Second Life Ranker

14. Proprietary (4)

Gosh! Up in the snowy sky.

The black flame rises high like a pillar and disappears.

The foothills tremble, and an avalanche rises along one side.

What a shock. The tremor reached the wall.

The players who were repairing each other in the castle became a stiff expression. I wanted to take a break, but I couldn't draw because of tension.

• • • Shit. What the hell is going on? ”The massive air raid of frost monsters that began in the autonomous world has left the players behind.

Monsters that spill over and over again, no matter how many I kill. All they could think about was whether they felt pain or not. No matter how favorable the position was, those crazy monsters kept pouring in, and I got tired.

Moreover, they didn't mind trampling their colleague's corpse or using it as a tool. Underneath the walls are the bodies of monsters stacked on top of each other. They were all used as a platform to cross the high walls.

Occasionally, you use a catapult to shoot a dead creature over the wall. It was a meat pyramid designed to reduce the number of players by leveraging the characteristics of a collision that shattered like a piece of ice.

Until 6 o'clock when the sun rises. Players were forced to continue fighting without resting a single time.

No matter how many wizards cast the magic of the flame system. Warriors rush around rushing to push monsters over the walls, and the synagogues recite their prayers behind their backs and bless them.

Continued consumption has made them - supportive.

Fortunately, it was around the time of the fading night that the monsters escaped.

However, the tension that there might be another air raid, the excitement that was hot from the battle, prevented me from getting any sleep easily.

But there was a new tension added to it.

On the far side of the Snow Mountain.

Rough explosions erupted every few minutes, then repeated fading.

Every time I do that, the trembling margins remind me of when the Frost-Free Monster Squad was born.

I was worried that he might wake up the rest of the sleeping monsters.

I knew who did that. A lone wolf. He's been like that ever since he jumped down the wall like a madman.

With no intention of returning, the blast point continues to move away from the walls over time. However, the margins detected here were comparable. It means that the explosive power continues to increase.

In fact, even though so many monsters were pouring out, not a single monster appeared where the monopoly was moving.


Players watched the place politely while swallowing dry saliva. What the hell is a monopoly doing on a monthly basis? How long do you think he's going to do that thing that's more monstrous than a frozen monster? Some of the players gaze at each other, then quietly get up and move into the shadows.

“Die, mortal!” She tilts her head to the right, avoiding the blade aiming at her forehead, and then swings the beagrid to the right.

A black error painted the space in oblique lines. Cut off the right arm of the attacking creature as the flame blazes to the spot where the trajectory was placed. The five monsters in the rear are not enough.

But the guy with his arm cut off doesn't seem to mind. I will turn to the left and push down the mace I was holding in my hand.

It boasted a size of 3 meters and was very intimidating because it emitted cold air that covered the ice sheets every time it walked.

Yun squeezes the wings of the fire as hard as she can, pushing her body backwards, avoiding the mace, then heavily twisting her body in the air and pushing the beagrid up and down.

One more black trajectory along the space.

Half the head of the Guang-Frost monster is blown away.

“Grrrgh!” But he doesn't stop breathing. Bang, bang. Knng. After only three steps of shock, I'm ready to step on the kite while reclaiming my position. In the meantime, other monsters may be crushing, but they are not.

But before he could fix his posture, he started Blingg, appeared right in front of his face and released his arms in turn.

Shhhhhhh 49717; -Bigrid twists black wounds carved into the body of the frost monster + stains that spread along the wound gradually melt the cold while smoking red, only watching the birth of the body.

At first, Kim continued to butter his errors, but Mace gradually grew dizzy, and eventually he broke his legs without being able to cope with the years.

Tinker! The tip of the cut mace protrudes into the air.

Vigrid plunges deeply into the frozen monster's breast.

He stares at Yeongwoo with a cylindrical face, spilling bubbles and vanishing into flames.

[Successfully defeated 3rd Squad Leader Goshen.] [3rd Squad is in great shock at the loss of a commander. Fear and panic.] Yeon-woo's breath grows below her chin, but she doesn't forget to finish.

[Spirit of Thirty Thousand] At the moment of exercising power, the spirits in the collection all appeared as a vortex and scattered to all sides.

There's no better food for ghosts to hunt than the weakened monsters. It was like a banquet hall for them.

Ghosts work in unison with the monsters to make the panic opponent larger and more stimulating to produce hallucinations. Soon the monsters started fighting amongst themselves.

Sanon and Ghost roam among the monsters at random, cutting off the ropes of the monsters, and the monsters who didn't leave them on the walls rise up from the shadows and roar freely. Every time I absorb my soul, my malignancy grows and my aura grows stronger.

All I can see are black smoke, sweets, and monsters dying screaming.

[Azrael, the god of Malach, is very pleased with the disturbance you have caused! Azrael laughs. I admire you for leading death.] [Agares yells at Azrael. Azrael laughs and ignores.] [Azrael has blessed you with the power given to you by his authority; the Thirty-thousand Spirit.] As we can perform more miraculous signs in the future, [several gods related to death have begun to watch over you.] [Many demons close to death reveal their greed for you] How many monsters have they slaughtered in this day and age?

I hadn't counted them, but I think I'll have six if I take down the squad.

Yeongwoo continued to go deeper into the snow mountain, and the further north she had to face stronger and more monsters.

Whenever this happens, Yeon-woo slashes the monsters again and again, swinging her errand relentlessly. Of course, even if you use the explosion together, it doesn't matter if you erase it or erase it, as monsters boast so much.

Moreover, the monsters encountered by the fleet commander were strong. Minimum Hanker Rank. Originally, a number of players on the 26th floor had difficulties that only a group of players could defeat.

Of course, even at ranker level, it will be difficult to endure a battle of triangulation. However, it was also a threat to exhausted Yeon-woo as she crossed over while constantly consuming magic power.

Specifically, the 3rd Squad Leader who had just been defeated was different from the commanders who had just defeated the women.

Unlike other monsters who were slaughtered by the Black Orlean.Swing the Lump River.

The commander of the 3rd platoon still managed to hold out well. Rather, he even pushed back against her with his enormous power. If I hadn't left my supersenses up, one arm might have been crushed.

“Ha, ha, ha." Yeon-woo stood still and took a breath. As soon as the hot springs poured out along the mouth hit the air outside, it cooled down and turned into the breath of a bird's eye.

The Wise Man's Stone is busy turning.

Dry magic is replenished quickly, and your HP returns slightly as the regeneration slash kicks in.

I might have fallen down if I hadn't taken a little break like this.

It was never easy to break through tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of monsters.

At that moment, you hear the beaten creature collapse to the end. You hear nothing but dead monsters around you.

[The 3rd Legion was annihilated. [I've accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values are provided.] [You have earned 10,000 Public Areas.] [You have gained 15,000 additional Public Values.] [Azrael smiles happily and nods. Again, I urge you to be an apostle.] [Agarez is trying to change Azrael's mind.] sees the message, and begins to move again. There are no rough snow mountains left. You can see the vast plains.

Dra. A place where Apophis' faults lie at the northern edge of the earth. It was also a mountain of frost monsters.


Starting to move again, the Sapphire chap who finished one day quietly approached my side.

The ghosts soak back into the shadows, and the ghosts trail along as long as their tails, forming a gray mist.

"You must be enjoying yourself for a while, 01 1-0 01 Yes, very good, very good.

- L. We're having such a hard time. "At the sound of life's grumbling, Yeon-woo stopped walking and looked at him. The Infini1Renault site was active under the helmet.

"Why?" No. Nothing ”shifts back as I shake my head.

Sanon looked behind Yeon-woo as if he was going to look at all the starry highways, and immediately followed behind Yeon-woo.

However, Yeon-woo was patting Doug under the mask.

Am I smiling? '"You, the man. Human." The back is much easier to find than I thought. I thought it might be difficult to find the road because it's full of snow all around, but I can find it quickly because I'm looking for the path along the wavelength of strong energy.

He was mixed up among the monsters of Marie before. I felt like I was reaching for the sky. I opened up all of my strength without any thirst, opening up my huge body that was tens of meters long, giving me a great sense of intimidation.

Apophis' fault.

Since the real Apophis, the devil, cannot stay on the stage, he was created for trials.

But even if it was fake, his energy was never great.

The fierce aura that ignited from the majestic body was more warm and frightening mixed in with the waves.

“You're scared, Human. Yes. You deserve to be praised as a human being just for coming all this way. However, the fault of Manyong-eun, over a minute, in Le 1ka-1, Le 1ka-1, Muscle - Hue_Apophis, was lightly disappearing while looking at the walnut standing lotus. After a long life, players sometimes come through the forest of monsters. They always acted confidently, but the reaction was the same when they ended up in front of themselves.

You're scared. Your shoulders shrug.

It can be overwhelming, but the difference is substantial.

As a shell left by God, he was the center of running the stage just by being present, so he could not compare it to regular players.

No matter how big and energetic the play was, it was natural to be depressed when I encountered him.

Apophis' transgressions were thought to be the case with Yeon Woo. I was hoping I'd make it to Tundra on my own with six battalion captains. It seemed to have ended there.

No, I felt a little weak.

I wonder how he got here. It was too small and lame.

The fault was to smile and tell the cubs to eat him.

He always treated his young with zeroes, and when he did, he needed a protective shield to protect his body. They were as good as the commanders, so they could bite as easily as they could.


Yeongwoo thought as she looked at the frosty monsters that covered the dark shadows.

In fact, he had a complicated side of his head since Sanon said it looked 'enjoyable.' It was the same now.

"Scared"? Ana, this. 'But looking at Apophis' faults, he seemed to know exactly what he was feeling.


'I see.

Yeon-woo didn't even know she had a hot smile.

Maybe he was too excited about it without even knowing it.

Even if you have completed the waves of fire that have shaped surpasses and made errors. After slaughtering so many monsters, Yeongwoo has never tried her best.

I've run out of stamina and magic to get here. It's something like that to raise difficulty. He comes back with just a little breathing, and his magic is always overflowing. Above all, pushing the body to its limit was his specialty.

So I was going to do it again. After making the waves of fire an error, such fun has been revolting.

But I expected Apophis to do something different.

After seeing it, I was disappointed.

Of course, Apophis' shortcomings were strong. Pressure, fear. Those things were great.

But that was it.

It seemed like it was worse than the transgressions that Yeon-woo had faced. It was the fault of King Mihu and the fault of the Mother Earth, Viera Dunne. They were strong, but too strong. But Apophis' transgressions were not. It was the same fault, but there was a difference.

The prodigal one? This was also a joke. When I tried to absorb the Summer Queen's soul and overcome Yeongwoo who had already gone mad, I only smiled.

So, Yeon-woo pressed down on the country's disappointment, and the idea of going through this rapid tape opened up powers that had never been opened intentionally.

“Declare a Realm.” [Solvent Awakening (Tier 3)] [Bride of the Goddess] [Tactile Necromancy] Scales are spreading over the skin.

The wings of fire mingle with the wings of the dragon, and Athena's blessing falls upon them.

The explosive blast of starvation mixes with the maze of mock malice and pushes all the energy of the apothecary surrounding the tundra.

Apophis' transgressions were only then when he realized something was wrong and tried to scream.

Over-exploited! Beagrid's Black Org has been cleanly positioned in the ice sheets and icebergs that were once a tundra, pushing into ruins as well as imaginary monsters.

[Do you want to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [You have declined registration.] [However, even if it is not disclosed, your accomplishments can be engraved deep into the tower and converted whenever you want.] Samon suddenly shouts, noting that the stage is cleared.

Hey! Master! Hidden Piss Dognine2