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18. Proprietary (8)

Sanon wanted to insult me, but he knew that he would never pretend to eat anything.

So I sighed and asked another question. There was a question that had not yet been answered.

But which boat are you going to dry? I don't have a clue if I want to make it from the ingredients the owner has right now. "I am the same. I have never heard of a simple phrase involving a ship of Grade A or higher. It wasn't on his production list." I had no choice but to have two people who had already passed through the 27th floor a long time ago.

They remember breaking through to the 30th floor with considerable difficulty at the time, so they were well aware of the boat crossing the Dead Man's River.

However, I had no idea that it could be made from Yeongwoo.

However, Yeon-woo only laughed a little.

“Why go to the boatman to build a boat? Of course we need to find a good shipwright.” Sanon and Ghost have uncovered a skeptical notion that they still don't understand. Just looking at the words of Yeongwoo, it sounds like there are craftsmen who can build boats apart from Carron.

On the island, too.

However, Yeon-woo repeated the two undead's questions without saying anything else, and continued to cut off their mules and put them in the Trennian.

That's how he got into the woods. Yeon-woo's hand stopped for the first time while lumbering vigorously. The gaze inside the mask shifted somewhere.

“Here she is.” Sanon and Han grimace again to see what Yeon-woo has to say.

There was absolutely nothing in the woods.

It is only a sturdy grass that reaches the waist and the shadow of a tree that is dense enough to withstand even the sun.

However, I felt something approaching cautiously inside the realm of awareness that was being shared with Yeon Woo.

At first glance, he looked no different from a normal person: if there was a difference, he would just engrave a strange tattoo on his face and neck, with a blade around his leg hanging a crooked grin. I thought they were savages living in the jungle.

There were about a dozen of them.

You press down on a gruesome kill and try to approach it from all sides like a group of hunters after a game.

I quietly flew over the tree, lowering myself among the bushes.

Sanon seems to be unaware of what the cannibal is.

A monster that no player on the 27th floor would ever know.

No, they're just monsters.

Apparently, they were living on the 27th floor and interrupting the players' ordeal.

But they built their own villages and possessed the level of intelligence and rationality of a group of civilizations. They were also called Natives.

Usually, however, players treated cannibals as monsters.

Regardless of their intelligence level, they are cannibals among their rituals.

I liked to hunt players, cook muscles 1-and eat them. Of course, as players, I had to have enemies.

Sitting in the deepest part of a typical island jungle, he would sometimes choose a player to hunt for notoriety.

This time, it seemed to have been caught riding on a lotus.

I always feel it, but why are there so many suicidal people around the owner? There are more novel ways to kill yourself. Why would he do that? "It seems that the future of cannibalism has already been seen by Sanon. I thought only the geeks would like it.

By the way, are they the original shipbuilders? "The question of Sanaan was postponed.

As the cannibals approached the distance where they could hunt the moat, they immediately lowered the call.

If anyone sees it, it was a sudden, agile movement from the shadows of the tree.

But before that, the cannibals who were at the back of the tree kept their mouths shut for a long time. I was blowing it. Dozens of poisonous stings poured into Yeon Woo like a rain.

It's very small and obscured by the darkness. At the end of the sting was a poisonous poison that could defeat an elephant with a single drop.

It was their basic hunting technique after poisoning the food to keep it from spreading.

And for what it's worth, Even if the Cannibals didn't have poison needles, they could easily defeat a common player.

Yeon-woo reaches out first in the direction of the poison spit. Then Manat, who was circling around the lotus, moved and whirled, and the poison needles were caught by themselves.

As I bent my arms big, the poison needles that were bundled together spread out in all directions, turning my head in reverse.

Puppet! “Guy” “Queer!” [Cannibalist 72 slammed. Cannibalism 142 is dead.] Desperately poisoned by an ally, the stinking cannibals slump as they rush in, and a cartridge flies in front of those who try to escape.

The sound of watermelon breaking in a row resonates. It was the cracking of his head.

[Cannibals 68 were killed.] The cannibals realized that Yeon-woo was not a stray player, but a strong one. But it was already too late.

Even the lucky ones who survived were blindfolded in the long shadows. How can anyone overcome Yeon-woo without having to use their hands?

“The Record! Kakarock! Gurgle grunts." But they never wiped the poison from their eyes, even under oppression, as if they were never going to lose. Rather, I shouted at him with a bunch of blood around my neck.

I didn't know what it sounded like to boil whole wheat. Instead of making it so resilient, it seemed to mean kill it.

Yeon-woo looked at the slicker and opened the register.

“From now on, if you answer the question I'm asking, I'll let you live.” The sound of boiling the same weeds as cannibals. But it was definitely a different language.

At that moment, the cannibal's eyes opened.

Lee Marl • • • • • • • How to learn, Player! ”The system of the tower provides automatic translation functionality to players in common. Different resources and language systems differ from each other, so it is caring to help communicate smoothly.

However, these benefits were not offered in the language of the viper or native. No one knew why. So monsters tend to stutter and mimic the language of players when they want to indicate a doctor.

But Yeon-woo was following their language. It was not a perfect pronunciation, but communication was limited.

“That's not what's important to you right now. Just answer the question.

“No! Don't talk to me like that! Yeon-woo loses the head of the rebellious cannibal.

[CannibalNinety-one is down.] "It fits. You can't keep losing like that." Yeon listened to Sanon's soliloquy with her ear, and approached the cannibal behind the dead cannibal.

He was staring at the corpse of his dead colleague with blue-eyed eyes.

“Where's the village?” “Hmph! Kill me if you have to! • • • • • • You are doomed to disaster” [Cannibalist 238 slammed.] “Wiji 9” “I cut off the head of every cannibal who resisted without answering.

As the corpses grow larger and smaller, Bartak begins to turn pale.

And the cannibal corpse melted into the ground, floating on top of it like fog, and then dispersed into the air.

And the more I draw.

"What? It's a little dangerous to go wrong, isn't it?" Sanon began to gradually improve.

It didn't matter if the cannibal died. They're like monsters.

The problem was immediately thereafter.

[Twenty-five cannibals died in the plantation or something.] [The priest realized this and fell into a cylinder. At the behest of the priests' command, the lower clergy began to memorize the door to pay their respects.] [Trial difficulty increases.] [The Cannibal is coming!] It reminded me of a common message for all players in the heart, not just in the retina of Yeongwoo.

“Oh, my God!” “Some son of a bitch did this! Aaaaah!" I hear screams coming from all over the island. It was the word cannibal.

The 27th floor trial said, 'Get out of the plant safely from the threats.

This was never meant to be a fight. 'While avoiding threats, get the materials you need and dry the boat.

Cannibals were not classified as Humans or Demihumans because of their unique race skills.

Blood 32227; > + They shared their power among their kin. No, it would be precise to say that each of their own strengths is the strength of their bloodlines, not their own.

So, when a faction member dies, its power is restored to its bloodline, and it is automatically empowered by the faction.

In the end, the more cannibals we kill, the stronger the individuals appear instead of the fewer numbers.

Cannibals were more native than cannibals.

It was hard for regular players to deal with cannibals, and I had no choice but to suffer as more than cannibals appeared.

You did it on purpose. "The ghost muttered a little. Yeon-woo always runs a thorough calculation even on minor actions. I thought there would be a good reason to draw again.

However, if there is a problem, the cannibal did not just put together 25 cannibals, but exerted more power. I was able to turn into a mess in Shim Saab time.

But Yeon cut off the last of the cannibals' heads like she didn't care.

[Trial difficulty increases.] "Cannibals" appear more frequently. [Cannibals approaching!] It reminds me of the whole message that a large number of cannibals appear. And cannibalism.

Even a cannibal would be a 26-story commander. The arrival of cannibals was a panic attack on the island.

“There is another lonely heart beyond these woods. I think that's where they live.” Yeongwoo gently drained the blood from the arena and put it back into her waist.

Is there a boatman there that the owner is looking for? "Precisely.” Sanon and Han seemed to know the origin of Yeon-woo's prey.

Did the Cannibal King have such a Hidden Piece? "Yeon-woo nodded.

Cannibalism/Phosphorus is related/strong war. Shut up. It was a week on the difficulty of the point.

Were my colleagues and I, who were thirsty in the past, able to eat the tangled cannibal/kill the phosphorus e/cough 7//? 'I had an idea, and the result was cannibalism sulfur//Writer7 R//t7/Eh facts The end of the week/.

• • • • Because of that/we will die 7! But...

The Hidden Piece owned by the Cannibal King was closely related to the new ship.

Caron's ship was only able to cross the Dead Man's River, but the Cannibal King's ship had many other functions.

In particular, the ability to find hidden paths was very useful.

My brother was able to use it to meet new people.

'Second teacher of Jungwoo, Lana.

Yeongwoo tasted it as she thought of her sister's new teacher after Galilee.

'I wish I could have met you.' You may not have a man who's free to be intimidated. If I was, I'd like to invite him to the clan like Galilee. Even if it doesn't work, you can still pursue your brother's fate. The Cannibal King had to make it.

And on the one hand, it was those thoughts.

'The Cannibal King said Jungwoo almost died from a third awakening. I hope it's better than Apophis' fault.

Yeongwoo recalls Hidden Boss on the 26th floor who was not disappointed.

Hidden Boss, who appeared this time, hoped he would like it.

: ❯ 74 The shadow spread, and the monsters came out and spread throughout the island. I checked the Cannibal King's location, so I could get rid of all the cannibals as soon as I could.

[Trial difficulty increases. [The Cannibals are coming!] Many will die.

Sanon kicks his tongue thinking about 92 players who had been plagued by disaster.

It seemed as if he knew why the gods and demons associated with death were gunning down their masters.