Second Life Ranker

1. Tripon (1)

Venice is here? 'Yeon-woo checked the seawater amulet again, wondering if she had made a mistake. But he was right to see it. Bentice is leading the Triton here.

'Poseidon hit you first.

[Poseidon is watching your manners. "Poseidon was determined that he would punish him for something.

Soon after that, Yeongwoo started climbing the stairs again, and it seemed to have moved the apostle Ventige.

[Athena cheers you on without saying anything] [Harmes protests against Poseidon.] [Poseidon ignores.] [Poseidon gives you the impression that he will be discreet.] [God's society, 'Olympus clashed with opinions about you.] [The society of the gods watches over you.] [Many demonic societies are curious about the current events.] [Seduce with a sweet voice that you can use yourself whenever you need Agares.] [Chaos makes no comment.] [Azrael looks at you with excited eyes. I wish for more deaths in the future. I blessed the amount of the Thirty Thousand.] [The power rating of' 3,000 zeroes' has risen by more than one level because of the accumulation of continued blessings.] After Yeon realized Bentice, she realized that she had a lot more gaze on her person.

There were a lot of issues on the 98th floor of Wina, and you wondered how God was going to deal with the punishment.

'What do they think when they look at the players in the summer? Is it like a game here?' I thought maybe Yeon might draw it.

The word Avatar, commonly used in games, comes from the word Avatar, which means "the incarnation." Gods and demons use incarnations to intervene in the underworld. So, apart from the incarnation, isn't that kind of a surprise, NPC? It suddenly occurred to me that maybe the River is just a fun place for detained gods and demons on the 98th floor.

Usually they draw attention to themselves, but sometimes they get bored and intervene. Poseidon was also angry, but he didn't even know that he was' kicking 'himself for fun.

[As the gods cast a meaningless smile on your mind, [many demons burst into laughter, saying, "When will you encounter Poseidon?"] [Agares keeps silent.] [Azrael smiled strangely, which annoyed me a little.

'Maybe it doesn't matter.

Yeongwoo spreads the wings of fire out of the seawater amulet's sight.

I slowly got up from my seat and wrapped it around my body again.

You don't need to care what other beings think of you.

'If you hit it, you'll wake up.

Yeon-woo raised her head high. I hit the ground hard.

Light! The time.

Above the surface, you are in a state of confusion.

“A large fleet is coming this way!” At the tip of the sail, the player who was observing the outskirts of the telescope was wondering if the seaweed or the tide might be approaching.

All the sailors who were waiting for Yeon Woo to return were looking at you.

So were Heidi and Trinity, commanders of the crew. Heidi's expression was stiff. She quickly ran to the handrail and summoned the spirit.

As the wraith-wind spirit rises, it pulls its gaze far away. According to the paladin, something is coming this way, cutting through the currents at a rapid rate.

Dozens of ships. The trident painted on the sail was trampled on by the eyes.

Heidi knew exactly which clan it belonged to. And how shaky the crew would be. So I tried to scream first to reassure them.

“Triton! It's Triton!” The spectator's vomiting makes the sailors stand up.

“Triton?" “Why is Poseidon's clan here?" ”Not all pirates were the same.

Triton's sudden rise in the position of a fallen blue rose was not just a 28-story loser.

28-g0 basis for a day's supply of power. Even at the Tower of Chaos today, it was dominating as an emerging force.

Especially their leader, Bentice, has long been a renowned high ranker as an apostle of Poseidon.

When he was a foreign child of a blue rose, he killed all the enemies he met. He was the leader of the Tribons, now taking everything with him, a malignant attack.

The news of such a Triton galloping in here scared the crew to death.

Why are they coming here? For a simple raid? Well, isn't one or two enough? Why did you bring out all these people who look like guns to you? Was there something we hated? Or there was a grudge relationship between the dictator and Ventige. • • The confusion continued to grow with the tail.

Fear is like a snowball in silence.

Heidi gives orders to the Wind Spirit, thinking it's really dangerous to stay like this.

The Spirit of 'Silf!' disperses into the wind, making Heidi's voice resound in the ears of all the sailors.

“Everyone, wake up!” The crew who were filled with horror was shocked. But the effect is clear. They stay calm and look back at Heidi, a coward.

“I don't know if Triton's after Wall. I can't stay here either. Go to the top." Go to the top! ”“ To your stations! ”The crew has just begun to move into their own position, agitated. Although Yeon Woo did not give any instructions, Heidi had already assigned her crew a part to take care of.

I put together a manual so I wouldn't get thrown out. It's a matter of urgency. The manual also provides detailed instructions on how to deal with the encounter of enemies or nautical birds.

But the crew could not escape their fear, even though they were at their strongest.

I don't know if we have Yeon Woo. This happened in his absence, and I closed my eyes. No, even with him, I thought I could take on Triton. I couldn't help but look at Triton with trembling eyes.

Heidi exhausted all her magical powers and wrapped various spirits around the ship.

She was playing the role of healer, though she was relatively weak in aesthetics. But as an elf, I was able to distinguish more spirits than ordinary players.

There was so much tension, so much silence.

Soon, a fleet of dozens of hostiles appeared.

Nodes boasting only a ghost ship of Yeongwoo all pretended to come close together, forming a flat line.

You place the phantom vessel in the center and draw a huge circle. Several layers of origin were tightly placed, and the prow was unilaterally directed toward the phantom line.

Hundreds of pores revealed during the opening of the portal looked like a black abyss that was about to burst into flames.

The phantom ship didn't budge until then. Every time the crew shakes, Heidi encourages them that they're okay. You still haven't missed out on Triton's errands.

If Triton appears hostile. There was no need to build a siege like this, but it was obvious that the assault was ahead of him.

If that were the case, the I72 would have been devastated without any use of the Ghost Ship, sinking deep into the sea by now.

Still, not shooting terror while keeping the feminist portal open was a sign that there was something you wanted to say.

Heidi decided to give it a shot. During this time, there was also a mixture of winds that wanted Yeon-woo to quickly recognize the danger and return.

Then, a ship approaches the phantom line.

Beneath the trident that symbolizes Triton and beneath the feet of the reed proudly drawn. There was a man standing.

He was a man with thin body and sharp eyes. His voice echoes with all his magic.

“A dictator! A dictator!” The sailors were busy looking at each other without answering quickly. Heidi finally stepped forward.

“The proprietor is temporarily absent.” The man looks up and down Heidi with a grouchy look, as if the elf had suddenly appeared.

“Who are you?” “On behalf of the proprietor, I'm temporarily in charge of the ship. He will be back soon, so tell him what he needs to know." It doesn't seem like a one-horned tribal meal, apparently. It doesn't matter if it's him or not. ”The man snorts, ignoring Heidi's words. Heidi bites her lower lip with a feeling of mortality, but she doesn't feel well.

“It's a good thing the dictator's away for a while. Everyone in here, listen up!” The atmosphere trembles. The river decays. The man's voice is gone.

The Ghost Ship crew must have been Wolf, Triton's executive, just looking at him with a nervous look like he was about to say something. What he said was the will of Venice.

“Bentike, the king of the sea, says to me, The sailors' faces were dull as they would punish the one and only God's will. No way. Heidi gripped his teeth.

“But he also added, There should not be a sacrificial lamb around him who is unfairly accused before punishing a monopoly. So I'll give you just one minute from now. Inside, those who surrender their weapons will live, but those who don't will make them their own snack!” The aftermath of that speech was great.

I had to find a way to survive in it.

Heidi couldn't help but tear them apart. I just wanted to say, "Rain, Biggie." “Ow!” “Ship! No ships? No ships!” The sailors started running around looking for the lifeboats without listening to Heidi's opinions. The deck quickly became disoriented.

“59, 58! Hahaha!” Every time Wolf does a good count, the chaos gets more intense. You kill the old cannibals and take the lifeboats, or the others toss themselves into the river without hesitation.

It was a dangerous act because of its deep acidity and poison. I thought it would be okay to jump over to Triton's ship while protecting myself with magical fire power.

Heidi tries to stop them somehow. It was her judgment that if she could mobilize spirits and enhance her skills in time, she could do enough to stop the aggression.

There is a belief that Yeonwoo will come back and save us if we hold out a little longer.

Moreover, even if they surrendered, there was no guarantee that they would take it lightly.

"Triton wants to destroy this ship so that he can't use it even if his own man returns!" I can't hear anything harder than this ship! 'It was made by cannibals, not by caron. Since this is a Hidden Piece she has never heard of, I did not even know there was another secret hidden. Something so great that even Triton couldn't break it.

But no one thought to listen to Heidi. Even some of them were Trinity members.

“I'm sorry, boss. I want to live!” A few minutes ago, the haunted ship finally calmed down.

Beyond Heidi, only a few Melbourne and old cannibals of Delan, June and Trinity remain trembling.

Heidi was in a state of mind. How easily could the castle he had built be destroyed? The pirates in the beginning didn't expect much. It was forcibly brought to Yeon-woo.

But the other members of Trinity were different. They had been together from the fierce battlefield on the 11th floor, and have been willing to turn their backs on each other all their lives.

So it was precious, so I thought more specifically. However, even in front of the crisis of their lives, they turned their backs.

Wherever he appeared, there was no past curiosity or friendship.

- Maybe that's not all you know.

Then Heidi remembered what she said as though she was passing by.

I didn't think it meant much at the time. I thought it didn't mean much. Now that I think about it, did he know that this would happen from the beginning? That all she believed in was sand castles? “Heidi.

Tellan is worried about Heidi with a dazed look on her shoulder. Then Heidi was able to regain consciousness.

Yikes. She clenches her cheeks with both hands. I had to give up my betrayal for a while. The grudge was enough after surviving.

“All the way to the end, butter until the loser returns!” Heidi screams, and the rest of the crew on the deck work their defenses together. Spirits form a round barrier as they spread.

At that moment, Triton's citadels, which were composing the original, burst into flames. Thunder rumbles, and the currents flutter violently.

The Lifeboat has been overturned by the rough waves. Players try to swim across to Triton's ship have lost and sunk. How the players arrive on the ship across the winter hurriedly shout.

“Lifeline! Lower your lifeline!” “Save me! Please!” But coming back to them is just a mockery.

“We? Why?” W-what is that? Surrender and I'll let you live! ”“ I told you I'd save you. I didn't tell you I'd save you. Chuckle. "Yeah. I don't believe anything the pirates say. Do you know what happened to their heads?” Players realized that they had just played. But there was nothing they could do. Just a bunch of crocodiles and screams.

In the meantime, the cannonballs fired by Triton's ships are shivering towards the phantom ship in time.

Every time a barrier forms, the cannonballs are blocked out of the air, and the spirits actively move and scatter the remaining waves.

Every time I draw, Heidi's body rots, but she survives like a villain. The crew helped her continue to deploy.

In the process, there was much less horsepower consumption than we could have imagined.

Jaden Piece! This ship, itself, had a hidden function like that! 'Heidi was able to see why Yeon-woo had chosen the cannibal, not caron.

The Neptune showed up and was durable enough to resist the disturbance, but it also greatly reduced the players' horsepower consumption.

Thanks to you, Heidi was able to defend herself much more easily than she expected. Occasionally, the spirits vanished and their repulsive forces twisted the magical path, but they were still viable.

And she casts a spirit and, on the other hand, carries blood and beef for the sailors. "Stop! Somehow!” And thanks to Heidi's efforts, Cannibals reacted. Wherever they came from, the gates of the ship opened, and the ghost ships started blazing as well.

Pufferpyeong - The Workshop was busy coming and going, and most of the players who were floating around on the river - = Ö: were swept away by its roots. Screaming and screaming were buried in saturation.

“I can't do this.” Wolves have never seen such a situation. I didn't like the ghost ship that was holding out relatively well. I don't know how the carnivore found out about the cannibal ship, but I had to wreck it until he got back.

“I can't. First, we have to force the Naphon to do it.

On Wolf's command, he slides rapidly toward his ship's Ghost Ship: He intends to make it crash into a ship and try to move the power that way to occupy the 7th Sea.

Heidi found it and tried to stop Wolf's ship. I couldn't concentrate on one place because of the cannonballs spilling from everywhere.

The Wolf has arrived.

“We're bumping into each other!” When Delan was so freaked out, he tried to prepare for the collision.

Yang Yang! Suddenly the sleep rises, and the water column rises high with the sound of a massive explosion. It wasn't a water column from the collision between the phantom ship and Wolf's ship. It was an explosion at the bottom of the ship.

The water column stands high in the sky and falls into a blizzard. Instead, he slept on a black pillar.

The boat of Guar-Wolf sank into the river, leaving two brooks intact.

Neither Wolf nor Triton's players on board were able to hold hands.


On top of that pillar of fire. Yeongwoo stands spreading the wings of fire as far as she can.