Second Life Ranker

19. Proprietary (9)

But Sanon didn't say they were pitiful.

The enhanced senses were meant to bring a lot of information to the mind.

Among them, Ninety-two stages conspired against Yeongwoo in the Dead River.

But Yeon-woo didn't have to punish them.

They were on the ground after all. I didn't even know what I would do if the Cannibal King showed up.

Whatever it was, there was no way they could get out of the plantation safely.

Sanon erased his thoughts of them from his mind. More importantly, what skills the cannibal king expects from Yeon-woo. I was curious.

“I don't see him.” “Damn it. Where did the hunger go when you used to go around like that?” Orant scratches the back of his head with an annoying voice. He's been in charge of the leader of the '92 regiment for hours, and he's been unwilling to show his face for a few hours.

I've collected all the necessary ingredients, so I need to dry the boat. I was frustrated that the manager who would take care of it didn't even shine a light.

Moreover, the officials confirmed that the proprietor is currently beating to the supply of materials.

Then he has to get to him before he submits his ship. No, I had to use my hands to push the proprietor's ship as far back as possible.

There was also a calculation that it would be enough to grill enough water as it was a caron that lit enough money to be called Susanno. The public domain that was already needed to recover was the opponent who had been forcibly squeezed together the players under the command to secure it.

But it's only possible if someone feeds it back. If there is no party, there is no talking back.

Usually you're such a pain in the ass to follow people around. It disappeared like a ghost when I needed it.

Moreover, as Orant, I wanted to keep this matter clean.

With Hector dead, Ibramoviz will most likely be regimental commander.

I wanted to be the first to secure an advantage in the competition between the promotions who wanted to take over the position of the vacancy commander.

“I hear Carbon occasionally enjoys fishing in the lake across the lake. Maybe he went there?” Fishing? ”Orant smiles at the sudden words of his henchman.

“Yes, the undertaker just heard from a player.

He said he'd seen them go there at this time of day. ”“ Damn it! You know I have to tell you that in advance! I didn't mean for you to do anything wrong! ”Orant is furious, and the rest of his crew's shins are severely slapped. He shakes his knee loud enough to stick it to the ground, but he grips it. At this time, it was much better to remain silent until the wrath of Orant was lifted.

Orant stands still and asks, barely scraping the wrath.

“So? What about that lake?” “We need to get into the woods. You're not in Cannibalism, are you?” Correct = = • • • • • I do “shit. You want me to go back in?” Aurant changed it.

It is not difficult to supply materials from the seam.

But the problem was cannibalism.

Hunting only causes trouble. But they were just too persistent to avoid it, so they couldn't help themselves.

My sister said to me at the top.

The easiest way to break through is to deliver the ingredients of the ship with minimal elimination of cannibals to the extent that they do not irritate priests.

If you control your face well, you won't have to overdo it because you can get through much easier than the 26th floor where you had to toughen up your water supply.

And then.

'The regiment said they'd take responsibility.' The island is randomly chosen and cannot be helped by the phantom regiment.

However, it was different from the 28th floor that crossed the Dead Man's River after leaving Sim. I was able to intervene as much as I wanted in the phantom regiment.

The phantom regiment is where the clans come together horizontally, and the clans on the upper level play a major role in holding the hands of the lower clans.

Naturally, the Dead Man's River, where many ships roam, was also a place where many clans could easily roam.

Ibromobi also knew that in the river of the dead, he believed that he could intimidate any ruler.

Anyway, it was awkward to go into a forest full of cannibals. I used to keep them vigilant from time to time because I was afraid they'd come out when I was watering the timber. I can't believe I have to do that again.

But I can't help it.

In the end, Orant turns this around and jabs his way back to the man who got up from his seat.

“Damn it. I can't help it. Set up a perimeter. We're going into the woods. And just in case, tell Glenn to cooperate.

Suddenly, the face of the dead man brightened again.

Contrary to the expression 'cooperation'. Players in the Darkland have expressions of stiffness toward a request close to the 92nd regiment's notification to join the invasion force.

Heidi, Team Trinity's leader, grips his teeth. She is furious, not like an elf, that emotion expression is always poor.

From the tutorial until now, Delan and Joon had the same bad looks that led the team with her.

“This is completely different from walking us into our own shoes.” Damn it. Should I just flip it over? ”Delan has a shy personality and a calming expression on his part, Jundo, is not so good. After entering the Sim, Izzie's continued notice caused them to rot inside.

Currently, there were 500 people in the Sims, so they had to be within their ranks. 92 or Trinity was just one of them.

However, 92 took the lead by setting up a fantasy band on their back.

With a head count of 200, they were able to suppress the dark clans because they were close to half of the Sims, and they were forced to mobilize whenever necessary.

Especially in areas where cannibals appear, cooperation has been widespread, so other minority clans have suffered enormous damage. There was even a dedicated team.

I was just barely able to collect all the ingredients and get some rest. It is said to enter the nutcase area. I had to change my outfit.

Heidi was thinking of contacting the other clan members of Zari to overthrow them.

Just find Garonne, and the search will be over soon. The problem has been ever since. It is often driven by these trivial matters, and it is obvious to see who will be used in the future for fishing trawlers and maids.

In the end, it is necessary to regain control.

It was an aggressive judgment that made it difficult for her to be an Elven. Several acrobatics of climbing the tower were enough to change her nature.

Delan and Jundo look fierce. We're just gonna keep getting beaten up like this. I thought losing a player wouldn't be so bad.

'I asked Zari alone, and Heidi suddenly remembered a man. I saw a blur in the distance. A loner. He may not remember himself, but he remembers him wisely.

It was a very short relationship, but wouldn't it help if you had an excuse for it? Such life 7.t01 = ⁄ 20129; however.

“No, commander.” “You don't have to overdo it for us.” The team shakes their heads. I felt a clear willingness to try it all the way through my eyes.

Heidi looks at them and smiles. Ten or so people. Like Delan and June, they were now a precious family to her.

During the war between the Red Dragon and Purity on the 11th floor. Heidi and others volunteered for the Foreign Legion when they heard they were hiring an external mercenary. The monopoly had become the leader of the trillion at the time.

The team members were also the ones who met at that time. The war ended too soon, and Jo suddenly hid her footsteps.

I was so proud that I was going to be disbanded without even doing it a month, and the people who were right came out and created a separate team.

And the head of the team was unwittingly led by Heidi Gazanne, who initially refused to accept that % Heidi was not fit for him. But after taking over once, I led the team well.

The struggle on the 26th floor, which was particularly difficult, resulted in tightening up the members of the team who were in disarray.

Then Heidi had to feel even more responsible.

That's why she was so impatient about the rebellion. All three of the team members have already been killed. I couldn't make it any harder.

However, the team recognized Heidi's thoughts and shook their heads.

If you create a commotion here for no reason, you will only fail to attack.

It was their argument to be patient a little longer.

After all, Heidi had to sigh.

The team had a point. Even if we fight the 92nd here and win, how are we going to deal with the phantom regiment in the future?

It was an agent.

• • • Why don't you try reaching out to an exclusive? ”Delan raised his hand and gave his opinion that he didn't fit in with the big one. Joon, who was next to him, coldly shakes his head.

“No, it's going to be hard. You know I saw her, right? He focuses on his own interests and is completely indifferent to other people's work. I'm glad you didn't hand us over to the 92nd.

“Stop, are you sure you want to do that?” Delan still thinks he'll let her go, since she has an old relationship. My voice trembled because I wasn't sure.

After finishing his thought, Heidi stood up and said.

“Let's move when you're done. I shouldn't be caught because I'm too late again.” The members nod heavily. Their faces were pale together.

“Oh! Our beloved Heidi. Did you come because you wanted to see me? It's creepy around here, isn't it?” Heidi frowned slightly at the sexual harassment that flew in as soon as she encountered Orant. However, I responded bluntly without feeling otherwise.

“Looks like everyone's here. Let's move.” If there's anything she's learned recently that was originally urgent in nature. It's about maximizing emotion expression. She returns to where she can speak and her team is.

Orant kicks his tongue at her like that.

“Expensive adversaries. Come on. Let's see how long you can keep pretending to be a slut.” If Orant had a purpose, he could see Heidi's face always frozen in front of him.

If only she could humiliate me in front of her beloved colleagues. Just thinking about it made my mouth twitch. He was confident that the day was soon to come.

And soon, more than 30 vacuum troops began to move into the forest.

As always, the front and sides were owned by other Glenn and Tim, and the center and back by the 92nd regiment.

In a way, he prayed that he would move forward threatening the 92nd regiment players with a spear knife.

As always, the air in the forest was damp and thick. However, there was one thing that was different from usual.


No, to be precise, it's creepy.

Orant moves relatively comfortably around the attack team, but the deeper into the forest, the more it grimaces.

“Hey, guide. Is this the right place?" “Yes? Yes! No, that's right.” • • • What the hell, what the hell.

The orlan's work crumples like a crumpled piece of paper.

“What? Why has the air changed so much in one day?” The orange has a leaping characteristic of the sensing system, so if the airflow changes at all, it can be immediately noticed.

However, the smell I felt at the end of my nose was different. Smells humid. There was a little bit of bitter blood in it.

'There was a battle here,' he suddenly stopped walking. It's best not to do anything when you're nervous.

The attackers' faces are tense. I realized something was wrong: but it doesn't matter. Orant jaws at the man next to him. It meant sending a squadron forward to investigate.

“You! You! You! Make sure there's nothing wrong up ahead.” I'm sick and tired of the faces of the nominated players. Usually in these cases, it was hard to be safe. If you don't go, 92 spears will pierce their throats first.

Eventually, they had to go ahead as they cried and ate mustard. And they didn't come back after a long time.

The votes of Orant and the attacking team are hard. The same thought crossed my mind.

There is a cost.

“Team Leader Heidi, I think you should go.” Aurant looks back at Heidi. How do you want to touch a girl? But his life was more precious. Heidi is quite skilled, so there is a belief that if there is an anomaly, it will be quickly discovered.

Heini has already been through this a few times, so she says nothing, and starts searching forward with just a few of her team members: Heidi, who are as keen as Orant, is also sensing a slight change in the air around her.

Soon after walking, they were able to find three bodies. Players who had been searching before.

“Whoa!” “Oh, my God.” • • • Heidi.

The corpse's opponent is not well. Delan looks back at Heidi as she makes an impression.

“Wait. Wait.” Heidi looks serious 1, - reaches out and restrains him, quietly approaches the corpse in cat-like footsteps and examines his condition.

Something's wrong.

The corpses' opponents are different from the usual cannibals. The head is cracked in half, and the body is chewed to pieces, making it hard to recognize the rest of the body.

But this was never the usual predatory habit. They had a cannibal habit, like the name suggests, so they were able to catch the player as an intact as possible.

But this...

'It's like playing with a toy, even though the paper is so ferocious that it makes the corpse look like this. It was completely undetectable on this side.

What the hell is going on? The cannibalism's habits were different than usual.

At that moment.

Kieeek! Kieeek! Grrrgh! As the cannibals began their hunt, the moaning spread throughout the forest. A habit used to make you nervous about hunting.

Heidi could feel something else inside. Excited.

Nervous. Nervous. They were getting drunk at the cost of the car and going crazy. He was an unreasonable target.

Xxxxx - “All hands, battle stations!” Heidi screams as soon as she senses the cannibals moving this way. I don't know what these crazy bastards will look like. I had to be as nervous as I could.

Then, an additional message came to mind.

[A large number of cannibals died in the plantation.] [The priest realized this and fell into a cylinder. At the behest of the priests' command, the lower clergy began to memorize the door to pay their respects.] [Trial difficulty increases.] [More frequent presence of cannibals. [Cannibals approaching!] The Cannibals are coming!] What, what? The members were all appalled.

Heidi's expression is pale.

'It was this!' The reason the air changed. It was because he was a cannibal and was killed in large quantities, and the strength of the other cannibals became stronger.

Cannibals rushing into madness as the forest roams around. Above their heads, they have chased thousands of them through the trees.

Members are very nervous and are reflexively trying to develop their skills upward.

Don't touch me! Lower as low as you can! "Suddenly, Heidi screams with her message magic. The members also lay down on the ground, keeping their heads together.

Though the ground shook and the trees crumbled. They kill as much as they can, waiting for the cannibals to stop their migration.

And in that situation.

Heidi can see a huge shadow passing through the cannibals. Five meters tall. The turbulence caused the atmosphere to bend.

A cannibal creature. Its face is surrounded by black cannibals. There's a cannibal. Then Heidi looks down at the cannibal.

Heidi swallows her thirsty saliva without even knowing it.

Nymph. The Elf-specific longitudinal snail triggered a rapid reading of information about the creature, and the cannibals had a much stronger chi wavelength than the words of a woman.

It seemed indifferent but strong. I thought I could tear Orant or Abramowitz apart with my bare hands, giving him strength in his nostrils.

Of course, Heidi and the rest of us can stomp it out. The cannibal turns his head to the front indifferently as if he didn't care much for her.

After the big move.

Heidi and her members were unable to come out of shock and were unable to stand up for a long time.

“What the hell? After a long time, Delan gasps and breaks his silence.

Then, all of a sudden, he stood up as if he had raised his waist. The members looked back at why. Heinie's expression was hard.

“Where cannibals are going. 110 + Hingepi + members with a strike team were at risk," the members had only just realized the seriousness of the squad. There were members left behind at the base of the strike team. I had to go save them.

Especially Heidi couldn't forget the intense power of cannibalism. The cannibals and cannibals that I saw in the fairy had values that should never be in the lower levels.

The strike team there could not kill you. Abramovich was the one who thought he could barely catch it.

We have to hurry! '“Heidi!” Heidi backs her members' urgent calls and summons the spirit of the wind to run to where the strike team is first.

And, as she expected, it was a complete mess. The battle between the players and the cannibals is in ruins.

Orant is already scrambling around on the ground, his torso crushing.


Only one thing failed Heidi's expectations.

Where I expected everyone to be lazy, dead cannibals.

Rather, the cannibal lies on the floor against a broken head.

Instead, there is a black-shadowed monster painted with blood.

The nerd stares at you long and grumbles around you.