Second Life Ranker

23. Proprietary (13)

There was a ship that slashed the left and right currents. As the current hit the boat, it shatters into the new Haan foam and the calm sleep shifts.

But it did not mean that it was beautiful.

The river of the dead shining in ash. The shattered foam had sticky viscosity and fierce acidity, and every time the sleep shifted, the reverberation from the ghosts below aroused the fear of the listener.

But I don't seem to have any interest in that at all.

A debauchery party was taking place on top of the giant ship that was left to serve hundreds of people.

Men and women, and no one else, were all drunk and drugged.

Like a mating snake that became a Nazi, the registered scene of several men sticking to one woman happened.

The barna tables were set up all over the place, filled with liquor, meat, sodas, and drugs as slaves roamed from time to time. The music was loud, and people shouted every time.

Then, when I got too excited, I strangled the person I had just served with. And then he hurled himself into the sea, searching for his next meal.

The word "frenzy" couldn't be better.

The problem was that there was more than one ship.

Dozens of young ducks followed in the direction of the rowboat.

It was an election that was so big that even pretended to be mouth-watering.

The enormous escort to the presidential end revealed more of their majesty.

The power worked to get us to our destination, even though we were having a carnival party on the deck.

And in the center of it.

There was a man.

The tallest floor on the Nose. A man sits on a throne decorated with gold and precious stones, watching the horizon run far away.

With their heads full of lions' manes. He covered the Nazis with many beautiful women, filling his stomach with the liquor and meat they had brought him.

“That's enough! That's enough:” The man reaches out his furry arm, grabs the remaining meat and shoves it in his mouth, and rises to his feet. Then the women who were sleeping quietly in his arms had to leave in a hurry because the ropes fell.

The women who were waiting in the back quickly took their cloaks and covered his nakedness.

The man's gaze was still directed at the far horizon. But the place where his eyes were fixed was a lot farther than that.

“Inform the crew! He will arrive soon.”

Sound of the trumpet resounded everywhere. As the other ships responded, the crew started to get up one by one.

They drove out all the tableware in the snow as if they were drunk with alcohol and medicine and began to arm themselves with clothes they had left on the floor.

All dressed up. They return to a well-trained soldier.


Under Poseidon's blessing, he was a loser on the rising tide.

“Lana's territory.” And lead them. Benteke, the apostle of Poseidon, grinned brutally.

“I don't know why I'm looking for the Crystal Palace. That should be fun. Halhal!” His laughter echoes loudly: [The predatory fish has emerged.

Reveal your anger.] Be vigorous [Be careful, everyone.] "Hold on!” Following Heidi's desperate screams, the cannibals, and those on board, began to firmly grasp the fixed places, such as handrails and columns.


Guang! With the sound of a massive explosion, it rumbles beneath your stomach.

Players who had failed to secure the fixation mechanism were bounced off the ship with seven screams, and even those who were barely beating were unable to concentrate due to the continuing hull.

Moreover, the currents that poured down from the sky had so much acidity that their flesh would melt just by touching them.

Screaming and moaning.

Heidi could understand why Yeon-woo had insisted on absolutely following her words. That wasn't the other way around. It meant not to complain or regret.

It's been five days since I finished my boat on a deserted island and floated on the Dead River.

It meant that time had passed since I entered the 28th floor.

Now you'll get used to it.

This scene still frightened them. No complaints? I couldn't even grind it. I thought everyone would see it the same way.

An enormous whale, tens of meters tall, seems to be much larger than the body of a summer queen.

Even a fairly large fishing boat was small in front of the whale.

Not only that, the whales boasted enormous blastic malignancies. There are dozens of fangs that appear along the mouth of a shark. The bigger problem was that dozens of such whales were tangled up in one place.

At this rate, it was horrible to think that the ship would actually be torn apart.

The old cannibal holding the helmet was barely out of whale fights, exhibiting exhilarating skills.

There are a lot of monsters living in the Dead River. so-called seawater. Because it lives in rivers of dark acidity and poison, it is unspeakable to say that terrorism sometimes enjoys eating living people floating on the river as a delicacy.

Even after entering the 28th floor, it was also a problem to navigate, but surviving the seawater was also the biggest problem.

But there's a certain amount of seawater that allows the players on the ship to join forces, or kill at times.

That giant whale, predator, that appeared before my eyes was a little different.

Living in the deepest depths of the Dead River, the Neptunes boast a terrible size and fierce temper.

He has a huge appetite, so once they show up, there's nothing left in the river. Seaweed was never revealed at the time of the shipwreck. The carp was also high in the water supply.

Of course, players were the most likely opponent, and sometimes even the vessel-like stream of water melted down, so players tried to get out of the zone somehow if there was a daily sign.

However, dozens of such predators appeared.

They put their teeth in to eat each other and shoved their heads into the wound.

At that time, the river of gray water became cloudy with high blood flow.

The vibrations of the Fivirinas resounded, and the haunting of the ghosts from the Dead River rang out.

They didn't care about that at all, they just focused on hunting.

Why would a lone proprietor not go to another sea, but go to such a rough place? Plenty of quiet places. Is there a reason? 'Heidi had so many questions to ask Yeon Woo. Among the conditions, he was told not to get involved in his work at all, so he had to be cut to zero.

Now it was more important to be careful not to get pulled out of the boat than that.


Her gaze is still firmly fixed over the heads of predators.

Yeongwoo sits there and draws her sword from the sub-space.

[Azrael, the god of Malach, laughs at you.] [Azrael blesses you.] ['The god of Olympus, Tanatos, joins us.] [' The Devil of the Bridge, Bimarzilla, looks at you with a calm eye. [Anubis watches over you] [Glyton is pleased.] [The eye claps. The gods and demons of the Abyss of Death revere you.] [Strong Blessing. [Specified 0] clears one side of the message that fills the retina without rest.

After entering the 26th floor, the continuing messages told him that all the gods and demons associated with death had come to his great attention.

And with many new apostles offering, it was now approaching with a direct blessing.

[Azrael is so happy!] [Azrael reinforces the passage of the Thirty Thousand with his power.

More mysteries are available in the future. Azrael awaits your choice.] Azrael, in particular, now considers Yeongwoo almost half his apostle.

Among the gods associated with death, he was also the first to actively approach, but one of the four powers chosen by Yeon-woo was his.

Of course, the most skilled of your powers was the thirty-thousand spirits.

It turned out that Azrael's influence on the kite grew, so whenever other gods and demons were jealous, he was in great joy.

'God who likes to cuckoo. It's true.' Of course, there was one who was turning the tables on Azrael.

[The Devil of Le Infernal, Agares, erects a bloodline that tells the God of Death and the Devil not to look into his own affairs.] [God and demons both ignore, of course, most ignore.

He was originally a demon enough to take second place within Le Infernal, but after losing his power on the 23rd floor, his opponent was thrown to the north of town.

Yeongwoo draws a beagrid. When the four powers came together, Vigrid trembled vigorously, revealing a new Haran glow. Over it, little by little, covered in black ducks.

Yeongwoo is heavily pushed down the beagrid. The waves of fire have turned into lightning, enveloping their heads. The atmosphere rises hot, and the river boils.

Tak! Yeon-woo climbs onto the ledge of a crumbling ship.

The last few days have caused me so much trouble that I'm hungry that I'm embarrassed. I saw cannibals running around busy repairing everything.

Thanks to you, the boats that used to boast glittering swings and grandeur were so worn out that they literally looked like "ghost ships."

Players looked at him as afraid of him. Even the fact that all cannibals are in the same boat is now okay. The scariest thing here was Yeonwoo, not some powerless heterosexual elder or child.

Of course, that wasn't a coincidence at all.

Yeon stretched out her palms widely.

Dozens of gems poured down on top of it.

Blue Emerald 'Neptune Crystal' A Hidden Piece found on the 28th Floor that could have been a useful source of magical power or mysticism depending on its full of dead energy.

'It's also Lana's favorite.' Lana in the diary loved sparkling jewelry and gold.

A person who has a strong snob, but is still as straightforward as he is. I'd say it's defensive, exactly. But there was a great pirate who once wrinkled the Dead River.

Or is the expression "algebra" right? Meeting Lanya was a lot of work, C)//to 7. It wasn't hard to catch Yongmao Ö/Ada IT//E-O//%h $k, and sometimes all it took was a hawk to drive/beat the liquor, so I just crossed 77//like this.

- Even the enemies showed up.

It was not a size/foreground dog/overhead anyway. Then the water/differential/met/became I've got the hawk of the tenants. 72 with her.

The collision with Lana was a trivial misunderstanding. While defeating the pirates under Lana's mountain, the survivors fled and told Lana, and the result was:

'It was the loss of Jungwoo.

At that time, my brother was greatly shocked, because it was time for a three-way awakening, to reach the wings of the sky, and to struggle with himself on the stairs.

Even a ranker couldn't be beaten by his younger brother.

Later, he learned that Lana had long since become a ranker, and that he had long since missed the unique environment the Dead River gives him.

He was, for example, the ruler of the 28th floor.

Lana talks with her captive brother, realizes she was rude first, and lets her and Arniya go free.

And the deceitful baggage appeared to be too great to lose.

'Jungwoo had a crush on him.' My brother fell in love with Lana. It was because I had never seen such a cool and cool woman. Viera Dun was jealous, but her feelings for Lana were closer to admiration than romance.

Moreover, her swordsmanship and magic skills were so great that she wanted to resemble her brother.

And after that.

My brother learned all sorts of skills from Rana while staying in the Dead River for as long as he could.

Lana was annoying at first, but soon she taught me a lot because she felt like a brother by following her around like a puppy.

After that, the priesthood continued steadily.

Even when the war between my brother and the Eight Clans began. Lana took her brother's side. That's why most of the troops who worked for her collapsed. But Lana did not regret it.

And then there was no way to know what happened.

The last clue left in the diary is that she seems to be staying in her home, the Crystal Palace. Since then, the whereabouts have been described 'but we'll find them soon enough.' The nature of Lana, she will not stand idly by after going through that: I do not know, but she was likely hiding in a 28-story stairwell and raising forces secretly.

Maybe he's already out there. 'And if I did, I was more likely to be a pirate again. He's a decent man, so even if the eighth clan had tackled him, he would have escaped.

Yeon-woo wanted to leave Lana like that in Glenn. Then where the hell is she? I had to find the location of the Crystal Palace first.

Unfortunately, he did not put the exact coordinates of the Crystal Palace on the diary. It was because Lana was magically interrupted from being able to read the coordinates.

'That doesn't mean there's no way to find out.' Yeon-woo was thinking of something while thinking of a way.

“Do it, pirate!” Playy, who was looking out through the telescope, shouted.

Yeon Woo turned her gaze towards you.

When I put my magic in the eye, I can see something running fiercely across the horizon, like I'm pulling a zoom.

A giant ship full of wounds. The skull crest on the high sail was a pirate.

I smiled satisfied with Yeon-woo's mouth.

“You're here. It's a guide." I don't know about this one. "Though I thought I heard what Sanan said to himself. Yeon-woo deliberately ignored.