Second Life Ranker

25. Proprietary (15)

Yeon Woo's complexion was hard.

He was wearing a mask, but that didn't mean his face disappeared.

"The necklace of Jungwoo is correct. 'Yeon-woo approached the skeleton corpse thought to be Lana and examined the necklace.

A necklace made of red rubies.

Corrosive, but not completely deformed.

It was a necklace that my sister made with her metallurgical skills and skills, as well as making gifts for Lana.

Although performance has lost its value as an addict. However, the corpse was not released from his hands after death, as though it were trying to keep a precious treasure.

What the hell happened? 'Lana was strong enough to say that she wanted to be a teacher. Besides, the Crystal Palace was nowhere to be found by the Eight Clans. I couldn't believe that someone was murdered in that place.

The problem was that the body had been prevented for too long.

I thought there might be a point. But I had to find out the truth about the case somehow.

The beeswax pulls out the black air and blows it into the corpse.

The Black Age rarely seeps into the Dead Man's River because it is too corroded.

I was thinking about what to do, but I suddenly had a different idea.

"What if you were to force it? 'Yeongwoo unleashed the thirty thousand spirits to the extreme. I knew that Azrael's continued blessing greatly increased his power and performance.

However, I still haven't done the experiment properly, so I thought I might.

The Black Age was the energy of death, and I thought that I might be able to recover some time after death.

And fortunately, he was right.

The Black Age that bounced back a few times infiltrated the skeleton. And the image of the corpse was like the image of a grim reaper.

Blue hair and charred skin. It was a raid, but it was definitely Lana in the diary.

Lana, are you awake? Yeon-woo spoke to her with righteousness. But Lana keeps her head down and doesn't even flinch. His eyes settle black and lifeless.

'It's just a pile of spirit. Can't you just go back to consciousness?' Now, a sandman in the shape is just collecting a few pieces of the spirit left over from the corpse. It was not enough to have a consciousness because it was a collection of memories.

If we talk, we can get a better look at the case.

I feel that Yeon-woo can't help but raise my hand to Rana's body.

Then, as the saturn settled and dispersed, the memories in it poured into my mind.

The last feeling Rana had, all of it.

- BeneI crab! In memory of how you did this.

Lana looks at someone and cries out. He once ruled the River of the Dead and was said to be the ruler of the 28th floor. She said that if she put all her powers together, she could take down eight of Glenn's men. It was you.

He sought to somehow revive the forces that had been broken by the continued pursuit of the 1st th- 1-8 clans.

I sold all the treasures that I had collected so badly that I could gather the forces and create alliances with the eight generations of clans and enemies.

At first, I thought it would take about 10 years, but I reported it for a long time. Progress was made faster than I expected.

At this rate, it was not enough to restore the old age in just a few years, so it could be a bigger deal.

Then the war will begin again.

He promised that those who broke his precious disciples would be thrown into the Dead Man's River to make them wander for all eternity, and that the eighth clan would break them and comfort them.


One incident ruined everything I had been preparing for the past day.

Lana was the one who thought it was the most important, and caused a rebellion. There were quite a lot of followers under such patronage, and under such meticulous planning, Gudda wiped out Lana's bodyguards and dismantled the palace guards' bowels.

You see the barriers that began to break, the rivers spilling, and the men who were cornered by a sudden surprise attack.

Lana yells at the man who did this terrible thing.

She always laughed a lot, and for the first time since her disciple screamed, she showed a lot of anger.

However, he walked through a hall of grave debris.

Even though I broke the necks of my colleagues who had been drinking and enjoying drinks together a while ago. He didn't blink an eye. There was no feeling of sorrow, no feeling of joy. It was so cold and grave that he wanted to be beaten.

- My king, Lana. My precious pheasant. You have no idea. This is all because of what you brought in. Bentice. Lana's right-hand man symbolizes blue roses. She was also her lover.

I had a deep friendship with Jungwoo, so I often let him drink. I can't say I'm a colleague or a friend, but I know him.

He was also an apostle of Poseidon.

God's society, the 12th Lord, symbolizes Olympus. Instead of having the highest authority, being an apostle had great significance.

BeneIque was more famous on the upper floors than Lana.

The blue rose was also able to reign as a great power while dominating the 28th floor.

That's what he did. He started the coup. Lana doesn't have much use for it because of what the worst did. No, I didn't think Bentice would do this in the first place.

There is a disadvantage that it is disgusting to have a lover and despite the fact that she lived with a drunk and a woman and sometimes caused trouble.

Lana was more likely to be killed because she was sexually open because she didn't touch it.

But he did. Why are you doing this?

- Look at that, even though this is happening, you still don't know.

BeneIke did not always have a warm expression on his lover's face, but didn't even feel the words. You roar like a lion.

- Every time, Cha Jungwoo, Cha Jungwoo, Cha Jungwoo! I'm tired of calling out that name, and I don't see what I'm struggling with. You're pushing us all into the pits of hell.

- If you don't know, stay as you are.

If it's any consolation, feel free.

Bentice frowns and speaks.

- No, if you can't even think about it.

Admit it. There's something you've always said. 'The strong have it all'. I'm strong now, bitch. If I'm going to stand up for you, the underdog. - What do you think? Eventually, Lana rushes to Benike, unable to take her anger into her hands.

An apostle of Getto, the god of the sea, although not known at times.

He was as powerful as Benike.

Rough explosion and half of the crab king flew away.


As though the mind had been partially cut off, the scene was once again reversed, revealing a new scene.

Where the fighting is over and everything is ruined.

Lana sits alone on the throne: her body melts into a strong acidic castle as the river kicks under it. The battle with the Venter Crabs has already left me powerless to use up all my magic. Despite the terrible pain, she is not at all graceful.

Just take out the necklace that protects you and remains alone after everything has been destroyed, quietly, and hold it in your hand, 11H muscle • • • Jungwoo. I'm sorry.

Lana continues to mutter, eventually closing her eyes slowly.

Immediately, the dead body was completely submerged in the river.

Yeon-woo flinches. After being so assimilated with the thoughts, for a short while, I could think of myself as Yeongwoo or Lana.

Is that why you were so fond of BeneIque's betrayal? 'At first I thought only of Poseidon's hatred of him because he spoke of new life, and it was only because Pilmul was harming the honor of God.

But it was more than just that: God could not have known about Lana's relationship with her brother, and could not have known about the grudge between himself and Venice that would have been caused by her watching the Summer.

After all, Poseidon had a plausible excuse to become his enemy one day. He also knew that there were no exceptions to God and demons for Yeon Woo's grudge, so he wanted to erase it before he got annoyed.

There is no one here. 'After seeing what happened to Yeon-woo, I could feel her excited tits cooling off.

A world where eating and eating is everyday. This was one of the few things that happened: The thing that ended with Yeon-woo was that Lana never forgot her love for her brother until the end. And now it was you who needed to avenge it.

Though there are so many lives in so many places, we don't know the details of the innards. In Benike's words, he also made a choice.

'It's none of my business.

Whatever the reason may be. Yeon-woo was never going to let it go. If I had been an enemy, I was just being modest.

[Agares looks at you with a sly smile. Agarez suggests a greater power. It tempts them that they will need a stronger force to get revenge.] [Azrael looks at you with excited eyes.] [Athena looks at you with sad eyes.] [Harmisses is silent.] [God's society, 'Olympus is not responding.] [Positive Idon facing you with sharp eyes.] and.

Pas_Lana feels like her last job is done. All of the remaining remains have been shredded and disappeared.

Only the necklace loses its strength and slowly falls down. As soon as Yeon-woo regained consciousness, she quickly reached out and grabbed the necklace.

[Quest has been created.] [A Sudden Quest/Getto] Content: Getto, the old god of the sea, has a strong grudge against Poseidon and his Apostle, Venice, who killed his Apostle. But Getto is an opponent whose loss of power is so great that he cannot resist Poseidon.

But he did find a way after a long wait.

Punish the apostles of Poseidon from now on, according to Getto's will. During the quest, Getto will give you blessings and blessings that go with the Apostle.

Limited Time: Unlimited Reward: 1, Getto's Stuff2. Getto's Blessing3. I remembered another message alongside Getto's Power Quest window.

[The first reward was given in advance for the smooth progress of the quest, so I won the "Getto's Fortune, 'Seawater Amulet'.] Ow! The necklace held by Yeongwoo suddenly glows, and as the corrosion recovers, it begins to reveal its lost radiance.

It seemed to be a change from Getto's designation of the necklace as new.

Yeongwoo opened the dragon's eye wide to examine the necklace.

[Seawater Amulet] Classification. Necklace Rating: Strange Description: The old god of the sea, Getto, has gathered and given his remaining powers.

Getto is the ancestor of many monsters, and while working on this new creature, he is given the power to cast various kinds of sea currents and seafood.

It can also be used to read the memories of the sea to find the information you want.

However, if a mystical force is exhausted due to the given limit of mystical power, it loses its branch as a novelty. To be completely invincible, you must complete a given quest (Lana's Han).

I put mind contours on the ocean currents and seawater to control it as I please. However, the difference between the amount of magical power consumed and the probability of success depends on the target's weight and grade.

There are many memories floating in the sea. It is easy to find certain objects. Above the sea, tracking certain objects becomes easier.

This is what made Lana master of the 28th floor.

My brother was good enough to covet it. Even when dealing with sea urchins and seawater, it was hard to find enemies in the Dead River. Of course, you have no choice but to use it. However, the fact that I got this from Yeon-woo helped me a lot.

That must mean Getto's grudge against Poseidon is stabbing the sky.

Yeongwoo knew that Poseidon and the irreversible river were crossed. If so, it is not bad to lose the Legendary Beast first.

Saltwater amulet hangs around her neck: Ruby's pink necklace matches the black arena, glittering brightly in red. I can feel some of the mystical power seeping into my body.

[Responds to God's hidden mystical factor.] [Power is enhanced.] Yeon-woo looks up, longing for the power to rise, and Getto is about to use it. However, it took some time to double check the quest.

'But what does this mean? An apostle?' Obviously, Yeon-woo knew that there was only one apostle that God and the Devil could occupy.

There can be many synagogues and priests who receive the will of God, but only one executor representing the will of God. It was because the apostle was like the incarnation of gods and demons.

'If you bump into them. You know what I mean.

That's how Yeon-woo felt and worked out the options that were hanging over her.

First, I was about to find out where Venice is.

Yeongwoo felt like her vision was flashing. A glimpse of the gray landscape surrounding the Dead Man's River. It's like God is looking down the river. Numerous events have caught my eye along the vast river of the dead.

One of them was captured.

Hundreds of geese cutting the currents. Their sails bear the symbol of the trident that symbolizes Poseidon. It was Triton, the Clan that Bentige led.

However, the day was too early for Yeon-woo, regardless of which direction they were moving quickly.

I saw a ghost ship that said Yeon Woo was near them.

'No way?' Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened.

Beniger's coming this way.