filled with dragon blood... I wondered what kind of change he would make.

In mythology, dragons used to play a villain, usually defeated by heroes.

Even though there was a danger of mirroring the curse that I had barely lifted. There was already a belief that Vigrid had regained its function as a sexual provocation and was unleashing its own power, so it would be possible to purify itself.

So Yeon put a beagrid in the serum that was extracted from the Summer Queen's corpse. I did nothing else. However, I checked the changes every day through the call.


The attempt on this alliance succeeded.

Vigrid was not the only source of heroism. There was also a grudge against the wicked. Heroic ambition highlights the traits of the sword in response to divine power, but the malignant vendetta reveals Finish's traits in response to hemolysis. The source of the curse, which was invisible to women's washing, responded to the hemolysis.

Eventually, the source of the curse was mixed with the mysticism as he slowly changed his temper.

It combines the qualities of a sword and a sword. And this change has succeeded in unlocking the last option that was locked for women.

That was the beagrid today.

However, he still did not achieve the last 1% condition and did not have a complete appearance.

The beagrid was wrapped around the hands of Yeongwoo, with a unique shape covered with the radiance of the entire lower limb. The radiant figure, mixed with the flames, was considered to be even more beautiful.

Yeon-woo's spirit and hemolysis were mixed, and her spirit of heroism and vice stirred up the spark. The light spewed out sparks, and the sparks waved across the mountain.

It was really all 'flashing'.

And yet the fire carries with it an enormous amount of noise and heat that I think my ears are pushing. I pushed away a large number of the frostbitten monsters in one place. I didn't hear your screams or your horrors.

The fires that erupted into the over-exhausted area again spread further, causing a chain explosion in turn, and the afterstorm that was pushed out violently threw up the wind whilst drawing a vortex from everywhere.

The snow that had piled up so much that it evaporated at once and covered the sky with water, and the land that was always wet quickly became desertified, revealing the cracked ground.

Whew! Then the wind blows inward, pulling the path of fire in all directions. I saw a horrible sight of hell as if it were here.

And in the center of it. Yeongwoo's eyes sparkle.

'Expanded to Vigrid, the power is clear. Let's get a little more strength in here.

The battlefield was torn apart by the explosion. Frost monsters rush forward as soon as they find the prime scarecrow, whilst grabbing the broken body.

I couldn't see the order that had been well captured until just now. He created this horror and was filled with anger towards the superficial. With all this madness, there is no more power to be reckoned with: However.

Yeon-woo turns Vigrid to the other side this time. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

I'd scream if I were you. The beagrid was fully Awakened by temperament, which easily embraced its magical power: and the wave of flames that erupted again spread to a larger extent than before. Heat and heat tore through the atmosphere many times. Now only two people are left alone.

Throwing another big bomb in a place where there's a lot of fire. The explosion was forced to build into the ship.

Nonetheless, Yeon-woo does not stop there, wielding her beagrid.

Three, four, five times. By the tenth time, the mountain that had become a bad molten bone flew completely away from my back. The explosion that had accumulated into the ship was now inevitable.

In spite of that.

In the heat of the breeze, she only twists her hair and toes.

I didn't take any damage. Rather, I released a lot of magic and my eyes looked refreshing.

When the waves of fire were first created, it was absurd considering that they had not evolved properly due to the sheer destructive power that burned.

When Jungwoo released the waves of light that had become the motive of the waves of fire, he couldn't bear the power to go places as high as he could. Yeon-woo had the same inconvenience.


Yeon-woo was able to think of a solution while practicing her negligence.

After the formation, he controlled the waves of light within a range of no damage to himself through Mana control.

This, of course, has its drawbacks that it needs to be able to control its power to some degree.

Yeongwoo was able to absorb the Summer Queen's soul and now control that amount of power. But I didn't want to do that.

He sought a new solution that would allow the waves of fire to unfold entirely. No, I wanted to reveal the ultimate power of the waves of fire.

So I found a solution. It was much simpler than I thought.

Attribute anecdotes; while controlling the body beyond, it transforms its own attributes into flower attributes. In addition, the waves of fire were integrated into the same properties while partially mixing them.

so that fire and heat can pass through his body in an orderly fashion without thinking of obstacles. Made it untouchable. In the flames, the lotus was fire, and the fire was fire. Yeon-woo was very free.

Thus, when the waves of fire were erupted, they disappeared to the limits that they had been keeping under their own defensive mechanisms.

I was able to spread the waves of fire without having to worry about anything anymore.

I felt refreshed.

It feels like everything that was stuffy comes out at once.

'It's worth it.

It wasn't really worth it.

I was very satisfied. The waves of fire that had only been released in my imagination were far more powerful than he had anticipated. And you can see that the real destructive force builds up when it overlaps.

The atmosphere is hot and the earth is boiling.

Around that time, from the eleventh blade, Yeon-woo began to pull the waves of fire that were immersed in spreading outward.

What Yeonwoo wanted was more than just the sheer destructive power.

Finally, leaving the waves of fire under complete control.

So I wanted to control the waves of fire over and over, and I wanted to squeeze them into little dots and trap them in error.

The waves of fire gathered in error. It was amazing to imagine. I did not doubt that this would be as good a weapon as the armpit of the King. Yeon-woo's virtue is paralyzed.

And as the knife continues. The accidental waves continued to converge inward around the beagrid. The temperature got higher as you compressed the hot path, and now the atmosphere of the surrounding area swelled. Thirty-two, thirty-eight, forty-nine home times.

On the fifteenth occasion, Beagrid emitted rougher light than ever before.

Over the seventy th time, Gim Shin began to tremble less and less as Vigrid, who had so easily embraced the vast amount of magical power, became a Braille burden.

When it's over eighth and ninth.

Only a frightening heat storm appeared around Yeongwoo, but the fire no longer appeared. Kim Shin, who went from pure white to red brown, had a little fire poop to fry. Of course, even such fireworks would cause enormous explosions if they fell to the ground.

At the ninety-fifth time, even the heat that followed the rain sank quietly. Light, heat and wind are all trapped in the mind.

When I reached the 97th and 48th times, my swing was hard as if it were going to explode soon.

At the ninety-ninth time, the red-brown error turned dark like black.

The strength of black. Lumbar gingivitis was short-lived.

And the last hundred. Yeongwoo struck the Hummingbird River vertically.

Fruit! With tens of thousands of monsters slain, you draw a dark bloodline from the battalion commander's crown to the groin, which remained to the very end, only to survive the onslaught of the winter rains.

He's already a monster, so he looks like he's seen a monster, and then disappears into the flames that spread like mold.

[You have defeated 13 legions and Squad Leader Huai.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Offices are available.] [You have earned 10,000 Public Officials.] [You have gained 15,000 additional Public Values.] [You have learned more than one new way to use it.] l You have succeeded in forming a strong force. I learned how to keep a fire inside. Greatly increases dominance and attribute for flower attributes.] [You completed the skill 'Wave of Fire'.] Numbering 002Skill: 8.1% savings: Player # # # has mixed all their Energy around the numbering skill 'Lightning' and compressed to its limit. The destructive power and explosive power is great because it can be used for various purposes through compression and liberation.

Powerfully explodes in proportion to consumed magical power. At times, the user has a high chance of shattering the Defense Boundary and destroying everything around it to confuse the target.

The user fills the electric shocks with compressed force, spreading lightning everywhere with explosion. The lightning that spread like that moves the firepower to a farther place and ignites a chain explosion, turning it into a big field. It leaves a fire that does not easily extinguish, causing continuous damage.

Extremely compressed to form a duck. In the place where the error has passed, there remains a burn caused by a fever. Forming errors alone requires a tremendous amount of magical power and mental strength, and can cause great damage if control fails.

And there's only one of them. If you succeed in transferring the item to someone else, the unique item will disappear, and you will instead be given an optional add-on to the creator. Numbering 002! pushing away where the waves of light used to sit. It was the moment when the waves of fire were complete in perfect form.