Second Life Ranker

16. Proprietary (6)

He found it somewhat embarrassing. When the manager offered to help, almost no one refused.

However, I only laughed because I knew who Yeon-woo was.

'I'd be devastated if I fell for the twist of Carbon.

Suzanne Carbon is sure to be a big help. In 49 days, when you have to cross the Dead River to get to shore, the hint that Aaron throws at you could shorten your time.

'But one thing at a time, or precious information, is very expensive.

It was not called Susanno for nothing.

In my edition, there was a reason that managers who had to maintain neutrality had to be paid to give information to players.

'Nonsense.' As long as you have a diary like an attack house, you don't have to be courted by Karen.

He tried to persuade Yeon-woo, but when he saw that her eyes were cold, he turned around, 'Maybe he didn't want to make much money.'

“Hey.” Yeon-woo calls out to him like that. He glances back at Yeon-woo. I was willing to accept the bargain.

“I want information.” Hmph! It's not easy crossing the Dead River in such a short time. I'll pay you. Money is good, things are good. "What are you talking about? If you're a manager, you'd better give me the information I need to attack the stage.” He frowns as if he didn't like it. It came pretty overwhelming.

“It's against the rules. Paying without wages is against equity.” “Really? Then there's nothing we can do.” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

Then I put my hands on the air and called out the system window, and began manipulating the silent cost.

Carron grimaces at the sinister feeling.

“But what are you doing?” “Report to management." "0 2” "We know that when a player challenges a stage, the role of the manager is to protect the staircase and to help the player get to the target. I'm sure that's the right advice, but I'm asking for information.” “Come on, let's go!” Carbon grips his hand as he reaches out and touches the system.

Yeonwoo narrowed her eyes and looked at him. He winces at you with a cold sweat like a howler.

“Ooh, what do you want!” Yeon manipulated the system with her bare left hand when she looked at him.

“Just checking.” “Blood, just tell me what you need! I'll help you!” Yeon-woo grins lightly and grabs her hand from the system.

In fact, it was never possible for a manager to receive back-payment from a player and give them the right information. Because administrators were, of course, dependent on the system. Beyond fair management comes a stiff punishment.

However, if you use this in reverse, it makes sense that you only need to give the same information, even if you get paid.

Whether they received copper coins or gold coins, there was no reason to be challenged by the system if they treated players fairly.

'Fraud after all.' He gave me a few coins, but I gave him the same amount anyway.

However, Arniya was also about to use the title of Carron as an excuse to make players feel that they had information that was worth the price.

Luckily, Jungwoo didn't get hurt because he had Dragon Eyes. 'No matter what the opponent said, I only caught the train from the meadow as a character who didn't listen much.

He stares at the pond once, sighing, "Get the hell off the ground."

“A dictator, a dictator, but I only heard what he said. I never thought you'd threaten a manager like this. But I, for one, am the Chief Manager.” “If the Chief Administrator or someone took advantage of the system's loopholes, that would be a bigger problem. Well, if discipline goes down, it'll be bigger than that.” • • • You don't say a word.

But you have to take care of that. Everyone's been taking care of themselves since Laflax. ”Yeon did not miss a word that sounded like she was spilling. Laplace in the tomb. Said something about you being disqualified for something out of control. I also asked him what Ruffi of the Year had told me.

I've been wondering what happened to Ralph ever since. Yeon-woo did not dig deep.

“Hmph, Hmph! But maybe this is“ not telling the other players. There's no reason to draw. ”“ Of course, to the extent that you have the authority to do so, give me everything you know}. ”He gives you a slight distortion and shakes his head.

When I left the administration, Evil Crab was right. Watch out for the dictators. He said he would listen to me if I didn't, but he was real.

But he liked this player.

The smarter they are, the longer they'll live and climb more stairs.

Since the tower was strong, knowing a lot of information made it easy to overcome 2 '1 you.

0 0 Skills means skill, resourcefulness means decisiveness, decisiveness means determination. The trimmings had to be uniform. And they always let the managers in their daily lives feel satisfied sometimes.

That was the case with Yeongwoo. There was no reason why Ifuke was so fond of Yeon-woo. Of course, his favorite thing was money.

“Well, there are two ways to get across the river.” Caron only opens the detection and stop, making a 'v' xl and folding the stop first.

“The first is just swimming across. There are a lot of friends who are confident in their magic. I wouldn't recommend it much.

Yeon-woo nods. He knew the words of those who plunged into the Dead River without fear, but it became a river. 'There are many souls in the River of the Dead who have not crossed over to the afterlife. I don't know how they'll react when they meet a living person. It was like a fire.

“I knew it. You knew what was coming.

He chuckles and folds up the rest of his index finger.

“The other is to dry the ship.

Of course; it's urgent, but you might ask, how do you make something like that? But if you bring me the materials I need, I'll make them for you for a fee. "” • • • You want me to keep in mind that I'm the manager, "he grumbled, sticking his hands in his pockets. It was definitely different from other well-mannered managers.

In addition, he threw out all the Hans he needed on the way to the 30th floor. Among them, there were many things I would have missed if I had missed. He agreed to discuss all the information he knew with the authority of the manager.

However, Yeon-woo's eyes did not change much. I kicked my tongue.

I thought maybe he didn't know everything that he already knew. Apparently there was no such thing. We'll have to sell the equipment, but there's nothing we can do. I'm thinking about saying good-bye to caron.

“And." “We don't recommend going too deep into the other side.

“You want me to leave the cannibal alone?” Cannibalist. A monster who lives in the heart of the dead. "People who can be precisely native.

Caron rolls his lips.

“I see you're familiar with the cannibals. That's all I can tell you. Actually, it's a little burdensome for me to say." “Keep in mind.” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

He bursts into laughter.

“Then I wish you luck. Ah, whenever I needed a boat, I would summon the system without a word.

“Okay, okay. Why don't you know that men are so 7 years old that they won't be popular?

Carbon grunts as she pushes her lips out, opening the green portal and disappearing silently.

Yeongwoo gently relaxed and moved to the other side, not the beach, but inside the deep.

First thing we need is some ingredients to dry the boat, right? 'The river of Malja was filled with strong killings and poison, so the falcon was as strong as a kite/float. However, the hawks that usually had a special * sun/7 distribution to Carbon were different because they were expensive/expensive, or the kind of materials that were worth as much/so they walled in electronically. Jedha also asked for 0/7ko, so it was not/was not to follow the words of Carbon and follow//Gaqeek 47573; Jill/.

But that doesn't mean/the business of not drying hawks. To reduce the price by a little, you can add some premium fees.

That was usually a lot of speckles/masks. Though it was hard to say, I did not save 52682 years.

Instead of trying to enter the forest thinking about the kind and amount of materials needed, Yeongwoo suddenly had to stop walking behind her.

“Wait!” There were two people who called Yeon-woo. A man with a big fat figure and a plump impression. One of them said.

“Proprietary, right?” Yeon-woo nods silently.

“I'm Hector. This is Ibramovic.” “But?” “Hmm? Don't you know us?” It's like you know them for sure.

However, Yeongwoo narrows her eyes, and Hector looks like she has no teeth. Then realizing that I didn't know myself by the words of Yeon-woo family, I became filled with Boon's expression.

• • • I am Chapter 92 of the Phantom Regiment. This is the deputy director. ”I've heard of Yeon-woo in the phantom regiment.

After the fall of cleanliness, after experiencing the Le-rae de Goi eggs. After many confusions, the eighth generation's axes were shaken.

There were still eight major clans, but there was a slight fluctuation in the main axis.


Tue 1- - Rao 2012; Go-Black Dragon Elohim.



Sea of poetry.

The Darwood Brotherhood.

In the absence of purity, it includes a white dragon and a black dragon that have been split into two.

And despite the fact that they were separated from one giant clan, they boasted no less power than the other giant Glenn + the shocking fact that Waltz, the head of the White Dragon and the queen of Spring, joined forces with the three Enforcers of Elohim.

However, given the turbulence of the tower, there were also several emerging forces threatening their subjugation.

The phantom regiment was one of them.

In the past year, those who started coming up at a terrifying rate were formed by a total of 108 large and small clans and teams, sweeping away the layers and middle floors.

Recently, the fame has spread to Wina, and it has become known that the ordinary clans and even the Ramkers are starting to notice.

However, it was the first time I encountered Yeongwoo who did not care about the situation outside while focusing on training in the tribe of loneliness.

But he didn't care much for them.

It was eight Glenns who were aiming for Yeongwoo, not one of the squabblings who held their shoulders together to reach it.

So I had no choice but to turn the tables.

Hector frowned because he didn't like the reaction of the pond. Nevertheless, I did not even think about Dumbledore.

The prowess of the dominant was already widely known in the war between the Red Dragon and the Onehorn Tribe. Of course, I thought it was a false rumor against the background of the King's apprentice, but I couldn't ignore it. Moreover, he received a report of his performance from the men already on the 26th floor.

There was no need to clash here.

So Hector said as the branch sank.

“You just heard from Carbon. You need a lot of materials and tones to dry your belly. So let's hold hands.” I added an explanation next to Ibramovich, who is under the eyes.

“I've heard that dictators are always aiming for solo play without Cheongram brothers and sisters. However, even if he was a sole proprietor, it would be hard to procure all the ingredients in this short time, so together the hands were rejected by the lightweight. To be clear, they were both right.

There were so many ingredients to dry my stomach that I could hardly prepare it myself, and even with diarrhea, I ate too many seals. inefficient.

Moreover, the cost of drying was not great, so it was a good idea to collect as many numbers as possible.

However, Yeon-woo, who was already sponsored by the Buy The Table, had no reason to be attracted to the amount and was confident that she would procure enough materials on her own. If I thought I was running out of time, I was just jealous of the geeks.

You don't have to hold hands with them.


'It's coercive.

There are currently more than 500 players in the Sims. However, not all of them will be included in the Han Dynasty.

Perhaps in the name of 'cooperation', he was filming and pressing other players and forcibly mobilizing into labor.

'You can leave the hard work and hard work to the swings. Plus, holding the reins will make it easier to absorb the regiment. This is how you raised your clan.' It was already felt in areas of the senses that had spread widely throughout the island.

The majority of the players are frustrated, but they don't talk quickly. There was a coercive atmosphere.

Yeon-woo refused because she had no reason to hold onto it. Looks like this is the end of the business. I'm heading back into the woods.

“Son of a bitch! Hearing Hector's words, he tried to reach out and grab Yeon's shoulder, either with that attitude or with a frown on his face.

At that moment.

0 “Grrrgh!” His right arm splinters like seven rivers of water, ripped open with his shoulders and bounced up into the air.