Second Life Ranker

17. Proprietary (7)

“Hector!" Ibramovich sprints to Hector in surprise. The blood spills endlessly from his right shoulder, which is stumped.

He hurriedly pulls out the potion and pours it on Hector's wound. But the wound was rarely healed.

“You crazy bastard!” Hector's eyes dart to rush towards Yeongwoo.

But his steps stopped. Suddenly, a pointed tip was placed in his forehead.

“It's common sense not to touch other people's bodies without permission. Don't you know that when you're a firstborn son of the regiment?” “You swing this bird • left-handed without a car. Hector's head is separated from his shoulder and rolled to the ground in an angry face.

Abramoviz's blood runs through his veins. He looked at Yeongwoo, who had no cause in his hands at all, with dread and wet eyes.

And I remembered why the dictator was called the dictator. It wasn't just Hiddenpiece and his public values alone. It was a nickname for erasing all those who came at him.

“Why? Is there anything else you want to say?” “Uh, no.” Yeongwoo gently drains the blood from the stabbing blade and walks into the woods, plunging it into her waist.

Ibrahim trembles with fear. The blood spilled from Hector's dead body is still hot.

The weather was too ugly and overcast.

The flesh was tingling, and the oxygen concentration was too light to breathe. It feels like I'm trapped in Margie's water.

I came quickly to fatigue.

Moreover, some toxins were secretly mixed in the air. Whether the Dead River evaporated and affected the atmosphere. If you stay in the Sims long enough, your body really breaks down.

'I also understand that the time limit is 49 days. You can't keep digging in places like this.' Of course, there were no continuous drifting players between the 27th and 30th floors. There were stragglers in any stairwell after the time limit or being disqualified from the stage.

But I can assure you, none of the swarms that float the Dead River seem normal.

Even as a dragon, they are affected by this toxicity, and the average player is confused.

Yeon-woo looked around, thinking we should get out of here as soon as possible.

There's got to be something around here somewhere. 'Yeongwoo searched widely for what she wanted to find while opening Dragon Eye. The forest that covers the bay is endless, dense, and the floor is wet as a swamp, like a rainforest. There were cobras and poisons everywhere.

'Found it.

Then I found Yeon-woo looking, and slowly stood in front of her, stepping on the path of the wind.

A tree that looks nothing like a normal tree around it.

However, if you look closely, you can see that the two trunks are coming up as soft as a kite.

It was the first ingredient of the ship that Yeongwoo was looking for.

Trees growing in the & I façade % kRh-e/dot have the same rigid grain.

So it was used as a very sturdy wood. Think of it as a material for a green hawkhÖ./Was the Heart Ordinary People Ö./Go/Do The River of the Dead still picks the worst cupboards on the German route. The disaster of finding the hawk/Wonder was leading to the middle language/immersion.

We just lost track of the hawk that went out for a while, and then came back to the fold.

And the end of the kick/reel rolled/gave a Gaza answer during the substrate.

'If the timber melted in the river of the dead, all we had to do was find the wood that wouldn't melt.' Exactly, it was a tree that was resistant to the river of the dead.

And that's what Yeon-woo found now.

There are very small rivers and groundwater flowing on the island. However, because only some of these are swirling around on the island, and others are through the river of the dead, they have the same properties.

What Yeongwoo was looking for were the trees that absorbed the dead river, the mangroves.

Invisibility cannot be discernible at all. But a creepy note always hovers around the tree. Growing up to eat raw water, she naturally possesses the energy (Qi).

And these things have caused mutation.

Kiaaah! As Yeongwoo draws her sword and approaches, she suddenly shakes her head, splitting the middle of the stalk, revealing the torn limb of her neck.

Dozens of vines flew like whips as the branches of the tree roamed.

There are thorns embedded tightly in the surface, and poison gushes from the air.

I thought the rocks would easily crush just by hitting them.

It was unfortunate for him, it was the same with Yeon-woo. The blazing blaze rises and sets it down like a torch.

The poison burns all at once, and the branches are on fire.

Grrrgh! The mangle begins to wriggle in agony.

Yeon-woo swung forward, raising the arena sideways.

SPEAK_“Chief! What the hell is going on?” The 92nd Division of the Phantom Regiment, Glenn, who once had the name Tree Image, was all shocked.

From when Glenn was first created to joining the phantom regiment. Hector was a loyal umbrella to the clan members, despite his strong temperament.

Just a few hours ago, I was also sharing my ambition to take first place within the Hanseongyeon division in the previous period.

But that's the guy. I came back with my head cut off. Ibramoviz is half stunned, covered in blood.

After a long call from the “Boo Boom ” clans, Ibrahim was able to recover a little. The dark circles beneath the downcast snow become darker.

However, unlike the impression of being fragile so far, it now has a somewhat eerie shape.

• • • I can hear you, so don't yell. ”“ I'm sorry. ”The clans take a few steps back, staggering. He's always been a terrified manager. Once the fire burns, Hector can't handle it. I wonder if it's a double personality.

92 were able to join the regiment with relatively little power compared to other clans, thanks to the fact that the manager.

Two-Face. 'An alias that means two Sundays, the person who once took his name out of the shadows was Baroque.

“The man who did this to Hector is a monopoly.” Damn it. ”“ Him, again. ”Shouldn't you be avenging yourself, Director? No, no, no, no, no, no. We wait for the time.” Ibramovic shakes his head firmly, even to the urge of his henchmen.

“He's strong. You haven't forgotten what he did on the 26th floor, have you?” The phantom regiment has one in every stairwell. Many clans joined, so many people were able to do it.

And unless this information was special, it was mostly an implied rule to share between members of the regiment.

That's why Yeon-woo also delivered the elixir on the 26th floor. The fact that I plunged into the basket of frozen monsters and caught the fault of Apophis, the boss who eventually went over the mountain.

Crucible is over in the bay.

Hector regarded this as nothing, but Ibrahim was different.

Frost monsters were strong, and passing through them was unimaginable.

Those who are here have already passed the 26th floor, but they really had to suffer to die. There were a lot of dead clans there.

“Hector made a mistake in Ivan.

Idiot: I told you not to get carried away like that. ”Ibrahim Movedge was angry at the death of his stupid but close friend.

There was also an order to apprehend the monopoly as far as "above." Therefore, avoid as much collisions as possible. ”Clans bite their lower lip.

Obviously, the phantom regiment wanted to capture the monopoly, so they also gave instructions to treat him well and contact their superiors separately.

Hector was beaten as usual. Originally, I had no intention of connecting with Yeon-woo in this way.

“But, Director, you're stupid. And you really think I'm gonna walk away from this? What do you want me to say to you later?” The clan members' eyes widen.

Abramoviz presses his temples with his index finger as he curls his mouth cold.

“Use your head. If we have a good background, shouldn't we eat it with that background? We haven't even gotten the subscription fees right yet. Ah, there he is.” At that moment, the clan that went into the forest jumped.

“A monopoly?” “A monopoly is gathering materials right now. But is it weird what you're collecting?” Haven't you ever had a hammer that swings its trunk sometimes? “They're cutting them down mostly. Other than that, he was mostly hunting strange monsters. • •“ Hidden Piece. Since he's always been the top stage ranker since the first floor, he'll be officially overwhelmed. Maybe the ship you commissioned was the highest supply. ”There are more than 30 boats that can be built by Caron the ferry. The ship was commissioned at a tonne of 92 tons and was only of medium grade.

Of course, I had to build several boats in order to treat hundreds of people.

“But he's all alone, so he'll have to float by himself.

What happens then? ”“ That way! ”The clan members slowly realize Ibrahim's thoughts and marvel as they clasp their knees.

The word "river of the dead" is so wide that it is colorless. It was never easy to land a boat in such a place.

He was a helper for catching chi, a navigator for measuring direction, a sailor for various kinds of errands, and a swordsman and a rower for picking up swords at times, but he couldn't bear the many roles of floating alone.

Above all.

If we are surrounded by 'several' ships in the middle, what will we do then?

You'll have to fight. If he's good enough, he can win.

But then what? What if we destroy their own ships and touch them? It was the end. It would be worse if such a fire had happened in a place so far from the Sim.

Ibramovich was talking about that moment.

Just hang in there a little longer. A long way from the Sims. If he is surrounded by enemies in a situation where he can't go back, he can't help it. I can't handle ten hands by myself. That one was alone, and this one was 500.

Moreover, he said clearly at the top. Call me as soon as you find the dictator. Then I'll send someone else.

Then the rankers of the regiment must also be involved.

Probably not one or two boats surrounding a predatory ship. Minimum heat, as many as dozens of enemies, and then you just put a seal on it. 'Ibramoviz clenched his fist. The way to inflate numbers in the phantom regiment was much simpler than I thought.

It creates a situation where players have to listen to them and put a seal on the content that forces them to join the regiment. A seal that is sworn to the Devil. Even a connoisseur would not stand a chance.

Other players already on the island were opponents who were sealed and forced into the phantom regiment.

'If you join 92 of us, of course it will increase in value. It's not hard to get within 10.

Not all clans in a regiment are equal in sequence.

The lower the number, the more power you have.

Especially the clans within the 10th floor were the ones that made the tower ring loudly even before the original phantom band was formed.

It was his judgment that even if it was less than 10, he would be able to lift it within 30.

“Then let's contact the top first. You stab Karen in the back so she can dry faster than a loner.” The clans are busy moving on.

Bark! The thirty-third of the hamlets leans sideways, losing their power.

Yeongwoo removed all the unnecessary branches very skillfully and cut them long along the grain and threw them into the Trennian.

But, master, what kind of ship are you going to build? Can you sail in the Dead Man's River without anyone else? "At that time, I asked with a slightly alarming voice. I had already passed the 27th floor, so I had to worry about Yeonwoo. The river of the Dead was the only place he had survived. It was the same idea without a word.

Yeon-woo smiled.

“Why aren't there any crew?” Uhm “Do you know what the concept of the ship I'm going to build is?” The circle? “Ghost Vessel.

Only then could he understand what Yeon-woo meant. Looks like the errands were their own.