Second Life Ranker

4. Trilon (4)

Bentice quickly pulls Triana up, reflexively. Then, somehow, Savigrid was blocked to the vicinity of his neck. Yeonwoo was right in front of him.

It gave me goose bumps.

When did they get here? Benji gives you more goosebumps because he can't feel anything.


A lot of smiles spread along my mouth.

“Funny!” The Benti crab looks at the lotus with beast-like eyes. The mask that was right before my eyes reminded me of the face of the devil, but it was horrible. It was so well connected with the fierce energy of Yeon-woo now.

“You're like me.” Bentice was able to see the eyes of the kite at once.

He's a predator, too.

If there's a difference, he's an alpha male who likes to herd, but Yeon is a loner.

Everything else was the same.

Fierce, fierce.

Even though I pretended to be cold on the outside, I wasn't.

There was a predator who had to chew and devour everything in order to get the job done. The eyes in the mask said so.

You might draw a • • •. ”And Yeon-woo did not deny Venice's words.

On the 16th floor, Urd said,

He's a monster. Even an untreated beast.

He didn't reveal himself, but said he was more vicious than anyone else.

He also said that someone else hated what was in front of him, and that he would punish him thoroughly in some way for taking away his own.

Pretending to be lonely, pretending to be sad, pretending to tolerate regret and silk are just psychological defense mechanisms that look like you don't want to face such predators.

So let the beast in the cage go free right now. Then he would be able to enjoy the freedom he had never felt, and he would be able to read everything he wanted.

However, Yeon-woo denied it.

I didn't want to be swayed by Urd, and I didn't want to be ashamed of him.


Come to think of it now. I could see that I didn't hear anything.

Everything that started with revenge at first. I was joyful from the moment I felt a desire to be strong for once. The more claws, the sharper the teeth, the harder you get. The higher you raise your wings and you see the edge of the food chain.

Yeon-woo felt strong joy.

And that became clear by dealing with Apophis' transgressions and cannibalism.

As it were, you'd only be interested in the public values and Hidden Pieces you'd get for defeating the Hidden Boss. Now I was disappointed that they were weaker than they thought.

I want to see my strength grow as much as I want.

The way a full-grown predator wants to show off his strength at all costs. as if trying to go up to the higher order.

The predator who was hiding on the other side of Yeon-woo's heart wanted to do so. And then, as the bars began to fade, the beast was getting ready to come out.

Yeon decided not to deny it anymore.

A predator? What if there is such a thing?

The only thing Yeon-woo was afraid of was the beast jumping out of the fence and running off. But also, if you can get a good night's sleep. I didn't have to look away at all.

The squeegeek-young pushes the beagrid harder: along Kim Sin, steam erupts a hot gust of wind as the error rises.

“Yes, that would be more fun.

For the necklace that sleeps on your neck. It'll be easier to think after you've been beaten. Isn't that right? "The bentigs spit out a cool breeze against the wind. Triana is pulled down, pushing the beagrid out, and piercing the tip of the spear into the honeycomb.

Like a cannonball going off in a row.

Triana aims for the chest and head of Yeon-woo with intense wavelengths. I burst the intense water pressure as the river of the dead fell beneath my feet.

Puffering! Yeon will face a frontal assault. Lose, spill, stab. It explodes at the tip of the blade, pushing off the water pressure. The sound of the metal is buried in the sound of the explosion, and you can barely hear it.

'It doesn't open that easily.

Yeon-woo continued to pour out her years. As he became in control of righteousness, he soon reached the peak of prestige, and even a sword of that magnitude was making even greater progress.

Spicy and strong. Discharge, chain chain, sile, and lightning. The eight-generation draw to the waves, January, Gwanak, and Ironclad was now free-flowing, so there was no need to distinguish between herbs.

With this level of skill, even the one-horned tribe prides themselves on not being able to stop them easily without being more than a superior warrior. Regular players cannot compare.

However, Bentice was well defended from Yonke's friendship personality. Rather, they've been poking and prodding a rare reaction to the breach.

It also meant that he had the same martial arts skills as Yeouido.

Overshine- [Parallax crackle] Yeon dug deep into his holes in the world that had never been slower.

The grain occupied two places.

Left ankle, Achilles gun and right waist.

[Wind gust] Here, the dragon's eye opens wide, revealing several forked paths leading to the triggered skill, the Agiles gun, and the right waist.

Among them, Yeongwoo stepped on the path to the right waist. A thunderstorm strikes. The beagrid swings horizontally along the direction of the desert wind, which grabs everything.

And here's what Vigrid had to offer.

[Sublimation of Sword] [Hero - Fortitude] Combat strength is greatly enhanced by a mixture of Venike's designated opponent stats and the willpower of the ally.

The description was long, but it was a sudden calculation and an attack. Yeonwoo did not doubt that this time would leave a deep wound on Ben EI's waist dance and chest.


Triana was blocking the waist dance one day. Vigrid is again stuck in the way, while Bentice loosenes his left hand and pushes forward. There was a storm in the palm of my hand.

The storm that condensed with the enormous power of the tidal wave exploded and struck the heart of the tidal wave.

Yeon-woo's breath stopped as if she had been beaten hard by a hammer. His body bounces back in one fell swoop, like a broken kite, and BenEI crabs slide steadily over the surface, beating the air firmly. As you push forward, the wind blows through the vortex.

Vortex. Just before he became an apostle of Poseidon, a signature skill was revealed that symbolized him when he became a master of craftsmanship.

A skill that draws a circle with a spear and creates a wobble and mixes errors in it. It is said to be very difficult to deal with because it can intercept both short and long distances.

But it also contains the power of Poseidon. Moreover, the river of the dead was mixed with intense water pressure, and it was strong enough to puncture the rocks.

Dozens of such vortexes. It seemed as if a soft thorn had fallen like a falling rain.

Yeongwoo widened its error and blocked dozens of bolt gases. It was a technique called the Sword membrane in the one-horned tribe.

Over-exploded, glamorous explosions again.

Zero turbulence.

Bentice chases you down and suddenly reaches the edge of the stream. He laughs ferociously as if he had found the runaway prey, swinging it across Triana. A Sapphire tucked in the bottom of the canopy bursts into a flash. Powers and storms will cover the storm.

Yeon-woo shook hands thinking it would be really dangerous to stay like this. I will bend the wings of fire and dragon wings as far as I can, and I will steady the sleep with my left hand just before the storm strikes.

Along with the sound of a pandemic beating, a long ripple spread along the surface. At that moment, Getto's haunting, the seawater amulet, sprinkled a bright light.

The mystical force inherent in the mysticism is consumed again in large quantities.

Instead, dozens of Necromancers, who were deep down there, suddenly came out of nowhere and swallowed Bendycrabs.

“What a pain in the ass!” As Venter distorts his impression of the enormous shadow over his head, he pulls the storm zone inward.

The Rising Storm rises high around Ventuque. The Necromancers who were aiming for him were swept away by the Rising Storm. It's like a banana in a dish.

Flesh that had lost its shape poured into all directions. The River of the Dead was bitten by the Red 7d.

Then the Rising Storm calmed down to a certain extent.

An interstellar stream emerges from the rear of the Ventige. BeneIke wanted to turn the other way.

Phew! Beagrid pierces through the right chest one day.

“Ha! Haha!” Beneke's face is distorted. But it was not a face of anger. Joy. Joy. It was so much fun that the rest of the adrenaline was so secreted that I couldn't stay awake.

“Yes, you do! I needed this. Aren't you?” I almost touched Yeon-woo's face for a moment, forgetting that she was wearing a mask. And I thought to myself, what I am now. Is he smiling, or should he be expressionless as usual? The idea of wanting to see the mirror01 = ⁄ 2.

“Your eyes are smiling, too. I wonder what it might look like, but you can always see it.

I didn't want to miss out on such a good opportunity. Yeon puts her left hand on Vigrid. And the wheat went deeper.

“I'll take your mask off.” That's when the precious jewelry in Triana began to change color. The blue paint is spreading inside the transparent jewel. And the power that opens up again.

The Bentique crab doesn't care if Vigrid hits his back or not, but rather pushes forward. And as I said, I stretched out my left hand to remove Yeon-woo's mask. A frenzied laugh echoes through the air.

The grass-pushed millet falls vertically along with the bentike.

As the sleep split, the two quickly reached the bottom of the sea.

Chopping and pressing venteens and pushing pitchforks. The strength derived from the two strained struggles repeats itself.

Power and power collided. The current is muddled with turbulence as the river of the dead is shaken by the storm.

The sea currents and seawater collided with each other, and the whole body was torn apart, and blood borne spread.

Azrael, Agares, Aterna, the gods and demons threw their subordinate powers all over the place, pushing the river of the dead back and forth.

The river of the dead quickly became a ruin.

Over time, Ventura's power continues to grow like a snowball rolling down a slope. The more blue Park Hyun jewels on Triana, the more mystical the result was.

Then when the jewels are full of dark blue. The rest of Triana's powers are also open. At that moment, the upheaval in Venice rose a few steps.

'The coming of the sun'. Taking the place of Poseidon was like having a high rank that could not be compared to normal apostles. In addition, instead, it can exert tremendous force through channeling.

That's what BeneIke is doing now. Moreover, he took all the blessings of Poseidon that he had given to his henchmen and gave them only to himself, and the intensive blessings inflated his destruction many times over for a very short time.

On the other hand, even though Yeouido had many of the devil's powers with her, there was no limit to the blessings that could be received by channeling, unless he was an apostle.

Benteke's power has shattered the overwhelming power to protect the snow.

His left hand finds Yeon Woo's mask. A twisted rope. As the evil grip grows, the crack in the mask begins.

Tatena gets up from her seat and screams. Athena will flee in a hurry! [Athena gives blessings] [Invincible] [Azrael opens his eyes.] [Agares urgently offers to serve as an apostle again. [Harmesh looking at you]] [Poseidon laughs.] [God's society, the gods of Olympus, are watching you.] [Getto shudders to watch you.] As he follows the retina of Yeongwoo, the message rises in tumult. The emotions mixed in the adjoining gaze became stronger.

'Shut up.

Yeongwoo muttered annoyingly despite the crisis.

You draw the remaining power from the seawater amulet and blow it into the beagrid.

A black error exploded. Just as the volcano exploded, a tall pillar of fire burst from the bottom of the sea, penetrating the surface and reaching the sky.

Inside, the Ventige is swept away.

“How many catastrophes were so noisy that I thought there would be zero breaches, only when it was quiet.

Yeongwoo looked out of the water 2012; said. He barely climbs on the wings of fire and spews his breath roughly.

The arena and mask were a lot damaged. The seawater amulet that had lost all its power was now just a common necklace that had completely lost its light and had lost its branch as a novelty.

The battle with Benteke was hard, but too hard. I can't be confident with the battle even if I hit it with all my strength.

However, I felt like my body had been beaten, but I had to deal with Apophis' shortcomings and the Cannibal King, and my unwittingly accumulated complaint was resolved.

In addition, Yeon-woo was able to judge her skills calmly once again.

It's true that Venice is considered the King of Kings, but that doesn't mean that there's no one like him in the highlands.

I've seen many rankers and high rankers in many battles over the years.

There were still a lot of players who wanted to go up and down the stairs without any interest at all. Bentice was just one of them.

So Yeon-woo was grateful. As the potential deepens. I had to start a fire again because I was eager to get stronger.


He stares at you with a silent gaze. By the time the broken mask and arena were restored, there was an anomaly in front of them.

Over the river of the dead, still boiling in high temperatures. The steam, which was shaking like a furnace, mixed together and emerged in the shape of a person. And then the bone was created, and the muscle overhang was attached to it, and it became a bentique.

He was grinning violently, gripping the black one.

Yeon-woo frowned at him.

“You monster.” "That's enough! I don't know who calls them monsters. Thanks to Nafoseidon's blessing, it can be regenerated like this. Isn't that right, bitch?” The river of the dead is water. Poseidon's territory. Of course, it was a battlefield in favor of Ventige, where his regenerative power was unmatched.

But he also had a strong earthquake. The aura was not as strong as it had been before. The dull bite of Triana's jewels proves that.

“We haven't won the battle, and I haven't heard about the necklace you're wearing yet. And who you are, so don't you think you should just keep going?” Poseidon pointed the end of the triana back at Yeouido.

Yeon-woo lifted the beagrid as well. However, I was rarely empowered. The Wise Man's Stone was overheating and energizing, but it wasn't enough to pursue mental fatigue.

And yet.

Yeongwoo was overwhelmed by strange emotions.


Rather, my body is exhausted, and my instinct as a beast is waking up. He erased the fence that had been holding him by his side and slowly tried to get out.

Yeon-woo, maybe. I didn't even know she was smiling. The fact that the enemy we meet doesn't disappear, but can be struck again.

“I'm tired of this bitch. Poseidon's curse weakens powers. And neither do I. All the mysticism in Triana is exhausted, and even with Poseidon's blessings, my body is in shambles.” And such joy seemed to be triggered as well.

“Ashes who have not received any other help. I mean, we can bump into each other with the right skills.

This is not going to be fun. I nodded quietly without any answers.

Bentique looks like he's not praying.

“What a speechless fellow. It's better than talking nonsense.” Come on. Benike the two of you promised each other, Bentice suddenly stops, instead of leaning back to sleep. "The Triana in her hand flutters violently. It will consume all of your Divine Power, so it will be like a normal chapter for a while. He frowned and frowned as if he had never seen it before.

Triana crumbles like a sand castle swept by the waves, and fine particles pass through the fingers of BeneIke and approach Yeongwoo.

Benticedo. All of a sudden, Yeon-woo's bracelet and the question king's bracelet rattled while she was sleeping on her right wrist.

It's like iron filings following a magnet. The precious particles of Triana hovered around the bracelet of King Jehovah, drawing a whirlwind, and immediately wrapped around the left ankle.

Le Loc, s} o Le Loc - Landscape! Wonderful! It looks like the night sky is rising. The chains glowed in black.