Second Life Ranker

22. Proprietary (12)

“You want to win?” Yeonwoo narrows her eyes to see Heidi looking for herself. Maybe that's why Heidi panicked under psychological pressure, even though Yeon-woo did nothing.

But the shoulders were only slightly crooked. She nods, looking at the kith.

Yeongwoo highly valued Heidi's appearance. When talking or making any demands. The difference between making eye contact with an opponent is enormous.

On the other hand.

'They don't look good.' They gave Heidi everything, and those who were looking this way from afar were pathetic.

However, the nominal players came up to the 27th floor, which was too weak. That way, before crossing the Dead River, I was likely to be eaten by the horses beneath the river. Or the pirates eat them.

Or do I look so different to them that I shrink like that? 'Yeon-woo looked back at Heini quietly thinking like that.

The midshipman was being shaped at a rapid rate by cannibals. The cannibal said five days, but at this rate, three days was enough. Again, I could do anything by squeezing it.

Then Heidi came to me.

Take the remaining players to the Sims. Saying you want to help them.

“Yes, of course I won't say anything about asking for help in good faith. I'll give you half of our public land. And while you're on board, I'll do whatever you're jealous of. A job or something?“ Anything? ”“ Yes. What • • • “Can I be held responsible?” Heini is not trying to say anything to Yeon-woo's cause, but she pauses for a moment.

The eyes of the grave so far were cleverly shining. And the pupils that sweep up and down. Heidi shudders without even knowing it. I felt like a rat in front of a snake. The whole body feels deconstructed. I couldn't breathe.

All sorts of emotions grabbed her. I felt fear or resilience.

The word 'anything' firmly condemned her heart. What if you put your hands on yourself?

That's what I heard.

But Heidi bites her lower lip in fear.

I couldn't back out of here. I couldn't let go of the expectations of those who believed in themselves.

“I will read the book.” To say that out loud.

Everything that pressed Heidi like a lie fell apart and disappeared. Heidi sighs without even knowing it.

“You've changed a lot since you were on the 16th floor.” That's what Yeon-woo said.

Heidi was surprised. It was because I didn't think he would remember himself. The Purification War was a very big incident for her, but it would only be one of many careers for the dominant: too short a time to get to know himself.

However, Yeon-woo smiled lightly as if it didn't matter whether Heidi thought about it or not.

“I think it's because of other people's expectations. You better not be swinging around like that from now on. Unilateral trust and expectations can come back disappointed at any cost.” “What does that mean • • Heidi felt lonely somehow in the tone of Yeon Woo. I feel like I'm going back in time. So I tried to ask precisely, but Yeon-woo cut her waist tightly.

“You'll find out later. If you want to get on the boat, fine.

I'll take it. ”Heidi's complexion brightens. I never thought I would say yes so easily.

“However, there are conditions.” Heinie swallowed her thirsty face with her nervous face again.

“Number one, the boarding fee is nine things in the public domain.

There's no Enuiri. I'll prove it to you in front of him. Don't hide it.

It was too strong a condition. Heidi nods heavily. In fact, now I had to listen to them even if they wanted to give away all their wealth.

“Anything else?” “Second, absolutely follow my lead. If you don't listen to me, I'll throw you in the river.” “Okay.” “And finally. Never pay attention to me even if I do. Don't do anything where I put you. If you don't tire, I'll throw you in the river.” Heidi's complexion suddenly brightened again. I was wondering what would happen if I made a ridiculous request. Fortunately, it was all the same, or it was a common sense condition.

She nods, saying she'll do anything. And I didn't forget to say thank you.

"Slave jets two." Then, all of a sudden, Sanon said something strange.

"The 1st is over there, isn't it?" Sanon "refers to cannibals.

It seemed to cover up those who were subjugated by Yeon-woo in order.

Yeon-woo was seduced by a bleeding smile.

Then we'll have to push the order one by one, in two, in three. ' Yes? Why? "The whistle is there.' Sanon realized that Hoi 1 was pointing at himself and the monsters, but he looked back at Heidi as she was lured by the ear of Saloon.

In fact, there were two reasons why I could just refuse.

One was that the boat that was going to dry out was so big that the more workers there were, the more comfortable it was.

'There are still many parts missing. For the first time since I climbed the stairs, I felt like I could use a little more roll. Responsible, leadership. You're not good enough. Give me a lift.

However, if there is a slight flaw, there is an obsession that everyone must meet their expectations. I needed to fix this. Soon you'll be able to change your mind.

'I'll be watching a little longer.

Yeongwoo looks at the Hydiwa survivors soaked in joy, and turns its body upside down.

There. Cannibals are running around busy.

The time.

Clan houses, western hallucinations, and player Cadden where the fantasy squad is located were running wild with reports coming from below. The moment you enter a magnificent building that looks like a temple, a loud hiss echoes along the marble wall.

The first fight! There was a man in silver armor who was holding a sword with many foams.

It was as if the epic atmosphere and the old-fashioned attitude reminiscent of the hero in the myth were 'mysterious' even when wielding the sword in a fierce manner.

And, just like that, he showed such beautiful Kim skills.

Despite the fact that all the prosecutors who dealt with him were top notch masters and class figures, he took the time to stab for weaknesses.

With every swing of the sword, the singularity erupted from the mouths of those who were watching the duel. And so was Carden. Despite the urgency. He was fascinated and had to watch the duel without knowing it.

And then the last sword went up into the air. Everyone held their breath at the same time. I was so tense that I couldn't even breathe.

Ah, I knew you wouldn't win. I thought I caught up with you this time. ”“ Every time I lower my sword, my left shoulder is very empty. That's all we need to fix. You've improved quite a bit.

Maybe I'll lose next time. "You know that's deception. You don't have the foggiest idea.” “Is that so? Haha.” The man grins and raises a bruised man's hand on the floor. And I took off the helmet that was on my head. I noticed a lot of wet blonde hair in my sweat. A beautiful day like a piece of Margie. Even the saltiness was outstanding.

However, charisma, who wielded his voice and left hand, told me that he was not only a beautiful man.

The acolytes who were waiting around hurriedly approached him and, while the towel haired his head, reached out and grabbed the bucket. I got so caught up in sweat, I was thirsty.

Everyone around him boasted an orderly swamp and solemn atmosphere.

In the middle of the New Haran armor they had on, the ten () character mark was engraved on them, creating a noble holiness.

The 2nd stage of the phantom regiment, the welcome knights.

Given that Stage One was actually a group of individual followers of the commander of the regiment, they were the ones who actually led the illusion regiment.

"He was a skilled swordsman who fled to boast the nickname 'Welcome Bird,' and could often refer to himself as the face of a fantastic regiment for important work or external events.

The majesty and majesty who cared for his servants as much as the beautiful work was the same as the knight in the knights, so many followed him.

“Master." “Oh, look who it is. It's Carden, isn't it? What brings you here? I haven't heard the commander come out yet.” I came to tell you something urgently. "“ What can I tell you? ”Groitz has reached out and received a report from his lieutenant commander about something he wants to tell himself.

And the moment I read the content. Groitz's pretty face hardens.

The servants who were watching him realized that an unsavory atmosphere was flowing and quietly stepped back. Other knights were also cautious as they stepped back more than a certain interval.

“An exclusive appeared on the island of Gi311? And in return, 92 companies were wiped out.” Groitz unleashes his magic, clears the report, and lets out a sigh.

“Could 92 have been a tree image? Hector?” “That guy, he was arrogant enough not to be inferior. You finally paid the price. But I thought it would be okay, because Two-Face was right next to him." The only person who can show himself a little bit of teeth is never going to let go. ”Groitz rubs his index finger and thumb tightly against his nostrils as if he were in pain.

“If you know anything about the regiment leader, you'll have a hard time.” “Ha. At this rate, the dictator refuses even if he tries to contact us.” “He's very suspicious.” “That's why my sister told me never to conflict with him.” Groitz sighs, saying, 'Get lost.' If you knew this was going to happen, send the Knights to the 26th or 27th floors immediately.

However, no one knew when Yeon-woo would appear on the 26th floor, and the 27th floor was so thick that it was difficult to specify the location.

That's why I asked the other regiments to stay in the area. Eventually, I will have an automobile accident without any thought.

Groitz really wanted to unravel his frustration.

But I heard the water had already spilled, and the men who had caused death had been slaughtered.

Is it time to start organizing? I thought it was time. But there's a limit to what we can do now.

In fact, Kreutz felt he had to change the structure of the phantom regiment.

The regiment was a private organization created by 12 people who initially had a relationship with the "commander". And then the cleansing went down, and the Red Dragon was disbanded. The organization needs to stand on the surface and be in solidarity with the idea that it needs to tilt.

Thanks to this, I also vomited out salt that gained the majority of the lower floors while expanding at a rapid rate for a little over a year.

However, the excessive expansion caused that much noise.

Some of the units in the regiment were in trouble because of loose ties.

Moreover, using easy terms and conditions of membership, the fishermen also came in and demanded unreasonable rights in the name of "the same relationship."

From Kreutz's point of view, which was the biggest motivator of loyalty and trust, the outfit exploded.

Even if you try to control it, you don't listen easily, and if you try to use force at all, there is a repulsion.

Moreover, the relationship with the eight clans was also a problem.

The unknown crowd used to look at the sketches of the enlarged phantom brigade and compare them to the eight Glenns.

But Groitz thought differently.

In terms of scale, it may be similar to them, but in terms of interior, it still depends a lot. It wasn't enough.

Loose cohesion, arrogant operating system, and the number of lacking rankers.

Everything was lacking.

Nevertheless, the Eight Clans were looking closely at the phantom regiment that seemed to threaten their curiosity.

They were unable to use their hands below each other because of their clashes, and they didn't know that they would try to bite them at any time if given the opportunity.

Moreover, the time of chaos was not only a time of fantasy. There were a few other neomegalomaniacal clans that were just like them.

I had to win against them somehow.


In order for the phantom regiment to grow higher than it is now. We needed to solve the problems that were happening inside and out, and reorganize the organizational system.

You'll need a commander to do that. He's not coming out at all.

Kreutz breathes again as he recalls the battalion commander who never intended to leave the training.

I know how special the commander of the regiment is. I know what he's got in common with him.

I couldn't figure out what to do here.

Yeonwoo must be taken as an ally, never encountered as an enemy.

“And now the only one? Where is it?” “It's said to have already floated into the Dead River.” “Then it'll be easier to find." First, send word to Yeon, who will be in the Dead River.

Somehow resolve the misunderstanding • • • • • • • No.

I'm gonna have to step up this time.

“Second Master himself?” He looks surprised, but Kreutz nods heavily.

“Of course not. The only way to solve this misunderstanding is to face to face and talk.” Kadan's complexion is hard in Kreutz's words. Groitz will notice there's a lot of things he didn't do.

“Is something wrong?” “Well, that's • • •. We can't recommend how to get there in person.” Why? ““ We have news that Triton is currently arriving on the 28th floor. ”Triton is considered an emerging four-generation clan with a fantastic regiment. The god of the sea, Poseidon, was also famous for his role behind it.

A bunch of violent, barbaric people. That's why Groitz was the most despicable place.

And they just show up out of nowhere? Groitz's face is hard.

The problem was not only that.

“And.” He hesitates for a moment, then closes his eyes.

"There are reports of spies sending men from the bloodline and white dragons. ”