Second Life Ranker

2. Triton (2)

“The one and only!” “The one and only!” Catch him! "Triton informs the ship captains immediately of his discovery as soon as the moat appears. The captains are busy moving. They were preparing for an imminent ambush.

Unlike the 92nd Phantom Regiment that was worth seeing. Triton was already a knowledgeable opponent about the swamp from before his voyage.

From the action table he played in the endless night world. How you dealt with the helmets, how you took a critical hit on the Summer Queen, what kind of power you had since you showed up on the 26th floor.

Because they were holding the power of Yeouido over the windmill.

It was also his own judgment that it might be a high tanker class.

Hi, Ramker.

I was a high-powered rookie because it was easy to say, but the player in the lower floors, who has not yet broken through to the 30th floor, has already acquired that much skill, which is almost affordable.

I wonder if it was in the current royal class or in my youth. Recently, only Haj-ring has been so talented.

Even those with high ratings of the lotus within Triton now criticized him for being a new talent against Olfowon, for example, based on him being ranked # 1 in the Hall of Fame of Stairs.

No matter what. Such evaluations made Triton greatly wary of Yeon Woo.

Those who become high rankers are not tied to the enemy numbers. There were only one or two strong broadcasters, so only those of equal skill could conquer them.

Or a room with a system to stop them.

Fortunately, Triton has such a defense system in place.

Poseidon's Blessing. Despite his blatant name, Poseidon empowers Triton like a group of priests who follow him. The more courageous they are, the more beaf and defensive they become.

Above all.

This is Poseidon's domain of water. It was a river of floating dead ghosts, deeply related to the gods of death, but the power of Poseidon over any form of water was unknown.

So they believed that even if Yeon-woo deployed a ridiculous broad spectrum of waves of fire, it would be enough to stop it: until, unimaginably, they found another cost to attack the source. “W-what?” “Neptune? Neptune! The predators are attacking the bottom of the ship!” “Shit! All of a sudden, I wonder if the tide is back. Suddenly, large amounts of predators and predators protrude out of the water and attack Triton's ships.

The predator chews out the lower part of the stomach with teeth like teeth, and the snake-looking ones blush their belly and try to destroy it.

Triton's players were surprised by the sudden and unusual attack on the Neptunes, but they had no choice but to turn around to defeat the cowards.

The king of Pada] At that moment, Yeon Woo was sprinkling a bright light on Getto's body, the seawater amulet, which was sleeping on her neck.

Another option embedded in the novelty worked, controlling the tide.

When Yeongwoo found Triton's fleet at the Crystal Palace, she did not go directly up to the surface and first dragged the nearby Neptunes.

On the ground, Poseidon's territory and on the river, he had to be disadvantaged in many ways.

Moreover, no matter how much his skills were developed, too many personnel differences would be difficult.

Especially if Etritone were to capture the phantom ship while dealing with Benedict, it was a honeycomb from then on.

That's why Yeon brought the Neptune to confuse Triton.

Because of this, I spent a lot of my stamina embedded in the seawater amulet.

But it was definitely effective.

The Neptunes have no strength against Triton. Dozens of such things appeared and made a commotion, and the camp was forced to fall apart.

Especially because there were a lot of highly intelligent people.

They sank to the bottom of the surface if Triton wanted to strike back, and if they saw an opportunity, they resurfaced and attacked the player on the deck.

Given the situation, Triton had no intention of caring about Yeon-woo.


That was the name Yeon-woo was after.

Yeongwoo appeared on a ship rushing to deploy the Blingg, surrounded by predators and force them away.

“For • The captain who later discovered him yelled something.

Guang! Yeon is already swinging the beagrid horizontally. Kim makes a wave of fire as the error departs, and the deck collapses with a strong shock wave.

The black smoke soared into the sky.

The fire cleared the deck. As the river creaks and submerges the boat, the boat sinks below the surface of the water. ”The pirates in the flames scream and plunge into the river.

However, they were either swept away by the rapidly erupting uproar or turned into snacks of the Neptune.

Without any awkwardness in the chaos at the time, the Blingh was again deployed and moved on to the next one. The closest ship was the 12th, “No 1”, and the commander of the 12th, who was waiting for Yeon-woo to arrive, distorted the impression of Kart and swung Helbert tightly in his hand.

Though the wind was raging, it seemed like it would crush Yeon Woo's head at once.

Saint-! Yeon-woo develops a rebound, wrapped around the wings of fire, while blocking the high-powered attack on Beagrid.

He showed up right in front of carte. Accelerated body thrusters were literally written in his name.

Cart is shocked to see his armor and ribs caved inward and bounced back a lot. He'll crush his intestines and slam them open, hitting the mast.

The rope, orb-mast, breaks apart and tilts to the right. When the balance of the ship was broken, the whole hull was bent perpendicular to the ground, and I put all my magic on the soles of my feet and slammed the deck as it was.

The ship that had lost its balance and jeopardized it was smashed into pieces, and the black flame rose high once again to the spot where the kite had been.

Kim's flame is hot and sticky, like sulfur pulled out of hell. He was also greedy.

Despite touching the river, I ate the rest of my boat as it was active, rather than fading away.

The black flame that was born with a lot of harmony and harmony was a magic that never easily dissipated as long as the will of Yeon-woo touched it.

Moreover, Yeongwoo's attack did not stop there.

In the place where the dung blazed, the black pillar rose and threatened the other ships, and in fact, several times more had to make the measles as the fire burned.

And in the shadows that I put there, the monsters poured in at random.

Along with the enhanced thirty thousand spirits, the massively enhanced gangsters slaughtered Triton's players as they journeyed between the fire and the river.

As the ships sink, one or two by one.

After nearly 15 ships disappeared, Triton felt threatened.

In the river of the dead, the tide pours out relentlessly, and the flame now traverses the surface of the water. Threatening. The unsightly shadowy monsters chill the liver.

Plus, every time Yeon-woo deployed Blingh, the ships collapsed without any use.

The siege network that was equipped to trap Yeongwoo and Ghost Ships resulted in more damage to them.

“Scatter! Get as far away from him as you can!” In the end, the captains decided that the placenta of the approaching power would collapse, releasing the siege.

The boats wanted to run away from Yeouido's realm, turning their boats against you.

Triton's defeater is the loser of the sea.

Until things got that way.

The leader of the Merchant Ship stands at arm's length from a distance.

“That's it! What a fun firework. Very well. Active!” Venice laughs.

The laughter sounds so loud that it resonates on the deck.

But unlike him who enjoys it.

There was a great deal of anxiety in their work.

I saw Yeongwoo chasing a fleeing ship through the air with the wings of fire. The Neptune currents scattered everywhere and did not stop disclosing.

Even the Ghost Ship, which has been in a hurry to defend itself, has retaliated. At this rate, the line of ships on this side is going to collapse with each wave.

And yet, Bentice doesn't even want to make a move on what's so exciting. You're sitting on a throne with a big smile on your face. It was also natural that they were deceived.

“Commander, if we stay on this course, the damage will continue to increase. What do you think is the most important thing in building a force?” A sudden question. Deputy Vibration opened his eyes. I've been his boss since the time of the blue roses, but he still doesn't quite understand the Ventige.

But he knew one thing for sure about Venice: that even though Venice looked simple and violent on the surface, he was an enormous worm.

“Do you think it's a person? Or money?" ”“ You're both wrong. ”He frowns. Or people and money, or wal77. And why would Benny suddenly bring it up when the situation is so urgent?

Bentice smiles maliciously, smiling as if he had a cute, restless look.

“Honor.” His eyes widen.

“A person is enough to save. You can buy slaves. You can use cannibals when they're full. The same goes for tones. You can steal them when they run out. But the honor is different," Venice's beady eyes brightened.

“Honor is so hard to build.

It's hard to spread. There are too many distractions. Moreover, no matter how hard it is to accumulate, if you fail once, that's it. It takes a lot more time to rebuild, ”said Bentike, the eighth generation.

“Lana, who was my lover, has lost that honor. She was always victorious, but she ended up kneeling down in the Eight Clans. So the blue rose collapsed. She looks remarkable and struggling on the other side, but I see no effort. What kind of witchcraft: I didn't even know that people around me were trying to get their backs handed to them by the old scarecrow.” Vibrance recalls the coup with BeneIque. At the time, Lana seemed really attracted to the cost price.

There was no Lana who was bright and cunning. There was always an evil opponent, calling for revenge, and there were only drug-addicted people suffering from hallucinations and hallucinations. 1 And other pirates, and forces were just prowling around to help her, hoping for a chance to eat the rest of the meat.

BeneIke and his men couldn't bear it. It would appear that the only remaining force would collapse at this rate.

Lana can't keep her mind at ease like a cut horse with a peripheral vision.

Eventually, he couldn't take it anymore. You slaughtered all those who put hot wind in her, and destroyed the Crystal Palace. Then I took her breath away with my bare hands.

In the process, it was mixed with Poseidon's schemes to rob the powers of Keto.

But that was Bentice's will, not Poseidon's.

Bentice then seized the remaining Blue Rose command system and forced the forces that approached the regiment as bait to inversely invade and merge them into the mountains.

The birth of Triton, the rising giant Glenn.

“Honor is built on winning. If the victory continues, people will naturally gather like fireflies, and they will be busy bringing their shortages everywhere. Wasn't that what Triton was made of? That was what Glenn, the eighth, was made of. I can't lose until I get there.” Fancy was only then able to understand Benjy's meaning. He was constantly assessing the damage that was inflicted.

But Benike's perspective was different.

It's not just about the damage. Even if you take damage, if you only win at the end, you can make up for it. No, I can do better.

Bentice has left his henchmen as bait.

To accurately understand the power of the proprietor. I had already double-checked the assessment several times, but that was not enough to make me more sure.

And that meant that Beniger recognized himself as the best person to share a chapter with.

My muscles trembled thinly. I always feel it. The master he served was truly cruel and sometimes cruel, but sometimes too cold-hearted.

That's why I was able to think again.

The nickname for BeneIque is King of the Blood.

The Blood King Bendike. No one can stand against the Loser above the sea.

“Bring me the spear.” Bentike reaches out next to ^ ().

1-- As soon as I got there, the five women watching me knelt on their knees and paid respects. Their hands tremble with tremendous weight.


Poseidon's reliquary of absolute power to cause sunsets, earthquakes and storms. Yeonwoo was also a product that was placed on the top than what was reported by Olympus.

Bang! Bentike takes Triana in one hand and climbs off the deck, his whole self off the throne.


You can see the livid flurries coming this way, flapping the wings of fire as far away as you can.

It was clear that he had read and approached the energy of Venice. The black flame lingers like a tail to where he passed.

Bentice also gladly accepted the challenge of Yeongwoo. I watched the residence high as it burst into laughter.

“Come, storm!” At that moment, a dark cloud began to flow along the sky, with a fierce wind blowing. A flash flashes back through the clouds, and the river of the dead begins to stir up a commotion.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Power. Once the power of Poseidon is added to the power of the gods, his enormous tidal wave of tens of meters will rise and cover the pond.

A storm rages, and dozens of lightning strikes above.