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Vaporized. Proprietary (ll)

Giddy up! Giddy up! The old cannibals trembled. All the warriors were killed and even the cannibal king believed to be dead. I had no idea how to resist those without strength.

But they didn't let go of the window, trembling. It was because of the women and children behind.

No matter how much the king died, it was their heart that wanted to save their children.

Yeonwoo smiled as she looked at them.

I didn't feel sorry for him, but he was eating and eating anyway. These are the guys that ate the players a while ago.

There was no change in natural relationships.

But I didn't intend to kill him. They were powerless anyway, so I made them build boats, and then I decided to use them as scrapworkers.

Yeon-woo reached out to them gently. After killing the Cannibal King on the palm of your hand, you sprinkle light on the reward.

[Cannibal King's Token] Muscle • Poem 1 Grade 1 Grade 1: A— (* 27 floors only) Limit: Cannibal King Church. Cannibalism Tribe Fear Resin 30 +. Eliminate the Cannibal Tribe Warriors and Hunters.

Description: A token left after the priest who leads the cannibal tribe becomes king. It's engraved with the skill 'bloodline', so you can use it to indulge the cannibals who are connected.

However, the undertaker's oath must be fulfilled.

The symbol of the cannibal king was purple and I was a bead. It contained racial skills that brought cannibals together, so it was possible to use them all the way you wanted.

I used this to dry my stomach. It was a coincidence, but it was very useful. "Cannibals are more intelligent than monsters. Players usually simply forget about it, but not his brother.

Seeing the cannibalism forming a tribe and working on civilization, you asked if you could build a ship.

And the result.


Being a cannibal didn't just eat players. No, the player was more of a delicacy. Players used to cultivate, or go out into the river and fish.

So it was natural to have the skills to build a boat. The hidden circle was not a piece, but it was also a Hidden Piece that would never be found unless the idea was switched.

As soon as I vomited the Lord of Cannibals' Tokens, the old cannibals forced their heads to refuse their submission.

The hand holding the spear shook with resistance.

“If you don't answer, I'll kill the ones behind you first.” Yeon-woo's cold words in their language shake the old cannibals. Farr. I'll kill those kids. This was never an empty word.

At that time, a cannibal who looked relatively sane was born with heavy footsteps.

“Well, if you promise to save women and children," no. ”Yeon-woo rejected the terms they were about to stake.

“There is no sit-down or negotiation. You and all the children, take the token. If you don't, everyone dies.” The old cannibal looks back at the other monsters. The elderly, as well as the women, quietly nod, trembling. Even if I became a slave, it was much more important that I somehow survive.

Eventually, he bows.

• • • Okay. ”Tiring_[You have led a Subordinate Vow.

Additional Public Land will be provided "[Title" Cannibalist Leader 7 obtained.] [The 311st Cannibal Territory succeeded. If you wish, you can declare it a territory and use it as your home base.] Another piece of dareden cannibalism. It was that they could "enslave" them and at the same time make their home their territory.

The 27th floor was the main theme of the feast.

49 days/Escape/Öh at Tsudi/Interest. Bifurcated branches and Falan were healthy but easy to use/use as a supply depot.

And/or lose. In the case of the defeat of victory, he also squeezed it into the home of the 'pirates'.

There are numerous plantings in the river of the vast dead. And it is often the case that those who do not pass through the trials stay here and form forces on the stage. Passengers =. Those who plunder or obstruct trials.

Like Sgarbinger, who played in the tutorial, they were called 'pirates' here.

'By the way, wasn't there a bay production base around here?' Barry 17479/who was interested in the creation of special rivers and 4/causality/This was a poisonous force. Of course, the 27th floor was like his world. So he handed over his useless Sim's coordinates to him anyway.

After that, Barry never mentioned anything about Sims. When my brother asked me, I thought that Yeon-woo would still use the place well, just as if he had answered well.

I wanted to break in and break in.

If you don't know the coordinates, it's a horse-drop.

Bakok has already changed the coordinates on the island for a long time. He can't search the Observatory with a 49-day time limit, and even if he does, he has several defensive facilities already.

'There will be a way to find out later. Or if we can use them well.' Yeon-woo eventually turned his gaze back on cannibals.

After a while, they lie facedown on the ground.

Seems to have met the king's officials. Like the geeks, they felt connected through a token.

Yeongwoo looks at them and opens the intrenians wide. If I wanted to dry my boat, I had to start as soon as possible.

Cannibals quickly entered ship manufacturing as soon as Yeon's orders came through.

The Cannibal King's Token was not just a royal symbol. It was their authority to determine their lives. No, I was too busy trying to save them.

It was hard to move the old bodies around. Some said that even the timber of the mangrove brought by Yeongwoo could not be lifted properly. However, Yeon did not blink an eye while looking at them.

It was theirs to overdo, not theirs. There was no reason for compassion at all.

However, I asked the geeks to help me with my efforts. If the workers were broken for no reason, the drying time could only be increased in vain.

Also, I found the players who were being held hostage in their town hangar.

“Go, thank you.” “Awesome. Thank you very much.” Players who thought they were going to die because they were being deported kept saying thank you to Yeon-woo with tears pouring out.

Yeongwoo nodded quietly and let the cannibals take the ferry to the big island.

Some wanted Yeon to help more, but she didn't talk to them from start to finish.

'I don't have to take care of my luggage.

He did everything he could to save them.

Yeongwoo leaves the players behind on the ferry to the Big Sim and returns to the construction site of the boat.

He said it would take about five days to dry, so I thought it would be more tense.


A boat full of people suddenly arrived at the Sim, floating back and forth through the river of the Dead.

The faces of the players were filled with rage and deep fatigue.

“What do I do now?” I was happy to have survived the cannibals for a while. Now we have no idea what to do next.

Everything I had was taken away, and there was only one body left.

Moreover, they had been locked up for quite some time and were running out of time. How hard it was to write.

There's only one way left. We had no choice but to grab the lifeline and go along with it.

They were busy looking at each other, and no one said anything.

I had to stick with Yeon-woo, but there was no one left to carry the gun. I shouldn't have done that, but I might have gotten hurt. 'The impression of the monopoly was so frightening that there was a word for defeat.

Eventually, they didn't make a move until the ferry got to the river.

Even the fact that most of the forest that was so dense was burned was not very noticeable to them.


I felt popular with the sound of the ruined grass. Their gaze shifted in the same direction.

“A man?” Heidi stands there with a series of hordes. She was also surprised by the emergence of new people.

“So you're saying the sole proprietor cleared out the remaining cannibals?” Well, yes. ”Heidi speaks of the survivor." The seven winds blow. I can't believe it, but I can't believe it.

"Then the Shadow Monster, the exclusive • • • • • •? 'There's no steam. It seemed to be in the right state. It was a surprise.

I'm surprised at the sight of a shadow monster tearing apart cannibals and killing them. I can't believe I'm going to kill a homeless king with that.

The monopoly must have been far superior to what was known at the time.

After Orant and Ibrahim died. Heidi and some of Trinity's members search the woods for survivors, just in case.

I thought there might be survivors because the cannibals were so desperate.

However, if anyone needed help, it was right to save them.

It doesn't turn out like 92. It was the idea of Geheidi, and of the other colleagues, Delan and June.

Moreover, the virtues of the Elves are upon us. No matter how harsh the world was, Heidi had a 'line' that she wanted to keep.

And fortunately, there were quite a few survivors everywhere. Frenzied cannibals focused solely on hunting for pleasure, but did not pay attention to the stuffed prey.

Combined with survivors from remote islands, the total number of players joining Trinity is now over 60.

In fact, this number was never lacking. Rather, they were elites who crossed the 26th floor which was difficult.

But they were the ones whose strength was missing, like the persecution of the +92 regiment or the subordination of cannibals. After overcoming the crisis of death several times in a short period of time, I was at peace for my mental fatigue was poured out all at once.

Above all, the air is too bad.

I keep making my body heavy.

It's easy to get tired, so you get a jump on your mental strength. 'Heinie thought it would be really dangerous to stay like this.

Delan and Jundo are exhausted, but they still seem to have the strength to move.

Like any staircase, I felt strong willingness to break through again. It's the same with other existing members.

So Heidi decided to cross the Dead River somehow. Fortunately, 92 units of materials were available, so it was easy to dry the boat once I found Caron.

The problem was the other survivors. If you think they are going to be a burden, you should just leave them here.

But she didn't want to die.

'I don't want to be like my father.

Heidi pressed down on the old memory she had buried in one side of her head and bit her lower lip tightly.

In a sense, all the 60 people here were "people" who believed in themselves.

Because I felt uncomfortable, I couldn't wait for them to become leaders. Someone might have pointed the finger at hypocrisy, but she doesn't care.

Then there was only one way to get through to the 30th floor alive.

'We need to push for the help of the monopoly. But how?' The Yeon that Heinie had seen so far was never the first person to step forward and do good.

It was clear that they were breaking up, and if they wanted to get in their way, they were cold-hearted.

However, Gnarr, who had an elf's eye, knew that Yeon-woo was never a bad person.

It only looks like it was done calmly, but the inside was never crooked.

The more people like this, the simpler the persuasion. Just make sure you show each other that you're helping each other.

After all, there was only one thing that mattered.

Cost: 'We have to make a deal. We have to prove that we're not an absolute distraction, and we have to give the sole proprietor something satisfactory. We just have to get to the right line.

But what do we have? What can we say? 'Yeon-woo has everything. Strength, charisma, Hidden Pieces.

Whereas there was only one of them.

Ruthless body.

However, even this was lacking in virtue compared to the wisdom of Yeon-woo.

Wait, a body? 'Heidi kept thinking about the cost price and opened her eyes. Then I looked at the others.

Before you make contact with Yeon Woo. First I had to convince them not to say anything else later.

And a deal like this. I had faith that Yeon-woo would never refuse.