Second Life Ranker

15. Proprietary (5)

[This is the 27th floor, the Coffin of the Dead River.]] [Arrived in the waiting room Yeongwoo is the group 2 with the blue portal. Revealed, Zahnan's nagging echoes through his mind with a message that he plagiarized the next stage.

You damn master! I forgot something else! "Yeon-woo wanted to disconnect from Sa Non for a while, but I thought she would come back later with a louder nag.

And then you threw me into that fire pit? Dammit! "“ I wish I hadn't. ”That's what I mean now!" Yeon-woo turned her back on Sanon, and her hands were wide. Then pops Apophis' poison teeth wrapped in a round membrane.

When the waves of fire erupted with despair. Yeon-woo realizes her mistake late. I just remembered that I accidentally swung my sword and forgot Apophis' poison.

You can fly the damn Hidden Piece, and Yeon is forced to push Sannon into the explosion. No, I kicked it in exactly.

Fortunately, Apophis' shortcomings were of persistent vitality, and while wandering far and wide in the chain explosion, Sanon was able to cut the string and retrieve the poison.

I'm glad you rescued the poison, but it was only Sanon who stood still and was forced to float.

The main relationship system won't be devastated by the explosion caused by Yeouido. But it was not completely absent. It was also natural for Sanon to take offense.

However, they ignored Sanaan's complaint that she had not been minced, and checked Apophis' poison.

[Apophis' Dogny] Classification: General Goods Class:??? Description: Hidden boss on the 26th floor, teeth collected from the ruins of Apophis. Hidden within its teeth is a poison gland that can be used to grant Poison properties when crafting an AEI Fact: However, this opponent cannot be identified. Please meet the requirements.

This opponent is handed. It belongs to a material family and requires a skilled blacksmith to repair it.

This time, I spread out my left hand and pulled out the other Hidden Piece that I had already collected.

A small red orb.

[Ra's Tear] • General Goods 1 Muscle • Grade:??? Description: Treasure stored in the center of the wall on the 26th floor. Solar god Laga has been specially released to defend her castle from the Frost Monsters of Apophis.

Currently, too frequent use almost affects its ability to function as a novelty.

Yeonwoo injects magic power into the two hidden pieces. Hey. It made a bright debt with a clear sound, and when it was out of the tolerance, it shook dangerously as if it would break anytime soon. Still, Yeonwoo did not stop giving magic.

At some point, the cracks began to spread gradually along the surface of the piece. Then, with the sound of crumbling, the body that was hidden inside was revealed.

A tiny orb with only one fingernail. Where Ra's tears disappeared, there were red beads, and blue beads where Apophis' poison teeth disappeared.

You obtained the Tear Sac with.] [You obtained the 'Apophis Poison Sac'. He drives a Gacha called] E//gké/to choke the tail of the Apostolic/s and the Apostolic intends to catch the locked wagon. Due/Occurred/Many Interests/Occurred Phone call is the same in the year table/language/as in,/low.

La's Tear Springs and Apophis Liquor! was doing a new blinking pollution. Together, Joe/Le/item is born.

As shown in the diary, the two oral grooves were inserted into an infinity of shaped beads.

[La's tear glands and Apophis' monogamy combine to complete God and the Devil's Steam.] [You can select one of two attributes: Mystical Strength and Magi.] [Which one would you like to choose? 1 “S31932; 7 Ö 1-One only District/Dictionary/0,/Possible. It was a nail for saga apophis, and a nail for magi 7 was a big tr;/<UNK> alo/zga ra.

The Divine Hall is a vital organ/institution for going. Although it was written, the apostles were nose for purchase.

But for me, only the Dragon Warrior was ensnaring, there was a CI//award of forgiveness.

While he was heavily guarding the 26th floor, he accidentally received a quest of any kind: With no hope of success at this rate, the quest to raise an expedition to raise the Frost Monster's cause learned about Ra's Tear Springs and Apophis' monogamy, and succeeded in completing the Divine and Devil Springs.

But he didn't make a choice then.

Choosing Divine Power did not help him much, but Calatus couldn't do it because he wanted to choose Magi.

Eventually, he handed over ownership to Aether, who needed the most power at the time.

The Aether has chosen and consumed its power. From that point on, the Aether began to show signs of friendship in the fields of Areya. It was because I gained the power I longed for so much.

'That was your mistake.

I sighed lightly thinking of my brother, who was a good man, and squeezed at the fountain of God and Satan.

He had a preordained one anyway.

“Divine power.

[You have selected SP.] [The Spring of God and Devil is secured as the Spring of God.] Agares is unhappy with your choice.] [Hermes nods satisfied.] [Athena gives you a warm look.] [Azrael strokes Dough and gives a strange look.] I was already accustomed to the reactions of many gods and demons, so there was no other emotion.

Yeongwoo put the fountain of God in her mouth. As soon as I touched my tongue, God's Sam Issar melted and jumped on his neck.

And at the same time something warm happened from the inside of the body: a slight luminosity of new hypothalamus radiance rose over the skin.

[The sleeping god's wrath has awakened.] [You do not have enough arguments. We need to acquire more factors to awaken the latent myth.] A long time ago, the divine factor that remained in some bodies woke up for the first time and gladly accepted the divine power: but it was a sheep without virtue compared to the dragon factor that had already made up the dinosaur or the devil's factor, and the divine factor was severe-- thresholding 1- • near zero resolutions and sinking rapidly, but I didn't mind at all because the fact that it was the most important to the honeycomb. You can climb up the stairs and swallow the Hidden Piece of God's love steadily until you can balance it.

'Now, this should do it. Yeon-woo lightly unwrapped and looked around. The blood piled up on the 26th floor was loosened.

His place was a small room of ten square feet.

A small room with a bed, a small table, a chair, and a simple frame on the wall.

When you first enter a stage, you will be told that you have arrived in the waiting room separately, unlike when the startzone first appears.

This was the waiting room.

The reason why only the 27th floor is different from the other staircases.

It was because the trials that would begin now were in a completely different way than before.

Unlike the staircase/steps of the 7 hundredth hierarchy as a single barren enemy/chapter, the middle floor section/was divided into sections along a small root/trial, with an elongated one, physician; 26015. The small compartment is made up of Hanahatsu/Stairwell, waiting/7//for the runway.

The four steps leading up to 27th Central Ei/Bishop were the first point of the Grand Consolidation./Awesome/The short achievement shall be 35562;

Granny 27Medium Root E;/29Medium7/Sarun E of 377//There should not have been a Jura.

Because of the breeze/incorrect button 77/Walda was able to lick the special 5th/5th floor and finally receive difficulties that can be sold in the breeze. Ö,/jo7 ⁄/not just circumference of rum ended with it/so Urahrosser really tastes axial.

Players usually focus solely on completing one ordeal in one staircase.

But from now on, it was not only me who had to worry about the trial of the next staircase and the struggle to reach the 30th floor.

For players who have barely passed the 26th floor and have been told to kill for a month, this is a place to die.

However, Yeon-woo had a different idea.

Although it was said that the steps were distinct, in fact, this place was not entirely unprecedented.


Seven stages, one after the other, from compartment A to compartment G. This time it was just a little bigger, and what to do was the same.

Acquire more, with higher grades.

Yeon-woo opened the door in the waiting room and went out.

Outside the waiting room was a gigantic wick.

A seam set against a vast ocean. Like the tropics of the Earth, there were high beaches and large palm trees.

However, I never felt as refreshing as on Earth. Hot and humid are the same, but the wind is suffocating and the sea is grey, not blue.

[Begin the trial on the 27th Floor.1 [Test: All life will die at the end of its lifetime and cross over to the afterlife. But it's never easy for the dead to reach their resting place, the Underworld.

because you have to cross a giant river alone that crosses this world and the next. In each myth, the River of the Dead, known as the Three Thousand, the Swans, the Erebis, the Void, etc. is always raging and boiling hot, never crossing in a simple way.

You are now the body of a dead man. You have 49 days to cross the river safely. If you do not arrive at the end point within the time limit, you will be disqualified and become a floating ghost for the rest of your life: First, you will be safe from multiple threats.] 49 days time limit.

The last seeding point was on the 30th floor. That is, you have to overcome at least three trials in a short period of time less than two months.

Given that there are often players who spend years clearing stages, it was ridiculous.

The problem is that if you exceed the limit, you will be disqualified.

In other words, it meant that the stage was no longer a challenge. Like the 20th floor, it was also why players fell off the 30th floor.

And as a representation of this, players were busy running around trying to figure out how to cross the Dead Man's River.

Approximately 500 players in this Sim. Perhaps there were other islands with similar views along the vast ocean, or rivers such as the sea.

“Looks like you need a guide.” At that moment, you turn away from the voice behind you.

There was a wrinkled ogre standing there. But it's not just monsters.

He wore the manager's iconic tuxedo verbally. However, the gigantic hammer that hung on my back seemed too foreign.

“I'm the caretaker and boatman, Karen. Don't you need my help, gladiator? If you can pay me a little wage, I can teach you how to cross the river with ease.” He smiled at me differently. However, when I see a smile with my mouth torn close to my ears, my fangs are only obvious and scary. Moreover, the giant hammer hung on your back was more intimidating as you approached the size of the five metres.

Carlon. chief manager of the 20th floor of the axis (19985;). Among the managers, it was known to be an outspoken furnace.

Yeon said, looking at him with a smirk.

“No, I don't need it. ”