Second Life Ranker

20. Proprietary (10)

The moment I saw the monster. Heidi stiffens. Some look like they are burning black flames, and some look like the shadows of candles are shivering.

It looks smart inside the floating elf by itself. It was never meant to be in a world where the living lived.

At first, I thought it was the Undead.

It was preferable to cut it just like that.

Undead is literally Undead, undead. Not just those who died and lived as they were known at the time, but those who were cursed and cannot die.

Or, they had been raised differently from the beginning.


What was in front of me was different.

The undead were, after all, subject to the law. But it wasn't a monster in the shape of that shadow.

It's like being free in the world by yourself. A law that must be read like a spider web and filled with the world. I was separated.

As a Heini who lived believing in the absolute truth of the law as seen in the fairy eyes. It was too shocking.


Grrr - The creature that was digging up the cannibal bribe reads someone's gaze and turns his head this way.

Heidi is furious and takes a step back without even knowing it. The Shadow Beast seems to rush towards itself at once.

“Heidi!" “Captain!” At that time, members who survived the cannibalism and other attacks found her and rushed in. Delan and June's back run as well.

Heidi was in danger and tried to stop him.


Queek! The geek sees some of the players before approaching his allies, then fades into the darkness.

“Hehe! Hehe! Heidi, are you okay?” Delan grabs Heinie and carefully examines him for injuries.

But Heidi didn't say anything. All I could do was watch the elf's eyes disappear.

“What the hell is this?” Ahhhh! ”Unlike Heidi's group, who barely survived the arrival of the Goblin.

The 92nd headquarters of Ibramovic was suddenly embraced by bombs.

Crazy, rampant cannibals, cannibals, and cannibals were not a level of disaster.

Players were stranded by cannibals, and cannibals were mowed down by a shovel of water.

The cannibal just walked.



Every time I move, the ground shook. He glanced at the red eyes, scouring the forest looking for the cost price.

The grass that stood in his way was crushed, and the tree was broken and warped to the side.

And Ibrahim was sighing a long way away from the cannibals.

Under a rock full of shade. He had to hold his breath to see if he could hear anything cannibal.

As crumbling as it is, one right arm is sore, but the horror flowing down its spine is paralyzing the pain.

'Proprietary • • • • • • • •! Proprietor!' Ibramoviz remembered the pitfalls that created this squadron.

The cannibals and cannibals who appeared with a message that difficulty had increased quickly foamed up all of his plans.

Most of the 92 players die like worms. He was trampled to death, flew to death with a swinging fist, and was teased with a toy and died.

I ran because I wanted to stop him somehow. Cannibals only broke one finger, whereas Ibrahim had to shatter his whole right arm.

He somehow pulled himself out and hid himself, but the cannibals were searching everywhere for Ibramobi 1.

It seemed like he was going to sniff his nose sensitively. I used artifacts immediately to remove the odor, but I still couldn't get all the miracles to go away.

Braille's closing in.

This place must have caught his eye, too.

Before that, I had to get out of the Sims somehow.

Get in the boat! 'In fact, Ibramoviz had a ship hidden away by his men. Though it's just a small ferry. Thanks to what he made, it was still big enough to carry one's body.

Ibrahim thinks about getting off the island at all. Not on the island until cannibals showed up. It was a much wiser choice to get out as soon as possible and meet with the regiment and ask for help.

& I've already finished contacting my supervisor. All you have to do is find the coordinates and go! 'Ibramoviz quickly rolled his head.

Apologies to the victims, but in the end, one had to flee the island and call for help.

No, I thought it was for the benefit of the crew to bring in the rescue team as soon as possible, as I was in charge.

Luckily, the warehouse with the ferry is not far from here. It was a place that couldn't be found on the surface because it was well covered with a first sight.

'Please, please.' Ibramoviz looked around with a lot of senses. The footsteps fade away and disappear. It seemed too much.

The moment he got there; he was crossing the forest by himself one day. It was not the time to try to make a decision.

Wedge- < Fallen Gust (Change 30142; Wind). I bought it for a high price to do this. It caused an explosive acceleration that could be useful for escaping dangerous positions.

The disadvantage of consuming too much magical power at once. However, there was no problem getting to the target point.

I felt the cannibals rushing after me, but I was able to outrun them.

Ibrahim was convinced of his success. No matter how fast the cannibals move, once they're out of their territory, their actions are slowed. The cannibal swoops in and disappears completely, leaving no sign of a miracle.


Far away, I saw a big rock.

Places marked randomly to distinguish cannibal territory from non-cannibal territory. The vine that the ferry hid was in another rocky area, if you turn to the right here.

The moment Ibrahim Movedge was about to reach the rocks with joy.

Light! Suddenly, a large shadow comes from the sky and smashes the rocks sharply.

A sinister hand stretches out from between the scattered pieces of stone and grabs Ibrahim's collar. The cannibal smiles at you with a funny face.

What's going on here? For a very short time, Ibramovich flashed with such thoughts. Then you can see the blood hanging from the cannibal's left hand.

It's so bloody hard to recognize. Obviously, he was always by his side.

I'm sorry, but I was saying that.

I didn't know if he was referring to the position of the ferry he was secretly tracking or to the border.

He must have exposed his movements.


“I found you, rat.” The cannibal's words whitened Ibrahim's head. I grew up with this ridiculous fear.

"No, I'm talking"? 'Whether Ibrahim was surprised or not, cannibals did not care at all, and just grabbed their collars and beat them to the ground.

Ibramoviz had to feel the pain of his whole body shattering. I developed and poured out all sorts of skills.

Piper Pyeong- 'Damn • • • • • - Anti horsepower.

Most of the skills hit the transparent barrier and scattered the mountains even before reaching the cannibals.

The scary thing about cannibals was the straightest. It has just as much stamina, defense and horsepower as its evil arm. I was able to steam steamed up a fair amount of players.

Uheeheehee! Uhee! ”The cannibal has thrown the Abramowitz to the ground several times, as if it was going to be fun.

Every time he drew, Ibramovich had his arms and legs crushed and his intestines ruptured. The vision shifted as the skull was crushed. It was stained with blood and couldn't be seen properly.

Am I going to die in vain? You can't do anything? Ibramoviz wanted to survive that idea somehow. The ritual that had already begun to fade away caught nothing.

And then Ibramovizi was completely out of his mind. I feel like I'm bouncing. Whatever the hell happened, he was rolling around in the dirt.

Then, after a long time, I only opened my eyes. He saw some foam struggling with shadows, where even cannibals could not be properly shaped.

There's cannibals.

“Monster! Monster! Gone! Gone! Get lost, monster! Arrrgh!" I'm trembling with fear. You swing your evil fist around, but the black shadow turns the cannibals bloody in an instant.

A cannibal who was protecting cannibals was killed with a crush.

Like you've met an enemy you can't resist.

Like when you're face-to-face with cannibals. The cannibal was afraid of the shadow of Kim. He was coming down to his death.

What the hell is that? Ibramovich thought of that, but he couldn't make up his mind anymore.

But all I could see before I took my last breath.

It was a scene where the head of a terrified cannibal splattered with blood rose into the air.

[Found cannibal village.] [Hostile action initiated.] Cough! A combination of rolling rocks and group-forest fires swept through the town. For a while, cannibals, who were trying to catch a few players together, were shocked by the sudden thunderclap.

Everyone came and sprinkled a bucket full of water, but the black flame didn't go out, but rather turned back, and took everything as much as it needed to.

The crops or orchards they worked diligently for a year turned to ash at shovel-hour}, and their comfortable homes became heaps of firewood.

The courtyard where the villagers enjoyed dancing and singing, as well as playing stalls, was also eaten by the greedy black flames.

You plunge into a state of confusion those fiery cannibals who don't know where they came from. The frenzy, which began with the death of many of my colleagues, was seamlessly ignited just by doing a little bit of fainting.

But there was a disaster for them.

Through the black flames that are rising so hard to discern. A gust of wind blows. It's a hail.

Left-wing 52517; Yeon-woo quickly cut down the cannibals who were snatching.

I didn't have to pull out the beagrid, nor did I have to blow an error. All I had to do was swing the sword lightly and sever the cords of those who hit me: Seeing that there was no circumstance, I couldn't even defend myself against Hadad Zero, so I had to do it without hesitation.

[Increases difficulty.] [Increases difficulty.] [More cannibals appear!] “Humans! Kill it, mortal!” In the aftermath of the massacre, several cannibals rushed back and forth, finishing their shelling with cannibals.

But they were also mean to Yeon-woo.

When I swing the sword once, his fist was cut like a hand can, and when I swing it twice, my heart and throat were torn into seven pieces and I sat on the floor.

An end so futile that it can't be compared to the horror that you terrorized the plant by tearing it to pieces.

'Weak. Too. "I stepped on the corpse of one of them and rushed forward again. The blood evaporates from heat and quickly dissipates.

Since then, cannibals and cannibals have lined up, but they haven't been able to fight Yeong-woo properly.

Weak. All of them.

Yeon-woo was so disappointed.

I knew cannibals wouldn't meet my expectations. But I thought it would be a few. My brother was annoyed by the persistent interference of cannibals.

But for Yeon-woo now, they were not such a distraction.

I haven't awakened my powers yet.

It was the same as Apophis' transgression.

[The priest found you turning the town upside down. He's begun to pray for a new door to the Fellowship by killing the lower High Septon. The Cannibal King is approaching.] [Current Condition Chance: 81%] Then Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes to a new emerging message. Appearance of the Cannibal King. Will he be strong? I hoped it would be better than Apophis' fault.

When the condition reaches 100%.

[axial gate is accepted. The priest starts to mutate.] [The Sic Lord appeared] Yeon could find a remote island that looked very small, far away. The place where the priest said he was staying. He spreads his wings of fire and flies over the river of the dead.

I slid straight over the river, using the wind path and the ligands appropriately, reaching my destination in an instant.

0 Dede Degre was cleaning up a lot of ape prices that were as big as Apophis' fault.

He felt the miracle of Yeon Woo and turned his head. The red eyes distorted fiercely.

“There you are, my children - the things you've made compact.

Yeongwoo holds the Forge Sword and draws the beagrid. I thought, wrapped around a black duck. Will he be strong or weak? He said the diary was definitely strong. He's having a hard time watching the battle, too. My colleagues helped me get rid of it.

Then I know I'm stronger than my brother at the time, but I still wanted him to be a match.

“Are you afraid? Ridiculous. In the world of the dead, the king of the dead is about to burn in hell. I received the blessings of the lecture of the Dead. Fear does not conquer fear. As fire dies out in the water, so do you.” The atmosphere of the cannibal king made the air moist again. The moisture grows stronger. The fog settles, and it appears to rain. A mist filled with acid. It was a trait of the man who dealt with fear.

Look at it.

“You talk too much, chatterbox.” Yeon was annoyed and hit the ground hard.

It's unbelievable.

Yeon-woo smiled.

“You talk too much.” I smashed the cannibal king's head with all my strength in his feet. Blood spatters, but the heat melts away.

'In the end, he was the same.

Yeon-woo sighed unknowingly. The ruins of Apophis and the Cannibal King. Eventually, the poem couldn't stand the coming of the Black, and was slaughtered without a care.

Hidden bosses are responsible for the stages of prestige. I never thought you'd be so weak.

It was so easy, but it couldn't be so easy. That means you're strong enough. But this was too bad.

'Eventually, we'll have to get to the high ground as soon as possible.' Maybe this has its own greed. As long as we have more, it was funny to ask for the cost price in the lower section.

'I can't. Just meet Lana and be quick, won't you?

Eventually, Yeouido decided to change her priorities; at first, she tried to climb the stairs slowly, doing everything she could. I didn't think I needed it anymore.

I thought it would be better to find what I needed and move on to the next phase.

Yeongwoo finds another village on one remote island.

That's where the priest used to live. There, the old and young cannibals gathered, trembling less and less.

Yeonwoo was a curious old cannibal: cannibals are born warriors, shipbuilders, and boaters. Especially for the elderly, among the ships crossing the Dead River.

If only they could make good use of it, they could make it to the 30th floor okay.