Second Life Ranker

24. Proprietary (14)

Pirates, Clans, and Wandering Skeletons were enjoying themselves only a few minutes ago.

“So there were a lot of predators out there, right? And now they're all gone?” “Yes. There's no sign of predators on the radar, so we just have to go and pick them up.” Uh-huh. When I said there were dozens of predatory marinas, I thought maybe it would just happen.

I never thought you'd come back to this kind of hoedown. ”The pirates burst into laughter as they rode their boats.

Usually, the reason predators appear was because there was a large amount of food. It was at that time that a large fleet appeared, even though it had quite a large capacity.

Dozens of predators appeared and disappeared. Even though it may not mean that a large fleet had passed, it was obvious that there was a commotion. Even if I could get rid of them, they would have been devastated. All the treasures must have floated back and forth or sank down the river.

Wandering Skeletons tend to make collecting lost treasures their owners as their masters. Or you meet Neptune and plunder a fleet behind him.

It's the same now.

They expected to make a good income in no time.

If we ambush a large fleet of predators now. I don't know if I could make the biggest profit in recent years: So I was excited.

The calamity suddenly came like a flash of lightning.

Bang! Suddenly, something falls over the center of the deck.

With the shockwave, the ship goes up and down, and the pirates fall to the ground, losing their balance.

“W-what is this?” The pirates look surprised and try to get up again, grabbing the rails. But they all stumbled.

“Continue?" “Ship's broken!” The middle part of the ship suddenly collapsed and collapsed in half.

As the leading and leading sections go up, the water begins to kick up onto the deck.

Pirates struggle to survive with their white complexion.

This time, the flames rose from the edge and swallowed the sail and deck in shovels.

Some are caught in the fire, or slid right off the deck and plunged into the river. Screams and cries erupted from everywhere.

The people hanging from the posts and ropes sigh, but the reaper's grip is reaching up below their chins.

Fire above, water below. It's the difference between dying or dissolving your body in acid.

Their faces turned grey at first sight.

At that time, a lotus appeared on the forefront and looked down.

“Do you want to live?” When the pirates saw the mask worn by Yeon-woo, they realized they had stepped into the grave on their own.

I can't tell if it's a proprietary mask. I thought Luger cut off the last of the Summer Queen's strings.

“Sa, I want to live!” “I'll do whatever it takes! Please, just finish it!” Yeon-woo nods, satisfied.

After toughness. You do realize the master is in no position to insult the king, right? "I heard a voice of discussion, but I pretended not to hear it again and told the pirates.

“Do you know the location of the Crystal Palace?” “2 blue roses if you say 'Soo, Crystal Palace' • • • 'Blue Rose'. It was the name of the pirates that Lana led: right 0 “ Pooh, blue roses have been hidden for years now, so we rolled our left feet hard that we didn't know.

Then the hull cracks everywhere as it trembles. It looks like it will break down like a good hand. The water rose much faster.

The urgency in the face of the pirates was young.

“Ha, ha, but noh, noh, who knows up, up, and weeji know, I••••• Ahhh!” Eventually, the ship is completely broken and the pirates are about to fall into the river. Suddenly, the shadows cast on the water stretched and stretched, grabbing their backs, and hanging them in the air.

Hanging like a fruit.

The pirates had to watch the bubbling rivers flow beneath their feet with fearful gaze.

“That's what you just said, right?” Well, yes! ”The Wandering Skeleton Leader makes a loud noise in an elaborate posture.

I didn't know that at all. Still, the thought of not being able to die alone filled my mind.

'Dammit! If I keep attacking the other pirates, I'll find something!' We can't be the only ones to die! 'Pirate hunting has begun since then.'

As the Wandering Skeleton Leader told me, Yeongwoo stormed the headquarters of various pirates, destroyed all the ships, and rescued them near drowning.

A sense of solidarity spread among the pirates that they couldn't do this alone, and they vomited their way through the other pirate strongholds.

Thanks to this, twelve hundred pirates who softened overnight showed pleasure 2 `.

Around the time I fell asleep, a rumor began to spread among the pirates.

There is a strange rumor that a ghost ship appears and the pirates get eaten.

In fact, when the lines of pirates were hidden, the actions of the pirates who had been riding on them began to slow down.

Of course, that didn't end the pirate hunt.

“Row!” “The wind is strong! Hoist the sails! This time for Silent Flowers!” On the deck. Hundreds of sailors were busy hovering, controlling sails, and gazing out through the telescope.

In just three days, the ghost ship of Yeongwoo changed a lot.

Pirates who were captured were devoted to sailing their boats while killing themselves.

Seeing that they live and farm in the Dead River, they were much better at handling boats than Trinity the Cannibal.

Thanks to this, Trinity was taking her hands off the errands and doing a relatively comfortable job. I could feel so comfortable sometimes.

“Is this really okay with you, Heidi?” Delan cautiously asked Loheidi, who was dumbfounded.

As soon as the pirates who were badly beaten by Yeon-woo found out that Trinity was under the Fellowship before them, he (?).

You must have suffered a lot. There were even those who blushed their eyes. And then they started feeding on the people who were being held back.

Within Yeongwoo's ship, there was a loose sequence of relationships. Trinity was at its peak when he woke up, and Heidi was already number two on the phantom ship. Trinity, cannibalism, pirates. It was all difficult to reach Yeon-woo directly, so I was absolutely following her.

Delan keeps seeing the snowball rolling and wondering if he can leave it like this.

Fortunately, the ship is large enough to accommodate them and still has a lot of free space, but unlike the pirates that are still on the stage, Trinitor is on the move. It's a problem being in cahoots with pirates, but I've been wondering if I should be stuck like this.

“What can I do? I have to do what I'm told.

But Heini only laughed bitterly and couldn't come up with a solution.

The conditions were still valid. Do not torch. If they resisted, they would have thrown them off the ship in no time.

“Still, a lone proprietor has to cross the 28th floor just like us. Don't worry too much.” “Hooray! However, Heidi shrugged Delan's sighing shoulders and turned her gaze toward the netherworld.

Yeongwoo was sitting at the front, staring at the river without fail as a quiet oyster.

I'm wearing a mask. I don't know what he looks like.

It's like we've only stopped time surrounding him. He had nothing to say.

"What the hell is he doing? 'Yeon in her eyes was still difficult to understand.

A man who knows nothing.

I put all these pirates together like collectibles and had no idea where they were going.

It seemed to get some information from the pirates. But if it's worth it, you can just empty it. He was riding on a ship without disgusting them.

If we let it go like this, they will almost die. Do we save them or do we have something else to think about?

I tend to be insensitive to other people's work, not to myself or someone close to me. Heidi couldn't help but keep her gaze on Yeon-woo.

I wondered if he was having an alternate month.

'When I was looking for a cost price.

Suddenly, Yeon-woo raised her hand high. Signal us to stand down. The pirates begin to move swiftly, releasing sails and anchoring the seas.

Be careful on your boat. Yeon stood up to Heidi with such selfishness.

Heidi tried to summon him. What does that mean?

Huaa! Yeon leaps off the boat, flapping the wings of fire behind her back.

The sailors shouted in horror, but they were drowning in the river, admiring themselves with the wings of the already blazing fire.

Suddenly, everyone looks stunned. I felt overwhelmed.

The first thing to wake up was Heidi. Hold the boat steady. It means she'll be back soon. I had no idea what Yeon-woo was thinking, but I knew that it was all some kind of target.

Then he had his work cut out for him.

Yippee! Heinie applauds. The gaze of the rowdy crew shifts toward her.

Heidi's eyes sank deeply.

“The monopoly will be back soon. Please remain seated until then.” Cur! Yeon continues to sink beneath the river of the dead.

Many ghosts were floating in the river, and seaweeds found it and approached.

[Spirit of Thirty Thousand] Expressing their power, they panicked and fell into a ditch.

The power of Azrael, the God of Death, was a much higher attribute for them, and the power of power was strengthened because of the blessing that he had received since he came to the 28th floor.

Yeongwoo formed and sank the ghosts in the collection, looking down at the shining fortress meaningfully under the murky river.

A castle reminiscent of the palace.

I thought it was a mythical dragon bow.

That's it.

Crystal Bow Wool smiles lightly, finally looking at Lana's stronghold.

Who would have thought that there would be palaces hidden beneath dense acidity and ghosts and rivers of sea water and sea urchins and dead water.

So pirates often think of the Crystal Palace as Lana's domain. I had no idea who he was.

The precise location of the Crystal Palace was nowhere to be found by the Eight Clans. Lana used to take advantage of that. Perhaps if they were building a new army, they would still be home to the Crystal Palace.

The lotus swallowed up the area where the blue rose usually appeared, and as soon as I looked for something similar to what I saw in the diary, I released the ghosts and started searching.

That's why I sat at the front and watched him sleep for days.

To find the Crystal Palace somewhere in the sea. Luckily, the ghosts quickly caught the upper hand.

Yeongwoo moves closer to the Crystal Palace as she joins the blings. I meet a teacher who cared about her brother. That made him very excited.

'I wonder if you still have the necklace that Jungwoo gave me. "On Earth, a day of ecstasy is a gift given at the end of an interest period.

Kwangjo g//is the 7/m/& hE1 I still have to forget about the 7/m/& hE1.

By the way.

• • What? 'The Crystal Palace was much different from what I had seen in the diary.

The fortress that should shine brightly was torn apart like a great battle, and the fortress in the Resistance was hard to find.

The remaining parts were also being rapidly eroded by the river water.

Protecting the Crystal Palace, all the barriers that once held thousands of blue roses disappeared.

Yeon-woo felt anxious without even knowing it.

So, as I crossed the windward path, I headed to the center of the Crystal Palace, the emperor.

The monarch was the same structure as in the diary. It's just that the place is ruined and full of rivers. There was no trace of human behavior at all.

Then, I saw skeletons lying around the hallway in the snow.

I thought I was going to lose the cost. Armed with armor and spears, the skeletons stand together, their heads falling down on one knee. Before that, there were many skeletons that looked like enemies.

'Behind this, he clenched his fist and opened the door past the guards' skulls.

A wide hole is revealed, a lost gem, and famous paintings appear.

And the throne at the center of it.

A skeleton sits in a deep silence. Keeps Lana's favorite 0 clothes on.

And in the hands of bones. The necklace that my brother gave me was tightened.