Second Life Ranker

3. Trilon (3)

By the time the honeycomb had eliminated about four parts of Triton's power, it was able to determine the energy of Ventige.

It's pretty far away, and it's like a deserted island, and it's staring right at me.

Upon discovering it, Yeon steps away from the hunting boat and throws herself toward you.

No matter how many stragglers you deal with, it doesn't matter if you don't get to the leader. Poseidon's plan was to get to BeneI before he could do anything else.

I stepped on the Blink while deploying the path of the wind. The gust follows him, accelerating out by an enormous amount.

Once. I was going to smash the Node with just one knife: the waves of fire that increased its acceleration were occasionally frightening of Yeonsea.

At that time, I could see Bentice, who had been sitting on the throne, getting up from his seat with a spear as a cane.

An enormous trident the size of which would be three meters. A sapphire tucked beneath the canopy exudes a strange charm.

At that moment, you unlock the magical and spiritual powers of the Ventige. Yeon realizes that Poseidon is trying to express his subconscious power.

But Ben EI crab's power was much wider than he had imagined.

The spirit spreads along the Dead Man's River and reaches the sky in the wind.

"You can unlock this much myth?" 'Even Yeon-woo was surprised and looked at the sky.

Urgh, over-exploited! 1- Ö followed by a pile of clouds and vomited. The storm swept up and unloaded a tens of meters long tide, imprisoning the Yeouido Medical Center.]

This was not just a level of power.


A giant miracle that moves through nature. Natural God belongs to the upper class among many. Of course, power had to come at a catastrophic rate.

Poseidon pushed his hand and couldn't help but feel the urge to bury the whole lotus in the dead man's river.

Yeon-woo slept with her tongue.

It was supposed to be an ambush, flying a ship full of Venice. I had no choice but to cry now.

Yeon lifts her body and draws a beagrid into oblique lines.

The wave of fire, which was firmly compressed in the black error, opens at once.

This adds acceleration and rotational force, and adds up to 72 lines.

[Wave of Fire] [Murmuring] [72nd Tactical - Width, Reel] Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The wave of uncontrollable fire boasted an unprecedented destructive power. It was not enough to blow away the entire sea that seemed to cover the world, and it grabbed the thunderbolt that fell from the sky.

As if the sun had exploded, a cluster of intense light erupted and hurled toward the outskirts of the afterstorm.

As the tide evaporated, a sudden fog spread, and the river of the dead shook roughly on the boat where Benike had been.

The hot wind burns the skin of the players on the deck. The player, who had unknowingly inhaled the wind, cried out in terrible pain as his lungs began to move.

But I couldn't even hear the screams.

Buried in a tremendous noise.


Overwhelming! Lightning strikes along the sky, from where the moat used to be to BeneIke's fishing line.

72A wall made by combining the statements. He was going to sink the ship while hitting Vigrid down.

But the prowlers and players escorting the BeneI crabs are just as skilled. They protected the ship from lightning when they triggered each skill and artifact option.

It was not easy: a powerful blow struck them, and they had to feel the terrible pain of being beaten with a huge hammer.

The shock wave across the barrier was not great either.

The Node fluctuates greatly up and down.

The place crumbles and the ammo spreads.

Making them feel even more frustrated was an enormous heat that seemed to be about to burn.

This horrible coin was actually being made by a human being, and it was making the only thing that was scorched by Zachariah.

“What the hell is a loser!” The eyes of the Triton players who were forcibly forming the barrier trembled.

They must have done a thorough analysis of Yeouido.

When I dealt with the raptor, when I dealt with Apophis' faults on the 26th floor, when I dealt with the cannibal king on the 27th floor. I've analyzed all of the power thoroughly, and assessed that the current power of the Tribons should be enough to catch the Venter Crab without having to do it himself.

The River of the Dead is more easily manipulated by Poseidon's power. Of course, it was because the topography also considered them to be dominant.

By the way.

It wasn't like that.

I wonder if I've gotten stronger. Or was she hiding her sorority skills? Or could it have just not been revealed?

Whatever the reason, the power of Yeon-woo was much greater than they understood.

At this rate, they were never outmatched by their leader, BeneIke! Whew. Whether they're surprised or not. The beady eyes of the moat under the mask were graves.

He was pulling the lobby grid inward, one of his obsessions about throwing them into the Dead Man's Nest like a machine.

A hurricane that was pushed out of the grass by the shockwave begins to flow inward. The hot wind draws a huge vortex, and the river of the dead begins to boil slightly because of the heated atmosphere. The steam was still swirling, and Yeon was about to erupt another wave of fire. This time, use all your magic. I was eager to check the limits of the waves of fire.

If we're not in the middle of being embarrassed, maybe we should do something crazy as Arnie. Moreover, there was only the enemy ship, the Tribons.

The strong winds tightly condense along the beagrid. Vigrid vomits a sheer glow, shaking violently as if it had shattered.

The moment I was about to swing it.

Suddenly, the 71- + ball with the lotus popped open and a bentige appeared.

As I have seen many times in Lana's journal or in Lana's mind, I had an evil and ferocious impression.

There's only one difference. What kind of performance you got, that your energy changed so vigorously.

Bentige clenches his left hand and smashes Yeongwoo's head: several blue beads on his fingertips.

Although the origins were unknown, it appeared that the river of the dead had been compressed to its extreme strength.

Yeongwoo raises the beagrid vertically, aiming to swing it horizontally as she raises her body. The waves of aggregated fire erupt once more. A blue orb appeared in the hands of a BeneI crab.

Roll! You draw a vortex in different directions as the flame and water column collide.

The two vortexes engage and tear the atmosphere, creating a larger whirlpool.

An enormous Rising Storm was created from the river of the dead to the sky.

However, the Rising Storm was torn apart by the storm that erupted from the inside.

As the droplet drops like a raindrop, it evaporates into the atmosphere, and the river of the dead begins to boil like lava. Raging and stormy.

At the center of it.

Yeon pulls down the beagrid to the oblique line as she prints the magic circuit again. Bentique grabs Triana with both hands and raises her lower body upwards.

Once again, with the sound of quantum and clear iron, the pillar will rise high between the two.

A blade of very sharp compression of water crosses the chest of the soft rain, and the lightning falls on top of Venice ahead of time: the collision was fairly severe for both of them.

Yeongwoo and Benike do not bump into each other as if they had promised each other, but fall far back.

“Ha-ha-ha! I never thought I'd be so good at this part of the floor! What a surprise! As expected, the world of towers is fun. Very!” The bentycrab stands on the surface and touches the burn mark deep across its torso with its left hand. There was a fire left over, so I was going deep into the flesh. So there was terrible pain. He feels that much joy.

Originally, Bentique had no intention of doing this.

It was noisy because of the turbulence of the various forces. He was also busy focusing on Triton.

Especially the four emerging forces that emerged with Triton, among them the phantom militia, were growing in size every day, and they were also distracted to resist them.

No matter how fierce Poseidon was, Moshi had never heard of him, a person who would never do anything unless he wanted to do it.

Even if Poseidon growled at the thought of taking off the apostle's job, BeneI was the one who wanted him to laugh.

He became an apostle of Poseidon only because he seemed to be able to gain more convenient and strong power. I was confident enough about my skills, so I thought it would be enough if I chose a different god, even if it wasn't Poseidon.

And in fact, there were quite a lot of gods and demons who wanted to be apostles of Benteke: Poseidon was also satisfied with the courage and confidence of Beneke.

But this time it was different.

Poseidon encouraged me to carry out my duty as an apostle. You have won a title for an essential quest.

Even Ben EI was forced to follow Poseidon because he had never worked this far before. On the other hand, the reports they brought were quite interesting.

Luca caused a blast from the section downstairs. A person who has broken the prestige record of each staircase and achieved a Daiscore of the tier that no one else has touched except Allfowon.

Gumi had no choice but to pull.

Above all.

Benike wondered who inspired Poseidon so much. If he has always been arrogant and has provoked Poseidon to anger that he never gave a glance in the summer. I thought I'd check it out.

It seemed to be a lot more fun than he expected.

Ear ache that causes bowel stabbing. There weren't many people who could take out the king's spear.

It was something no one could do.

Crab Ben EI looks up and down at Yeongwoo with an interesting face. Kim Eun Mask and Clothes. And the wings of fire on your back. I thought he looked really unique.

“Ugh," then Bentice found a necklace worn by a lily on her neck.

I didn't recognize her because she had a dark red glow. It must have been ripe by day for Venice.

“Where did you get that? Have you been to the Crystal Palace?"

Lana holds it until the end, leaving a distasteful memory. For Bentice, the wings are ghosts that drove Lana into a mirage even after she died, and the man who brought down the blue rose.

Even if there were good memories of him in his life, there was never a good time after he died.

However, Yeon only touched the necklace with her left hand and said nothing: Along with Venice's strange gaze, there were many gazes that stuck everywhere, but ignored her. The enemy's gaze was even more dismissive.

[Poseidon wants to punish you.] [Poseidon watches] [Poseidon's Mighty Killing] [Harmesh Cheers You] [Athena Blesses You] [Athena Wishes You Victory.] [Athena looks at Poseidon with calm eyes.] [God's society, 'Olympus is silenced by the neurological wars of Poseidon and Athena.] [Many Gods and Demon Societies watch Olympus.]' It turned out that Poseidon and Athena were proficient, but not very good.

Athena favors Yeon-woo. Poseidon, on the other hand, kills. Like in mythology, the two of them were at war here.

Yeon could feel the power of the Divine Spirit being channeled through the power held by her: Agarez, however, was blessed with Azrael's blessing to Athena. A lot of people seemed to be interested in themselves: God and the devil themselves are a joke. When I felt the slightest discomfort, I saw Yeon-woo's Bentice and said,

“I hope it's not the fault of Apophis or the cannibal king.

Bentike frowns as he looks at Yeongwoo speaking strangely without answering his question, and suddenly his eyes widen as he feels the air around her change.

[Solvent Awakening] [Thirty Thousand Spirits] [Psychological Achilles' heel] [Goddess's Bride] Overwhelming scale of dragons rises above the snow, enveloping the ghosts that had been released to the outside and seeping into the body.

The Wise Man's Stone has begun producing its maximum output. As the magical power rapidly spun out, the Magic Castle gradually spread, adding the power from the sky to the goddess of the battlefield.

Huaiak-Yun heavily wielded a beagrid that contained the power of the polyps, demons, gods, and three transcendents.

With a sparkle, a glow. As the space split apart, Gim Eun Orr sliced through the bendike along the cutting edge.